Supreme Uprising Chapter 572

Chapter 572 Five Elements And Space Time

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The Cloud Sea Saint had never imagined that a day would come when he would be ambushed on the Cloud Mist Tribes main planet.

The Cloud Mist Planet was the main planet of the Cloud Mist Tribe as well as the foundation of the Cloud Mist Tribe. It could be said that there were countless defensive array formations on the Cloud Mist Planet.

There were even many defensive ultimate treasures that had been placed by the Cloud Sea Saint on the Cloud Sea Planet to hold the entire planet.

Furthermore, according to the Cloud Sea Saints reckoning, the moment someone tried a sneak attack on the Cloud Sea Planet, he would sense it.

Then, the defensive system would react as fast as possible.

However, this time, the Cloud Sea Saint hadnt sensed anything wrong. That earth-shaking threat had already demolished his palace.

Had a Supremacy-Level entity attacked him?

As the Cloud Sea Saint got puzzled, his first thought was to flee. After all, he hadnt sensed this attacker at all, which was really terrifying.

However, when the Cloud Sea Saint used his mind power to sweep the area, he discovered Luo Yunyang within the void, as well as Galaxy-Grade martialists all around him.

The instant he saw Luo Yunyang, the Cloud Sea Saint calmed down quite a bit. Just Luo Yunyang alone wouldnt be able to create great waves.

He simply didnt believe that Luo Yunyang would find a Supremacy to aid his attack this time.

However, if it wasnt a Supremacy, then who was it?

It was also at this moment that the Cloud Sea Saint saw the situation on the Cloud Mist Planet. Mountains and rivers were collapsing, while the earth was crumbling. The clouds and mist that were the foundations of the Cloud Mist Planet were diminishing frantically.

The Cloud Mist Planet was finished. The foundation of the Cloud Mist Planet was finished!

The Cloud Sea Saint could sense that crazy destructive power. Although it wouldnt hurt him, that immense destructive force could turn this huge world into nothing.

"Luo Yunyang, what are you doing?" The Cloud Sea Saint stared furiously at Luo Yunyang as killing intent emanated from him.

Luo Yunyang grinned as he watched the livid Cloud Sea Saint. "He he What do you think of this skill called the Shattering Heavens, Senior Brother?" You’re reading on B oxnovel.c om .Tks!

"You are asking for it!" The Cloud Sea Saint made a clawing motion and a wave of majestic power shot out of his hand. This energy instantly enveloped the void-splitting power.

A Universe-Grade would have already evolved a universe within their body. However, what the Cloud Sea Saint did was absorb the Cloud Mist Planet into his internal universe.

Although his internal universe couldnt be compared to the actual universe, absorbing a planet wouldnt be too difficult.

Even though the position of Luo Yunyang and the others didnt change, in just a moment, they had already entered the Cloud Sea Saints internal universe.

Inside this internal universe was the Cloud Sea Saints ultimate will. Those who submitted would prosper, and those who resisted would perish!

Suddenly, waves of majestic power came from all directions and pressed down where the Cloud Mist Planet had been, thoroughly suppressing that destructive force that felt like Judgment Day.

A faint smile appeared on the Cloud Sea Saints face. When he waved his sleeves, the many Cloud Mist martialists that were struggling for their lives rapidly flew behind him as he flew over the Cloud Mist Planet.

"Xiao Yang Yang, my dear little Junior Brother! I really dont know whether to call you foolish or hot-headed!"

The Cloud Sea Saint pointed to Luo Yunyang as he spoke. "I dont know what sort of methods you used to cause such great damage to my planet."

"Do you really think you can leave, my dear Junior Brother?" By now, the Cloud Sea Saints voice was icy and filled with malice. "I wouldnt have dared to kill you. However, since you have appeared at my doorstep, you cant blame me for doing so."

The Cloud Sea Saint then turned to Yun Rushui and the others and ordered them, "Dont leave a single one of Luo Yunyangs subordinates alive!"

Yun Rushui and the others also stared furiously at Luo Yunyang and his forces. Although Yun Rushui was rather sympathetic towards Luo Yunyang, right now, she was way more enraged.

She was still a member of the Cloud Mist Tribe after all.

Luo Yunyang had basically destroyed the entire Cloud Mist Planet with his attack. The devastating powers that shattered heaven and earth had made Yun Rushui feel terrified.

If the Cloud Sea Saint had not reached out and pulled them out of that destructive force, perhaps they might have already fallen due to that increasingly damaging power.

"Die!" A regional lord with a red crystal between his brows rushed over at the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others frantically.

He was the third strongest Celestial Domain-Grade entity in the Cloud Mist Tribe. The sudden Shattering Heavens had nearly obliterated him, so he still felt a lingering trepidation.

He might not have the ability to deal with Luo Yunyang, but he was very confident about handling Luo Yunyangs subordinates.

After all, he was a Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lord!

However, the instant he reached the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others, two flashes of light, one blood-red and one white, shot out from behind the Bloody Blade Monarch. This Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lord hadnt even reacted when the blood-red and white sword-lights shattered the crystal between his brows.


The Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lord started crumbling immediately. At the same time, a surging sea of blood enveloped his body.

"F*ck you!" The livid Cloud Sea Saint moved his fingers to make a light tap and handle that bloodied sea.

Inside the Cloud Sea Saints own universe, all rules would comply with the Cloud Sea Saints will. Even though that bloodied sea was very strange, it still wouldnt work that well against the Cloud Sea Saints power.

However, as he tried to halt that bloodied ocean, a huge five-colored tree appeared in the void instantly.

The instant this five-colored tree appeared, the Cloud Sea Saint felt the Origin Source Law of the Five Elements within his own self-formed universe converging frantically towards that huge tree.

Immediately, cracks started to appear in that small universe.

"This This is the Five-Element World Tree!" As a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, the Cloud Sea Saint had some understanding of the Five-Element World Tree.

He was aware of the value of the Five-Element World Tree, as well as its offensive and defensive capabilities. More importantly, he knew about its ability to absorb the power of the five elements from the sky and earth.

Even though this was the Celestial World Supremacys own little internal universe, the power of the five elements within it would be extracted by the Five-Element World Tree.

Under the circumstances, it could be said that the Cloud Sea Saints little universe was no longer as effective as it should be.

"You have indeed come prepared. However, you are still a long way off if you are relying on this!" the Cloud Sea Saint bellowed as his palms made a clawing motion in the air. A sword came flying from the depths of the position where the Five-Element World Tree had taken root in this universe.

It was a snow-white sword. By the time the sword-light appeared, the Cloud Sea Saint had already swung his sword downwards in Luo Yunyangs direction.

Although this strike was really fast, the instant it was unleashed, a remarkable might was contained within it. As the sword-light zipped forward, the void and Origin Source Laws in the surroundings were all sliced in half.

This was the attack of a Saint that contained his own extremely powerful will.

As he faced this attack, Luo Yunyang reacted instantly and gathered all the accumulated power of the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron on his twin hammers.

Powers of fire and water gathered as the twin hammers were swung towards that white sword-light.

At the same time, Luo Yunyang gathered all his Mind Power into the Shattering Heavens and blasted this technique at the Cloud Sea Saint.

To top all this, Luo Yunyang also adjusted his Space-Time Eye mystic ability. This time, he used the attribute regulator to adjust the intensity of the Space-Time Eye rather than its duration.

100 purple Mystic Ability Attribute Points were added onto the Space-Time Eye! What his Space-Time Eye wanted to do was lock the Cloud Sea Saint in place for a moment.

The Cloud Sea Saint already had a slightly bad feeling when the long sword in his arm clashed with the twin hammers, as he could sense that the power coursing through Luo Yunyangs twin hammers wasnt inferior to his own in any way.

Furthermore, the power of the laws within seemed to be even more frenzied than his own.

How could that be?

Just as the Cloud Sea Saint was preparing to use other methods, Luo Yunyangs Space-Time Eye ability had already enveloped the Cloud Sea Saints body.

Thanks to the over 100 points added, the Space-Time Eyes ability was currently a massive restriction for the Cloud Sea Saint.

At the moment, he found it difficult for his body to even budge.

Luo Yunyang gathered all the various attributes, as well as the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts Ming Power, into the Shattering Heavens and unleashed it once again.

The Shattering Heavens contained some information that Luo Yunyang had picked up from the blood-colored Divine Sky Source. It was an absolute top mystic ability gained by comprehending the universe getting destroyed.

Although what Luo Yunyang had learned and comprehended right now was only a small portion, this massive destructive ability wasnt something that the Cloud Sea Saint could block.

An apocalyptic power shrouded the Cloud Sea Saints body. The void was breaking. Meanwhile, the Cloud Sea Saints body also started to crumble.

If the Cloud Sea Saint could still move, he would have been able to deal with this power. However, he had been frozen in place by Luo Yunyangs Space-Time Eye for an instant.

His body was disintegrating and his skull was being split. His long sword was also floating in mid-air at the moment.

Although the accumulated power of the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron had been totally consumed, Luo Yunyang could quickly adjust the attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast into his own body.

The power and laws of the Great Chaotic Hole Path were all gathered within Luo Yunyangs twin hammers right now.

A faint flicker of fear flashed across the Cloud Sea Saints eyes as he watched the huge hammers containing a surging black vortex head for him.

Even when his body had started crumbling a moment ago, the Cloud Sea Saint hadnt felt this fear. After all, as long as he could regenerate properly, he could reform his body in an instant.

However, Luo Yunyangs hammers simply didnt give him such a chance!

"Junior Brother, if brothers like us mutually hurt each other, wouldnt Master not let you off"

The Cloud Sea Saint howled loudly. At the moment, his consciousness could already move, so his voice reverberated frantically in this small universe.

Yun Rushui and the others, who were fighting against the Primeval Underworld Monarchs clone, had unsightly expressions on their faces.

They couldnt do anything in time, so they could only watch with wide eyes as Luo Yunyangs twin hammers smashed towards the Cloud Sea Saint heavily.

"I wouldnt let you off, sister!"

Luo Yunyangs eyes were bloodshot as the hammers crashed against the Cloud Sea Saints head.