Supreme Uprising Chapter 587

Chapter 587 You Die Or I Die

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"Save me, Blue Lotus Daozi!" Within the void, countless cracks had appeared on Black Shenzis body. At the moment, he looked really pathetic.

Blue Lotus Daozi didnt really like Black Shenzi, but the two of them were still working jointly against a common enemy.

Blue Lotus Daozi had already suppressed the Primeval Underworld Monarch, who was bothering him, so he shot out a wave of Sweeping Icy Hell without any hesitation.

Blue Lotus Daozi put his all in this attack. He really hated Luo Yunyang to the core.

Naturally, he wouldnt show Luo Yunyang any mercy right now.

Blue Lotus Daozi had already forecasted Black Shenzis circumstances when he had attacked to give Black Shenzi a good opportunity to make a move.

Black Shenzi looked slightly grateful. As Luo Yunyang dealt with Blue Lotus Daozis attack, he roared furiously, "Luo Yunyang, take my Dual Pole Magnetic Beams!"

Black Shenzi was indeed giving this his all!

Blue Lotus Daozi felt a little pleased. Although he knew that there was a slim chance that Black Shenzi would seriously injure Luo Yunyang, just a small injury would be considered a massive victory.

When these two joint attacks took form, he believed that Supreme Daozi and the useless Paragon Bug Queen would also seize this great opportunity.

When the four of them surrounded him once again, the victor wouldnt be certain!

As he inwardly felt some delight, he abruptly sensed an unprecedented threat.

Blue Lotus Daozis mind cultivation far surpassed ordinary folks. Thus, when there was danger, he would sense it immediately.

Blue Lotus Daozi sensed something bad. Although he wanted to defend himself immediately, Luo Yunyangs finger was currently jabbed in his direction.

He was using the Universe-Breaking Snap!

This finger strike was Luo Yunyangs strongest offensive ability. Against this finger strike, Blue Lotus Daozi could only frantically unleash his Sweeping Icy Hell to block the power of Luo Yunyangs black hole.

Finally, he understood where the danger was coming from!

Black Shenzi. The one who had made a move was Black Shenzi. The one who had made him sense this threat was Black Shenzi. The one attacking him right now was Black Shenzi.

The Dual Pole Magnetic Beams that were supposed to be targeted at Luo Yunyang were streaking towards him.

There was no holding back. This extremely fearsome attack contained all of Black Shenzis power.

In the past, Blue Lotus Daozi hadnt taken the Dual Pole Magnetic Beams seriously. He had believed that he could rely on his Sweeping Icy Hell to take it on.

Fear had now taken hold of Blue Lotus Daozis heart.

However, Blue Lotus Daozi was a Daozi after all. He knew that this would be difficult to avoid, so he quickly used his strongest defensive technique.

In an instant, a massive blue lotus flower appeared around Blue Lotus Daozis body. The flower petals closed and wrapped Blue Lotus Daozi inside the flower.

Although this protective flower was strong, it was a little too late.

Flower petals fell in succession as Black Shenzis Dual Pole Magnetic Beams struck. Blue Lotus Daozis body was thrown backwards like a rubber ball being kicked.

Blue Lotus Daozi spat out a mouthful of blood. He appeared haggard, and the lotus flower petals looked fake. However, each of these flower petals represented a year of Blue Lotus Daozis cultivation.

Over 100 petals had fallen, signifying that over 100 years of Blue Lotus Daozis cultivation had been turned to ashes.

However, just as he managed to stabilize himself, the Primeval Underworld Monarchs White Blood and Blood Sea dual swords, which had been waiting, slashed down and one of Blue Lotus Daozis arms was severed.

Blue Lotus Daozi once again backtracked. Although he retreated quickly, an opportunity had presented itself to Luo Yunyang.

With a light movement of his finger, a black glow appeared in the void and wrapped itself around Blue Lotus Daozi.

It was the Dream Crusher!

This was the strongest of the three techniques that Luo Yunyang had created. Generally speaking, it was used when he wanted to seize an opponents life.

"Escape!" Blue Lotus Daozi shouted. His body had already transformed into a boundless lake of blue lotuses. As Luo Yunyangs Dream Crusher wrapped around the lotus lake, Blue Lotus Daozi had already appeared 1,000 miles away.

Blue Lotus Daozis aura gave off a dispirited vibe. Clearly, he had paid an unimaginable price for using that method of escape.

"Black Shenzi, why are you doing this?" At the moment, the person Blue Lotus Daozi hated the most wasnt Luo Yunyang, but Black Shenzi.

He had sincerely wanted to save Black Shenzi, yet just as he had made a move to help this person, he had realized that he had actually been betrayed by the treacherous Black Shenzi.

His anger and indignance were easy to imagine.

"Wise men adapt to the circumstances!" Black Shenzi glared icily at Blue Lotus Daozi and said, "You must die here today!"

Supreme Daozi and the Paragon Bug Queen were equally shocked. They had never imagined that things would turn out like this.

Black Shenzi, whom they had considered an ally all along, had actually launched a sneak attack on Blue Lotus Daozi when he was in the most critical danger.

Blue Lotus Daozi was hurt. Just by sensing his aura alone, he could tell that he had at least lost half of his combat strength. Under the circumstances, the gulf between him and Luo Yunyang had widened even more all of a sudden.

"Vile being!" Supreme Daozi shouted.

Supreme Daozi was also livid. Although he and Blue Lotus Daozi were competitors, they were also comrades at the same time. Black Shenzis backstabbing had put them on the path of defeat.

How could he not be furious?

Black Shenzi didnt even care about Supreme Daozi. As he soared upwards, his body expanded and his two arms that were like mountains plowed towards Blue Lotus Daozi.

Right now, he knew that either he or Blue Lotus Daozi would have to die for this to end. Thus, his best option would be to get rid of his opponent resolutely.

Perhaps Black Shenzi wanted to get rid of Blue Lotus Daozi and Supreme Daozi even more than Luo Yunyang himself now.

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the other spectators were dumbfounded. They couldnt believe that what was happening was actually true, yet reality told them that everything was as true as could be. Black Shenzi had really betrayed and backstabbed Blue Lotus Daozi.

They were subordinates of these four champions, so they didnt have too many dealings with each other. Now that Black Shenzi had betrayed Blue Lotus Daozi, the Machine Empires warriors were immediately alerted.

"You bunch of despicable scoundrels! How dare you backstab the Daozi! Damn it! a 30-meter tall Purgatory powerhouse with a body made of white bone shouted. He brandished his bone spear and charged over at the Machine Empires powerhouses.

The few Machine Empire Titan Monarchs present knew that the situation wouldnt improve, so they instructed, "All of you, prepare for battle!"

In just a moment, fighting once again erupted in this originally calm region. The Brilliant Sun Sage, the Divine Union martialists, and the martialists of the Bug Race were at a loss.

Under normal circumstances, they were supposed to aid the Purgatory fighters. However, Black Shenzis actions had left them unable to guess the intentions of their own champions. They didnt know what measures they should adopt. Should they bend the knee to Luo Yunyang, gang up on Blue Lotus Daozi, or

As the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others were at a loss, the members of the four factions watching this through the virtual realm were equally flabbergasted.

Nobody had expected all these twists. Black Shenzi, who had been beaten up by Luo Yunyang without any chance to retaliate, had actually joined forces with Luo Yunyang.

Blue Lotus Daozi was seriously hurt, Supreme Daozi was finding it difficult to assist, and the Paragon Bug Queen was hiding far away, as though all of this had nothing to do with her.

Luo Yunyang had already assumed the upper hand. It could even be said that victory was already in Luo Yunyangs grasp.

"Luo Yunyang, I surrender this time!" Blue Lotus Daozi dodged an attack from Black Shenzi before saying, "We wont be enemies from this day on. How does that sound?"

Blue Lotus Daozis words left Black Shenzi at a loss. If Luo Yunyang agreed to Blue Lotus Daozis suggestion, it wouldnt be good news for him.

Just as he started to get worried, he heard Luo Yunyang say, "You want peace now? Too late! Today, I must definitely slay a Daozi here!"

As he said that, the weapons in his hand changed rapidly and he prepared to use the Divine Martial Technique.

The viewers watching all felt that things were looking extremely bad for Blue Lotus Daozi.

After hesitating for a short moment, Supreme Daozi suddenly rushed away from the crumbling void. His motive was clear. He wanted to rush out of the Deep Sky Star. However, just as he was about to rush through the collapsing void, he experienced the crushing might that the four of them had used to seal the Deep Sky Star.

He couldnt escape!

Supreme Daozi was pissed when he suddenly saw Luo Yunyangs punch strike Blue Lotus Daozis body and shatter it.

Although this happened fast, Blue Lotus Daozi had already appeared several hundreds of meters away. His aura was even weaker now.

Blue Lotus Daozi could fall!

Once Blue Lotus Daozi fell, perhaps he might fall as well. Of course, Supreme Daozi wasnt willing to die, but it seemed like he had no power to decide what would happen.


Black Shenzi and Luo Yunyang once again surrounded and hunted down Blue Lotus Daozi. By resorting to all sorts of methods, Blue Lotus Daozi held on for three minutes before being shattered again.

Although he could still rely on a secret art to come back to life, if this went on, Blue Lotus Daozi would definitely die for real.

"Stop!" Amidst the dull interlude, a voice seemingly laden with a majestic awe reverberated through the void.

A blood-red lotus flower accompanied this voice and appeared outside the Deep Sky Star!

The people who had been worried for Blue Lotus Daozi heaved a collective sigh of relief. The Blood Lotus Supremacy had arrived!