Supreme Uprising Chapter 579

Chapter 579 The King Has Returned

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Inside an extremely lavish palace, countless Divine Union outstanding figures were gathered in a hall. Some were talking loudly, while others were lost in quiet thought. However, there were many more people who were looking at Supreme Daozi, who sat on the highest throne.

The Supreme Assembly was about to start, yet Supreme Daozi, who was considered a leading character within the Divine Union, had an indifferent expression on his face.

This large assembly didn’t seem to be related to him much.

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden didn’t take a seat. The two of them were standing quietly in the corner.

“Daozi seems like he isn’t happy.” The Soliciting Moon Maiden, who was adept at reading people, felt slightly worried.

Although the Brilliant Sun Sage was a little displeased, he still didn’t dare say what he thought deep down, as this concerned Supreme Daozi.

“Daozi has been pressed by Blue Lotus. If it was not for certain people…” The Brilliant Sun Sage swallowed the words that he had been about to say.

Although the Brilliant Sun Sage was hesitant with his words, the Soliciting Moon Maiden understood his thoughts completely. At the same time, she was a little annoyed by the Brilliant Sun Sage’s cautiousness.

In the Soliciting Moon Maiden’s opinion, although Daozi was high and mighty, in reality, Supreme Daozi would also have some aspects that he was less than pleased with. Although he believed himself to be no weaker than Blue Lotus Daozi, three out of the four great factions had ranked him behind Blue Lotus Daozi.

More importantly, the Supreme Wind Cloud List had also placed Blue Lotus Daozi above Supreme Daozi, in the number one spot.

Although Supreme Daozi didn’t say so, he still attached great importance to the Supreme Wind Cloud List, despite the fact that he acted like it wasn’t a big deal.

Furthermore, deep down, this was no small matter.

He was the Demigod Tribe’s strongest genius in many years, so every step of his cultivation had practically followed the strongest methods.

He was unparalleled among his peers and unrivaled within his generation!

This sort of thing came naturally to Supreme Daozi. Furthermore, the more time a person spent at the pinnacle, the more difficult it would feel when somebody surpassed them.

Therefore, Supreme Daozi had tacitly accepted this Supreme Assembly, which would provoke Blue Lotus Daozi and the others.

Just as the Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden were lamenting, sounds of disorder came from outside.

The Brilliant Sun Sage’s eyes flashed coldly when he heard this.

The entire Deep Sky Star now had a total of four controlling powers. If there were any problems on the Divine Union’s side, especially during the Supreme Assembly, then it would be akin to smearing mud all over Supreme Daozi’s face.

Perhaps, in the past, the Brilliant Sun Sage might have had a small intention of challenging Supreme Daozi. However, he now wanted to get on his good side instead.

“What’s going on?” the Brilliant Sun Sage shouted.

“Reporting, Sun Sage. Someone is causing trouble!” a powerhouse who appeared to be a Celestial Domai-Grade said with a forehead full of perspiration.

He was not sweating because of an attacker, but because he was afraid of Supreme Daozi’s wrath. The Brilliant Sun Sage glanced at that familiar Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouse and berated him. “You… You know what time it is, right?”

“Sun Sage, this subordinate is to blame. Please forgive me, sir.”

The Celestial Domain-Grade’s tone became imploring. “I have already dispatched the Splendid Sun Squadron. This matter will definitely…”

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Just as that Celestial Domain-Grade gave his report, loud booms echoed throughout the void. The Brilliant Sun Sage and the others all took to the skies and looked in the direction the sounds were coming from.

They immediately saw battleships crumbling in the void. Meanwhile, countless Demigod soldiers were escaping frantically.

They were fleeing frantically indeed.

The Demigod Tribesmen on Supreme Daozi’s side were all considered elites among elites in the Demigod Tribe.

Any Demigod Tribesman randomly picked out would at the very least have a cultivation base of a Nebula-Grade.

However, all these Nebula-Grade powerhouses were actually acting like horses being driven away and fleeing in panic.

The Supreme Assembly was a battle meant to allow Supreme Daozi to gain some dignity. However, the Supreme Assembly hadn’t yet started and the Demigod troops had already started to crumble.

They weren’t routed indeed. The current circumstances could only be described as devastating. The Brilliant Sun Sage’s expression turned ugly as he watched the soldiers without any will to fight.

He knew that Supreme Daozi could also see the same spectacle he was witnessing.

“Hurry, come with me!” the Brilliant Sun Sage said as he flew forward. The wings on his back were shining with a vast golden splendor.

He and about 20 Celestial Domain-Grades had already rushed forward. He believed that they would absolutely be able to suppress this chaos.

“What’s going on?” the Brilliant Sun Sage said in an imposing manner as he grabbed hold of a fleeing soldier.

That fleeing soldier was slightly pissed when he was caught. However, when he recognized the Brilliant Sun Sage, his eyes filled with fear instead.

As a Demigod elite, he understood the consequences of being caught deserting an army clearly. However, after some slight hesitation, he exclaimed loudly, “Sir Sage, there is… a monster. We simply can’t stop it. Three Divine Generals have already been killed by him!”

The Demigod Tribe’s Divine Generals all possessed Celestial Domain 4-Grade cultivation bases, so they could be considered strong powers within the Demigod Tribe.

Three Divine Generals had died? No wonder these soldiers were in such disarray. Although the Brilliant Sun Sage’s cultivation base was still far from a Celestial Domain-Grade’s, when it came to combat prowess, he actually surpassed most ordinary Celestial Domain-Grades.

“Come on, let’s go see exactly who is causing trouble here!” the Brilliant Sun Sage said with a cold glint in his eyes. “No matter who it is, we must make him…”

The Brilliant Sun Sage had just spoken when he saw a layer of black light turn into a rolling black cloud and blanket the sky and earth!

Due to the suppression of this black cloud, practically all the Divine Union subordinates were fleeing for their lives. However, above the black cloud was a figure!

This figure, which was wielding a long silver rod in one hand, was surrounded by a black glow. When he saw this figure, a thought popped up in the Brilliant Sun Sage’s head.

How familiar… This person was really rather familiar.

Just as the Brilliant Sun Sage was pondering who this could be, a golden line shone over. As it was illuminated by the light of the black and golden glows, that figure looked like a godly entity that struck fear in anyone who saw him.

It was Luo Yunyang!

The Brilliant Sun Sage finally recognized the figure illuminated by the black and gold lights. His first reaction was to feel disbelief. However, as he looked over clearly, he soon determined the identity of this person.

Luo Yunyang, who hadn’t appeared during the past few years, had made many people believe that he had fallen in the Divine Martial Hall.

Although the Brilliant Sun Sage disliked Luo Yunyang, he also felt some heartfelt admiration for him. After all, this person had slain the Cloud Sea Saint, which had been like a slap on the Supremacy’s face.

He had heaved a sigh of relief when he had thought that Luo Yunyang had died. However, he had also thought that it was a pity. After all, Luo Yunyang was the person with the most hope of tussling for glory with the conferred Daozis of their generation.

However, as Samsara Token after Samsara Token had been obtained and Luo Yunyang hadn’t appeared, the Brilliant Sun Sage had become more and more certain that the news of Luo Yunyang’s death was true.

He had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would appear before them.

“If you capture Luo Yunyang as an offering to Daozi, everyone will get a great reward!” the Brilliant Sun Sage instructed after taking a moment to think.

He knew that, despite making considerable progress lately, he still wouldn’t be a match for Luo Yunyang. Thus, he immediately ordered the dozens of Celestial Domain-Grades to catch him.

The Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses had heard of Luo Yunyang before, so they knew that he was a troublesome opponent. However, they would feel quite a lot of confidence if they all joined forces and attacked at the same time.

The moment the Brilliant Sun Sage spoke, dozens of weapons rushed towards Luo Yunyang.

Giant pagodas that could crush mountains and holy swords with tremendous abilities, coupled with top killing techniques, were unleashed by those powerhouses.

Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything as he faced the onslaught of the Brilliant Sun Sage and his group. At the moment, he was actually grinning with an absent-minded expression.

As this onslaught arrived, a spear head appeared on the long rod in Luo Yunyang’s hand. The scarlet spear head was brandished.

Immediately, an earth-shattering killing intent like a violent storm flew towards the Brilliant Sun Sage and the Celestial Domain-Grade powerhouses, pressing them back.

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the Celestial Domain-Grades felt a massive fear as their souls shuddered.

The Brilliant Sun Sage even felt his entire body get surrounded by a boundless world of intense decimation. In the face of this decimation, he felt completely unable to move.

“Divine World Palm!”

The Brilliant Sun Sage let out a furious roar. After all these years of devoted loyalty, he had finally obtained the first palm of Supreme Daozi’s imparted skill, the Seven Divine Palms. This was the move he blasted out at this crucial moment.

When he unleashed this palm strike, the Brilliant Sun Sage felt a wave of bone-crushing pain shoot through his arm before he was sent flying.

He spat out a mouthful of blood. As he struggled to stand up, he discovered dozens of Celestial Domain-Grade comrades who had already been shattered soundlessly in the void 100 miles before him.

Luo Yunyang was like a god shrouded by this black cloud as he wielded the spear, continuously rushing in his direction.

If it hadn’t been for the Demigod Tribe’s secret imparted technique called the Divine World Palm and the many comrades who had attacked at once, the Brilliant Sun Sage believed that he wouldn’t have been able to survive.

At the moment, he sensed that the gulf between him and Luo Yunyang was huge.

The eyes on the whole Shen’yuan Planet were currently fixed on Luo Yunyang. That spear technique that seemed to rip through the blue dome of heaven made everyone feel a massive threat.

Then, Luo Yunyang’s body, which was shrouded by the surging black clouds, appeared on the Sky Vision that was following the Deep Sky Star!

The king had returned!