Supreme Uprising Chapter 563

Chapter 563 The Appointment

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They had travelled 10,000 light years to welcome him!

This vast battle array seemed like it had awaited Luo Yunyang for a long time already. Furthermore, Luo Yunyang could see the forces of the welcome guard that littered the entire sky.

Although the attitude of this welcome guard towards Luo Yunyang was comforting on the surface, a thousand curses sprang up in Luo Yunyangs heart. He suddenly sighed. It seemed like these people werent willing to be led by the nose, but he was no exception!

While laughing at himself, Luo Yunyang bluntly ordered, "Invite them into the spacecraft."

A while later, over 100 people came over. There were four individuals at the front of this party, or rather there were three people and a metal box floating in the void.

"Greetings, Sir City Lord." Standing in the middle was a handsome man with a slightly arrogant air. Although he had greeted Luo Yunyang formally, the haughty look in his eyes couldnt be concealed.

Luo Yunyang had never gone anywhere unprepared. He had already understood the circumstances of Samsara Star City from the resources that Molin had given him. When one knew ones enemy, one was never defeated.

At once, he surmised that this handsome man was the chief of Samsara Star Citys strongest mercenary troop and a member of a Purgatory royal family.

Luo Yunyang didnt pay too much attention to the others. He cast his gaze on fat Hemings instead.

As one of the four great powers that helmed Samsara Star City, what Luo Yunyang needed from the Divine Union was the support of Hemings.

Hemings clasped his fist and saluted Luo Yunyang respectfully, giving Luo Yunyang the warmest of smiles.

However, Luo Yunyang sensed a coldness coming from Hemings body. He gave off a cold, detached feeling from 1,000 miles away.

It seemed like Samsara Star City would be even harder to deal with than he had envisioned.

However, they had yet to enter Samsara Star City, so Luo Yunyang simply exchanged pleasantries and chatted with these people. Samsara Star City was the number one city. Thus, countless jump points had been refined in its surroundings. Half a day later, Luo Yunyang stepped into Samsara Star City.

There werent any troops garrisoned within the city. Because this place was distributed among the four great factions, the law and order in Samsara Star City was handled by these four powers.

In the past, regardless of which city lord had assumed the post, the faction they had belonged to had drawn close immediately and helped the city lord get in control of the general situation.

Naturally, during the period of a city lords term of office, the tribe he belonged to would wield the greatest authority.

When Luo Yunyang stepped into the luxurious city lords residence, the others bade him farewell. Only Hemings stayed behind.

"Your Highness Yunyang, you have arrived in Samsara Star City to assume the post of the city lord. This is a cause for joyous celebration for our Divine Union. I have a small congratulatory gift and I hope that Your Highness will kindly accept it."

The beaming Hemings respectfully handed over a storage bracelet to Luo Yunyang with two hands.

Luo Yunyang used his mind power to determine what the objects within that storage space were. This storage space was 30,000 miles long and 10,000 miles tall.

Just the large storage space alone made this storage bracelet a great gift. However, within this space were heaps of accumulated materials and items. The value of this bracelet was much higher than all the accumulated wealth of the Milky Ways Human Tribe put together.

This was a really good gift.

However, although the value of these items was extraordinary, Luo Yunyangs heart felt a little cold.

He remembered clearly that, based on the resources Molin had given him, when each city lord assumed a post, they all received a mid-tier ultimate treasure.

Although these materials werent ordinary, they were still less than half as valuable as a mid-tier ultimate treasure.

Luo Yunyang didnt say anything. He just looked at Hemings. Although Hemings had a deferential smile on his face, Luo Yunyang could sense that this smile was more like a sneer.

"I am a newcomer to Samsara Star City, so I will require the assistance of Mr. Hemings in many matters. Can you please tell me how many resources the entire Samsara Star City can provide me with in 1,000 years?"

Hemings acted like he was in a tough spot. "Sir City Lord, it would be a lie to say that Samsara Star City has no resources. However, the city is run by the four factions."

"Even though you are the City Lord, other parties might not necessarily obey your every word. Over the past few years, Samsara Star Citys commerce quantity has started to dwindle. Therefore, the amount we can offer to you as a tribute has been decreasing."

At this point, Hemings slapped his own fat and said, "Under the circumstances, I can offer you 110,000 cosmos stones in 1,000 years."

110,000 cosmos stones?

This was really quite a lot. If this amount of resources landed in Luo Yunyangs hands, perhaps he might even laugh in his sleep.

However, he had to offer 10,000 cosmos stones to the Divine Union as a tribute, as well as 100,000 cosmos stones to his own master, the Celestial World Supremacy.

This meant that, after slogging for 1,000 years, he wouldnt obtain anything. He would merely be a City Lord with a blank state.

At the moment, Hemings and the others intentions were clear as day to Luo Yunyang.

Although Hemings could see anger in Luo Yunyangs eyes, he wasnt afraid. He believed that there was nothing to fear.

Even though Luo Yunyang was the Celestial World Supremacys disciple, in the Demigod Tribe, he was also like the son of a Supremacy. Furthermore, during all these years, he had relied on the resources of Samsara Star City to befriend many Demigod Tribe top powerhouses. Thus, he had a lot of confidence.

He was clearly very proactive when it came to this joint bid by the four factions to inhibit City Lord Luo Yunyang.

Perhaps, this time, the joint alliance of these four factions would be even more aggressive.

"Hemings!" Luo Yunyang glared at Hemings coldly as he said in a frosty tone, "You are looking for trouble!"

"Luo Yunyang, I respect that you are the City Lord because that is the decree of the Celestial World Supremacy. I came to see you because of my Divine Union background."

Suddenly, a strong aura rose from his body. Hemings didnt give way. "Its true that you are the Celestial World Supremacys disciple. However, this is Samsara Star City. I have experience too. Otherwise, I wouldnt have been in my current position. In the Demigod Tribe, three Supremacies"

Just as Hemings was about to list his connections and background, Luo Yunyangs eyes fixed on his body. Hemings, who immediately realized that another eye had appeared between Luo Yunyangs brows, reacted instantly. A purple sky glow rose from the top of his head and enveloped his entire body.

"Luo Yunyang, even though you can rival Celestial Domain-Grades, you still arent a Celestial Domain-Grade yourself. You cant break this Origin Source Divine Glow, so you wont be able to deal with me," Hemings said coldly amid that purple sky glow.

Meanwhile, Luo Yunyangs Space-Time Eye had already fixed its gaze on Hemings body.

By making some adjustments to his and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts Mystic Ability Attribute, Luo Yunyang raised the duration of his Space-Time Eye to 15 seconds.

However, as his gaze fell on the sky glow, Luo Yunyang realized that his infallible Space-Time Eye had actually weakened tremendously.

Although Hemings had slowed down considerably, he could still move.

The large rings seemingly made of agate that adorned Hemings finger started to disintegrate rapidly. As these rings shattered, they formed various glowing lights that enveloped his body.

These glows were a thousand times brighter than stars. They were massive glows that blazed like ardent suns. Meanwhile, all sorts of glowing projections revolved all around him. All of them represented a powerful cultivation path.

These were methods that high-level Celestial Domain-Grades were able to produce, so the value of each one was very great.

Hemings had used over 100 in just a moment, and it was obvious that he wasnt just any sort of rich person. If these items were converted to cosmos stones, they would require over 100 cosmos stones.

The entire savings of an ordinary Celestial Domain-Grade would probably only be about 100 cosmos stones. Perhaps only some Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lords might have items that were worth a few cosmos stones put together.

"City Lord Yunyang, forget it. You cant deal with me. I will give you a chance, but this is only because I respect Sir Supremacy."

"Besides, I dont want the other three factions to view us as a joke. I know that you are unhappy, but even your Supremacy cant break the rules when it comes to what happens in Samsara Star City."

The moment he mentioned the rules, Hemings body, which was entirely comprised of fat, started to swell and turned into a Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse with a body built like a mountain.

Luo Yunyang sneered. "Do you really think that I have no way of dealing with you? What a joke!"

As he said that, Luo Yunyang used his mind to activate the Shattering Heavens Technique.

The sides of Hemings lips curled up into a grin when he saw Luo Yunyang use a mind power attack.

However, as the power of the Shattering Heavens was released, he realized that the powers that had been protecting him shattered and the power of the shattering void intensified tenfold.

The sky and earth, as well as everything else shattered. Amid this crazed shattering, Hemings mountain-like body was torn to pieces.

Although his body contained many treasures used for self-preservation, the powers these treasures projected disintegrated and only intensified the shattering force.

In a moment, Hemings was only left with a half-mangled body. He bellowed maniacally at Luo Yunyang, "You cant kill me! I am the envoy of the Divine Union stationed here! If you kill me, the Divine Union definitely wont let you off. You You will be guilty of a terrible crime!"

The howling Hemings didnt notice that Luo Yunyangs expression lacked any sign of compromise. Cracks had started to appear in his mind from the fracturing storm as he finally became afraid.

"Sir City Lord, let me off this once. I failed to recognize a formidable person like you. I wasnt aware of your strength. If If you let me off this once, I will definitely help bring Samsara Star City under your control. I will help you become the true master of Samsara Star City."

Luo Yunyang grinned. "I can become the master of Samsara Star City even without you. As for the Divine Union, what about them?"

"I wasnt appointed by them as the City Lord of Samsara Star City. Therefore, you can just rest easy and die!" As Luo Yunyang said that, the shattering force and the pressure exerted by the various Origin Source Laws was amplified further.

In just a moment, Hemings brain broke into a million pieces.