Supreme Uprising Chapter 578

Chapter 578 A Rod Sweeping All The Heavens

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Little fiend Badebu, who was the controller of the entire spaceship, was rather excited about being given control of the Dragon Eagle Spaceship by Luo Yunyang.

In Badebu’s eyes, Luo Yunyang was like a godly figure. Now, this godly figure was actually being mocked by a few insignificant individuals before his eyes.

Damn it, you guys are already lucky that you were able to ride on this ship. Instead of being grateful, you people are actually being rude. I wonder if you have mush for brains.

When Luo Yunyang had asked these people to leave through the ship’s comms, the little fiend hadn’t spoken.

However, these b*stards were really asking for it now!

The word ‘scram’ might have been a little blunt, but it had stirred up the little fiend.

The face of that man twitched because of the humiliation they had suffered in front of the third-in-rank beauty on the Cosmo Chart.

He knew clearly that he might not be able to afford offending the owner of this spaceship. Otherwise, why would this subordinate have been so unbridled?

He had originally wanted to swallow his anger, but he really could not endure this.

If he was this much of a good-for-nothing, then he feared that he would be nothing more than a laughing stock for the rest of his life.

“What did you say? You are asking us to scram? Do you know that the Green Sky Fairy is the honored guest of Supreme Daozi? You are extremely daring indeed!” That young man, who wasn’t pleased, immediately used Supreme Daozi’s name.

The Soaring Deity Tribe people were also livid. They weren’t furious about the way they were being treated, but rather because the Green Sky Fairy had actually been asked by someone to scram.

Ever since the Green Sky Fairy had become the third-in-rank beauty on the Cosmo Chart, even a few high and mighty big shots would be courteous and warm to them.

This had made them arrogant and given them a sense of superiority.

Luo Yunyang’s unwillingness to meet her, his decision to make them leave and Badebu’s command that they scram had thoroughly displeased them.

Therefore, quite a few of the Soaring Deity Tribespeople agreed with the horned young man. “He really lacks manners!”

“He should say this straight to Supreme Daozi if he has the guts.”

“Say it to Supreme Daozi? I’m afraid he wouldn’t even dare say so to the Demigod martialists that are escorting us.”

Badebu’s form appeared on a screen. He glared icily at these people before saying frostily, “I don’t care what sort of thing Supreme Daozi is. Get lost this instant!”

The Green Sky Fairy started to furrow her brows. Although she didn’t like Badebu’s attitude, she also felt that her own comrades were in the wrong.

After all, this spaceship belonged to someone else.

However, Badebu’s words had made her frown, as they had touched upon Supreme Daozi.

In the Divine Union, Supreme Daozi was a god-like entity. Many top-ranking people believed that Supreme Daozi would definitely become a Supremacy in the future and be a leading big shot within the Divine Union.

This artificial intelligence had quite some nerve! How dare he belittle such a person!

“All of you shut up!” the Green Sky Fairy said. “Thank you for offering us shelter, sir. We will leave now. However, your artificial intelligence needs to be better-disciplined so he does not spout nonsense. After all, his manners could provoke some strong enemies.”

As she said that, the Green Sky Fairy strode outside leisurely. The Soaring Deity Tribespeople were all very unhappy as they followed the Green Sky Fairy’s lead.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t made a sound all this while. He simply didn’t care about the Soaring Deity Tribespeople.

It was now time to claim what should have been his.

When the Green Sky Fairy exited the Dragon Eagle Spaceship, the Demigod Tribe guards quickly rushed over. A Demigod officer who was over 20 meters tall spoke. “Miss Fairy, what are your instructions?”

Although the Green Sky Fairy’s cultivation base was similar to his own, he still didn’t dare ignore her, as she was Supreme Daozi’s guest.

“Our spaceship encountered some problems. We rode on this man’s spaceship, but now that we are heading in different directions, we can only use your battleship. Will that be okay?” the Green Sky Fairy said amiably.

“Of course, of course!” Although the officer was all smiles, he glared icily at the Dragon Eagle Spaceship.

This spaceship had dropped off the Green Sky Fairy and the others. It seemed like there was definitely a reason he wasn’t aware of.

After all, the place where the Green Sky Fairy and her entourage were supposed to meet the Daozis wasn’t very far. It would only take one a few minutes to get there by spaceship.

Perhaps there were some shenanigans involved if this ship wasn’t even willing to take the Green Sky Fairy such a short distance away.

As that officer wondered whether to speak up for the Green Sky Fairy and her party, he heard someone say, “What a barbarian! To think that he actually mocked Supreme Daozi! How repulsive!”

Upon hearing these words, the expression of the Green Sky Fairy changed greatly. Although she was a little dissatisfied with Luo Yunyang, who had just dropped her off, she still didn’t want to cause him any trouble, as they had already gotten a ride because of his kind intentions.

“Young Master Jin Ming, do not utter rubbish!” the Green Sky Fairy said sternly. She was furious deep down. A boneheaded supporter could do more harm than even the most formidable opponent. Stirring up this sort of trouble would only create difficulties for them!

She knew that, given Supreme Daozi’s status within the Demigod Tribe, Young Master Jin Ming’s words would cause trouble for that spacecraft’s owner.

However, her rebuke wasn’t the slightest bit useful. That Demigod officer had an initial Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base.

If he had been in a small tribe, this officer could have been conferred the title of an Emperor Lord and been tasked to oversee a great deal of things.

He stretched out his arm, caught horned young master Jin Ming, and said with a freezing glint in his eyes, “What did you say? Who dared to be rude to the Daozi?”

Jin Ming felt some regret when he was caught. He realized that he had been a little too impulsive and had thus gotten himself into trouble.

“It wasn’t me. It was the person inside the spaceship. They called Supreme Daozi a thing. I… I swear!”

The officer chucked Jin Ming aside and glared at the Dragon Eagle Spaceship, which was still amid all these escort ships.

“Come out and let’s talk!”

These words were uttered with an overbearing menace by the officer. When he said this, the 10 Class-A warships trained their sights on the Dragon Eagle Spaceship.

Luo Yunyang, who had been watching silently as all this unfolded, asked calmly, “Is anything the matter?”

“This fellow just said that you insulted our Daozi. I wish to confirm whether it happened.” Although the officer was livid, he still took a deep breath and spoke calmly.

“Oh, Supreme Daozi is indeed not a thing,” Luo Yunyang said earnestly. “Based on what you say, he is actually a thing? Then you might as well tell me what sort of thing he is exactly.”

Luo Yunyang was displeased with Supreme Daozi and Blue Lotus Daozi.

If it had not been for this bunch of fellows, he would not have had to compete for the Ultimate Samsara Token. That thing had been his to begin with!

Thus, Luo Yunyang ridiculed the Daozis before the Demigod officer.

Young Master Jin Ming’s tightly constricted heart only relaxed now. After all, the person in the spaceship hadn’t denied saying those words. Otherwise, he would have been in trouble.

The person in the spaceship was really courting death by saying such things before the Demigod soldiers. This was really…

“Well, well, well… Since you dare publicly insult our Daozi before the Demigod Tribe, we will let you have a taste of hell!” the officer bellowed. Meanwhile, the 10 warships that had been originally escorting Luo Yunyang’s ship prepared to attack almost immediately.

However, before they could do anything, 10 golden beams of rod-light had already flown out of the Dragon Eagle Spaceship and struck the 10 warships almost simultaneously.

The defensive systems of high-grade Demigod warships weren’t something ordinary spaceships could compare to. As the golden rod-lights descended upon them, light screens rose up from those warships.

“As expected of Class-A battleships, the light shields of these battleships can definitely block a strike from a Celestial Domain-Grade Emperor Lord,” Young Master Jin Ming said in a flattering fashion.

The person he was boot-licking was that Demigod Tribe powerhouse. Unfortunately, the Demigod officer simply wasn’t interested.

On the contrary, there was a slight hint of fear in the officer’s eyes. As that fear intensified, the warships shielded by the light screens were shattered into pieces without a sound.

How could that be?

The 10 golden beams had already been blocked by the light shields. How had the warships under the light shields been shattered without any reason?

10 golden beams had damaged the 10 battleships. Furthermore, these were 10 battleships that had activated all their defenses.

“Enemy attack, enemy attack!” the Demigod officer shouted loudly at once as he pressed a button on his communication device.

Young Master Jin Ming was staring blankly. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that the person on that spaceship would actually be that powerful.

As his throat started getting parched, he felt his heart shudder. Then, he discovered that his entire body was actually crumbling within the void.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” Many Soaring Deity Tribespeople shrieked. The death of a comrade had alarmed them. Even the Green Sky Fairy currently appeared terrified.

They had all already realized that the person they had offended was an entity that they couldn’t afford to provoke.

“Who dares cause trouble at the Deep Sky Star?” A majestic voice rang out as a tall, huge figure built like a mountain stepped into the void.

Although he appeared slightly clumsy, this person had already traversed thousands of miles with this one step. At the moment, he had appeared a short distance away from Luo Yunyang and the others.

The moment this person arrived, over 1,000 warships sped over from all directions. Above these battleships were over 100 Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses that covered this expanse of space like an inescapable net.

The Demigod Tribe officer heaved a sigh of relief. He believed that he would be able to preserve his life now.

“It’s him! The person inside didn’t just insult the Daozi. He also destroyed 10 of our Class-A battleships. We mustn’t let him get away!”

“That’s too much noise!” As an emotionless voice rang out, a figure rushed out of the Dragon Eagle Spaceship.