Supreme Uprising Chapter 576

Chapter 576 The Divine Martial Battle Avatar And The Supreme Assembly

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As he was standing in a silent, empty space, Luo Yunyang held a Battle Avatar about the size of a fist and went through the information concerning the Battle Avatar.

Divine Martial Battle Avatar. Manufactured from the foundations of the Divine Martial Hall and proficient in 13 military strategies. Its strongest power was akin to a half-step Supremacy!

There were a few items that could be chosen at the Divine Martial Halls third stage, but every item was an extraordinary ultimate treasure.

The reason Luo Yunyang had chosen the Battle Avatar, apart from its appearance, was mainly its half-step Supremacy combat prowess.

However, as Luo Yunyang meticulously studied this Battle Avatar, he discovered that the Battle Avatar required something called Origin Divine Crystals in order to display its full might.

Luo Yunyang hadnt heard of these Origin Divine Crystals before, let alone possessed any.

Luckily, this Divine Martial Battle Avatar had one piece of Origin Divine Crystal.

This piece of Origin Divine Crystal could allow the Divine Martial Battle Avatar to unleash its strongest power for 15 minutes.

If its power was set to the Universe Grade, it could battle continuously for 10 days!

10 days and 15 minutes! The gulf between a Supremacy and a Universe-Grade was imaginable.

Because of this reason, Luo Yunyangs reverence for the Supremacy reached a new height.

The Empty Sky Star Domain was the location Luo Yunyang was currently at. Luo Yunyang had never come to this place before, but this was the nearest place to Samsara Star City, where the Divine Martial Hall could send him.

Originally, Luo Yunyang had entered the Divine Martial Hall to obtain an item that would increase his own power considerably. However, he had never imagined that he would come out this time after entering the Divine Martial Hall.

After calculating the time, Luo Yunyang estimated that at least 10 years had passed. The fight for the Samsara Tokens was about to start.

Luo Yunyang turned on his communication device immediately. Hed simply had no way of using his communication device when he had been inside the Divine Martial Hall.

The moment his communication device was turned on, Luo Yunyang received many messages from his family, the Bloody Blade Monarch and other subordinates, the Bloody Massacre Path, as well as other friends.

However, there was one message that was somewhat unexpected.

The Empty Fire Saint had messaged him!

His second Senior Brother, who had never had a good relationship with Eldest Senior Brother Cloud Sea Saint had actually left him a message.

The message had actually been sent three days after Luo Yunyang had entered the Divine Martial Hall.

Luo Yunyang opened the message and discovered in astonishment that there wasnt a single word inside.

It was a message without content. However, Luo Yunyang more or less understood the Empty Fire Saints intent. His second Senior Brother didnt approve of the fact that he had killed the Cloud Sea Saint. However, it didnt seem like he had any intention of sticking up for the Cloud Sea Saint.

After all, the Second Senior Brother wasnt unfamiliar with the grievances between Luo Yunyang and the Cloud Sea Saint. Thus, he could only choose not to participate.

Luo Yunyang mulled this over for a bit and forcibly cut off any thoughts he had of giving the Second Senior Brother a reply.

Luo Yunyang didnt regret killing the Cloud Sea Saint, so naturally, there wasnt anything to talk about.

The messages from his family were mostly left by his younger sister and Yunxi, who mainly wanted to ask how he was doing now. Evidently, Yunxi and his sister didnt know that he had entered the Divine Martial Hall, as their level wasnt high enough for them to be aware of this.

As Luo Yunyang browsed through the messages left by those two, his heart felt warm.

Besides a message sent two days after Luo Yunyang had entered the Divine Martial Hall to ask how he was doing, the Bloody Massacre Path Masters other messages had been sent recently.

"Yunyang, the Samsara Tokens are about to come into being. Given your cultivation base, even if you cant obtain the ultimate Samsara Token, you should be able to obtain a first-grade Samsara Token. Hurry over to Samsara Star City."

"Yunyang, whats going on? The first Samsara Token has already appeared. Where are you?"

"Yunyang, five high-grade Samsara Tokens have already been snatched. What are you still waiting for? Ive told you that there arent many high-grade Samsara Tokens."

"Yunyang, are you really still in the Divine Martial Hall? There hasnt been any news from you during the past few years. I dont believe that you have fallen in the Divine Martial Hall!"

The Bloody Massacre Path Masters last message had been sent three days ago. Luo Yunyang was stunned when he saw these messages.

He immediately realized that he was late!

The fact that Samsara Tokens were being snatched by others made Luo Yunyang a little anxious. He quickly activated and entered the virtual realms Sky Vision and saw that most of the top news concerned the Samsara Tokens.

"Blue Lotus Daozi has taken the lead and obtained 15 high-grade Samsara Tokens!"

"Supreme Daozi has obtained 10 high-grade Samsara Tokens, 73 mid-grade Samsara Tokens, and 150 low-grade Samsara Tokens. The Divine Union has reaped a bumper harvest."

"The Bug Races Grand Queen Mother has obtained two top-notch Samsara Tokens!"

Luo Yunyang saw all sorts of news and information. However, the last one was the most eye-catching.

The only Ultimate Samsara Token had already flown from the Samsara Wheels core and entered the Deep Sky Star Domain. Powerhouses from all four factions were gathering in the Deep Sky Star Domain to fight for the opportunity to be the strongest.

The last piece of news had been released 10 days ago!

Luo Yunyang didnt know whether it had fallen into anyones hands during these 10 days, yet he felt that he still had a chance right now.

10 cycles of reincarnation Luo Yunyang knew that he absolutely couldnt let this chance slip by.

He immediately started to search the distance between him and the Deep Sky Star Domain. He realized that his current location wasnt too far away from the Deep Sky Star Domain.

By using space jump points, he could enter the Deep Sky Star Domain in just a day.

With a thought, the Dragon Eagle Spaceship appeared by Luo Yunyangs side. He used Badebu to control the ship and sped towards the Deep Sky Star as fast as possible.

After this was all done, Luo Yunyang continued to go through the messages on his communication device. Many of the messages were from the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others.

"My lord, have you come out of the Divine Martial Hall yet?"

"My lord, after a discussion with my fellow brothers, we have decided to go ahead and fight for the Samsara Token. If you read this, contact us as soon as possible."

"My lord, our luck isnt too bad. We have already obtained a low-grade Samsara Token."

At first, there were still quite a lot of messages from the Bloody Blade Monarch. However, towards the end, the number of these messages started to dwindle.

As he browsed through the information on his communication device, Luo Yunyang discovered that the strongest powerhouses from the four factions fighting for the Samsara Token were only peak Celestial Domain-Grades. The Universe-Grade powerhouses had never appeared.

A few reputable peak Celestial Domain-Grade entities on the Supreme Wind Cloud List had actually been killed by Blue Lotus Daozi and martialists who were actually a boundary grade inferior.

As these few reputable figures on the Supreme Wind Cloud List were slain, the reputation of Blue Lotus Daozi and the others became even more resounding.

Just as Luo Yunyang was digesting this information, a message was suddenly transmitted. This message hadnt be transmitted through Luo Yunyangs communication device but directly through the spaceship.

"Master, a spacecraft 10,000 miles ahead wishes to communicate with us!" Badebu announced.

10,000 miles ahead? This distance didnt seem far. It would only take a few moments for Luo Yunyangs Dragon Eagle Spaceship to cover that distance.

Although he didnt know who it was, Luo Yunyang pondered this for a moment before saying, "Put them through!"

"Greetings, sir. We are disciples of the Heaven Sound Pavilion. We have orders to participate in the Supreme Assembly at the Deep Sky Star and give a performance before the Daozis."

Displayed on the screen was a beautiful lady. Her appearance didnt seem much different from a humans, but her misty, spiritual vibe made Luo Yunyang think of a certain tribe.

She was a member of the Soaring Deity Tribe!

The Soaring Deity Tribe wasnt among the 18 Primary Tribes, so its combat strength wasnt that powerful. However, what the Soaring Deity Tribe had in abundance was gorgeous men and beautiful ladies. The Heaven Sound Pavilion was a holy ground of the Soaring Deity Tribe that held a special position in the entire Divine Union.

Even the proud and haughty Demigod Tribe would find it glorious to wed a disciple from the Soaring Deity Tribes Heaven Sound Pavilion.

The reason Luo Yunyang had heard of the Soaring Deity Tribe was because, while chatting idly with a few comrades many years back, someone had said in a dreamy way that if he could marry a Soaring Deity lady in his lifetime, he would lead a very good life.

However, Luo Yunyang had no intention of marrying a Soaring Deity Tribe wife and he had no conflicts of interest with them, so he naturally hadnt had many dealings with them.

"Whats the matter?" Luo Yunyang was a little impatient.

"Kind sir, our spacecraft has encountered a small problem that makes it difficult to proceed with space jumps. May I ask whether you might be able to give us a lift?" The lady seemed a little displeased by Luo Yunyangs manner. However, she ultimately reined in her temper and spoke softly.

There was a small problem with the spaceship? Luo Yunyang frowned. He mulled this over for a bit before finally saying, "Alright. You can all come over."

According to an unwritten space rule, if a spaceship encountered problems in space, other crafts passing by had an obligation to render aid.

However, thanks to the continuous advancements of spacecraft technology, the probability of any problems occurring was very low.

Still, anything could happen while traversing through space. For example, one could meet an unknown creature or encounter a mysterious realm, which could result in some problems.

Luo Yunyang, who had gotten Badebu to investigate the other spaceship, discovered that the other spaceship had indeed run into some problems.

Everything else aside, the spacecrafts dragon bone hull had a huge gash in it.

As Luo Yunyang lowered the defenses of the front cabin, a group of attractive Soaring Deity Tribespeople with an escort of over 1,000 guards quickly entered his Dragon Eagle Spaceship.

Luo Yunyang, who wasnt very interested in this group of people, instructed Badebu to deal with them while he continued to browse through the news on the Sky Vision.

The Ultimate Samsara Token would land in the hands of the victor at the Supreme Assembly, as decided by the various Daozis!

A golden news statement was immediately sent to Luo Yunyangs communication device!