Supreme Uprising Chapter 575

Chapter 575 Six Sacred Halls

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A furious shout that shook the heavens resonated from the winged gorilla that was entirely golden as it charged straight at Luo Yunyang!

This opponent was the first one Luo Yunyang had selected after entering the Divine Martial Halls eleventh hall. hey had been battling nonstop for 11 days!

It was the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape!

After Luo Yunyang had entered the Divine Martial Halls 11th floor, he had discovered that the difference between the 11th floor and the 10 floors below was huge.

Unlike the previous 10 floors, where there had been 1,008 opponents to select from, Luo Yunyang could only pick from 13 opponents here!

This Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape had been listed first. Its power was overwhelmingly extensive, and it also possessed powerful and formidable techniques.

Just based on the current blast of its rod, Luo Yunyang could sense the shocking power contained within its boundary.

During the past few years, Luo Yunyang had gained enlightenment into the Sky Books Nine Volumes and accumulated a lot of experience and countless opportunities. He believed that the power of his black hole was already quite good.

However, it was only when Luo Yunyang came into contact with the Phoenix-Winged Golden Apes rod that he realized what boundless might meant.

The strike of the rod bathed in surging golden light in the Phoenix-Winged Golden Apes hands seemed very simple. However, that strike made Luo Yunyang feel like it couldnt be blocked or swept away. That loud shout had swayed his consciousness, so Luo Yunyang felt his aura weaken by 30%.

Even so, he tightened his state of mind and put out a finger, jabbing at the Phoenix-Winged Golden Apes onrushing rod.

Luo Yunyang was pushed back 900 meters while his entire body was nearly thrown to the ground. On the other hand, the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape was pushed back 300 meters. However, it flapped its wings and stopped itself in mid-air.

Thanks to his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang had already raised his own power so that it was ten times the power of the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape.

His Speed, Mind and other aspects also crushed the Phoenix-Winged Golden Apes. Of course, all of this was basically cheating.

However, the cheating Luo Yunyang still had a Galaxy-Grade cultivation base.

Unfortunately, even though Luo Yunyang tried his hardest, the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape still held the upper hand. Actually, Luo Yunyang was being suppressed. He knew all too well the reason for this.

It was the set of rod techniques the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape was using. That perfect technique could allow the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape to unleash ten times its power.

This sort of rod techniques were incomparably perfect. Every time the Phoenix-Winged Golden Apes rod was swung, Luo Yunyang felt as though there was a power that incorporated the sky and earth, while countless laws were gathered at once.

Luo Yunyang stabilized his body once again and mulled over that rod strike in his mind. In a moment, a long silver rod had appeared in his empty hands.

This rod was part of the battle spoils he had gotten some time ago. However, it was now his weapon.

The rod was brandished. Although Luo Yunyang didnt know how great the discrepancy would be against the Phoenix-Winged Golden Apes rod technique, he still charged forward crazily to meet it.

A sweeping rod strike sent Luo Yunyang flying. However, he had already used the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts attributes to raise his own defensive capabilities to the max, so he didnt suffer too much damage.

His eyes were bright. Although getting struck by the rod didnt feel too good, Luo Yunyang had already faintly started to understand some of it.

A year later, Luo Yunyang swung his silver rod heavily. The silver rod clashed against the golden rod that the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape was wielding.

The golden rod shattered and the spread-out phoenix wings were instantly fragmented by Luo Yunyang.

The Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape fell to the ground. Its blood-red eyes were filled with fear. It seemed as though it wanted to say something as it disintegrated within the void.

A Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper!

Although the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape had never mentioned the name of this rod technique, this name had been clearly etched in Luo Yunyangs mind as he had cultivated this technique during his battle with the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape.

Luo Yunyang didnt know how this rod technique had come about. However, it contained the power of boundaries, so there was no need to comprehend it. As long as this rod technique was mastered well, everything would come naturally.

If Luo Yunyang had to compare it to something, he would only compare it to learning how to do sums in school. One would only get proficient after lots of practice.

However, people like him didnt spend much time figuring it out. Instead, they grasped a formula for solving sums, so no matter the type of the question, they would be able to flexibly accommodate it and quickly solve the problem.

Although Luo Yunyang had a deeper understanding of solving sums, in reality, those who used the formula were far greater than him in terms of speed or other aspects related to sums.

A Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper!

Keeping that in mind, Luo Yunyang chose the second challenger. Although he could continue on to the 12th hall, he still decided to challenge every single one of these 13 opponents.

What appeared before Luo Yunyang was something he wasnt unfamiliar with. It was a being from the Mysterious Underworld Race.

The 30-meter-tall Mysterious Underworld being had four arms. However, only one was wielding a silver sword.

The instant it saw Luo Yunyang, the sword in its hands entrapped him rapidly.

Although this sword move wasnt too fast, when it was slashed out, Luo Yunyang felt the void around him become a cage made completely from the convergence of the powers of the sky and earth.

Even more important was the assembly of this cage.

In the past, Luo Yunyang had come up with the Omnipresent Net Technique while still training in the Bloody Massacre Path. The principle between these two seemed similar.

However, Luo Yunyangs move was actually only a tight sealing power, whereas the Mysterious Underworld beings technique was a boundary.

Luo Yunyang concentrated his gaze. Besides defending himself, he also wanted to gently experience this sword technique. The greatest benefit that the attribute regulator gave him was that, by relying on the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, he could possess the defensive capabilities of a Celestial Domain-Grade, which he wasnt supposed to have

Tianluo Beheading!

After five years, Luo Yunyang got out of the 11th hall. His cultivation base hadnt improved greatly during these five years, but it had made him seem a little more awe-inspiring.

During the first half of the sixth year, Luo Yunyang swung his rod. As his rod-light shot out, an illusory rod projection appeared. That rod projection, which was even quicker than Luo Yunyang, smashed heavily onto the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape.

The Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape, which was multiple times stronger than the one in the 11th hall, was shattered immediately. Luo Yunyang, who had experienced 13 types of techniques, entered the 13th hall.

Every hall in the Divine Martial Hall seemed to be the same. However, upon entering the 13th hall, the opponent Luo Yunyang met wasnt the 13 apex powerhouses he had imagined. Instead, he came across a man.

A handsome, overbearing man!

When Luo Yunyang saw that person, he felt as though he was an insignificant ant. He even had an impulse to drop to his knees and kneel.

There was actually a Human Tribe amongst the guardians of the Divine Martial Hall. Furthermore, it was the guardian of the last hall!

"My name is Divine Martial. Take this attack!"

Divine Martial? These two words stunned Luo Yunyang slightly. He was the Divine Martial? If that person was a human like him, would the origin of this hall be similar to the training center and the tiny tower base?

Luo Yunyang was puzzled. When he thought of the circumstances at the little tower base, he vaguely sensed some unknown truths continuously closing in on him as his cultivation level increased.

"I have practiced 13 out of 10 million martial paths. Now 13 will become one. Watch carefully!" As the Divine Martial spoke, he took a step towards Luo Yunyang.

While he took this step, Luo Yunyang saw a huge golden ape brandish its massive rod. He saw the dancing swords of the Mysterious Underworld being, he saw flying knives, he saw a giant standing on top of a formless mass, and he also saw a glowing godly figure

13 projections harmonized with the Divine Martials body. Following this harmony, the Divine Martial struck out with a tremendous punch.

This unequaled punch couldnt be routed!

When the Divine Martial appeared, Luo Yunyang felt the cultivation base of the Divine Martial rising rapidly. However, when this punch was thrown out, Luo Yunyang felt that, even if he added all his attributes, it would still be difficult for him to withstand this punch.

All his past techniques and methods would be like mere illusions before this punch.

As this punch was approaching him, he used the Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper, the Tianluo Beheading, the Thousand Fathoms Spear Breaker, and the Blood Drinking Blade Technique

The 13 types of techniques that he had learned in the 11th and 12th hall appeared clearly in Luo Yunyangs mind. Instinctively, he threw a punch against the Divine Martials punch!

As he used this punch, Luo Yunyang felt the power within his body frantically surging to his moving fists.

The two fists clashed tremendously against each other. The person called the Divine Martial smiled faintly as his fist met Luo Yunyangs.

"You are really good!" This was the last thing the Divine Martial said before his body vanished into the void.

As Luo Yunyang stood in the 13th hall of the Divine Martial Hall, a voice rang out. "Congratulations to the challenger on successfully clearing the Divine Martials 13th hall. You have obtained the title of a Heavenly Martialist. The selection for five of the six sacred halls is now complete."

"Heavenly Martialist, please have patience and wait till the selection for all six sacred halls is complete. You will then vie with others for the Sacred Master."

"Sacred Master? What was that?"

Based on what Luo Yunyang knew, there was only one Divine Martial Hall in this space, where the four great factions reigned. Since when were there six sacred halls?

There were also others just like him, who had successfully completed one of the six sacred halls.

As Luo Yunyang was thinking about all this, that voice rang out again beside him. "Honored Heavenly Martialist, will you stay in the Divine Martial Hall, or will you leave? If you leave, please select your coordinates."

Luo Yunyang, who suddenly felt that something was wrong, said, "I passed the third stage. Where is my reward?"