Supreme Uprising Chapter 585

Chapter 585 Sweeping An Icy Hell

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Blue Lotus Daozis proposal to join hands against a common enemy immediately received an enthusiastic response from the other three. Everyone felt the same way. They all believed that they had been wronged during this battle against Luo Yunyang!

They felt wronged indeed!

Supreme Daozi, Black Shenzi, and the others had been the strongest geniuses of all the great factions for countless years.

In order to wait for the Samsara Wheel and embark on the road to become the strongest, they hadnt hesitated to seal themselves.

The four of them had refused to give in to one another even after meeting. However, they were now being beaten up by Luo Yunyang.

Four people had besieged a single person and had still been beaten up. This was a disgrace for them.

Furthermore, many people were paying attention to this battle. Even though they had always been independent and never cared about the opinions and evaluations of others, this battle really made them feel extremely useless and pissed.

"Alright, lets kill Luo Yunyang first!" Supreme Daozi hated Luo Yunyangs guts, so he was the first to respond to Blue Lotus Daozis proposal.

Following what Supreme Daozi said, two shadows appeared in his body. Both were shadows of him, one in the past and one in the future, and displayed an overwhelming might.

The combination of the three of them was invincible!

Supreme Daozis Invincible Fist felt like heaven and earth were collapsing. The moment he locked onto Luo Yunyang, he struck out at him. As soon as Supreme Daozi took the shot, Black Shenzi shouted, "Whatever, today its time for my Dual Pole Magnetic Beams to taste blood!"

As he spoke, Black Shenzis tall body instantly became the size of an average person. However, one side of his body had turned silvery-white, while the other side had turned pitch-black.

Amidst this black and silvery-white, two beams of light shot out. These beams spun in the void while the endless magnetic force turned into a huge magnetosphere that shrouded Luo Yunyang.

"Its the Dual Pole Magnetic Beams that can only be made by a Supremacy Grade from the Machine Empire!" someone among the spectating Demigod Tribe exclaimed.

These Dual Pole Magnetic Beams were terrifying. Back then, the Dual Pole Magnetic Beams had appeared during the war between the Divine Union and the Machine Empire.

That attack had shattered a whole galaxy!

The voice of the saint was shaking. Although the Dual Pole Magnetic Beams were very far away from him, that fear had been rooted in his heart forever. His body trembled involuntarily.

"He he I already intended to do this!" The Paragon Bug Queen smiled gently before tens of thousands of Bug Race warriors appeared behind her.

Although these fighters seemed to vary in strength, the moment they gathered, they created a great pressurizing vibe.

"Broken Void!"

Silent sound waves howled from the mouths of the Bug Race warriors. These sound waves were like huge waves that headed straight towards Luo Yunyang. The moment they appeared, the tens of thousands of Bug Race warriors who had appeared behind the Paragon Bug Queen instantly turned into dust.

Blue Lotus Daozi, who was floating in the void, didnt seem to make any preparations. However, the moment he pointed, ten blue purgatories with different sceneries that were filled with a chilling atmosphere appeared in the void.

Inside the purgatories were roaring devils, mad giant beasts, and countless ghosts that were flying continuously in the void

When the ten purgatories converged, a desolate, destructive power that could move heaven and earth gathered in one of Blue Lotus Daozis fingers.

The power of this finger was mightier than Supreme Daozis Invisible Fist.

"Its the Sweeping Hell!" As soon as a powerhouse in the purgatory mentioned this name, he corrected himself hurriedly, "No, it should be the Sweeping Icy Hell of his Royal Highness Blue Lotus Daozi."

The Sweeping Hell, which was the strongest move of the Blood Lotus Supremacy, was known as one of the most powerful moves in existence. Although Blue Lotus Daozi was not as powerful as the Blood Lotus Supremacy, the power of the Source Law concealed in his attack was not weaker than the Blood Lotus Supremacys.

The four great powerhouses had already shown their strongest attacks.

"The four champions are worthy of their names. Each of the four of them has the power to fight against Universe-Grade saints." Some people lamented.

"But Luo Yunyang has killed a Saint!" some Milky Way Human Tribe powerhouses called out on the Sky Vision.

Even the members of the Demigod Tribe who did not like him had to admit that Luo Yunyang was not an ordinary person.

If he had been able to defeat Supreme Daozi and pressurize the four champions, how could he be just an average person? Luo Yunyangs record was unique. He had even slain the Cloud Sea Saint.

"Luo Yunyang is extraordinary, but he will definitely die now!" Some people were rejoicing in his misfortune on the Sky Vision Forum.

This sentence silenced some of the Human Tribe powerhouses. Although they were not willing to admit it, they knew very well that this situation was not very favorable for them.

No matter how strong Luo Yunyang was, how could he suppress the four great champions who had the power to sweep everything before them?

Some people had already begun to adjust the quality of the broadcast on the Sky Vision. Although this adjustment would cause them to get injured, the clash concealed any Supreme Law methods and the hidden power inside could benefit them a lot.

Luo Yunyang seemed very calm. However, countless thoughts were actually surging all over his mind.

He was pondering over what method he should use to deal with these four great champions and these insane attacks.

The Divine Martial Technique!

Luo Yunyang tossed the idea of using the Divine Martial Technique aside, as it could only deal with one person.

The clones of the Primeval Underworld Monarch and the Five-Element World Tree werent weak, but they would be a bit lacking if they were to take out one each.

At that thought, Luo Yunyang made up his mind and opened the attribute regulator quickly. Eventually, all his power was converted to mind power.

The Mind Attribute of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and Luo Yunyangs four main attributes were combined to make Luo Yunyangs Mind reach a pinnacle.

The power of the various laws of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast was also transferred to his own body.

He also made some adjustments to his power and some other aspects as quickly as possible!

The moment these adjustments were complete, the Space-Time Eye appeared between Luo Yunyangs eyebrows. Through the attribute regulator, the strongest power of the Space-Time Eye instantly unfolded.

For an instant, time and space stopped.

By the time Luo Yunyang used the Space-Time Eye, the power of the Broken Void had already covered the space where he, Blue Lotus Daozi, and the others were located.

The Shattering Heavens was a technique comprehended by an exceptional figure who had left it behind along with his blood essence in the Bloody Space River.

Luo Yunyang had entered the Sky Worm Nest to gain enlightenment into this technique. Now, he adjusted all of his and the Chaotic Four-Origin Beasts power for this move.

In an instant, the vast void started to break apart.

This power, that could annihilate heaven and earth, caused the dominating power of Supreme Daozi and the power of Blue Lotus Daozi that was concealed within the Sweeping Icy Hell to break. It also broke the Dual Pole Magnetic Beams and shattered the sound waves.

The void, the sky, the earth, and everything else shattered!

The Paragon Bug Queen pulled a long face. Her defensive abilities could be considered the weakest among everyone present, so she felt deeply threatened in this shattering void!

The force of the collapsing sky and earth wouldnt affect Luo Yunyang just because it had been triggered by him. This technique attacked indiscriminately.

As Blue Lotus Daozi and Supreme Daozi glanced at Luo Yunyang in the shattering void, they were both really indignant.

They had initially thought that their strongest attacks would defeat Luo Yunyang. However, the indiscriminate power unleashed by Luo Yunyang had made their respective techniques crumble and started attacking everyone furiously.

"Take this!" Black Shenzis body had been reduced to a ball that was only one foot in size. He wanted to use this method to minimize the impact the power of the shattering voids had on him.

However, just as he got excited, Luo Yunyang rushed towards him through the shattering void.

"Luo Yunyang, what do you want to do?" Black Shenzis face betrayed his anxiety. Even he had to carefully resist the shattering void. Thus, Luo Yunyangs attack made him feel very threatened.

The rod-light of the Horizontal Empyrean Sweeper carved a path towards him through the shattering void.

There was nowhere to hide!

In a normal void, Black Shenzi could have used various techniques, such as shifting and transposition, to evade this. However, he could not dodge at all under the circumstances, as there were spatial cracks all around him.

Luo Yunyangs body bore the impact of the spatial cracks for a while, as he drew support from the attributes of the Chaotic Four-Origin Beast and remained mostly unaffected.

A rod swept across as Black Shenzi mustered the power of his entire body and tried to resist. The moment the two collided, the Five-Element World Tree came bearing down on him.

The Five-Element World Tree, which was suppressed by the void, lost a few branches to the shattering void. Even so, the Five Elemental Divine Lights struck Black Shenzis body hard.

In an instant, Black Shenzis body was thrown backward.

Crack! Crack! Crack! The shattered void was filled with all sorts of devastating power. Even Black Shenzis body suffered a lot of damage the moment he was flung out. One of his arms was actually crushed into dust by an extremely powerful force of annihilation.

"Everyone, help me fast!" Black Shenzi had barely steadied himself when he shouted hysterically at Blue Lotus Daozi and the others.

Blue Lotus Daozi and the others knew that the four of them were in the same boat at the moment. They were interdependent on each other in order to survive. However, the shattered void was way too dangerous, so crossing it would be extremely arduous.

"Black Shenzi, hang on for a while! Were coming over!" Blue Lotus Daozi announced.