Supreme Uprising Chapter 577

Chapter 577 Among The Vast Stars Who Will Reign Supreme

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Within two tall mountain peaks that reached through the skies, a massive black-and-white vortex revolved wildly. In the middle of this vortex, two nine-colored lights resembling little fish swam around continuously.

When gathered together, these two little fish were the Ultimate Samsara Seal. The black-and-white vortex seemed to contain a vast power, so anything that tried to forcefully charge through the vortex would disintegrate.

Beneath these two mountain peaks were four palaces floating in the void in four different directions. Demigod Tribe warriors clad in armor were standing tall while hellish demons shrouded in infernal flames moved mechanically

Like earlier, a large-scale fantasy war was displayed on the top page of the virtual realms Sky Vision. This image was accompanied by just eight words.

Among The Vast Stars, Who Will Reign Supreme!

When he saw this image, Luo Yunyang understood why nobody had seized the Ultimate Samsara Token yet. It wasnt because they didnt want to, but because they didnt dare to.

This Ultimate Samsara Token harnessed the mysterious yin yang powers of this entire expanse of space. In conjunction with the Samsara glow of the two little fish, it had already created an excessively harmful and destructive Samsara vortex.

Even a Universe-Grade would get hurt if they were unlucky.

More importantly, acting at this time could even result in the Ultimate Samsara Token being lost. In Luo Yunyangs opinion, the Supreme Assembly that Supreme Daozi had convened was nothing more than a sideshow due to this idle period.

After turning off the Sky Vision on his communication device, Luo Yunyang frowned slightly. It had already been two days, yet there had been no reply from the people he had tried to contact.

The Bloody Blade Monarch and the other powerhouses would enter seclusion training for long periods of time and wouldnt turn on their communication devices. However, his younger sister Luo Donger hadnt turned on hers either.

Could something have happened?

However, when Luo Yunyang filtered the Sky Vision and looked for any news on the Milky Ways Human Tribe, he didnt find anything out of the ordinary.

Just as he started to consider whether he should continue contacting a few others, Badebu said, "Master, the Soaring Deity Tribe leader wishes to see you!"

Luo Yunyang frowned. He had already instructed Badebu not to bother him unless there was an emergency.

This bunch of people, who had temporarily entered his spacecraft, were the sort of people that Luo Yunyang wasnt supposed to care about.

"Didnt I already tell you not to disturb me?" Luo Yunyang said indifferently.

Badebu was artificial intelligence. When he wanted to take shape, he would take the form of a little fiend. If he didnt want to take a form, he would be in the entire Dragon Eagle Spaceship.

"Uh Uh, great master, that is the third-in-rank beauty in the entire Cosmo Chart. Will you really not see her? That would be a great pity!" Badebu lamented.

Luo Yunyangs brows furrowed tighter. What was wrong with Badebu? He was just an artificial form of intelligence. Since when did he care about aesthetics?

The third-in-rank beauty on the Cosmo Chart? Since when was there such a chart? Luo Yunyang knew that there were many different tribes and races in the vast universe, so beauty standards werent set in stone.

Therefore, there shouldnt be any sort of beauty ranking.

How had such a strange ranking come about?

"Boss, its true. The Soaring Deity Tribes Green Sky Fairy is the third-in-rank on the Cosmo Chart!" Badebu got so excited that he even called Luo Yunyang his boss.

Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively. "Alright, I got it. Go back and say that I have no time. Then, make them get off once we arrive at the Deep Sky Star."

Although Badebu still wanted to egg on Luo Yunyang, the aura emanated from Luo Yunyangs body terrified him, so he ultimately chose to shut his mouth.

What was this third-in-rank beauty in the Cosmo Chart? Soon, various information concerning this matter appeared on his communication device.

This ranking list had come about following the emergence of the Supreme Wind Cloud List, because of something Supreme Daozi had said.

He had praised the Bug Races Grand Queen Mother as the number one beauty in the cosmos, so some busybodies had soon started choosing the top 30 beauties in the cosmos.

Although the appearance of various tribes and races was different, a large majority of tribes had a similar appearance to the Human Tribe, or perhaps the Demigod Tribe.

Furthermore, the Purgatory royals, the Bug Race Queen Mothers, and the Machine Empires top powerhouses used the Demigod Tribe as a blueprint, so many eccentric-looking tribes would start to change their appearance based on how the Demigod Tribe or the Human Tribe looked like.

Of course, despite this transformation, many tribes would maintain their own special features.

At the top was the Grand Queen Mother, the Bug Races absolute top-tier powerhouse, who had the cultivation base of a peak Galaxy-Grade and could control 3,000 Golden Battle Armor Bugs.

Luo Yunyang scanned through the information quickly until he no longer saw it.

While he was amazed by some of the variations of certain tribes, in another cabin of the Dragon Eagle Spaceship, someone was lashing out. "This is really too much!"

"The Green Sky Fairy is treating him with respect and honoring him by being willing to meet him. How dare he actually decline! Hes a total blockhead" said a handsome young man with a pair of short gold horns on top of his head.

The men and women standing beside this young man were all livid as they voiced their thoughts in succession. "How about we teach this person a lesson? Lets make him gain some knowledge and experience!"

"Enough! Our spaceship encountered a Black Sky Behemoth and got struck. He is already being kind to us by giving us a ride," said the slender, veiled Green Sky Fairy coolly. "We should be grateful. If any of you are impolite to the owner again or cause any trouble, there wont be any need for you to follow me anymore."

The moment the Green Sky Fairy said this, the hooting members of the group quieted down.

The spaceship continued advancing until it reached the nice space jump point very quickly. Once this jump point was accessed, Luo Yunyang and the others would enter the Deep Sky Star.

Beep, beep, beep!

"Warning! Enemy detected ahead, enemy detected ahead!"

A warning sound rang out in the spaceship. Luo Yunyang quickly turned on the scanned readings and discovered hundreds of huge black beasts several thousands of miles ahead.

These huge beasts were very fast. Based on the way they were shooting over, Luo Yunyang guessed that they had already discovered his spaceship.

Thanks to the scanning apparatus, Luo Yunyang learned that every single one of these huge beasts possessed the power of a peak Galaxy-Grade. The massive black beast charging at the front, which was the size of a small planet, had a Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base.

"Black Sky Behemoths!" In the Dragon Eagle Spaceships cabins, the Soaring Deity Tribe members had also seen the mass of Black Sky Behemoths.

They had encountered a Black Sky Behemoth and were aware of the power of these beasts. Therefore, they all looked afraid when they saw this bunch of Black Sky Behemoths.

"There are so many Black Sky Behemoths This is really bad!"

"This spaceship isnt like ours. Our spaceship would at least be able to ward off some blows."

"Miss Fairy, if things dont look good, lets withdraw quickly. Then"

All sorts of suggestions and comments left the Green Sky Fairy slightly hazy. Although she was the calmest member of her tribe, the Soaring Deity Tribe wasnt adept in battle. They simply had no way of putting up a resistance against this Celestial Domain-Grade Black Sky Behemoth.

As they were discussing this, the Dragon Eagle Spaceship suddenly accelerated. When they felt their bodies shake, they realized that they had reached the space jump point.

They had already passed the Black Sky Behemoths obstruction and arrived at the space jump point linked to the Deep Sky Star. How How could this be? Everything had happened too fast.

"This is definitely a top-tier spacecraft. Even an Emperor Lord existence wouldnt have such a spaceship," said a studious-looking Soaring Deity Tribesman.

He knew a lot about all kinds of spaceships and was aware that the speed they had just experienced was practically jumping-through-the-void speed. Only the best types of spaceships could achieve that.

This spaceship, which had been given to Luo Yunyang as compensation by the Sky Roar Tribes Saint, was something ordinary spaceships couldnt compete against.

Anyone who possessed such a spaceship was definitely no ordinary person.

The bunch of young guys who had been hooting and calling Luo Yunyang rude and talking about teaching him a lesson now tactfully shut their mouths.

The spaceship passed through the jump point and arrived at the Deep Sky Star. By using the spaceships scanners, Luo Yunyang saw the gradually forming Ultimate Samsara Token.

"Halt! Spaceship ahead! We are the Demigod Tribes Supreme Daozis subordinates. Please identify yourself." A voice was transmitted through the Dragon Eagle Spaceships system.

Along with this voice, 10 Demigod Tribe Class-A warships appeared.

Luo Yunyang was about to speak, when someone spoke from the guest cabin. "Everyone, we are from the Soaring Deity Tribe. Our instructions are to accompany our tribes Green Sky Fairy to participate in the Supreme Assembly."

The lofty, arrogant voice became gentler immediately upon hearing that these were Soaring Deity Tribespeople who were escorting the Green Sky Fairy. "The Green Sky Fairy has arrived. Please forgive my earlier presumptuousness and follow our ships. We will escort Miss Fairy and take her to meet Supreme Daozi."

The Green Sky Fairy hadnt even said anything when one of her tribesmen answered quickly, "Thank you, kind sir."

As 10 warships started to form an escort guard, the Soaring Deity Tribespeople all stood a little prouder.

In their hearts, they felt a little displeased with their unfriendly host Luo Yunyang. Although that space jump had made them lower their heads slightly, the appearance of this fleet of Demigod Tribe escorts had restored their dignity.

Now, they felt like they could stand tall again.

Suddenly, a sound was heard and a passage appeared before them. As they watched the door open, many of them were a little stunned.

What exactly was going on?

As they felt puzzled, a mechanical voice was heard. "Please leave!"

The young man with the two horns exclaimed furiously, "What did you say? What did you just say? Say it again!"

"You, scram at once! Leave immediately!" The mechanical voice turned into the chiding voice of a little fiend!