Supreme Uprising Chapter 573

Chapter 573 Universe Flower Inextinguishable Body

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The twin hammers shattered the Cloud Sea Saint’s head to pieces in the void. However, just as the Cloud Sea Saint was disintegrating, a flower appeared in the depths of the Cloud Sea Saint’s little universe.

The flower appeared fake yet real!

The instant that flower appeared, the various Origin Source Laws in the entire little universe gushed towards it frantically.

It was like the origin of thousands, like the ruler of the land.

“Protect the Cloud Sea Saint!” Yun Rushui shouted as she shot towards that flower. She knew that this Universe Flower only needed a short time to help the Cloud Sea Saint get reborn.

Any powerhouses that entered the Universe Realm considered this Universe Flower a priority.

With this Universe Flower, one could negate death. Even if their body was destroyed, a new body could be derived from this Universe Flower again.

However, although Yun Rushui was fast, Luo Yunyang was even faster. With just a step, he had already arrived before the Universe Flower.

His twin hammers didn’t strike right away. Instead, he urged on the big Five-Element World Tree. Five-colored rays swept out from the Five-Element World Tree. In an instant, the Origin Source Laws all around that had gushed towards that Universe Flower were swept away.

Luo Yunyang’s Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers used this opportunity to bludgeon over hard.

Although the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron’s accumulated power had nearly been used up, Luo Yunyang’s power within his own body was still extremely strong.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the giant hammers smashed down furiously, cracks started to appear on that Universe Flower, which was only about three meters long.

The Universe Flower was the master of this small universe, so it could produce another Cloud Sea Saint after the Cloud Sea Saint’s body was dead.

However, the special characteristics of the Five-Element World Tree had obstructed its process. Thus, even the defensive capabilities of the Universe Flower were currently falling frantically.

“Uncle-Master, even if Master is in the wrong, he is still Grandmaster’s most senior disciple. If you kill him behind Grandmaster’s back, Grandmaster won’t let you off!” Yun Rushui, who was being held at bay by the Primeval Underworld Monarch, shouted loudly.

Yun Rushui no longer had the elegance or poise she’d had in the past. She hoped to use this flower to save the Cloud Sea Saint this once.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang had already made up his mind, so he wasn’t worried about the Celestial World Supremacy. Luo Yunyang simply didn’t say anything as he waved the Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers and struck the Universe Flower, creating a series of spiderweb cracks.


Ultimately, the Universe Flower that the Cloud Sea Saint had spent many years forming was destroyed in the void.

As the Universe Flower crumpled, the small universe that had appeared where Luo Yunyang and the others were crumbled too. However, this was a far cry from the universal destruction that Luo Yunyang had witnessed when he had used the blood-colored Divine Sky Source that time.

Luo Yunyang didn’t care about the crumbling of the Universe Flower. The instant the Cloud Sea Saint’s Universe Flower crumbled, he put his finger forth.

“World-Engulfing Finger!”

If the Cloud Sea Saint wasn’t dead, Luo Yunyang’s use of the World-Engulfing Finger would definitely have made the Cloud Sea Saint escape rapidly. However, the pieces of the fragmented Universe Flower were quickly absorbed by Luo Yunyang into the black hole.

“Master, Master!” Yun Rushui was filled with crazed intent. Right now, she couldn’t care less about the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s dual swords. She just rushed frantically over to her own master.

If Yun Rushui had still had some ounce of composure when her master had been struck by Luo Yunyang’s twin hammers, she had now lost it completely!

Her master was dead and the Cloud Mist Tribe had been destroyed. Everything about this indicated that the Cloud Mist Tribe, which was one of the 18 Primary Tribes, would be headed for a severe decline.

Luo Yunyang frowned as he watched the onrushing Yun Rushui. Amongst the Cloud Mist people he had interacted with, Yun Rushui’s attitude wasn’t considered too bad.

Therefore, he didn’t have any intention of killing Yun Rushui. Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang sensed that Yun Rushui’s crazed attitude was dangerous.

Although Yun Rushui wouldn’t pose a threat to him, the things that an insane peak Celestial Domain-Grade could do couldn’t be underestimated.

With a thought, the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who was behind Yun Rushui, waved his dual White Bone and Blood Sea swords and the surging ocean of blood wrapped itself around Yun Rushui.

After doing this, Luo Yunyang soared out of the small universe that was on the verge of breaking. There was a faint look of delight on his face as he observed the void that had lost the Cloud Mist Planet.

“Let’s go!” At this shout, the Dragon Eagle Spaceship appeared before Luo Yunyang. The Bloody Blade Monarch and the other subordinates all rushed into the Dragon Eagle Spaceship.

The spaceship zipped off quickly and disappeared from this expanse of space in 10 minutes.

“Casualties and injuries?” Luo Yunyang asked the Bloody Blade Monarch, who stood before him.

The Bloody Blade Monarch found everything that had just happened really shocking.

Universe-Grade… Luo Yunyang had just brought them along to forcefully slaughter a Universe-Grade entity. This matter still shocked them to their very core, even though some time had already passed.

How had that been possible?

The Cloud Sea Saint had really died. Furthermore, this World Flower had been forcibly shattered and his soul had been extinguished.

“Reporting, my lord. During this battle, three brothers were seriously hurt. Slightly over 30 men sustained light injuries, but no one died!” the Bloody Blade Monarch reported to Luo Yunyang after taking a deep breath.

Luo Yunyang nodded. Only slightly over 30 subordinates had been hurt. This was quite a good result. After all, the Cloud Mist Planet was the main planet of the Cloud Mist Tribe.

Just as Luo Yunyang and the others left, countless figures gathered over from all directions. These figures belonged to the Cloud Mist Tribe’s members, who were all currently terrified.

The location of the familiar Cloud Mist Planet was now an expanse of blank space. Their important leader, whom they had all known well, couldn’t be contacted.

“Sir Saint can’t be contacted!” someone finally said while shaking. The people of the Cloud Mist Tribe considered the Cloud Sea Saint the soul of the tribe. His sudden disappearance had sent the entire Cloud Mist Tribe into a panic.

“This is not good. Luo Yunyang has invaded the Cloud Mist Planet. Sir… Sir Saint seems to have been…” A miserable-looking Cloud Mist Tribesman rushed over. His body was riddled with injuries and half of his body had already turned to nothing.

“What did you say? How can that be? How could Luo Yunyang invade the Cloud Mist Planet? How could he have moved against Sir Saint?” a Galaxy-Grade powerhouse bellowed.

As that person found it difficult to reply, a voice shouted maniacally, “Sir Saint’s small universe has been broken. I… I left an imprint in the small universe in the hopes that I would be able to rely on Sir Saint’s small universe to travel.”

“However, the imprint has now been shattered. Sir Saint’s small universe is also gone!”

The small universe within a body of a Universe-Grade powerhouse was a far cry from the actual universe. However, it still possessed some characteristics of the universe.

For example, besides the great increase in power, there was also the Universe Flower, that would prevent a Universe-Grade powerhouse from dying.

However, the Cloud Sea Saint’s small universe had now collapsed.

In a day, the news of the Cloud Sea Saint spread throughout the virtual realm. In no time, the virtual realms revolted.

Ever since the status of Samsara Star City’s City Lord had been stripped off of Luo Yunyang, any news about him had decreased. Even when he was mentioned in discussions, he would mostly be the butt of the joke.

For example, the opportunity to receive the best Samsara Tokens shouldn’t have belonged to him. He had been bound to lose the title of the City Lord. No one could change this.

Some people who were sucking up to Blue Lotus Daozi, Supreme Daozi and the others would use Luo Yunyang in comparison to the Daozis, who had been sealed up for many years. They would say that Luo Yunyang was also considered a genius. However, compared to the Daozis, he was little more than a fart.

Although there were all sorts of differing opinions, amongst all these thoughts was a general consensus. When it came to this matter, all Luo Yunyang could do was swallow his anger and endure.

Some people even believed that he wouldn’t be able to obtain one Samsara token. As far as revenge was concerned, that was simply out of the question in their opinion.

Luo Yunyang was very impressive, but what could he do about a matter that was decided by the various Supremacies? Did he want to turn the tables on them?

Before these discussions could die down completely, news of Luo Yunyang killing the Cloud Sea Saint arrived.

Who was the Cloud Sea Saint? He was the disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, Luo Yunyang’s Senior Brother, and the one who had put the final mark on stripping Luo Yunyang off of his City Lord title.

Although the Cloud Sea Saint had contemplated his own personal gains or losses, many people had disapproved of the Cloud Sea Saint’s actions.

After all, setting up one of your own was a despicable act too.

However, the Cloud Sea Saint was still a Saint. While the Celestial World Supremacy was in seclusion, Luo Yunyang, who had been kicked out of Samsara Star City, wouldn’t have any other option, no matter how angry he was.

After all, a Saint was a Universe-Grade big shot.

Unfortunately, the Cloud Sea Saint had actually been killed by Luo Yunyang. This news caused a commotion all over.

“How can that be possible?” This was the first thought many people had when they heard this news.

Meanwhile, some people who had dealt with Luo Yunyang before felt that this was totally Luo Yunyang’s style when they heard.

Although they didn’t know how Luo Yunyang had slain the Cloud Sea Saint, this murder had really happened!

“That’s crazy! The disciples of the Celestial World Supremacy are having a violent strife!”

“Impressive, Luo Yunyang!”

As various discussions sprang out in the virtual realms, even the spotlight of Blue Lotus Daozi and the others was squashed.

However, among all these posts was one made by an anonymous user that made all these discussions die down.

The title of this post was: “A heavy slap to the face of the various Supremacies!”