Supreme Uprising Chapter 569

Chapter 569 The Cicada Hides Awaiting The Thunder

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Amethyst Tianzi sped up his movement towards Samsara Star City!

Meanwhile, the Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden teamed up to hurry towards Samsara Star City, which was just 10 light years away.

The Bug Races top genius had begun making his way towards Samsara Star City as well, escorted by the races elite force, the Sky Engulfing Legion

All sorts of news were popping up on the Sky Vision and all the information about the benefits of the Samsara Wheel were dug out by people.

"Luo Yunyang is incredible. Not only will he possess the best Samsara Token, but he will even get the rights to 30 other tokens!"

"If I had known that Luo Yunyang was so incredible, I would have sucked up to him and obtained a Samsara Token in return."

"The Human Tribe became so impressive so fast. Thanks to Luo Yunyangs support, I believe that the Human Tribe will definitely become a first-grade tribe!"

Various discussions regarding Luo Yunyang that were a tinge envious were popping up all over. Some salty people actually said, "Celestial Domain-Grade elites can also make use of the Samsara Wheel. Even Saints from various tribes werent able to receive that good Samsara Tokens."

"Luo Yunyang is a lucky b*stard!"

"Come on! Lucky b*stard, you say? He just has a good master!" someone lamented in response.

While discussions kept clamoring on, some people who felt that they were qualified to contact Luo Yunyang directly actually did so, hoping that they could obtain a Samsara Token.

A reincarnation cycle lasted 10 years in the lowest realm, which was already a reward. However, 10 reincarnation cycles lasted 100 years, which was a hefty benefit that tempted many people.

So did the 30 tokens that Luo Yunyang would receive, as well as the high-grade token he would get.

Just as the ruckus filled the Sky Vision, in the virtual realm, a group of people in a hall hidden within a formless mass was talking angrily.

Their figures were faintly discernible in the hall. Although they were merely a trace of their consciousness, the incredible auras coming from their consciousness were enough to make the virtual realm exert all of its power output.

"I agree, seize it!"

"No objections, seize it!"

"Seize it!"

Voices echoed one after another through the hall as all eyes finally fell on a figure standing on one side.

The figure was good-looking and his body exuded an aura that would subconsciously make others feel like kneeling before him. However, his expression was like a kids who was being bullied.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the Cloud Sea has no opinion." The person in question felt extremely uncomfortable when everyones gazes fell upon him. However, he still spoke resolutely.

"Alright, since everyone has no objections, well use our seals on the Skywheel Stone situated outside of Samsara Star City." The first person to speak was a six-meter tall man with a blood-red complexion.

The mans voice was calm, but it also contained an imposing air. All the other Supremacies remained silent when he spoke.

"Cloud Sea Saint, youll head towards the Skywheel Stone and use your own blood to remove your masters seal. Got it?" the six-meter tall man instructed coldly.

The Cloud Sea Saint responded respectfully, "Yes, Blood Lotus Supremacy."

"Good. Well meet 10 days later on the Skywheel Stone then!" After speaking, the Blood Lotus Supremacy turned his attention to his surroundings and said, "If there is nothing else, you are dismissed."

Figures began to leave one after another from the hall. When all of them had left, a smile crept up on the Blood Lotus Saint Supremacys face.

His consciousness returned to his body in an instant. His body, which had been sitting in a lotus position in this pool of blood-red burning lava, got up slowly.

"Open!" At that cold bellow, the seemingly endless lava began to split in the void and the Blood Lotus Supremacy entered the huge crevice directly.

After falling for tens of thousands of miles, the Blood Lotus Saint landed in an azure blue world.

He saw azure mountains, azure rivers, azure flowers

However, amid this endless azure was a freezing cold, a kind of cold that made people feel fear.

Unexpectedly, it was the freezing cold that was underneath a burning lover. Nobody would have ever thought of that. If the Blood Lotus Supremacy had never come down, no one, not even the elite martialists, would have known that there was a freezing lake below the Purgatory.

As the Blood Lotus Supremacy waved his hand, the freezing lake split into two and a huge azure stone with a metallic shine appeared before the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

"Open!" the Blood Lotus Supremacys palm gently stroked the edges of the boulders. Then, he waved his hands and countless mysterious strokes appeared, falling on the boulder quickly. That huge stone slowly split open thanks to the Blood Lotus Supremacys words.

In the middle of the boulder was a fist-sized silver crystal stone. The moment the silver crystal stone appeared, the origin source laws around it began to react in a frantic manner as they gushed towards the crystal stone.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy did not pay attention to that. His fingers chopped at the silver crystal stone, causing it to split instantly. As the silver crystal stone broke open, a lotus seed flashing with a blue light appeared in front of the Blood Lotus Saint.

The lotus seed was tiny like a toddlers finger. However, it felt like countless traces of fine veined patterns on the lotus seed were conforming to the will of heaven and earth.

The moment the lotus seed appeared, it germinated while being suspended in the air. After three breaths, an azure lotus flower and root had already grown out of its seed.

The azure lotus flower was only three inches wide. When it bloomed, a tiny azure figure appeared. The moment the lotus flower completely bloomed, he stepped out of the lotus platform.

By the time the figure took his first step, his cultivation had reached the Planet Grade and he had grown a foot tall. By the time he took his second step, his cultivation had reached the Star Grade.

Third step, fourth step, fifth step

As soon as the figure took his fifth step, his cultivation reached the peak Celestial Domain Grade and he grew over seven feet tall.

The azure garment the figure was wearing made them appear extremely elegant. Compared to the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who looked very much like a tyrant, he seemed to be lacking a tyrannical aspect. He actually seemed way more graceful.

"Its been a while since we last met, Elder Brother!" the figure that halted in mid-air said nonchalantly.

"Its been three and a half million years!" the Blood Lotus Supremacy lamented. "Im happy to see you."

"Im very happy too. It seems like my opportunity is here!" The man sounded rather arrogant.

"Thats right, your opportunity is here. The Samsara Wheel has appeared again. 10 cycles of reincarnation will definitely assist you in breaking through that final step." After saying that, the Blood Lotus Supremacy added, "Ive already made arrangements. You may go."

"See you, Elder Brother!" the azure figure said as he took flight immediately.

"This time, the other elites that have gathered cannot be underestimated. You have to be careful," the Blood Lotus Supremacy said gravely. "Maybe they also have talented individuals that have been sealed-up for eons, waiting to be reborn. After all, this is a rare opportunity!"

The man in the azure garments disappeared in a flash. However, his voice still resonated within the void. "They are just a bunch of losers."

Following the mans disappearance, the Blood Lotus Supremacy strode upwards and waves of magma began to seal the icy realm.

As the Blood Lotus Supremacy exited his sealed ground, in the Demigod Tribes forbidden ground, a very good-looking man who was about 30 meters tall strode out.

The mans eyes were like a blazing sun as they swept across the surroundings. It actually felt as though he was a divine emperor of heaven and earth.

Dahai Saint, along with hundreds of other Saints from the Demigod Tribe, were kneeling down on the ground, respectfully welcoming this man.

The man smiled at Dahai Saint and said, "Dahai, Im very pleased that you were able to become the Patriarch."

Something was also brewing in the Machine Empires territory and the Bug Races Sky Worm Nest. However, Luo Yunyang wasnt aware of it at all.

Now, he needed to be stable. After all, he was the City Lord, so he was definitely going to receive a share of this.

10 reincarnation cycles, one cycle of 100 years and a realm that transcended all the current ones. Thinking of these alone was enough to make Luo Yunyang excited.

After spending a few days researching, he realized that most of the Supremacies actually had experience entering the Samsara Wheel.

It took the Samsara Wheel a decade to form and appear. However, the Wheel would accumulate energy during this decade.

Nobody knew where the Samsara Wheel came from and how much energy it had to gather. However, some people mentioned that the samsara realms, which were connected by the Samsara Wheel, actually did exist.

Again, nobody could verify if this was true or not. However, one thing was certain: the Samsara Wheel possessed an incredible energy.

Luo Yunyang had been feeling unsettled these days. Unfortunately, this made him feel unwell.

He did not know how this unsettling feeling had come about, but deep down he was feeling uneasy.

"Luo Yunyang, get out now!" A loud booming voice that sounded like thunder echoed while Luo Yunyang was cultivating in a lotus position.

The moment he heard the voice, Luo Yunyang saw a blood-red lotus flower appear in the void. The flower nearly covered the entire sky.

It was the Blood Lotus Supremacy!

Luo Yunyang was stunned upon seeing the Blood Lotus Supremacy. Meanwhile, trails of shadows began to appear in every corner of the void.

Although the shadows were faintly visible, their appearance still made Luo Yunyang feel a massive pressure.

After all, a Supremacy was still a Supremacy, no matter what!

"Luo Yunyang is not fit to be the City Lord of Samsara Star City. He will be removed from this post!" The mighty voice reverberated all around.

Following this call, seal imprints began raining down from the sky, slapping down onto a huge stone outside Samsara Star Citys gate.

As the last seal imprint made from blood fell on the huge stone, Luo Yunyang felt something fly out of his body!