Supreme Uprising Chapter 584

Chapter 584 Sweeping Everything That Lays In His Path

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“Those four powerhouses are ganging up on a single person. How shameless!” The martialists from the Milky Way’s Human Tribe that could watch this through the Sky Vision couldn’t help but curse.

Some of them even took to the Sky Vision forums to voice their displeasure.

Although the Demigod Tribe and the various factions all supported their own champions, right now, the majority of them couldn’t voice their opinion.

They didn’t think that Blue Lotus Daozi and the others were in the wrong, as this was a great opportunity that nobody would be willing to give up.

However, the fact that four top champions were ganging up on a single person left a bad taste in one’s mouth.

Of course, some people were shameless enough to engage in arguments with some members of the Human Tribe. For example, they said that the weak were prey to the strong and made other similar bold statements.

Although they were arguing furiously, this really didn’t achieve much.

The top martialists of the Milky Way’s Human Tribe, all the top martialists of the Divine Union and three more factions were all glued to this great battle.

This great battle wouldn’t just decide the owner of the Ultimate Samsara Token. It was also a battle amongst the four factions and the most astonishing, admirable individuals.

It could be said that this battle was between the pinnacle of Galaxy-Grades, or even between the pinnacle of martialists.

“Luo Yunyang is going to be defeated for certain. However, going up against four people is still honorable in defeat!”

“Perhaps not. If Luo Yunyang tosses the Ultimate Samsara Token to someone else, maybe that person will be the one being ganged up on. The victor hasn’t been determined yet.”

“He he… I think that the other champions are no fools. How could they not know that whoever wields the Ultimate Samsara Token is bound to experience misfortune?”

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the others situated within the Deep Sky Star couldn’t escape either. At first, they had been prepared to assist their various champions in the fight for the Ultimate Samsara Token. However, at the moment, nobody was making a move.

They had discovered that it would be useless, regardless of who made a move now.

They were unable to intervene, so they could only remain silent spectators. This was a rather considerable blow for the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others, who considered themselves high and mighty.

“Break!” Luo Yunyang remained unfazed against the attacks of those four. The weapon in his hand had once again become a long rod.

The Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper was like a long chain of light that was unleashed towards the spot Supreme Daozi was occupying.

Supreme Daozi snorted and moved his palms before launching a strike. Although this wasn’t as powerful as his Triple Soul Fusion, it was still an overwhelming power.

Supreme Daozi was already putting a lot into unleashing this strike. The long rod in Luo Yunyang’s hands didn’t produce any variations. However, when it was brandished, layers of black vortexes appeared before his rod.

He was using the Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper and the World-Engulfing Finger!

In an instant, the majority of Supreme Daozi’s might was inhibited by the World-Engulfing Finger. However, Supreme Daozi didn’t get mad. On the contrary, the sides of his mouth curled up slightly.

His smile showed that he thought everything was under his control.

This wasn’t because Supreme Daozi had something else up his sleeve, but because Blue Lotus Daozi, Black Shenzi and the drifting Paragon Bug Queen were behind him.

These three posed the greatest threat to Luo Yunyang.

The blue lotus flower wasn’t too large, yet when it swayed, there was an abstruse power about it that could rip through the sky and earth. Compared to the huge mysterious power of the flower, the icy purgatories that followed it were even more bone-chilling.

Half the horizon had already become an ice-encased hell.

Just as Supreme Daozi retreated, the icy hell had already propelled the blue lotus towards Luo Yunyang.

Both the blue lotus flower and that blanketing icy hell posed a great danger to Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang would find it difficult to use that rod again at the moment. Blue Lotus Daozi’s full-force attacks were still shooting towards him.

He definitely wasn’t going to let off Luo Yunyang just because he was tangling with Supreme Daozi.

Winners ruled. Plus, he wanted the Ultimate Samsara Token.

However, as Blue Lotus Daozi prepared to inflict some serious damage, Luo Yunyang flashed a strange smile at him.

Suddenly, the surrounding void started to fragment. That power, which made the sky and earth crumble and could even make space shatter, struck his icy hell before the blue lotus flower was turned to dying embers in the wind.

Mind Power!

Luo Yunyang used his mind power to simulate making the sky and earth collapse, which wasn’t an easy thing to do. More importantly, the abstruse mysticism contained within this simulation was something that Blue Lotus Daozi actually found difficult to fully grasp.

It seemed as if both the sky and earth were really crumbling.

As a result, the icy blue purgatory he had created couldn’t even withstand a single blow. His blue lotus flower, which had been produced by his body’s base, actually felt like it was being annihilated.

If Luo Yunyang’s power was slightly greater and his cultivation base could reach the Supremacy Grade, would he really be able to simulate the feeling of obliterating everything?

While he was having these thoughts, a lotus seed appeared between his brows and flew on top of the blue lotus flower. In just an instant, that blue lotus flower seemed to have become ethereal.

“Die!” Black Shenzi’s attack was really simple. Although there didn’t seem to be anything abstruse in it, this strike contained boundless power.

This was the Machine Empire’s advantage. With just enough resources, Black Shenzi would become an inexhaustible powerhouse.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Black Shenzi also aspired to obtain the Ultimate Samsara Token. Although he had a crystal body of the highest quality in the Machine Empire and was an expert created with top-quality Divine Metals, it would be more difficult for him.

Even though he didn’t need even better Divine Metals, he needed a higher level of cultivation comprehension. Thus, anyone who held the Ultimate Samsara Token was Black Shenzi’s enemy.

As Black Shenzi’s palm was crashing down towards Luo Yunyang, the Paragon Bug Queen moved her pale slender hands and over 100 Silver Bee Warriors over the Galaxy Grade appeared.

The Silver Bee Warriors all tossed the spears they wielded towards Luo Yunyang at practically the same instant.

Silver Bee Warriors were also apex fighters within the Bug Race. What made many people exclaim in admiration was that Silver Bee Warriors would only attack once in their lives.

This one attack was remarkable and potent.

However, after they attacked, every ounce of mind power they possessed would be consumed by this attack. Therefore, Silver Bee Warriors were amongst the most precious of soldiers that a bug queen had at her disposal.

In a bid to kill off Luo Yunyang, the Paragon Bug Queen had immediately used her Silver Bee Warriors. A hail of over 100 silver spears packed with a dense, mysterious obliterating might rained down on Luo Yunyang.

In an instant, everything was in chaos!

Luo Yunyang chuckled as he watched Black Shenzi’s giant palm and that rain of silver spears. The Chaotic Four-Origin Beast, which had been in his internal universe all along, released his two clones.

The clone embodiment of the Primeval Underworld Monarch immediately created a massive sea of blood that surged forth to meet the rain of silver spears.

The mass of silver spears was instantly engulfed by the sea of blood. Meanwhile, the Five-Element World Tree, which contained the powers of the Five Elements, shot out a wave of sacred light and aimed at Black Shenzi’s giant palm.

This wave of sacred light wasn’t too fast. However, as it swept through, Black Shenzi, who seemed to possess boundless strength, immediately took ten steps back.

“Die!” Luo Yunyang shouted. The rod in his hands had already become a long blade. The Seizing the World with a Sweeping Blade Move was unleashed at Blue Lotus Daozi. At the same time, the Shattering Heavens stumped Blue Lotus Daozi and moved on to Supreme Daozi.

The Primeval Underworld Monarch emerged out of the violently surging sea of blood. His two swords danced around as he descended on the Paragon Bug Queen.

The sacred lights of the Five-Element World Tree, which seemed to be unleashed freely, shot out continuously at Black Shenzi. As a being from the Machine Empire, Black Shenzi’s body contained various top-grade Divine Metals. However, he was still restricted by the Five-Element lights.

As Blue Lotus Daozi stood on a blue lotus, his hands were constantly moving and unleashing magnificent frigid ice powers that were forcefully crushed by Luo Yunyang each time. Supreme Daozi was using the powers of his soul from the past, present and future. Even Black Shenzi and the Paragon Bug Queen were now fighting for their lives.

However, Luo Yunyang, who possessed the clones of the Five-Element World Tree and the Primeval Underworld Monarch, was like a domineering god of war as he fought off four people at once. He never seemed to be at the slightest bit of disadvantage.

There were even a number of times when Black Shenzi nearly lost an arm to the lights of the Five-Element World Tree.

As he was bathed in the sacred lights and the blood sea, Luo Yunyang kept unleashing his powerful martial techniques, forcing Blue Lotus Daozi and the others to retreat continuously.

Luo Yunyang held the upper hand!

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the other spectators could not believe what they were witnessing. However, their eyes weren’t lying to them.

At the moment, Luo Yunyang was suppressing the four champions!

Blue Lotus Daozi and Supreme Daozi were constantly restricted by Luo Yunyang. However, Black Shenzi was the most miserable. His various techniques and moves didn’t seem to be effective against the sweeping lights of the Five-Element World Tree.

“How is this possible? How can Luo Yunyang be this powerful?” Medusa, who had approached the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others, said in a trembling voice. “That is Blue Lotus Daozi, who has the same origin as the Blood Lotus Supremacy.”

The Brilliant Sun Sage didn’t say anything. He really couldn’t accept this reality. Those four had actually agreed to gang up and suppress one person, yet now they were being suppressed by their lone target. This situation left him speechless.

“We mustn’t wait any longer. If this goes on, not only will we be unable to obtain the Ultimate Samsara Token, but we will also become laughing stocks!” Blue Lotus Daozi quelled the fury in his heart and said after escaping from Luo Yunyang’s Shattered Heavens, “I know that you are all holding back.”

“However, now isn’t the time to hold back. Let’s use our strongest attacks together!”