Supreme Uprising Chapter 566

Chapter 566 Supreme Wind Cloud List

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Demigod Tribe Patriarch Dahai Saint was not only the patriarch of the entire Demigod Tribe, but also the leader of the Divine Union. Although he wasnt the most influential person in the Divine Union, his authority ranked at least within the top six of the Divine Union.

After all, there were still five Supremacies before him.

However, some Supremacies would only appear once every few thousand years, so the sixth-in-rank actually held the most power in the Divine Union.

Besides being a peak Universe-Grade, Dahai Saint also had another title in the Divine Union. He was Number One after the Supremacy.

According to many people, Dahai Saint had already prepared to make a breakthrough. Once that happened, he would become the sixth Supremacy of the entire Divine Union.

Being a Supremacy with the power to control Space-Time powers was the goal that Dahai Saint was working towards.

The Demigod Tribes home on Shenwei Planet had a throne hall tens of thousands of feet tall that looked like a skyscraper reaching towards the sky. This hall was extremely wide. Even the plaza in front of the hall alone had an area that covered tens of thousands of feet.

Innumerable Demigod warriors stood tall on both sides of the plaza. Every one of them had a Star-Grade cultivation base.

In the Milky Way Galaxy, Star-Grades from the Human Tribe were considered powerful. However, in the Demigod Tribe, they could only guard a courtyard.

Bang! As he was sitting on a throne carved from golden crystal, Dahai Saint slapped his palm heavily on the table, where nine golden dragons were carved.

Nine dragon roars were heard from the table before nine dragon projections emerged from it, each dragon figure sporting a pained expression.

However, by the time these nine dragon projections flew back into the table, the golden table that had cracked had already repaired itself.

"Patriarch, please calm down!" Someone stepped up quickly and spoke respectfully to the Cloud Sea Saint. This persons cultivation base was also at the Saint Level.

The Sky Roar Tribe of the 18 Primary Tribes only had one Saint, which was a far cry compared to the dozens of Demigod Tribe Saints in this throne hall.

"Calm down? Tell me, how am I supposed to calm down?" Dahai Saint said coldly. "How dare Luo Yunyang! He He actually killed Hemings and seized the Samsara Auction Firm! He deserves to die many times over!"

The words that came out of Dahai Saints lips were like an order to execute an entire tribe.

However, Dahai Saints words were meaningless, as everyone present knew that if Dahai Saint could exterminate Luo Yunyang, he wouldnt be so furious.

"Patriarch, although he is unforgivable, he is a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy. We still cant kill him!" Although that Saint respected Dahai Saint, he wouldnt follow him blindly.

This sentence was directed at Dahai Saints heart.

Dahai Saint sighed deeply. He wanted to say that this crazy guy had to be killed. Worst-case scenario, they would start a war against the Celestial World Supremacy!

This declaration was straightforward, but he couldnt say it. He had no right to say it. The right to start a war against the Celestial World Supremacy was not his to exercise.

"But we cant watch him snatch the auction firm," Dahai Saint said after taking a deep breath.

"Patriarch, if Luo Yunyang takes the auction house for himself, it will be alright. Even the Celestial World Supremacy wont be able to protect him!"

The Saint speaking then added, "He will definitely return the Samsara Auction Firm. He does not have the capacity to seize complete control of it."

Dahai Saint was the head of the tribe, so he naturally wasnt stupid. More than half of what he had just done had been an act.

Since he was the tribes patriarch, he was supposed to express such anger. Any words that were inconvenient to say would naturally be voiced out by the people who understood what he meant.

"What do we do now?" Dahai Saint raised the white jade in his hands, which was as thin as paper. "As soon as he took office, he killed Hemmings by accusing him of an assassination. How vicious!"

The Saint who had just spoken on behalf of Dahai Saint furrowed his brows.

He was also a major figure within the Demigod Tribe. His many years of experience had made him very wise.

However, this matter was really tricky.

From a broader perspective, this involved the Celestial World Supremacy. Luo Yunyang was a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, so they dare not make a move against him. Moreover, Luo Yunyang was in Samsara Star City, where they couldnt control everything.

"Sir, shouldnt we fight the Human Tribe in the Milky Way and regain some face?" a Saint suggested while stepping forward.

Taking revenge on the Milky Ways Human Tribe seemed like a good idea. Dahai Saint had thought of that, yet he believed that it was too petty.

Besides, there wouldnt be much use if they did this. After all, someone who had reached a certain cultivation level would prioritize themselves over anything else. Their tribe would only be considered secondary unless their own safety was guaranteed.

"Is there no other way?" Dahai Saint asked coldly.

Everyone was silent all around him. Suddenly, someone quickly reported, "Reporting, Patriarch! Special Envoy Qingchen has something to report."

"Let him in." Dahai Saint frowned.

Soon, Special Envoy Qingchen entered. His cultivation was at the peak of the Celestial Domain-Grade, yet he had to bow down before Dahai Saint.

"Patriarch, Luo Yunyang sent news. He said our tribe gave orders to assassinate him when he took office and we are reprehensible. This is akin to a bare provocation against his master, the Celestial World Supremacy. He insists that we give him an explanation."

Although Special Envoy Qingchen knew that Luo Yunyang was spouting nonsense, he still relayed all his words.

Almost all the Demigod Tribe Saints nearly exploded when they heard Special Envoy Qingchen say this. Since when was their tribe liable to be bullied and humiliated like this?

"This is intolerable!" someone roared loudly.

"Kill him! Exterminate the Human Tribe of the Milky Way. Otherwise, how will the Demigod Tribe retain any of its dignity?"

"Killing him would be letting him off too lightly. We need to ground his bones and spread his ashes. We will do just that"

The wrath of the Saints made heaven and earth shudder.

Although the Saints of the Demigod Tribe were all livid by now, Dahai Saint was calm.

"Luo Yunyang said that? With what evidence? He cant possibly shoot his mouth off and be allowed to talk nonsense, right?"

Special Envoy Qingchen quickly tapped his communication device and rays of light appeared in the main hall. "This is the testimony signed by the people in charge of the various factions in Samsara Star City. They all say that"

Special Envoy Qingchen did not continue. However, everyone present understood what he meant to say.

"Shadow, have you investigated this matter?" Dahai Saint asked frostily as he took a look at the testimony.

"It has been investigated clearly, Patriarch. Its like this." A figure stepped through the void and presented some resources.

The content was very comprehensive, so the people present clearly saw the whole incident.

They saw the collusion between Hemings and others, as well as Luo Yunyangs appointment as a figurehead, up until Luo Yunyang slew Hemings.

The people present did not feel that there was anything wrong with Hemings actions. Some of them even said coldly, "The fact that Hemings allowed Luo Yunyang to complete his offering was already kind enough. Luo Yunyang actually killed him just because they had a disagreement."

"There are limited Chaotic Stones in Samsara Star City. Why would he be made a City Lord for no reason?"

"Alright, stop arguing, everyone. This matter involves the Supremacy. Lets ask all the Supremacies to decide!" Dahai Saint said coldly after scanning everyone a few times.

The Demigod Tribe had its own way of contacting the Supremacies. After a quarter of an hour, a jade talisman had already appeared in the main hall of the Demigod Tribe.

"The Celestial World Supremacy is currently in seclusion. You cannot disturb him about such trivial things. If the Supremacys enlightenment is successful, the Divine Union will be very fortunate. If it is unsuccessful, our Divine Union will feel great sorrow."

There was no sound coming from the jade talisman. However, the moment the jade talisman appeared in the main hall, Dahai Saint and the others felt like a giant bell was chiming in their heads.

Dahai Saint and the others were no idiots. Based on this speech, they were already aware of the intent of the Supremacy who had sent this message.

The Celestial World Supremacy was breaking through. If he succeeded, Luo Yunyangs identity would make him untouchable. If the breakthrough failed, then

"Alright, if the Supremacy said so, then lets not speak anymore. Qiyun Saint, please go to Samsara Star City again and retrieve the Samsara Auction Firm from Luo Yunyang."

Dahai Saint added, "If Luo Yunyangs conditions are acceptable, we will yield this time."

"Understood!" Qiyun Saint said respectfully.

As Qiyun Saint made his way to Samsara Star City, a piece of news ignited the entire Divine Union. Actually, this news exploded everywhere.

The well-informed Wind Shadow Pavilion in Samsara Star City had made a Supreme Wind Cloud List that ranked the strongest powerhouses beneath the Supremacies.

Among the Saint-Level existences were 100 people who had made it on the Supreme Wind Cloud List. These 100 Saints could be considered the top individuals of the four factions.

First on the list was the emperor of the Purgatory, the commander of the Hundred Purgatory Tribes, the most powerful saint called the Great Exterminating Demon Lord!

Second was the commander of the Machine Empire called the Supreme Spirit King. However, Qiyun Saints head nearly blew off when saw that his own tribes patriarch only ranked eighth on the list.

Although the people ranking lower did not seem weaker than his patriarch, as the leader of the Divine Union, Dahai Saint should at least rank among the top four.

Besides the Universe-Grade Saints, the people who ranked behind did not attract the attention of Qiyun Saint. However, when he flipped to the Galaxy-Grade ranking list, the first position on the list was occupied by Luo Yunyang.

Not only was Luo Yunyangs name there, but many of his accomplishments were listed as well. The list was filled with praise for Luo Yunyang, who was the top-ranking Galaxy-Grade martialist.

He was the number one person at the Galaxy Grade, with the best combat strength!

Qiyun Saint smiled slightly when he saw this evaluation, especially when he looked down at the second spot, where the words Amethyst Tianzi were written. Then, his smile intensified!