Supreme Uprising Chapter 582

Chapter 582 The Defeated Supreme And The Appearance Of The Ultimate Token

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The crazy, surging space turbulence engulfed the huge Deep Sky Star. Countless mountains were dissolved into fragments in the face of these frenzied astral winds.

Even Nebula-Grade martialists would find it hard to withstand the space turbulence just by relying on their own cultivation bases.

However, compared to the broken Deep Sky Star, almost everyone was paying attention to the results of the clash between Luo Yunyang and Supreme Daozi.

Who could emerge victorious from this battle?

Supreme Daozis unrivaled fist and Luo Yunyangs Divine Martial technique, which encompassed the essence of martial paths, made everyone watching feel really puny in the overwhelming world they were in. Hence, it was also hard to predict the outcome.

"Whats happening? Why did the Sky Vision get disconnected?" When the image on the communication device stalled for a prolonged moment, someone finally realized what was going on.

With an exclamation, countless people hurriedly shifted from the stalled image to the discussion forums.

Never in all these years had the Sky Vision of the virtual realm encountered any issues.

In a few moments, the virtual realm gave an explanation about what had happened. The equipment that the Sky Vision was using to broadcast the match had been turned into ashes by the force generated as the collision had been too overwhelmingly strong for it to withstand it.

While this explanation angered many people, their expectations for the result of the battle also increased.

Everyone was itching to know what the outcome would be!

Countless people on the Deep Sky Star had fixed their eyes on the sky, which was enveloped by the space turbulence. Although what most people saw was the space turbulence, Blue Lotus Daozi and the others were able to sense clearly the actual changes that had occurred.

Blue Lotus Daozis eyes burned with fire. This was the expression of a gambler who had seen a casino.

What appeared in front of the small robot was an extremely clear image.

Even though the Sky Vision was unable to see it, this did not affect the talent that the Machine Empire had groomed over many years.

Based on the image that was broadcasted, Supreme Daozi had been flung more than 300 meters away before he was able to stabilize his body. However, cracks had now appeared on Supreme Daozis body.

Although the cracks werent too big, they were seemingly infinite and densely packed.

He was injured! Supreme Daozi was injured! At the moment, it seemed like this wasnt a light injury.

Luo Yunyang seemed to be in a much better state compared to Supreme Daozi. Although his expression was pale and a trace of blood could be seen at the edge of his mouth, he was still standing motionlessly at his original position. Thus, one could say that he held the upper hand.

"Incredible! Who would have thought that this generation would produce such a surprising individual?" the Machine Empires most talented member lamented slightly.

The Bug Race Queen was similarly able to view the situation through some secret means. Her beautiful eyes had a cold glint as she watched.

Luo Yunyang did not make a sound as he stood facing Supreme Daozi. In an instant, his seemingly rejuvenated body had already appeared behind Supreme Daozi.

This time, he did not execute his Divine Martial Technique, not because he didnt want to, but because that technique consumed too much of his strength.

The previous strike had already caused Luo Yunyang to sustain serious damage to every part of his body. If he executed this technique again, the adverse effects on his body would be greater.

Supreme Daozis power was indeed extraordinary!

Similarly, Supreme Daozi was silent while facing Luo Yunyangs attack. As his body swayed in the void, countless silhouettes began to form.

The silhouettes formed seemed no different from the previous ones, as they were also overbearing and contained the same imposing momentum every time they attacked.

However, during this battle, which seemed to have little to no difference from the previous one, Supreme Daozi underwent a massive change.

While he had been previously on the offense, now he was defending himself.

As the long sword in Luo Yunyangs hand transformed into a long rod, Supreme Daozi ended up receiving a strike on his back from Luo Yunyang. Unfortunately, he couldnt evade it in time.

Supreme Daozi fell while countless feathers were shed from his left wing, momentarily making it seem as if it was raining.

The wrecked void was rapidly contracting as the space turbulence started to dissipate quickly.

The messed-up sky began to look clear again. Meanwhile, the Sky Visions broadcast resumed its service.

Hence, the previously-stalled image on the Sky Vision suddenly showed Luo Yunyang, who landed his long rod on Supreme Daozi and sent him flying to the ground.

"How can that be?" That was the reaction of almost everyone who witnessed the scene.

Although they considered Luo Yunyang an exceptional individual whose aura wasnt weaker than Supreme Daozis, in their opinion, Luo Yunyang would at best be somewhat comparable to Supreme Daozi in terms of strength, not overwhelmingly better or worse. However, the situation before their eyes was different, as Luo Yunyang had utterly routed Supreme Daozi.

Supreme Daozi had been defeated. The news was tough for the Demigod Tribe and some elites from the other tribes of the Divine Union, who could not swallow it.

All of the Saints of the Demigod Tribe had ugly looks on their faces. Even the eyes of the lofty and arrogant Supremacies flashed with killing intent.

Supreme Daozi was the strongest elite that the Demigod Tribe had nurtured. Even though he was dealing with capable opponents like Blue Lotus Daozi, everyone also had utmost confidence in Supreme Daozi.

Even if Supreme Daozi couldnt take down Blue Lotus Daozi, he definitely would not be much weaker than Blue Lotus Daozi. However, Supreme Daozi had actually lost to Luo Yunyang.

Martialists from the Milky Ways Human Tribe and the Da Alliance drowned in ecstasy as they watched what had happened.

Luo Yunyang, the pride of the Human Tribe, had defeated the Divine Unions Supreme Daozi.

The moment Luo Yunyangs long rod struck towards Supreme Daozi, the rapidly-spinning force of the Samsara vortex suddenly shrunk at a high speed and the two dragons, which had originally had nothing to do with each other, merged seamlessly.

The Ultimate Samsara Token was taking form!

The two giant mountain peaks, whose magnetic force had been extracted, vanished the moment the two dragons merged.

There was no dust or powdery fragments. It seemed as if these two huge peaks had never existed.

However, no one took notice of the mountain peaks or even the battle between Luo Yunyang and Supreme Daozi.

Everyones eyes were fixed on the Ultimate Samsara Token, which was taking shape and beginning to fall. At the moment, the Ultimate Samsara Token was the center of attention.

Blue Lotus Daozi took flight gracefully and dashed towards the Ultimate Samsara Token. He was already close to the token to begin with, so he became the person closest to the Ultimate Samsara Token in an instant.

As long as Blue Lotus Daozi could obtain the Ultimate Samsara Token, the chances of other people snatching it away from him would be extremely slim.

However, the moment Blue Lotus Daozi acted, the powerhouse from the Machine Empire transformed into a golden shuttle and forcefully shot towards the Ultimate Samsara Token.

His speed was not necessarily faster than Blue Lotus Daozis, but he had already surpassed Blue Lotus Daozi in terms of momentum.

The Queen of the Bug Race unhurriedly sliced open the void with her pair of wings in an elegant manner. However, when she appeared in everyones line of vision again, she was already the person closest to the Ultimate Samsara Token.

It could even be said that the three apex powerhouses had expanded their mystic techniques, hoping to grab hold of the Ultimate Samsara Token in the shortest time possible.

Supreme Daozi struggled to his feet as he was glaring at Luo Yunyang with eyes filled with anger and hatred.

He was furious that he had actually lost to Luo Yunyang when they had clashed and he was unwilling to accept the fact that both he and Luo Yunyang were the farthest away from the Ultimate Samsara Token now.

Wasnt the Ultimate Samsara Token the reason he had left his seal? Now that the opportunity was presented to him, he would have only himself to blame if he wasnt able to obtain it.

However, before he could even fight for it, he was already kicked out of the game. He had lost his chance, which made him feel indignant.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly at Supreme Daozi. While Supreme Daozi was confused to why Luo Yunyang was smiling, Luo Yunyangs body had already vanished.

Speed! What Luo Yunyang needed the most now was speed! Hence, before the Ultimate Samsara Token had taken shape, Luo Yunyang had already adjusted his speed attributes to the highest level.

After that adjustment, Luo Yunyang disappeared in a flash before Supreme Daozis eyes.

Luo Yunyang was heading for the Ultimate Sasmara Token. When this thought appeared in Supreme Daozis mind, he found it hilarious.

What was the point of rushing towards the token? Both he and Luo Yunyang would never be faster than Blue Lotus Daozi and the others.

Although the possibility of snatching it directly from Blue Lotus Daozi or the others was slim, it was still considered plausible. However, there wasnt any need to rush into this.

The best, most dependable way would be to wait for Blue Lotus Daozi and the others to fight and get depleted before making a move again.

As Supreme Daozi had this thought, he also started moving towards the Ultimate Samsara Token. However, the moment he turned his head, he saw that Blue Lotus Daozis outstretched palm was already reaching for the token.

Blue Lotus Daozi was a mere instant away from obtaining the Ultimate Samsara Token!

Although the Bug Queen and the Machine Empires powerhouse were quick, they were still much slower than Blue Lotus Daozi. Otherwise, they would have been the ones reaching out for the token.

It would be very troublesome if the token landed in Blue Lotus Daozis hands.

Just as Supreme Daozi started feeling disheartened, he saw a different outstretched hand grab for the Supremacy Sasmara Token.

This hand grabbed hold of the token successfully before Blue Lotus Daozi could do so!