Supreme Uprising Chapter 588

Chapter 588 The Supremacy's Fury Makes Stars Fall Like Rain

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Many people knew about the relationship between the Blood Lotus Supremacy and Blue Lotus Daozi, so a lot of them were extremely envious of Blue Lotus Daozi.

After all, having a Supremacy willing to aid and protect you was something countless people wished to have. Furthermore, this Supremacy didn’t require any remuneration or reward for doing so.

They were from the same origin and they were very close!

It was this sort of sentiment that made many people say passionately that it had been the Blood Lotus Supremacy who had contacted the other Supremacies to get rid of Luo Yunyang’s Samsara Star City Lord status for the sake of Blue Lotus Daozi.

It could be said that this was akin to breaking Luo Yunyang’s foundation.

Now that Blue Lotus Daozi was in danger, the Blood Lotus Supremacy had already appeared outside the space sealed by the four treasures.

If these ultimate treasures had not been too powerful, the Blood Lotus Supremacy would perhaps have thrown away his dignity and made a move on Luo Yunyang already.

After all, Blue Lotus Daozi was special to him.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy’s arrival made the already-fighting Purgatory and Machine Empire powerhouses calm down.

All of them looked at the Blood Lotus Supremacy, waiting for instructions so that this matter would be resolved.

There was a slight hint of dimness in Blue Lotus Daozi’s eyes. As an entity of the same origin as the Blood Lotus Supremacy, Blue Lotus Daozi’s ambition was higher than the sky. He definitely wasn’t willing to owe the Blood Lotus Supremacy so much.

He was even more unwilling to see a matter that the Blood Lotus Supremacy had considered a small issue escalate this way.

For him, this was a humiliation. A massive humiliation.

However, given the current circumstances, only the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s arrival could resolve this crisis. Therefore, even though he was really unwilling, he could only grit his teeth tightly and stop quickly.


Blue Lotus Daozi’s body was sent flying. This time, his body was scattered in many directions throughout the void, so he appeared to be very miserable.

Although Blue Lotus Daozi’s body once again gathered in the void, this time, the condition of his severely-hurt body was even worse and some of his origin source had been damaged.

He glared hatefully at the attacker.

Luo Yunyang. The one who had just unleashed the Divine Martial Technique was Luo Yunyang! While the Blood Lotus Supremacy had shouted out for him to stop, Luo Yunyang had attacked once again!

He had used an extremely powerful move. To survive against the Divine Martial Technique, Blue Lotus Daozi had to pay a huge price.

While Blue Lotus Daozi was astonished, anger brewed in his heart. He was not angry just because he was hurt, but also because Luo Yunyang had ignored the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s order. This was extremely vile!

Immediately, Blue Lotus Daozi’s eyes glowed with a scarlet blaze. At the moment, he wanted to go all out against Luo Yunyang.

Black Shenzi, Supreme Daozi and the others were also stunned. Even Black Shenzi, who wanted to slay Blue Lotus Daozi, had stopped attacking upon hearing the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s shout.

The Supremacies were supreme entities that could control the destruction of the sky and earth. Such entities couldn’t be disobeyed.

Thus, when he heard the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s shout, Black Shenzi stopped attacking, even though he was very unwilling.

He didn’t stop because he wished to, but because he didn’t dare not stop.

Supreme Daozi had also stopped. He had made this decision as Blue Lotus Daozi had gotten more and more hurt. He no longer had any intention of fighting on.

Now, a Supremacy had made his move. Supreme Daozi could finally heave a sigh of relief. However, he had never imagined that Luo Yunyang would nearly kill Blue Lotus Daozi with another strike after the Blood Lotus Supremacy had ordered him to stop.

How impressive!

Upon seeing the ruined complexion of Blue Lotus Daozi, Supreme Daozi’s opinion of Luo Yunyang soared.

How could this guy dare do this? Even though Supreme Daozi hated Blue Lotus Daozi to the core, he wouldn’t dare do what Luo Yunyang had done!

Although they didn’t belong to the same tribe, the price of offending a Supremacy’s dignity wasn’t something he could afford to pay.

“Luo Yunyang!” The majestic voice echoed all around. The blood-red figure was like a divine entity that controlled everything in this vast void.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy’s voice was calm. However, amidst that calmness was immense fury.

As an unparalleled Supremacy, the Blood Lotus Supremacy had never been ignored by anyone beneath the Supremacy Level. This was simply a provocation!

By the time the Blood Lotus Supremacy spoke, Luo Yunyang had already soared upwards and once again flown towards Blue Lotus Daozi.

Seizing the World with a Sweeping Blade!

Furious blade-lights shot over at Blue Lotus Daozi. Although this attack didn’t kill Blue Lotus Daozi, the frantically-retreating Blue Lotus Daozi lost an arm.

The bloodstains vanished rapidly, yet the injuries Blue Lotus Daozi suffered multiplied now. If this defensive boundary had not been formed by the four defensive ultimate treasures, the Blood Lotus Supremacy would perhaps have slaughtered Luo Yunyang immediately.

“Vile being! How dare you continue to commit such atrocities!” The Blood Lotus Supremacy was furious as he pointed a finger in the void. A ray of light was blasted in Luo Yunyang’s direction.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

As the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s attack struck the sealing power created by the Eight Sky Sealing Seals, the other four ultimate treasures smashed the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s attack. Luo Yunyang, who was within the Deep Sky Star, had now turned the long blade in his hand to twin hammers.

The dancing Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers pummeled heavily at Blue Lotus Daozi.

Luo Yunyang just needed about half an hour to obliterate Blue Lotus Daozi. In the meantime, the Blood Lotus Supremacy might not even be able to break through the sealing power.

If this sealing power had only been of one type, the Blood Lotus Supremacy would have already started. It naturally wouldn’t have been much of a problem.

However, the powers of the four ultimate treasures were intertwined. What had been meant to prevent Luo Yunyang from escaping had turned into a deadly trap. It wouldn’t be an easy task, even if the four users tried to separate this converged sealing power.

Although the Blood Lotus Supremacy was powerful, breaking such a sealing blockade would take quite some time. During this time, the Blood Lotus Supremacy would be helpless to do anything to Luo Yunyang.

“Luo Yunyang, stop!” Although the Blood Lotus Supremacy hated it, he still couldn’t help but shout this when he saw Luo Yunyang once again attack Blue Lotus Daozi.

“Why should I stop?” Not only did Luo Yunyang not halt, but his attacks became even more vicious. “He and I were adversaries right from the start! I am the disciple of the Celestial World Supremacy, and you seized my opportunity. My master hasn’t dealt with you yet!”

Although Luo Yunyang didn’t know whether the Celestial World Supremacy would seek justice for his sake, he still needed to use his powerful connection to intimidate his opponents. Regardless of how this would end, Luo Yunyang would have to make himself sufficiently imposing before speaking.

“Vile being! One should spare people whenever possible. Blue Lotus Daozi can surrender now,” the Blood Lotus Supremacy said as he watched Blue Lotus Daozi pathetically fend off Luo Yunyang as best as he could.

In order to get this opportunity, Blue Lotus Daozi had sealed himself for countless years. Surrendering now would mean that many years of hard work had been all for naught.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy believed that this was already a great loss. However, Luo Yunyang replied coldly, “Surrender? And the matter would be resolved?”

Although Luo Yunyang wasn’t afraid of clashing with a Supremacy, right now, there was no margin for leeway between him and the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

Even if he cowered a little on this matter, perhaps the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who had lost the Ultimate Samsara Token, wouldn’t let him get away either.

No matter what happened, the outcome would be the same. Luo Yunyang could only be more vicious and try and fight for his life.

Furthermore, Luo Yunyang possessed the Divine Martial Battle Avatar. Although this Battle Avatar could only display the power of a half-step Supremacy, Luo Yunyang reckoned that the Divine Martial Technique of a half-step Supremacy wouldn’t be weaker than any ordinary Supremacy’s.

This was why Luo Yunyang could disregard everything.

“Luo Yunyang, do you see this expanse of space? As long as I make a move, I can destroy it completely.” When the Blood Lotus Supremacy waved his sleeves, the Milky Way was completely displayed before Luo Yunyang. Although this was just an image of the Milky Way, his fear of the Blood Lotus Supremacy intensified.

Luo Yunyang believed that, as long as the Blood Lotus Supremacy waved his sleeves, the basis of the Milky Way’s Human Tribe would be turned to dust in an instant.

However, he absolutely couldn’t shrink back right now, Thus, he said icily, “Bring it on! Let’s act together. You destroy the Milky Way’s Human Tribe and I will destroy Blue Lotus Daozi.”

As he spoke, Luo Yunyang waved his sleeves and the Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers once again gathered energy. This time, Luo Yunyang used the accumulated power of the Heavenly Cycle Water Fire Star Cauldron, which increased the offensive might of this attack tenfold.

The Mountain Partitioning Nine Fragmented Peaks were once again used. As the hammer-lights came crashing down, half of Blue Lotus Daozi’s body was shattered.

Suddenly, the Blood Lotus Supremacy also moved his sleeves and more than 100 stars in the Milky Way were turned to dust.

There was no sign of life on any of these stars. However, just like that, this mighty deterrence had been completely displayed.

Within the Milky Way, countless Human Tribe powerhouses felt afraid. Although they were very far from the destroyed stars and planets, the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s attack had made them feel immense trepidation.

“Sir Luo Yunyang, don’t let your emotions cloud your judgment!”

“Hurry up and stop! If there is any issue, it can be discussed with Sir Blood Lotus Supremacy!”

“Everyone calm down a little! We mustn’t overreact!”

As these frantic voices rang out within the void, Luo Yunyang’s Water Fire Sky Quake Hammers were brandished once again.

This time, thanks to the aid of his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang’s might was even greater. Meanwhile, the Blood Lotus Supremacy, who was separated by the sealing boundary, was moving his palm slowly towards the image of the Milky Way!