Supreme Uprising Chapter 580

Chapter 580 Seizing The World With A Sweeping Blade

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The king had returned!

These four blood-red words instantly occupied the most central position of the Sky Vision Forum, alongside an image of Luo Yunyang charging down.

The Samsara Star City Lord should possess the Ultimate Samsara Token. As Luo Yunyang’s status as the Samsara Star City’s City Lord had been stripped off and he had entered the Divine Martial Hall, he had slowly started to fade away.

When the fight for the Samsara Tokens had started, many people had thought that he would definitely return to compete. However, Luo Yunyang had not shown up.

Some people who had placed high hopes on him became desperate as the battle for the Samsara Tokens neared its conclusion.

However, Luo Yunyang had returned just as all the Daozis had been about to decide who the Ultimate Samsara Token should belong to. Not only had he come back, but he had also fought formidably against the members of the Divine Union who had obstructed him.

“Return of the king, my *ss. He killed a lot of Demigod Tribe martialists as soon as he came over. I think he is purely seeking death!” the people who couldn’t stand Luo Yunyang stated upon seeing this post.

There were many people who thought this way.

“Hey, your way of thinking is too simplistic. Although those Demigod Tribe warriors are considered elites, they are just ants in the presence of Supremacies.”

“The Supremacies forcibly seized Luo Yunyang’s opportunity. This was already shameless enough, especially for the several Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe. When the Celestial World Supremacy reappears, it will be even more difficult to deal with him.”

“Right now, attacking Luo Yunyang over a few unimportant Tribesmen just isn’t possible!”

“Forget about the Demigod Tribe’s dignity. If those few Supremacies cared about the Demigod Tribe’s dignity, they wouldn’t have let everyone fight for the Ultimate Samsara Token that was originally supposed to be in the hands of the Divine Union.”

No one uttered a word when they heard this.

Although these words weren’t convincing, they were really powerful. It felt like giving all the Supremacies a whipping.

No one continued to discuss this topic. On the Sky Vision, people started to discuss whether Luo Yunyang would be able to obtain the Ultimate Samsara Token.

Suddenly, someone posted a message again on the Sky Vision. Supreme Daozi had made his move, so an unfavorable clash for the Divine Union would occur.

After all, both Luo Yunyang and Supreme Daozi belonged to the Divine Union.

As the leader of the Demigod Tribe, Dahai Saint was able to get information quicker and more precisely than the people who relied on the Sky Vision.

The advanced projection technology on the huge electronic screen gave one an immersive, realistic feeling.

The black energy of the Chaotic Hole and the gold divine light already occupied the entire screen. Supreme Daozi was like a divine figure, while Luo Yunyang’s imposing manner wasn’t the slightest bit weaker as he approached in a frenzy.

Once they were near, the battle that broke out between them was absolutely earth-shattering!

This was the sort of battle that Dahai Saint certainly didn’t want to watch. In his heart, Supreme Daozi, who was his elder, was invincible and undefeated.

However, Supreme Daozi’s true opponent was Blue Lotus Daozi. If he fought against Luo Yunyang, then Supreme Daozi would use up some of his energy and effort.

“Troublemaker!” Dahai Saint palmed the air and many cracks appeared on a jade pillar full of divine light.

“Tell Luo Yunyang to focus on the big picture. If he hinders the Supreme Daozi from obtaining the Ultimate Samsara Token, the Divine Union will not spare him!”

Dahai Saint’s roar ignited the anger of his subordinates in the Demigod Tribe. Luo Yunyang was really hated by many Demigod Tribe powerhouses.

How dare he distract the Supreme Daozi when the enemy was present!

If Supreme Daozi lost the battle with Blue Lotus Daozi because of him, then he would have committed an extremely great crime.

“Punish him! Throw him in the black prison!”

“He should be struck by lightning for making a move against our Demigod Tribe’s elite!”

“This sort of people, who have no sense of propriety, are the reason the entire Milky Way’s Human Tribe should be punished. Otherwise, how will our Demigod Tribe convince the masses?”

Amongst this clamor, someone said, “Before all of you decide, have you thought about how you will explain this to the Celestial World Supremacy?”

The person who asked this question had hit the mark. His sharp tone was full of sarcasm that was targeted at Dahai Saint.

As the eighth person on the Supreme Wind Cloud List, Dahai Saint could be considered strong. However, he could only shut up as he watched the person speaking.

“All the Supremacies have already said that the juniors should be allowed to decide for themselves regarding the ownership of the Ultimate Samsara Token. Luo Yunyang did not violate the rules.”

The man glanced at Supreme Daozi and Luo Yunyang, who were approaching each other on the screen. Then, he shook his head and stopped talking.

Dahai Saint and the others watched the huge screen as someone said sinisterly, “It would be nice if Supreme Daozi killed him.”

Luo Yunyang had seen an image of Supreme Daozi before. However, he was now wrapped in the golden clouds of the sky. Supreme Daozi rushed toward him and appeared before him, causing a slight tremor to rise in Luo Yunyang’s heart.

Only I am supreme in heaven and hell!

An imposing aura emanated from all over Supreme Daozi’s body. This overwhelming aura wasn’t something that could be simply accomplished by cultivation.

Among the opponents that Luo Yunyang had faced before, it seemed that even existences like the Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape were slightly inferior compared to Supreme Daozi.

It seemed like only the existence who had thrown the Divine Martial’s punch could surpass Supreme Daozi.

“Luo Yunyang!” Supreme Daozi glared icily at Luo Yunyang as he said, “You are good. Pledge your allegiance to me, follow me, and you will walk towards eternity!”

Although Supreme Daozi’s voice wasn’t too loud, his words seemed to resonate with heaven and earth.

Heaven and earth gathered power, while heaven and man came together as one!

Luo Yunyang, who appeared indifferent to this majestic voice, said coldly, “Hand over two-thirds of the Samsara Tokens that you own and go back to where you crawled out of.”

Supreme Daozi was slightly stunned when he heard this. Although he regarded Luo Yunyang very highly, he had never expected that Luo Yunyang would overestimate himself and say such a thing under the circumstances.

“You are asking for it!” As Supreme Daozi bellowed, he moved his palm. His palm was extended slowly. However, as it swung out, a giant palm appeared in the endless void.

This palm seemed to occupy half the sky.

The moment it emerged, it seemed to contain a power that could destroy the world and it tried grabbing Luo Yunyang.

Suns, moons and stars seemed like ants before this palm!

The Brilliant Sun Sage became really excited. His voice trembled as he said, “The Divine World Palm! This is the real Divine World Palm!”

“When the Daozi taught me this move, he said that the most important thing about the Divine World Palm was a power that could overwhelm the world. I always thought that I was already in control of this power, but now I realize that I am still far from controlling that overwhelming power!”

The Soliciting Moon Maiden did not pay attention to the Brilliant Sun Sage. Her eyes were fixed on that waving palm. Just like the Brilliant Sun Sage, her eyes were filled with reverence.

A thousand miles away, in a huge palace, a martialist with a dark robot body only half the size of an adult’s body was watching this scene quietly. “This power will be enough to overwhelm the world if combined with Origin Source Laws and great intent. Very impressive!” he muttered.

Meanwhile, Blue Lotus Daozi slowly flew out of his palace and sat cross-legged in the void as he watched that tyrannical palm technique.

“It’s interesting, but it’s still a little lacking.”

As he said that, Blue Lotus Daozi ‘s gaze fell on Luo Yunyang. At the moment, his eyes were filled with a hint of murderous intent.

“How dare you humiliate my elder brother! I don’t care if you are a top-ranking individual in this world! You will still die!” His voice was not too high, yet his killing intent was resolute.

The moment Blue Lotus Daozi fixed his attention on Luo Yunyang, Luo Yunyang also gazed in his direction.

Although the two men were thousands of miles apart, their gazes met in an instant and a thick crack formed in the sky of the Deep Sky Star.

Supreme Daozi seemed to have noticed that Luo Yunyang was distracted. As he snorted, the power of the Divine World Palms increased by 90%.

The huge, white jade-like palm dashed towards Luo Yunyang quickly. Just as it was about to hit him, Luo Yunyang made his move.

The spear in his hand turned into a very ordinary-looking blade.

The long blade made a sweeping motion. Although it was extremely ordinary, the moment it swept around, a knife light that was even more overwhelming than the Divine World Palm crashed against it.

This was the Divine Martial Hall’s 13th martial path: Seizing the world with a Sweeping Blade!

The blade and the white jade-like palm collided in the void, causing countless cracks to appear on the vast Deep Sky Star.

Mountains and rivers collapsed while the world changed. In an instant, hundreds of stars that had been hanging high above came whizzing down.

The Brilliant Sun Sage was staring at the clash between those two powerhouses. A dazzling radiance was released the moment they collided. The Brilliant Sun Sage felt his heart shaking and instantly sensed that he was about to faint.

He couldn’t watch any longer!

He retreated quickly and shouted sternly in all directions, “Retreat, retreat quickly! No martialist below the Celestial Domain Grade is allowed to watch the fight between those two. If you must watch it, do so through the broadcast on the Sky Vision!”

The moment his voice rang out, Luo Yunyang and Supreme Daozi swapped positions. At the moment, Luo Yunyang was standing calmly with the long blade in hand. Supreme Daozi, on the other hand, had torn sleeves.

“You’re asking for it!” Supreme Daozi glared at Luo Yunyang and shouted, “I was just trying to give you a lesson and show you the severity of such things. Now, you will die!”