Supreme Uprising Chapter 562

Chapter 562 The Number One City

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What sort of place was Samsara Star City? Although different people would have different answers to this question, among all these varying replies would be the same answer.

"The number one city."

Many people from the Divine Union would call Samsara Star City the White Jade Capital because this city was completely made from high-quality fine jade. From a distance, it looked like a celestial city in heaven.

According to the Purgatory, this place was full of riches. Countless wealth was gathered there. Purgatory martialists harboring dreams would make Samsara Star City their goal.

The Bug Race and the Machine Empire considered this place also extremely important, because its value was just too great.

The largest auctions were held in Samsara Star City, the greatest mercenary alliance was in Samsara Star City, the strongest commerce capital was also in Samsara Star City

Samsara Star City didnt belong to any faction. It was administered jointly by the Divine Union and the three other great factions. According to the agreement of the four great factions, the city lord of Samsara Star City would change every 10,000 years.

The four great factions would take turns appointing a city lord.

All sorts of beautiful and precious flowers made the Myriad Flower House look like an ocean of flowers rather than a building.

There was a total of more than 9.36 million different flowers in the Myriad Flower House. The flowers there were cultivated by master breeders, so taking in a breath of the flowers provided all the energy a Star-Grade martialist needed for a days cultivation.

Thus, the Myriad Flower House was a place where people in the entire Samsara Star City flocked towards. What they breathed in there wasnt air, but a power that people went crazy over.

Of course, the energy a Star-Grade martialist needed per day wasnt considered little by any means. It also depended on the person it applied to.

If a martialist yet to enter the Planet Grade took one breath, their body would implode and die.

To control the density of this fragrance so that it suited different customers, the Myriad Flower House had 99 floors. Each floor could handle different levels of cultivation bases. For example, the first floor of the Myriad Flower House had a diluted fragrance suitable for the cultivation of Planet-Grade martialists.

The Myriad Flower Houses highest floor was perfect for peak Universe-Grade Saints.

A meeting was currently taking place on the 99th floor of the Myriad Flower House. For many of the rich people within the city, entering the 98th floor to just drink tea was already an experience that could make one feel very uncomfortable. However, a luxurious meeting was actually happening in this place.

Judging by the cost of using the Myriad Flower House, any of the individuals gathered there could make everyone before them tremble.

The attendants included Samsara Star Citys top auctioneer, Samsara Star Citys top mercenary group chief, Samsara Star Citys top

"Hemings, what sort of attitude does the Divine Union have?" The person speaking appeared to be a very good-looking young man with eyes as red as rubies.

This handsome young man, who was holding a cup of blood-red wine, had a calm demeanor that reminded one of a cloud drifting in the wind.

However, nobody considered him an ordinary young man. Many people actually watched him in both awe and fear.

This was not just because he possessed a peak Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base, but also because he was the chief of the entire Samsara Star Citys strongest mercenary troupethe Mercenary Union.

In Samsara Star City, this young man needed to only issue an order and millions of elites would get ready to move. He could even mobilize over 100 million mercenaries in order to fulfill his goals.

Even more noteworthy was his identity as the ninth prince of the Purgatorys Demon Bat clan, which ranked among the top three Purgatory royal clans. He also possessed the qualifications to become the new generation head of the Purgatorys Demon Bat clan.

Such a person could make an entire space domain tremble with just a tap of his feet.

The person his scarlet-red devilish eyes were watching was a fat Demigod man whose body seemed to be layered with lumps of fat.

This fatty was lying on a bed-couch hundreds of meters large. From afar, he looked like a meaty mountain.

A huge, tall meaty mountain.

If he were to absorb the energy within the Myriad Flower House, given his breathing capacity, he would absolutely be able to absorb the quantity meant for 10 people.

However, all the staff in the Myriad Flower House, from the attendants to the owner, treated him with their fullest hospitality and respect. This was because he wasnt just a Demigod Tribesman, but rather the figure of authority of the Demigod Tribe in the entire Samsara Star City.

He was the Samsara Auction Firms authoritative executive.

Before Hemings had been in charge of the Samsara Auction Firm, it had ranked somewhere in the middle among all the auction houses in Samsara Star City. However, the entire Samsara Star City had only one auction firm now.

Hemings cultivation wasnt very high, but he had great commercial acumen. He had also established a status for himself within the entire Demigod Tribe.

According to word of mouth, 10,000 years ago, a Demigod Saint had come to Samsara Star City and had a conflict with Hemings over something.

Just as everyone had thought that Hemings would run out of luck and lose his status in Samsara Star City, the Saint had apologized and made amends with Hemings before countless powerhouses of Samsara Star City.

This matter had made Hemings status in the Demigod Tribe rise tremendously.

"He he You all know that no one from the Demigod Tribe will be coming this time. Thus, I will be on the same page as everyone else." Hemings took a drag from a long cigar between his thick fingers and chuckled. "But I have to inform you all that everyone has to maintain a limit. After all, the person coming is the Celestial World Supremacys disciple."

The handsome young man smiled wryly and said, "We will show the full respect the City Lord ought to be treated with."

"As far as any other matters in Samsara Star City are concerned, he shouldnt bother. Every city lord that ever took up a post had a Supremacy behind them."

Then, he snickered. "When the Cloud Sea Saint was the city lord, didnt he hold the post and behave himself for 10,000 years before taking the stuff he deserved and leaving obediently?"

"At the time, he had been at the peak of the Celestial Domain Grade!"

Laughter rang throughout the room. The most exaggerated laughter came from an extremely alluring lady, who had transparent wings on her back. These wings revealed her status as the Bug Races Queen.

This Bug Race Queens cultivation base was not just high. It could actually drive on countless swarms of Bug soldiers to battle. Furthermore, she had outstanding intellect and was also an elite character at the top of the Bug Race. Otherwise, she wouldnt have been sitting in this spot.

Although she was just a young lady, she was also one of the four big shots that had power over the entire Samsara Star City. She ran the Samsara Chamber of Commerce and controlled at least half of the business transactions in the entire Samsara Star City.

"Old Machine, what do you say?" The ladys gaze finally landed on a square metal box.

That square metal box looked like it was just an item that had been placed on top of a piece of luxuriant fine jade. It might look like it didnt fit there, but practically every powerhouse would look at the box in all seriousness.

"Thats possible. According to my extrapolations, our probability of stifling this youngster is 99%." A metallic voice that was slightly ear-piercing came from the square box.

The meaty Hemings, the young handsome man from the Purgatorys royal clan, and the alluring Bug Queen all looked more relaxed when they heard this.

Clearly, the support of the Old Machine had allowed them to heave a collective sigh of relief.

"Since no one has any objections, let us prepare to welcome our Sir City Lord!" the handsome prince of the Purgatory Demon Bat clan said frivolously.

No one dared to point out that he wielded the power of Samsara Star Citys strongest mercenary troupe.

10 spaceships in an offensive formation surrounded and protected the Dragon Eagle Spaceship that Luo Yunyang was on.

Before leaving, Luo Yunyang hadnt wanted to bring along too many people. However, at the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others requests, the number of men Luo Yunyang brought could fill 10 spaceships.

These people were all elite disciples of the Milky Ways Human Tribe. Their main objective for going to Samsara Star City was to ride on the coattails of Luo Yunyangs city lordship and allow the Human Tribe to gain a foothold in Samsara Star City.

This way, they wouldnt have to suffer or be controlled in so many matters in the future.

Samsara Star City was also the center of commerce of the four factions. Many treasures and materials needed for cultivation could be traded there. It could be said that the everyday sales of the city were difficult for anyone to envision.

If a large tribe gained a foothold or made a mark in Samsara Star City, that would often serve as the basis for whether it could become a strong tribe or not.

The Bloody Massacre Path Master wouldnt have dispatched people to Samsara Star City and taken such a risk if Luo Yunyang hadnt been the city lord.

Luo Yunyang was currently looking through a bill. Although there wasnt much on it, the figure on it was astronomical.

Actually, there were two pages to this bill. The first page was the tribute the city lord had to pay to the Divine Union.

This tribute was divided into 1,000-year periods. Every 1,000 years, the amount Luo Yunyang had to pay as a tribute was 10,000 cosmo stones.

The value of one cosmos stone was 100 million star dollars.

This meant that in 1,000 years, Luo Yunyang would have to offer a tribute of 1,000 billion star dollars to the Divine Union.

This figure was already massive. However, compared to the second figure, the first number was no longer worth mentioning.

The second figure represented the tribute Luo Yunyang was required to pay to his own master, the Celestial World Supremacy. This amount was 100,000 cosmos stones.

He had to pay 10,000 to the Divine Union and 100,000 to his own master!

It seemed like there was some sort of mistake. However, Luo Yunyang knew that there wasnt anything wrong. The reason he had been able to become the city lord of Samsara Star City was entirely due to his own master.

Paying his own master such a tribute was pretty normal.

111,000 cosmos stones in 1,000 years wasnt a small amount, but generally speaking, the city lord of Samsara Star City could not only easily obtain this tribute, but would also be able to make a much greater surplus.

This was a lucrative job. What Luo Yunyang needed most now was to amass huge amounts of wealth. After all, the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was a massive monster that swallowed gold.

"My lord, the party sent to welcome you to Samsara Star City has arrived!" the Bloody Blade Monarch reported promptly as he arrived before Luo Yunyang.