Supreme Uprising Chapter 57

Chapter 57: A-Grade Source Fluid

Luo Yunyang was so delighted that he felt like jumping up in joy. Although Xun Zhong had handed over to him a martial master badge, a martial master that had yet to awaken a source core was no real martial master.

The deficient moon gradually rose up into the void. As he faced it, Luo Yunyang used the Moon-Swallowing Devil Ape Move once again.

The instant he used it, he felt a cold energy descend from the heavens, just like the previous time.

Thanks to his prior experience, Luo Yunyang was prepared this time around. However, the moment this frigid energy entered his body, the cold flow within him rapidly converged with the frigid cold that had entered.

Luo Yunyang was not able to see it, but he could sense the cold energy within his dantian, which had expanded once again.

Unfortunately, he didn't know exactly what grade his source core was.

Although the cold energy that had flowed into his source core wasn't entirely docile, it was still milder than when it had first entered his body.

One round, two round, three rounds...

The cold energy kept circulating in Luo Yunyang's body. Every time it did, Luo Yunyang felt as if his skin and flesh experienced a bout of frigidness.

By the time the cold energy had been completely absorbed, the moon was already hanging high in the sky. Luo Yunyang could feel every cell in his skin and flesh fill with vitality, which quickly resulted in a new sensation.


"I didn't die of hunger in my previous life, did I?" Luo Yunyang thought to himself as he brought out the remaining Gold Bodhis and ate them all in the blink of an eye.

Their taste was not bad.

As Luo Yunyang was lamenting over the flavor of the Gold Bodhi, back in District 2, Lin Changjian was lying in bed with one leg propped up in a cast as he berated his underlings, "Have you found the Gold Bodhis yet? That damn piece of sh*t actually dared to steal all the Gold Bodhis right in front of us. I have to catch him! When I catch him, I will break every bone in his body! Every single one!"

Throwing a tantrum wouldn't solve the problem, though. It actually made Lin Changjian's expression become even more sinister. His cultivation base had been the highest, so the White-Jade Gem Elephant had focused on him. Although he had employed many methods and even a few life-saving treasures, his leg had still been broken by those air blasts.

Was this series of unfortunate events just a coincidence?

Lin Changjian was no fool. He had been thinking a lot about this ever since they had escaped and gotten increasingly suspicious, so he had sent someone to secretly sneak below the Gold Bodhi tree and check it out. It turned out that he was right. All the Gold Bodhis on the tree had vanished.

The White-Jade Gem Elephant, which seemed to have become even crazier, had gone on a rampage in the forest and started fighting with other beasts of the same species.

Eating multiple Gold Bodhis would have no effect on anyone, so Lin Changjian decided to investigate if anyone had come to the base and tried to trade Gold Bodhis in exchange for points. The moment he found someone trading in Gold Bodhis, he would get revenge...

One day passed, two days passed, three days passed...

In the blink of an eye, two months had already passed, yet there was no trace of those Gold Bodhis.

Two months later, Lin Changjian had gone back to normal. However, his inner fury was burning stronger than ever.

Many people got scared when they saw Lin Changjian's expression. The competent beautiful woman thought Lin Changjian would turn into a mad dog soon!

Of course, only upper-class martialists had noticed this. Lower-class martialists were focused on another issue.

"Our leader hasn't come back yet!" a robust-looking Yang Yirui said. His voice was fraught with worry.

Luo Yunyang had entered the forest to cultivate two months ago. According to the experiences of previous senior martialists, one needed to spend about 20 days tops before they had to return to replenish their equipment or take care of other things.

Yang Yirui, Qin Feifei, Chen Yong and other core members of the Ardent Sun Group were all fidgety. Although the Ardent Sun Group was considered very powerful among the new group of students, Luo Yunyang was its soul.

"Where has our leader gone to?" Chen Yong said in a hushed voice. "The people who hunt in the forest said that they haven't seen him. I even asked the upper-class martialists, but no one has seen our leader."

Sun Miaomiao looked at everyone's gloomy faces as she mumbled, "You guys don't need to worry. Our leader will be fine."

"Do you have any news on our leader, Big Sister Miaomiao?" Qin Feifei asked somewhat excitedly.

"No, that's just my gut feeling!" Sun Miaomiao replied frankly.

Her reasoning sounded impressive, but it was actually nothing but a hunch. Although no one doubted Sun Miaomiao's gut feeling, they weren't completely persuaded either.

"It has already been over two months. The source fluid will be arriving in a few days. If our leader misses this round of source fluid, then..." Qin Feifei's voice suddenly broke, as if she was about to start crying.

Back in the core district's command center, Chief Instructor Lu wasn't very happy either. He was pointing at Xu Zhong as if he wanted to split his head apart. "You bastard! Didn't I tell you to watch him? Where is he now?"

Xu Zhong rubbed his bald head. He looked like a woman getting reprimanded by her mother-in-law. He didn't dare retort in any way as Chief Instructor Lu scolded him.

"He is the Rising Dragon Army's best sapling. The Newcomer King has not returned in two months! Don't you think you owe me an explanation?"

As he spoke, Chief Instructor Lu struck the table with his fists.

Xu Zhong was burning with anxiety. He had already employed all sorts of means to search for Luo Yunyang, yet there had been no trace of him.

"Chief Instructor, there's a telegram for you!" A young man in civilian attire walked in briskly and handed him a telegram.

When Chief Instructor Lu saw the words Top Secret printed on the cover, he had to suppress his rage. He read the telegram solemnly.

Suddenly, Chief Instructor Lu slammed his palms hard against the table and bellowed at the young man, "Are you sure you didn't interpret this telegram wrong?"

"I have verified it three times, sir!" Although the young man was trembling under Chief Instructor's pressure, he still managed to suppress his fear and answer resolutely.

The others, who had originally just been watching Chief Instructor Lu scold Xu Zhong, walked over one after the other. Although Chief Instructor Lu's temper was irascible, his targets would usually be people that held military posts.

He would normally be more polite with young men in civilian posts.

"What's wrong, sir?" someone asked in a hushed tone.

"Damn those bastards at the military headquarters! What right do they have to expropriate the Rising Dragon Army's A-grade source fluid. They... they are unbelievable!" As Chief Instructor said this, streaks of purple thunder started flickering around him.