Supreme Uprising Chapter 586

Chapter 586 The Mountain Partitioning Nine Fragmented Peaks

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“How dangerous!” The position where the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others were situated wasn’t surrounded by that void-splitting power. However, they still shivered internally as they watched everything crumble frantically.

This collapse of various Origin Source Laws wouldn’t be able to kill them instantly. Still, they believed that they would be grinded to death if they were to face this collapse.

Luckily, they weren’t inside.

“Although this move of Luo Yunyang’s is powerful, I think that he can’t maintain it for too long!” A powerhouse from the Purgatory voiced his opinion.

Most of the time, the Brilliant Sun Sage didn’t get along with this powerhouse. The Brilliant Sun Sage believed that he would dislike this fella, no matter the circumstances. However, at the moment, he suddenly felt that this powerhouse had penetrating insight. What he had said was spot-on!

Furthermore, this unprecedented trust in this fella aside, he also truly hoped that things would pan out just like this person had said.

“Your conjecture is good, but unfortunately, the void is crumbling and Luo Yunyang doesn’t have to exert too much energy anymore!” said Medusa. There was a hint of fear in her eyes as she added, “The collapsing void will probably get destroyed. Luo Yunyang’s technique was just the beginning. Once the collapsing force takes shape, it will be very difficult to stop. Unless this vast collapsing force can be completely used up”

Medusa’s words made everyone fall silent. This was the first time they had doubted that they had to win this battle.

Would their own Daozi be able to win? Was Luo Yunyang right now a match for their Daozi?

“Die, die, die!” Luo Yunyang’s long rod had changed into two large hammers. In terms of quality, these two large hammers were clearly better than the other weapons Luo Yunyang had used.

They were the Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers!

As the twin hammers danced, a surging energy of water and fire crashed towards Black Shenzi. While the sky was filled with hammer-projections, Black Shenzi couldn’t go anywhere to evade this attack, even if he wanted to dodge it. The technique that Luo Yunyang used was one of the 13 Martial Techniques he had picked up at the Divine Martial Hall the Mountain Partitioning Nine Fragmented Peaks!

Crack! Crack!

The sounds of machinery breaking down rang out from Black Shenzi’s body. Black Shenzi’s body had absorbed mass amounts of Star Origin Metal, so he was extremely powerful. The fissures appearing on his body meant that he was suffering massive damage.

“Black Shenzi, I’m coming!” The first to rush over was Blue Lotus Daozi, who crossed the crumbling void and arrived immediately to provide back-up.

However, just as he was about to rush over to Luo Yunyang, the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s embodiment had already gotten there.

Layers of Blood Sea powers turned into layers of Blood Sea Light Waves that pressed towards Blue Lotus Daozi. The dual swords in the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s hands turned into layer upon layer of Purgatory as they cut down at Blue Lotus Daozi.

Blue Lotus Daozi roared in fury. Blue lotuses flew out in all directions, slicing through the sea of blood instantly. However, as he faced the ferocious might of the white and blood twin swords, his blue lotus flowers suffered some slight damage.

After four or five exchanges, Blue Lotus Daozi had already suppressed the Primeval Underworld Monarch’s embodiment. However, although he might have been able to inhibit the Primeval Underworld Monarch, he still couldn’t aid Black Shenzi with that frenzied destructive power that was causing the void to collapse.

Supreme Daozi had encountered the Five-Element World Tree. Compared to the Primeval Underworld Monarch, the Five-Element World Tree was much more troublesome to deal with.

Although the crumbling of the origin source in the collapsing sky and earth messed up the powers of the Five Elements in the atmosphere, the Five-Element World Tree’s ability was still making the power of the Five Elements stronger.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless rays of light shot over at Supreme Daozi. While some of these light rays were shattered within the void, others attracted the resonance of the Five-Element origin source powers and became a spectacular force that made Supreme Daozi get flustered.

he five-colored long swords hanging on the Five-Element World Tree would shut out beams of five-colored sword-lights at crucial times.

These sword-lights were extremely incisive, and Supreme Daozi believed that one could not defend oneself against them.

Meanwhile, the Paragon Queen of the Bug Race had already become the weakest participant in this fight. Her body was the weakest, so the fact that she had been able to preserve her life during this collapse was already quite an achievement.

Furthermore, her main offensive techniques were swarms of Bug Race warriors that could cover the sky. In an ordinary battle, these swarms of bug warriors would be the stuff of nightmares for anyone facing them. However, under the circumstances, they were the weakest.

Thus, after throwing a few attacks at Luo Yunyang, Black Shenzi discovered miserably that his own backup wasn’t reliable.

“Luo Yunyang, don’t go overboard!” Black Shenzi’s body enlarged like a titan descending the world as his voice was filled with a crazed fury.

While he was shouting, the twin hammers in Luo Yunyang’s hands smashed down once again. This time, they contained the stored power of the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron that was the equivalent of the power of a Universe-Grade.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The boundless, fearsome power shattered one of Black Shenzi’s arms. Even though Black Shenzi quickly regenerated another arm, there was now a slight hint of fear in his expression.

A faint crack had appeared in his divine core that was entirely made out of Star Origin Metal.

Although this crack was small, it still made him realize that his life was facing a severe threat.

It was frightening! Absolutely frightening!

“Luo Yunyang, listen up! That Ultimate Samsara Token is yours. I will withdraw from this fight!” The powerful computer within his mind had made the most appropriate decision in an instant.

He shouted anxiously at Luo Yunyang, hoping that Luo Yunyang would listen to his voice.

However, Luo Yunyang acted as though he hadn’t heard anything he had said. The twin hammers in his hands were still furiously bombarding Black Shenzi with a barrage of strikes.

These extensive attacks left Black Shenzi in a world of pain. He unleashed his Dual Pole Magnetic Beams three times in quick succession, but they were forcefully shattered by Luo Yunyang each time.

Blue Lotus Daozi and Supreme Daozi rushed frantically over towards Black Shenzi, but the embodiments of the Primeval Underworld Monarch and the Five-Element World Tree kept bothering them and preventing them from getting close to Black Shenzi.

“Luo Yunyang, I have already surrendered. What else do you want? I am the strongest Shenzi of the Machine Empire. The consequences of destroying me would be dire.” Since Black Shenzi’s imploring ways weren’t working, he tossed his dignity aside and used threats instead.

Black Shenzi was not shameless. However, at this crucial juncture that would decide his fate, dignity couldn’t hold a candle to his life!

At the moment, his priority was to control Luo Yunyang’s attacks. However, Luo Yunyang replied by bombarding him with 100 more hammer blows.

“I surrendered! I surrendered this time! Stop at once!” Black Shenzi was scared witless as he felt more and more cracks appear on his divine core.

Repairing these cracks would be really difficult. He reckoned that he shouldn’t even have participated in this fight.

“Luo Yunyang, do not force me. If I self-destruct, none of us will be able to survive!” Black Shenzi roared furiously.

By now, Black Shenzi no longer cared about anything else. He really couldn’t continue to be on the receiving end of this beating.

If this went on, he would eventually fall apart.

Black Shenzi had been assembled from the Machine Empire’s most advanced technologies. Thus, his self-destruction powers were extremely strong.

Upon hearing Black Shenzi mention self-destruction, the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others all started sweating buckets of cold sweat. The currently crumbling void already made them tremble in fear. If self-detonation was thrown into the mix, then death would be the only outcome!

“Black Shenzi, we are getting closer to you. Come nearer!” Blue Lotus Daozi bellowed. “If the three of us join forces, we might not lose.”

Blue Lotus Daozi, who had always been an unparalleled entity that overlooked the common folk, was saying that there was a chance they might not lose.

Supreme Daozi dodged the ferocious destructive power of ripped space while duking it out with the Five-Element World Tree. At the moment, he also felt a little sad. This whole spectacle had been really humiliating.

Black Shenzi wasn’t moved by Blue Lotus Daozi’s words. As he released a golden cage of light, he shouted loudly, “I give up! Isn’t that enough?”

These words seemed to contain the hint of a plea.

Countless Machine Empire powerhouses watched this in silence. The Black Titan, the Purple Metal Titan Monarch and the others all lowered their heads as they watched.

Black Shenzi’s choice made them feel humiliated. However, they had to admit that there wasn’t anything wrong with Black Shenzi’s choice.

They shouldn’t judge Black Shenzi too harshly!

“No, you shouldn’t even be thinking of leaving. You have already participated.” Luo Yunyang stared at Black Shenzi as he said viciously, “I thought you could self-destruct? Then do it! I should be able to handle it.”

Luo Yunyang spoke very confidently. He could adjust his various attributes to improve his defensive capabilities and withstand such an explosion. He had the highest probability of surviving out of everyone present.

Extremely tragic thoughts flashed through Black Shenzi’s mind as he watched Luo Yunyang, who seemed eager to give this a try. Would anyone be willing to self-detonate until the last moment? Who would be willing to die by someone else’s hand?

As these thoughts flashed through his mind, Black Shenzi gritted his teeth and exclaimed loudly, “Luo Yunyang, I can set aside any problems we have. I will help you get rid of these two and acquire the Ultimate Samsara Token. What do you think?”

This time, Black Shenzi used voice transmission to communicate with Luo Yunyang.

He felt that Luo Yunyang would definitely agree to this condition. Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang grinned back. “I already have the ability to kill all four of you. Is there any need to waste time?”

These words sounded merciless. Black Shenzi’s face turned several shades darker.

When he raised his head to look at the sky above, he saw the Eight Sky Sealing Divine Seals and other ultimate treasures that had already completely sealed up this expanse of space. It would still be difficult to escape even if he were to employ any taboo methods.

Why had they sealed up this expanse of space earlier?

“Luo Yunyang, I will help you and compensate you. Don’t decline right away. You do know that if the Ultimate Samsara Token isn’t used, it it will become a worthless piece of junk. You don’t want to waste too much time on this battle, right?”