Supreme Uprising Chapter 568

Chapter 568 The Samsara Wheel Appears Chaos Ensues

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"Despicable!" A jade white palm slammed heavily onto a desk. Bug Queen Nuyas wrath was on full display, while her furious eyes could burn someone to ashes.

Both Fei Lilie from the Purgatory and the old metal box were silent. They truly had no means of dealing with the current City Lord.

Apart from waiting, they could do nothing else!

"Amethyst Tianzi will reach Samsara Star City in three months," the metal box said in a mechanical tone.

However, Nuya replied angrily, "Three months! I dont even know if I can survive for three months!"

"I finally understand why we could bully someone like the Cloud Sea Saint. It was because he cared and worried too much. However, we should have laid down the rules from the beginning when dealing with a bandit like Luo Yunyang. Now, its too late to do anything!"

Fei Lilie wanted to speak but eventually let out a long sigh. It was too late for him to regret this as well. Without the presence of a Universe-Grade existence in Samsara Star City, it was extremely hard to deal with people like Luo Yunyang and his gang.

If they had known what was going to happen, they would have opted to present Luo Yunyang with his fair share and everyone would have gotten a clean slate.

"Lets endure for three months. If Amethyst Tianzi cant do anything either, well just give our ultimatum and withdraw everyone from Samsara Star City," Tie Hezi said deeply. "Samsara Star City became what it is today because everyone from all the factions came here to do business."

"Without these transactions, Samsara Star City will simply become a wasteland!"

Fei Lilie nodded his head. For now, it seemed like this was the only way they could threaten Luo Yunyang.

While the trio was talking, a muffled rumbling that resembled the sound of thunder rang out across the void, causing the earth beneath their feet to tremble.

Fei Lilies eyes were glowing. At the same moment, he bellowed in rage, "What is this b*stard trying to do?"

As he said that, all three of them took flight. However, a wave of power came for Fei Lilie just as he ascended three feet, suppressing him back to the ground.

As a Celestial Domain-Grade elite, Fei Lilie was more than capable of traversing thousands of miles in a leap, or even further, in an instant.

However, he had already been suppressed after moving only three feet. His heart was shaking. His entire body was shaking.

This power was too overbearing. He couldnt even muster a trace of strength to resist.

"Whats happening? Could Luo Yunyang be trying to kill us?" He aimed the question at Nuya, who was also being suppressed.

There was a similar trace of fear in Nuyas eyes.

If this was indeed Luo Yunyang, then the probability of them surviving this ordeal would be too slim.

"Dont worry. This isnt Luo Yunyang. He still doesnt have this sort of means," said the old metal box.

"But things are getting tricky this time. Our nice, peaceful lives are coming to an end!" The old box lamented before a trail of light flew out of his body, illuminating the void in an instant.

This was a star chart. Actually, this was also Samsara Star Citys star chart. However, there was a huge wheel spinning slowly in it.

Samsara Star City was situated right in the middle of the black-and-white wheel.

"Could Could this be the Samsara Wheel?" Bug Queen Nuya asked in a piercing voice.

"Thats right, this is the Samsara Wheel!" the old metal box replied. "The Samsara Wheel includes 10 cycles of reincarnation!"

Fei Lilie jumped up as he glanced at the Samsara Wheel and said anxiously, "I have to report this to the Purgatorys Patriarch. I I must report this to all the Supremacies. This This is too important!"

"Theres no need to report anything. They are already aware," the old metal box said calmly. "We guessed wrong. Luo Yunyang isnt here to wrestle with us over power. He is here for the Samsara Wheel!"

The old metal box then added, "The Samsara Wheel can release 1,008 Samsara Tokens at a single time. However, each of these tokens also has a different grade."

"For example, the highest level a Samsara Token would allow one to enter would be the highest level of Samsara Realm. Each reincarnation cycle would take 100 years!"

"The function of the lowest level of Samsara Token is much worse. Although it has the same 10 reincarnation cycles, the cultivation level at the lowest level Samsara Realm is much worse than our current realm."

Nuya lamented, "Even if its much worse than ours, a reincarnation cycle of 100 years should still be able to achieve a significant improvement in cultivation."

"Youre wrong then. The cycle time of the lowest Samsara Token is only 10 years." The old metal box rebutted coldly.

The higher level realm equaled 100 years, while the lower level realm equaled 10 years. The difference between the two was too huge.

"As a City Lord of Samsara Star City, he is naturally gifted with the highest level Samsara Token. Plus, he possesses the City Lord Seal."

Fei Lilie stared at the star chart, which was seemingly lighting up and rotating, as he muttered to himself, "No wonder that Supremacy sent Luo Yunyang here!"

"It is really abhorrent for this sort of good opportunity to fall into his hands!"

The Queen Slave was also unable to reconcile herself with the fact that such a treasure that defied natural order would actually land in Luo Yunyangs hands. This was certainly not something they would like to hear or see.

The old metal box appeared rather calm as he mumbled, "This is a rare opportunity. A highly attractive opportunity for anyone below the Universe Grade. Our lives will only get tougher from now on!"

Both of them understood what the old metal box meant. Although Samsara Star City was important, anyone who was stronger than them wouldnt care much about it. After all, they had plenty of offerings.

However, the appearance of the Samsara Wheel would attract the attention of elites from all over, who would gather in Samsara Star City, causing their position and status in the city to plummet.

"We must obtain a token, no matter what!" The Queen Slaves voice trembled as she spoke.

10 reincarnation cycles, even with a lower level Samsara Token, would have a very beneficial effect on ones cultivation and contribute to a higher probability of advancing and breaking through ones cultivation grade.

They were Celestial Domain-Grade elites, so advancing into the Universe Grade would solidify their status as well as improve their strength greatly.

This sort of progress would make anyone go crazy!

"Thats right, we have to obtain a token, no matter what it takes!" Fei Lilie agreed.

Their resolute voices actually reflected the lack of confidence they had. Although they were famous for their wealth and power among the various factions, this was still far from enough.

"As the City Lord, Luo Yunyang should at least have the control rights over 30 Samsara Tokens," the old metal box said faintly. "The reason Samsara Star City was born was because of the appearance of the Samsara Wheel in the past."

"However, the Samsara Wheel hadnt appeared for eons. Hence, everyone had started to disrespect the City Lords position."

"So what do we do? Kowtow now and apologize?" the Queen Slave asked nervously.

"Do you really think wed be able to get a token if we went down on our knees and apologized?" Fei Lilie snapped angrily back.

The old metal box didnt respond. However, it was obvious that he was extremely vexed and unresigned.

Meanwhile, in the City Lord palace, Luo Yunyang was reacting to the Samsara Wheel. There was currently a delighted glint in his eyes. It was also at this moment that he became certain about the Celestial World Supremacys purpose for making him the City Lord of Samsara Star City.

It hadnt been the riches and wealth, but the fact that the Celestial World Supremacy had been able to sense that the Samsara Wheel was going to emerge. Hence, he had gifted this rare opportunity to Luo Yunyang.

If he could obtain that really important token and enter directly the highest level realm, entering into a 10-reincarnation cycle would be absolutely amazing

In addition, he would also be in control of the ownership of 30 other tokens. Although these tokens were ranked differently, the benefits they provided were obvious.

This master was really likable!

"Congrats, Sir City Lord!" The Bloody Blade Monarch and the others had already discovered the information behind the Samsara Wheel, so they congratulated Luo Yunyang even though they were envious.

They were also hoping that Luo Yunyang would give them one of the tokens he controlled.

"Ha ha ha! The five of you chose to follow me right from the start. All of you will have a share of this rare opportunity." Luo Yunyang waved his hand, getting them to rise from their knees.

At the same time, someone from the outside reported, "City Lord, the people in charge of the Machine Empire, the Purgatory and the Bug Race seek an audience with you."

Luo Yunyang was well aware of their motives. Hence, he said readily, "No."

Following his order, Luo Yunyangs status in the entire Samsara Star City began to rise.

After all, Luo Yunyang, the City Lord of Samsara Star City, could control 30 Samsara Tokens out of the thousand that were about to appear.

The minds of Universe-Grade elites had already fused with the universe in their bodies, making it difficult for them to undergo samsara. Hence, the Samsara Token was relatively useless to them. However, for any elites below the Universe Grade, the benefits of the Samsara Token were astronomical.

"Reporting, my Lord! A large army comprising of 10,000 warships has appeared 30,000 light years away from us, from the direction of the Purgatory."

"Reporting, my Lord! 10 new wormholes have appeared from the direction of the Bug Race. Although there isnt any movement, a queen nest could appear at any time."

"City Lord, 10 Battlestars are moving toward us from the direction of the Machine Empire. Their estimated arrival will be in three months."

"Reporting! The Divine Unions Heavenly Army is on the move. They are asking us to open up the space jump node!"

As news came pouring in, all of a sudden, Samsara Star City, which had been a mere venue used for business transactions by people of all factions, began to surge like a storm.

Meanwhile, in the depths of the endless flaming Purgatory, a figure who had been divided into six began walking out.

"The Samsara Wheel has appeared! My brothers opportunity should arrive soon as well!"