Supreme Uprising Chapter 581

Chapter 581 The Unrivaled Triple Soul Fusion

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The clash between Supreme Daozi and Luo Yunyang was broadcasted immediately on the Sky Vision. Although it was an important battle, it was still an easy feat for the person controlling the Sky Vision.

After all, anyone that could control the virtual realm was no ordinary person.

In order to prevent any accidental injury to the viewers, martialists of different grades used different playback qualities. The exchange Planet-Grade martialists had just seen had been in fact only two figures clashing against each other.

They weren’t able to see anything else.

This wasn’t because they were not allowed to, but because if they were to view this battle, they would most likely implode, as they might be unable to withstand the Origin Source Laws concealed in the battle.

“How can Luo Yunyang maintain the upper hand?” Some elites from the Demigod Tribe were getting stirred up. They felt the sort of anger that was hard to suppress.

Many martialists from the Human Tribe were getting worked up as well.

Although most members of the Human Tribe couldn’t leave the Milky Way easily, they were still able to get in contact with everything thanks to the virtual realm.

Luo Yunyang’s affairs were almost a long-standing topic of the Human Tribe, so many people who were jealous of the rise of the Human Tribe often bad-mouthed Luo Yunyang because of that.

The intent behind these actions was rather obvious.

Now, Luo Yunyang had returned and actually acquired the upper hand against Supreme Daozi, thus increasing the Human Tribe’s prestige all of a sudden.

“I knew it! Luo Yunyang is unbeatable!” some people posted excitedly on both the internal forum of the Human Tribe and the discussion forum of the Sky Vision.

All sorts of comments about Luo Yunyang started bubbling up when this post appeared.

Demigod Tribe martialists rebutted arrogantly, “The match just began. Supreme Daozi is unbeatable!”

While these arguments raged on, Luo Yunyang and Supreme Daozi began exchanging blows on the Sky Vision.

Supreme Daozi, who possessed a pair of wings that were quick as lightning, made a movement that generated countless silhouettes that filled the void.

Each and every silhouette was moving as if it was real. However, when a silhouette actually completed an attack, the other countless silhouettes would fuse back into the real body.

That attack was way stronger than an ordinary attack.

Almost all the viewers had a heavy heart as they watched Supreme Daozi’s elegant, mysterious attack.

Some people even improved the quality of their playback through the Sky Vision in order to see Supreme Daozi’s offensive techniques.

However, not only did they fail to see anything, but some of them even got injured and expelled mouthfuls of blood.

While Supreme Daozi’s techniques were extremely mysterious, Luo Yunyang’s techniques were like a mountain. The long blade in his hand eventually transformed into a huge mountain-splitting ax. Although his attacks were slow, he was still able to parry Supreme Daozi’s blows every single time.

Supreme Daozi’s lightning-fast techniques didn’t seem to be effective either.

Blue Lotus Daozi and the others had already appeared amongst the live spectators, yet they took no action.

Although Luo Yunyang’s mountain-splitting ax seemed like it only contained a few moves, its defense was impenetrable.

Supreme Daozi retracted his seemingly overwhelming palm technique as his wings became a pair of golden blade-lights that clashed fiercely against Luo Yunyang’s mountain-splitting ax in the void.

He did not speak. He only paused momentarily to take a deep breath before taking another step.

Although this step was backwards, when Supreme Daozi’s legs moved, a Demigod Tribe martialist who looked about 10 years old and had an inexhaustible golden radiance around his head appeared in front of Supreme Daozi.

Luo Yunyang’s heart began to throb even harder when Supreme Daozi executed that move. He knew that Supreme Daozi was executing a great technique.

This was a top-tier technique!

During their previous exchanges, Luo Yunyang had not activated his attribute regulator. He had purely relied on the 13 Supreme Martial Paths he had gained from the Divine Martial Hall.

However, the moment Supreme Daozi took a step back, Luo Yunyang realized that if he didn’t use the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s power, he wouldn’t be able to fight anymore.

He was not a pretentious person. Although it seemed like he wasn’t using his own strength, wasn’t the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s strength also considered his?

With a thought, he transferred all the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast’s power into his body. It could be said that the attribute regulator had given Luo Yunyang a considerable power improvement.

Luo Yunyang had discovered a large gap between his own powers and Supreme Daozi’s. However, the attribute regulator had enabled him to suppress Supreme Daozi in terms of power.

Most importantly, this power had allowed Luo Yunyang to execute the Divine Martial Punch.

Supreme Daozi was unaware of the changes in Luo Yunyang as he took another step forward.

The step appeared abstruse to anyone watching the battle. They all felt like, with that step, Supreme Daozi had completely disappeared from their side and stepped into the future.

The moment Supreme Daozi took this step, a figure walked out of his body again. The figure, which was 10 meters tall, exuded an imposing demeanor.

“Is that a Supremacy?” Some Demigod Tribe martialists couldn’t help but kneel on the ground when they saw the figure.

They had seen Supremacies before, and the figure that walked out of Supreme Daozi’s body made them feel like it was a Supremacy.

“No, it isn’t a Supremacy. It’s Supreme Daozi’s future body!” The Cloud Sea Saint’s eyes were filled with reverence as he said, “Someone actually managed to master the Demigod Tribe’s Triple Soul Fusion Technique. Great!”

The Triple Soul Fusion was related to the present, the past and the future!

Every figure had equal strength with the actual body, and when the three fused together, its power would increase tenfold.

This set of techniques had been passed down by the ancestors of the Demigod Tribe. For many years, no one had been able to master this entire set of cultivation techniques.

However, Supreme Daozi had actually brought out this top-notch technique during his battle against Luo Yunyang.

This was partly because Luo Yunyang had made him a laughing stock, but also because his previous attacks had had no effect on Luo Yunyang, which had made Supreme Daozi very frustrated.

The two colorful fish circling in the middle of the void started looking like they were about to fuse into a Supremacy Samsara Token. If he continued this engagement with Luo Yunyang, the Supremacy Samsara Token would definitely end up in someone else’s hands.

This was something he couldn’t accept!

Hence, he executed his tribe’s best secret technique in order to deliver the killing blow against Luo Yunyang!

When Supreme Daozi walked towards the two doppelgangers that had come out of his body, the three spitting images began to fuse in the middle of the void.

They represented the grave vicissitudes of the past, the overwhelming tyranny of the present, and the sole dominant existence of the future!

The three figures started to fuse when Supreme Daozi raised his fist. As the fusion began, everyone also started to prostrate before Supreme Daozi’s might.

Luo Yunyang soon felt the power of Supreme Daozi’s technique. His heart was full of respect for the person who had created this technique.

However, just as Supreme Daozi was about to make his move, Luo Yunyang did not hesitate either. Instead, he started to take 13 consecutive steps.

The Phoenix-Winged Golden Ape, the Mysterious Underworld Being…

13 figures appeared alongside Luo Yunyang as he stepped forward. Each of them was wielding their weapon, looking outstanding.

Supreme Daozi’s mouth consciously twitched. As he watched Luo Yunyang’s movements, an extremely ridiculous thought formed in his mind.

In the split moment that the thought welled in his heart, Supreme Daozi quickly snapped it away and suppressed it.

He was invincible. He would never be defeated. His Triple Soul Fusion Technique was unbeatable. Hence, he blasted a punch directly towards Luo Yunyang without hesitation.

This punch was named Unrivalled!

Unrivalled! Unrivalled in the past, unrivalled in the present, and unrivalled in the future!

When the three unrivalled existences fused, its name would remain the same. However, it would become even stronger and make people even more afraid.

One could only describe this move as boundless when the three powers that had already been overwhelmingly strong fused together!

Many Demigod Tribe martialists couldn’t help but prostrate in worship the moment they saw this punch. Many people among them were pretty weak cultivation-wise, so they couldn’t help but increase the playback quality of their Sky Vision quickly.

They knew that it was very dangerous for them to do so, but they had no other choice if they wanted to clearly witness this unrivaled technique.

While the unrivaled punch was executed, Luo Yunyang’s Divine Martial technique was also unleashed.

Although Luo Yunyang’s Divine Martial Technique seemed somewhat shaky compared to the opponent in the Divine Martial Hall, it was still a Divine Martial Technique.

It was a supreme fist that swept away everything before it!

The two unyielding fists seemed to cross the void as if they had bypassed time and space before colliding in the midst of the void.

A divine radiance glowed in Blue Lotus Daozi’s eyes before a blue lotus flower instantly grew out of his head.

The lotus flower moved on its own as it sliced through the void and settled in the formless mass.

Meanwhile, the powerhouse from the Machine Empire was running calculations. However, the readings increased so much that, in the end, the screen was filled with unknown numbers.

The Bug Queen situated in front of the worm nest was rapidly flapping her gorgeous pair of wings.


A loud crackling sound echoed throughout the void. Meanwhile, a giant crack several hundreds of meters wide developed on the bluish sky that looked like a shattered mirror!