Supreme Uprising Chapter 574

Chapter 574 Third Visit To The Divine Martial Hall

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When the post about Luo Yunyang killing the Cloud Sea Saint went up, Luo Yunyang’s recognition reached a whole new height.

The Cloud Sea Saint was a peak Universe-Grade powerhouse. He was the sort of individual that could control the fortune of one tribe.

Although the Cloud Mist Tribe was still among the 18 Primary Tribes, with the passing of the Cloud Sea Saint, its fall from the 18 Primary Tribes was more or less set in stone.

Without a Universe-Grade powerhouse like the Cloud Sea Saint, it was nothing more than a fact, no matter how unwilling the Cloud Mist Tribe was to admit it.

For the Cloud Mist Tribe, the Cloud Sea Saint’s death was a major disaster. However, even if the Cloud Sea Saint had died many times over, his death wouldn’t be more important than the dignity of a Supremacy.

Furthermore, this didn’t just touch upon one Supremacy, but over 10.

Every one of these Supremacies could cause chaos in the cosmos if they wanted to.

However, they had all received a vicious slap across their faces. Furthermore, this slap appeared to be righteous and dignified, as though it couldn’t be hidden, no matter how much one tried.

In order to strip Luo Yunyang off his status as the City Lord of Samsara Star City, they had ultimately proposed some benefits to get the Cloud Sea Saint to act against his own Junior Brother and make Luo Yunyang lose his City Lord status.

These Supremacies were high and mighty, so nobody would dare resist their wishes.

However, after all of this was over, Luo Yunyang had killed the Cloud Sea Saint, who had been following their orders.

If anybody else had killed the Cloud Sea Saint, they would have absolutely avenged him at the first possible opportunity. However, the killer was Luo Yunyang, so it wouldn’t be beneficial for them to act.

No matter what, Luo Yunyang was still a disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy.

In order to strip off Luo Yunyang’s title, they had asked the Cloud Sea Saint to get involved. Even though the Celestial World Supremacy was furious, he could only swallow his anger and endure this due to his most Senior Disciple’s participation.

However, if the various Supremacies came out to deal with Luo Yunyang, it would be akin to having a go at the Celestial World Supremacy himself. This was something they couldn’t do.

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Therefore, as this post stirred things up, the Blood Lotus Supremacy, the Shenluo Supremacy, and the others didn’t issue any orders.

However, even though they didn’t say anything, it didn’t mean that they didn’t care about this matter.

As more and more people were talking about Luo Yunyang killing the Cloud Sea Saint, Supreme Daozi of the Divine Union issued a statement.

Supreme Daozi didn’t speak himself. Instead, he got the Brilliant Sun Sage to convey his decree. The contents of his announcement were simple: Luo Yunyang was to die outside Samsara Star City!

This was followed closely by a statement released by Blue Lotus Daozi of the Purgatory. Blue Lotus Daozi only used three words to show his stance towards Luo Yunyang: Death On Sight!

Following Daozi’s words, the other previously-sealed powerhouses also released their statements.

Although the contents of their statements weren’t about hunting down Luo Yunyang, most people could see that they shut down any chance of Luo Yunyang ever returning to Samsara Star City.

If these Daozis were keeping guard, Luo Yunyang would be basically committing suicide by reentering Samsara Star City.

On the Dragon Eagle Spaceship, the Bloody Blade Monarch would help gather information within the virtual realm, collate it and deliver it to Luo Yunyang.

Therefore, Luo Yunyang knew all about what was going on.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the over 500 Galaxy-Grade powerhouses following Luo Yunyang were all slightly anxious.

Their initial delight had turned into some sort of fear. A fear of Supremacies.

The murder of the Cloud Sea Saint had already been something that they had never imagined would happen. Giving the various Supremacies a slap had been simply inconceivable.

Luo Yunyang randomly browsed through these resources and said calmly, “There is no need to pay attention to these. You can find some places to seclude yourselves and cultivate during this time!”

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang’s tone became solemn. “The resources we obtained from the Cloud Mist Tribe should last you guys for 10 years. Meanwhile, I will be going somewhere during this period. When I return from that place, I will contact you all.”

The Bloody Blade Monarch wanted to ask Luo Yunyang what sort of place he would be visiting, but he decided not to say anything in the end.

As the Bloody Blade Monarch led the huge contingent away, Luo Yunyang rode his spaceship back to the Divine Martial Hall once again.

He had come to the Divine Martial Hall twice, both times because of the Celestial World Supremacy. However, this time, Luo Yunyang had come for himself.

Just like before, there were many people using the steps outside the Divine Martial Hall to cultivate. Luo Yunyang practically caught everyone’s attention when he arrived.

When they saw Luo Yunyang, the people that had originally been sitting quietly looked at him.

In the past, they had thought that Luo Yunyang was just an insane person that had crashed his way through stage two of the Divine Martial Hall. However, the current Luo Yunyang was an extremely fearsome existence.

After all, this was an existence that had slain a Saint.

Furthermore, the Saint he had killed had been his own Senior Brother! This had been an unceremonious slap across the faces of the various Supremacies.

Although these Supremacies wouldn’t stoop to causing trouble to Luo Yunyang due to the existence of the Celestial World Supremacy, the sealed generation had said that they would kill Luo Yunyang.

Blue Lotus Daozi, Supreme Daozi, and the others were all entities that would stifle anyone else just by being there.

At the same time, Luo Yunyang, who had slain a Saint, made everyone around feel that they couldn’t afford to offend such a person.

Thus, upon seeing Luo Yunyang, practically everyone watched him with a distant yet respectful gaze.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really care about the reaction of these people. Now that the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast had already broken through to the Galaxy Grade, he had much greater confidence in passing the Divine Martial Hall.

The moment he stepped into the Divine Martial Hall, Luo Yunyang discovered that he was still in stage one of the hall. The opponent he faced this time wasn’t any different from the opponent he had met when he had entered the Divine Martial Hall for the first time.

However, the cultivation base of this opponent had already advanced to the Galaxy Grade.

Luo Yunyang didn’t use any power from his Chaotic Four-Origin Beast. He just relied on his own ability and rushed over towards this opponent.

Five moves later, the opponent crumbled in the void thanks to Luo Yunyang’s World-Engulfing Finger.

Just like before, the opponents in the Divine Martial Hall’s first hall were defeated in succession.

Luo Yunyang dispatched 1,008 opponents, starting with five moves, until he defeated the last guy in one move. This took him five days in total!

As soon as Luo Yunyang had entered the Divine Martial Hall, the martialists cultivating outside the Divine Martial Hall had all placed their attention on him.

They wanted to see exactly how many large halls Luo Yunyang would be able to break through.

Five days later, Luo Yunyang had advanced to the Divine Martial Hall’s second hall. To some of them, this speed seemed a little slow. It seemed like completing the front six halls would be impossible.

However, the person within the Divine Martial Hall was Luo Yunyang!

The second hall took him five days! The third hall also took him five days…

When the sixth hall appeared before Luo Yunyang, he spent five days to break through it. The people gathered outside the Divine Martial Hall felt like they were going insane.

The reason these people were cultivating at the doorstep was because they didn’t dare take on the Divine Martial Hall. However, Luo Yunyang had actually passed through six halls in 30 days!

“Do you all think he will continue?” someone asked curiously.

“He will. I think that not only will he try, but he will definitely complete stage two!” someone said resolutely.

No one refuted his claim, as Luo Yunyang’s current status was no longer the same.

The over 6,000 battles had left Luo Yunyang feeling very disappointed. Although these Galaxy-Grade powerhouses were each stronger than the former, there was still a considerable gulf when they were compared to his body.

Although he had gained quite some comprehension by cultivating, this comprehension didn’t help him progress much now.

As far as the reward for completing stage one was concerned, Luo Yunyang browsed through the items but didn’t pick the one that would increase his power considerably. Ultimately, he chose the Brilliant Golden Vine.

Although the Brilliant Golden Vine wouldn’t boost his strength too much, this plant life had countless permutations. It could be used as a weapon in a fight and also become a suit of body armor.

After making his selection, Luo Yunyang put the Brilliant Golden Vine in his internal realm to cultivate before advancing to the four halls of stage two.

The difficulty of stage two couldn’t be compared to stage one.

Luo Yunyang still chose to face the opponents starting from No.1. This time, he still didn’t use his attribute regulator and finally achieved victory. However, this match lasted five days.

Just one fight!

While facing stage two, Luo Yunyang didn’t choose the 1,008 opponents like he had before. Instead, after some consideration, he started to select the opponents that could threaten or enlighten him.

Due to this sort of selections, Luo Yunyang spent half a year in the seventh hall of the Divine Martial Hall.

The eighth hall also took him half a year!

As Luo Yunyang’s challenge level rose slowly, he could no longer not use the attribute regulator. However, he would only increase his attributes slightly instead of transferring all the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s attributes into his own body.

The ninth hall lasted one year!

The tenth hall lasted two years!

After completing stage two, Luo Yunyang immediately chose an item he had yearned for when he had chosen the Samsara Bodhi Seal last time before continuing to take on stage three of the Divine Martial Hall.

The probability of successfully passing stage three of the Divine Martial Hall was practically zero. Thus, when Luo Yunyang entered the 11th Hall of the Divine Martial Hall, everyone paying attention to the Divine Martial Hall had the same thought: Luo Yunyang had really gone crazy!