Supreme Uprising Chapter 564

Chapter 564 Amethyst Tianzi

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"I wonder how the discussion between Hemings and the City Lord is going!" Fei Lilie said with a grin as he held a glass of red wine.

Even though they were both representatives of their various factions in Samsara Star City and had a number of disagreements, thanks to their common enemy, they had become comrades-in-arms right now.

That unrivaled beauty of a bug queen was sitting languidly at the side. "What else can they discuss? They are probably talking about the things we decided on."

"Truth be told, the arrival of this City Lord really makes us feel like we are the masters of Samsara Star City. If he were able to"

As the bug queen spoke, a hurried voice was heard through their communication device. "Hemings tried to assassinate the City Lord and was slain on the spot."

The three of them received the news at practically the same moment. Fei Lilie froze when he heard the news.

Although he wasnt frightened, this news had clearly not been what he had expected. For a moment, he didnt know how to react.

This was way too far from what he had envisaged.

Objectively speaking, Fei Lilie had wished Hemings dead on many occasions. A short time ago, Fei Lilie had raged and cursed him profusely. However, now that they were allies, things were different.

"What a tyrant! Isnt Luo Yunyang afraid of the Divine Unions punishment?" Fei Lilie took a deep breath and slammed his palms onto the table. The white jade crystal table shattered instantly.

"Fei Lilie, the value of this table is ten million star dollars. You have to compensate me for smashing it." A calm voice was heard from the metal box they called Old Machine.

Amongst the four big shots of Samsara Star City, Fei Lilie was well-known for his tyrannical ways. However, the only one he was afraid of was this metal box.

"I will compensate you two, Old Machine. The question is, what do we do now?" Fei Lilies eyes glowed red. "Can we just leave it at that?"

"What do you think you can do? Dont tell me you are thinking of invading the City Lords residence?" The mechanical voice coming from the box didnt have a shred of emotion.

"If he dared kill Hemings, it means that he will dare deal with us." Fei Lilies eyes flickered as he said coldly, "He cant blame us if he wants to shake up the status quo. He he My Mercenary Union doesnt lack missions."

At this point, Fei Lilies eyes burned with a crazed killing intent.

The Bug Races queen didnt say anything, whereas the metal box named Old Machine said icily, "If you kill him, what do you think is the chance that the Celestial World Supremacy would respond?"

Fei Lilie wanted to continue but ultimately couldnt bring himself to say anything else.

"You must have a way, Old Machine." The Bug Race Queen spoke up coolly. "Now that we are all on the same boat, it isnt the time to make this unnecessarily complicated."

"It isnt appropriate for us to take action. However, there is someone in Samsara Star City who is really suitable to act."

At this point, the metal box said calmly, "When it comes to a challenge between the same grade, life and death dont matter."

Fei Lilies expression stiffened. He eyed the metal box and said, "Are Are you talking about Amethyst Tianzi?" [1. The literal translation of Tianzi is Son of Heaven]

The metal box nodded and said, "Of course I am talking about Amethyst Tianzi. Luo Yunyang has outstanding innate talent and can kill Celestial Domain-Grades while he is at the Galaxy Grade without too much difficulty. Besides Amethyst Tianzi, no one else can defeat him."

The metal box then added, "Of course, if you choose to serve, then we will act as if I said nothing."

Fei Lilies facial expressions fluctuated. This matter was of great importance, so he couldnt let his emotions affect his decisions. After all, they needed to consider carefully before advancing.

Although Luo Yunyangs cultivation base was at the Galaxy Grade, he had actually killed and defeated a bunch of Celestial Domain-Grades already.

It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that he had already reached an extreme of the Galaxy Grade. Ordinary Galaxy-Grades wouldnt be able to resist in the slightest in his presence.

Could Amethyst Tianzi beat him?

Although Fei Lilie had great confidence in Amethyst Tianzi, Amethyst Tianzi was really important to the entire Purgatory.

In the depths of the Purgatory was a massive purple amethyst planet. The amethyst on this planet contained powerful energies.

Powerhouses within the Purgatory always wanted to gather these amethyst crystals, but the hardness of this amethyst planet was too strong. Therefore, many of them gave up after expending great effort.

Some people even started to forget about the existence of this amethyst planet.

However, as a Supremacy of the Purgatory had passed by this amethyst planet, Amethyst Tianzi had evolved on this planet and been accepted as a disciple by that supremacy.

It had taken Amethyst Tianzi 10,000 years to progress from the Planet Grade to the Star Grade. It had then taken him 30,00 years to advance from the Star Grade to the Nebula Grade. Afterward, it had taken him 50,000 years to advance from the Nebula Grade to the Galaxy Grade.

Many powerhouses of the same generation would die of old age if they cultivated for 80,000 years. However, Amethyst Tianzi was still young.

His time was mainly spent cultivating. However, his combat prowess was extremely unyielding. According to a legend, as long as Amethyst Tianzi broke through to the Universe Grade, then he would be able to surpass the Supremacies.

While he cultivated, Amethyst Tianzi rarely made any moves. However, the countless Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses in the Purgatory didnt dare fight with him.

If Amethyst Tianzi was invited to deal with Luo Yunyang, perhaps he might defeat or even kill Luo Yunyang.

As he pondered this, Fei Lilie made up his mind. He wasnt willing to leave his business unfinished and was even more unwilling to hand over these large quantities of benefits to Luo Yunyang.

"I shall go find Amethyst Tianzi and make a request," said Fei Lilie through gritted teeth.

The metal box said in a hoarse voice, "Are you certain that you can get Amethyst Tianzi to act?"

Fei Lilie wanted to give the Old Machine a firm answer. However, he knew that although he had a significant reputation within the Purgatory, he still lacked a lot when it came to Amethyst Tianzi.

"What should we do then?"

"This time, we will have to trouble the Bug Race. The Bug Races Wind Shadow Pavilion is the place where news is the fastest and most abundant in Samsara Star City. If a ranking list were to appear in the Wind Shadow Pavilion that ranked Luo Yunyang before Amethyst Tianzi, I believe that Amethyst Tianzi wouldnt be able to stand it." The metal box spoke unhurriedly in its own special voice.

"The Old Machine is really sinister indeed!" the beautiful bug queen lamented.

The metal box didnt react, as though it hadnt heard this compliment at all.

The beautiful bug queens eyes flashed with slight uncertainty when she realized that the metal box had declined to comment on her words.

Naturally, Luo Yunyang was oblivious to the conspiracy these three were plotting. After killing Hemings, he immediately led the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others on a purge of the industry Hemings had been in charge of.

There were four Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses at the Samsara Auction Firm. Although their cultivation bases werent as high as Hemings had been, it could be said that they allowed the Samsara Auction Firm to be as stable as Mt Tai.

However, in the face of Luo Yunyangs Shattering Heavens and Space-Time Eye, they didnt put up much of a resistance. Two were killed on the spot, and the other two were immediately detained by Luo Yunyang.

Without any Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses, the Samsara Auction Firm collapsed in one swoop. In a bit, the Samsara Auction Firm, which conducted one-quarter of the auctions in Samsara Star City, was crushed under Luo Yunyangs attack.

Inside the Samsara Auction Firms large hall, people from various tribes of the Divine Union were gathering quickly. Only a few of these people had participated in the gathering at the Myriad Flower House.

Therefore, they were somewhat nervous.

"The Samsara Auction Firm tried to assassinate our City Lord under the leadership of Hemings. As of now, Hemings has already been slain by Sir City Lord." The Bloody Blade Monarch eyed the various decision-makers of different tribes in Samsara Star City as he spoke icily. "There are definitely accomplices amongst you people!"

Anyone that could represent their tribe and assume a role in Samsara Star City was an elite of their respective tribe. The weakest one among them was a Galaxy 7-Grade and the strongest one was a Celestial Domain-Grade.

Celestial Domain-Grades that were conferred the titles of Emperor Lords were individuals that could rule over a whole celestial domain.

However, many people felt their hearts shiver when they heard the Bloody Blade Monarchs interrogation.

Hemings was one of the four big shots of Samsara Star City. Although Hemings had never cursed or sworn at them, he had usually been able to decide the fate of most of the various tribe decision-makers with just a sentence.

Even a decision-maker from a Primary Tribe that had once offended Hemings had been brought personally by powerhouses of his own tribe and forced to kneel before Hemings and seek forgiveness.

However, Hemings had just fallen while trying to assassinate the City Lord!

Samsara Star Citys City Lord was the master of everything in Samsara Star City in name. Actually, respect was only given to the strong.

Even though Hemings brain had turned to mush, he wouldnt have tried to assassinate the newly-arrived City Lord right away.

Besides, they were no fools. They could guess that there was something fishy about this matter.

The more they thought about this, the less they dared declare their stand hastily. After all, this matter had already escalated beyond their control.

Fifteen minutes had passed, yet nobody had spoken.

"Seems like Hemings really has many comrades!" Luo Yunyang scanned the various tribe envoys that werent saying anything. "I guess we shall just have to investigate thoroughly. Anyone that conspired to assassinate me will be exterminated on the spot, and the shops belonging to their tribes within Samsara Star City will be seized."

As he spoke, Luo Yunyangs gaze landed on the Sky Roar Tribes decision-maker. "Did you all participate in this?"

"No, no, no, sir! We are fully devoted to you, City Lord. How could we dare participate in such a thing? If we knew anyone that participated, we would report to you immediately, sir."

The Sky Roar Tribe decision-maker had fallen to his knees and spoken with utmost sincerity.

He knew what Luo Yunyang had done to his own tribe a short while back, when the four Emperor Lords had been left dejected. The difference between him and Luo Yunyang was just too great.

"That means that you are loyal to the City Lord. Very well Find two members of the Demigod Tribe who were involved in the attempt to assassinate me." As Luo Yunyang said that, over 100 Demigod Tribe Galaxy-Grade martialists were brought in.

Their eyes were all filled with fury, yet they didnt dare say anything.

"This This" The Sky Roar Tribe decision-maker wanted to say that he couldnt find any. However, he knew the consequences that would await him if he did so. Ultimately, he closed his eyes and pointed at random.

He knew very well that either he would die or those people would. Based on this principle, he could only choose self-preservation.

This Sky Roar Tribe decision-maker was only the beginning. As each decision-maker was brought out, Demigod Galaxy-Grade martialists were executed one after the other.

The power the Divine Union wielded in Samsara Star City had rapidly plummeted under Luo Yunyangs control.