Supreme Uprising Chapter 561

Chapter 561 Trample Yet Again

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The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was extremely sullen. Before Luo Yunyang, he seemed just like an abuse victim.

His strength suffered massive damage, and he lost a great deal of face. All this drove him mad.

Now, his father, who was his greatest supporter, had come. This unbridled lad called Luo Yunyang had to pay the price!

Luo Yunyang watched the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord without any emotion. He didn’t really care about the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord’s loss of self-control, because he believed that this Sky Roar Tribe Universe-Grade powerhouse wouldn’t do anything to the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord.

However, to be safe, he still took out the seal that could contact the Celestial World Supremacy and prepared to use it at any moment.

Suddenly, a slap landed heavily across the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord’s face. Blood flowed out rapidly from the corner of the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord’s mouth.

As a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord’s defensive strength wasn’t weak at all. Even a Galaxy-Grade elite would find it difficult to leave a mark, even if a blade or sword was used.

However, this slap had hit him hard across the face and made him bleed profusely.

His father was a Universe-Grade Saint who could slap his own son’s face until it bled.

“Wretch! Who said it was your place to speak? If you dare utter more rubbish, don’t blame me for being heartless!” The Sky Roar Tribe elder, who was full of transparent scales, berated the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord as a powerful aura of supremacy radiated all around them.

Although this aura wasn’t targeted at Luo Yunyang, he still felt a crushing pressure that made his consciousness feel subservient.

His internal mind power went to work and his Shattering Heavens technique arose internally, disintegrating the pressure that entered his body.

Now, Luo Yunyang was able to look at this Sky Roar Tribe elder with a slightly cold gaze.

“A child is better unborn than untaught. The father has come out to teach the son a lesson. Not bad Such an imposing manner Now, now, now I haven’t seen enough yet. Sir Saint, one more time please!” Luo Yunyang said coolly as he watched the Sky Roar Tribe elder.

When the Sky Roar Tribe elder had appeared, he had rebuked his son. However, as his aura had emanated, the instant he had hit the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, he had released his own mind power towards Luo Yunyang and the others.

Although this mind power wouldn’t hurt Luo Yunyang, he wanted to etch this intimidation in Luo Yunyang and the others’ hearts.

This way, it would be obvious that the entire situation was in the grasp of his palms.

When that Sky Roar Tribe elder heard Luo Yunyang’s mocking words, he realized that his intentions had been transparent.

Fundamentally, there was nothing wrong with his method. Even the Celestial World Supremacy wouldn’t be able to find any flaws in it. However, this was on the basis that everything he did succeed. The fact that Luo Yunyang had seen through him and hit the mark was a thorny problem.

Someone who saw through one but didn’t comment was a good friend. This fellow was shrewd and really blunt. He didn’t give way at all.

The third disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy was extraordinary indeed!

He had been able to resist such a mind suppression before even attaining the Celestial Domain Grade. If such an individual broke through to the Celestial Domain Grade, would they be able to compete directly against him?

While this went through his mind, the old Saint chuckled. “If my young friend hasn’t seen enough, I will find a dog whip to flog this dog next time.”

“The Sky Roar Tribe’s Sevenfold would like to pay his respects to Sir Supremacy. I hope he is doing fine.”

The Sevenfold Saint’s words sounded normal. However, everyone in the Sky Roar Tribe who heard them was alarmed.

The way the Sevenfold Saint had voluntarily uttered this title was a sign of weakness before the Celestial World Supremacy, as well as Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang looked at the Sevenfold Saint and said calmly, “Master has been well. Sevenfold Saint, how about I invite my old master over here to have a chat with you?”

“Ha ha! Your Highness Yunyang. An old man like me isn’t worthy enough to chat with Sir Supremacy. Why don’t you and I settle this matter, young friend?”

At this point, the Sevenfold Saint eyed the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord and said, “This unfilial son doesn’t understand the gravity of certain things. He is reprehensible. I will throw him into the Dragon Pool Prison for 300 years and have him suffer a fire and ice tide every day. I wonder if my young friend would be satisfied with this?”

Luo Yunyang didn’t know what sort of place the Dragon Pool Prison was, but the fire and ice tide wasn’t something easy to endure.

Although the conditions the Sevenfold Saint proposed seemed rather decent, Luo Yunyang felt a little unresigned. He hadn’t obtained any benefits despite invading this place in such a grandiose fashion.

Things had already reached this stage, though. Luo Yunyang knew very well that the enmity between him and the Sky Roar Tribe had already been settled. It would be useless even if he were more tolerant or magnanimous. Thus, he believed that he could still be a little more vicious.

“300 years in the Dragon Pool Prison sounds slightly too lenient. He should stay there for at least 1,000 years. Besides, I have painstakingly mobilized my forces and made an expedition across a great distance. This expedition could be considered costly. Sevenfold Saint, your family had a part to play in this. Shouldn’t I be compensated somewhat?”

Suddenly, the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord felt an urge to go crazy!

300 years in the Dragon Pool Prison was bad enough. If he hadn’t been inhibited by his father’s power, he would definitely have gone all out against this son of a b*tch!

He had never imagined that the moment this despicable fellow spoke, things would get worse. Not only did he want those 300 years to become 1,000, but he actually had the cheek to demand compensation from his father. How thick was his skin?

You just smashed up my Gravity Range Star and demanded things from me. How shameless can you actually get?

It wasn’t just the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord. The Tiger-Splitting Emperor Lord and the other two were equally furious. If they could, they would duke it out with Luo Yunyang.

However, the moment any of these thoughts arose, they were suppressed by the Sevenfold Saint.

The Sevenfold Saint pondered this for a moment before saying with a chuckle, “What my young friend says makes sense. This wretched kid shall be thrown in the Dragon Pool Prison for 1,000 years. As far as my young friend’s compensation is concerned, there won’t be a problem. I can see that this young friend is in a hurry and doesn’t have a presentable treasured craft. Take this Dragon Eagle Spaceship. It belonged to an old friend of mine. It complements my young friend like pearl complements jade!”

A small spaceship had just appeared in the Sevenfold Saint’s hands. When Luo Yunyang scanned that small ship, he sensed two Celestial Domain-Grade auras belonging to a fire dragon and an eagle.

Luo Yunyang didn’t know what methods the creator had employed to actually refine an eagle and a flame dragon within the small spacecraft. The controls of this spacecraft were simple, but its speed was at least 10 times quicker than any spacecraft Luo Yunyang had used before.

More importantly, this spacecraft could use the fire dragon and the eagle to attack enemies, so one could say that he had acquired two Celestial Domain-Grade subordinates in just a short while.

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord was jealous. He had coveted this spacecraft for a long time and had even asked his father for it on numerous occasions.

However, the Sevenfold Saint had always ignored him. Now, this spacecraft had been used as compensation and presented to Luo Yunyang as a gift.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t a softhearted person, so he knew that there was no chance of letting this drag on any longer. Thus, he accepted the spacecraft unceremoniously and said, “That’s it. Thank you, Sevenfold Saint.”

“Come on, its time we left.”

The Bloody Blade Monarch, the Divine Ax Monarch, and the other subordinates looked at Luo Yunyang ardently. They suddenly all realized that he wasn’t an ordinary person.

“Understood, my lord!” Although there were only slightly over 500 men, their voices were firm and loud.

The Sevenfold Saint smiled until Luo Yunyang was a considerable distance away. There were no changes to his expression whatsoever.

“Father, how could you handle things this way? Do you know that, from this day onwards, our Sky Roar Tribe will become a laughing stock?” The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord, who couldn’t endure this any longer, approached his own father.

His eyes were burning with anger and it appeared like he was going to charge over.

The Sevenfold Saint didn’t do anything to the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord. Instead, he shot him an icy stare. The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord’s heart shuddered tremendously.

“You knew that the Sky Roar Tribe would become a laughing stock. Did you also know that me bending the knee and bowing to put an end to this matter would be bad for us?” The Sevenfold Saint took a step forward and added, “My dear son, tell me, why did you offend Luo Yunyang if you knew that all this would happen?”

“Did you know how this matter would end?” the Sevenfold Saint said seriously as his gaze landed on the Field Dragon Emperor Lord and the others. “Why don’t you guys tell me what would happen if I did not yield to Luo Yunyang?”

“Should I have captured Luo Yunyang and incurred the wrath of the Celestial World Supremacy, or should I have stepped aside and watched all of you fight on?”

The Emperor Lords lowered their heads. If the Sevenfold Saint had tried to do anything to Luo Yunyang, the Celestial World Supremacy would ultimately have made a move.

After all, the Celestial World Supremacy’s dignity wasn’t something that could be endangered. His disciples weren’t allowed to be captured, especially Luo Yunyang, who had just officially become his personal disciple.

If a Supremacy was furious, entire galaxies would crumble.

If Luo Yunyang had been allowed to continue fighting, the four emperor lords wouldn’t have been able to deal with him. The longer the fight dragged on, the greater a beating the Sky Roar Tribe’s dignity would suffer.

“Saint, this was a result of our incompetence,” the Field Dragon Emperor Lord and the others said at the same time.

The Sevenfold Saint waved his hands and said, “Alright, toss this brainless wretch into the Dragon Pool Prison. Don’t let him out until 1,000 years have passed.”

The Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord lowered his head. Although he didn’t wish to admit it, he had made a really great mistake.

He was very upset. Why did he have to go and offend Luo Yunyang at such a time?

A small matter had been blown out of proportion and turned into a calamity because of him.

As he watched the Heaven-Ripping Emperor Lord being detained and dragged away, the Field Dragon Emperor Lord mulled this over for a bit and asked, “Saint, I don’t think that Luo Yunyang has any intention of letting the matter end this way.”

“Yes, young people always hold a grudge!” the Sevenfold Saint said grimly. “However, he will be going to a place with many people who do not fear other people’s backgrounds.”

Upon returning to his own planet, Luo Yunyang realized that his ragged bunch of subordinates now had a strong cohesiveness.

That cohesiveness reached a peak when Luo Yunyang ascended to the Sky Emperor Terrace.

“We would like to pay our respects, our Lord!”

Orderly, lively shouts came from the Bloody Blade Monarch and the over 500 subordinates. Every single one of them was agitated as they gazed at Luo Yunyang.