Supreme Uprising Chapter 589

Chapter 589 The Weak Are Insignificant Like Ants

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Various powerhouses from the Milky Way’s Human Tribe had already left the planets they had been on quickly. At the moment, many of them were just in space.

Although they didn’t enjoy being there, at present, they had no other choice.

They didn’t wish to die, yet they didn’t have the slightest ability to do anything when they faced the crushing power of a Supremacy-Grade. Therefore, the only thing they could do now was bear with it.

“Half of the star system of the Tianyun Empire has already been destroyed. Although the destroyed planets were all resource planets, it is still really dangerous!” The Deep Earth Path Master’s voice was fraught with panic.

The Tianyun Empire had been established by his descendants. Although his ties with the Tianyun Empire had already grown insipid after all these years, it was still an empire that had been founded by his descendants.

Now, all his descendants within the Tianyun Empire would face death, which made him feel a little angsty.

More importantly, he was totally helpless to do anything in the face of this massive threat, which was what he found most unbearable.

“Old Deep Earth, calm down. We are really powerless to do anything right now!” The Autumn Water Path Master could see the Deep Earth Path Master’s current state. However, the only thing he could do was try and console him.

For them, this matter was simply an absurd calamity. Everyone else also knew deep down that they and any other ordinary Human Tribe member wouldn’t make any difference.

Against this sort of calamity, they were all equally weak and totally powerless.

On the huge screen, Luo Yunyang’s twin hammers once again smashed Blue Lotus Daozi’s body to pieces. Although Blue Lotus Daozi once again reformed his body using treasures, he appeared so feeble that he could even get blown away by a breeze.

The spectators understood what was happening. This was a severe case of consuming too much power. If Luo Yunyang destroyed Blue Lotus Daozi’s body a few more times, then Blue Lotus Daozi would really die in the Deep Sky Space!

“Contact Luo Yunyang! Tell him to stop it quickly!” the Acute Metal Path Master exclaimed loudly, addressing the Bloody Massacre Path Master.

Although the Bloody Massacre Path Master’s projection came from the virtual realm, there was a slightly anguished expression on his face.

“Yet another 100 resource stars have been shattered,” the Bloody Massacre Path Master said with a slightly pained look on his face. “It’s too difficult to protect oneself against something formless and soundless.”

When these two sentences were uttered, the top peak powerhouses of the Milky Way’s Human Tribe who were gathered in the virtual realm all fell silent.

Deep down, everyone knew that they couldn’t interfere anymore. However, this feeling of helplessness was unbearable.

“Luo Yunyang, he”

The image in the virtual realm once again showed Blue Lotus Daozi’s body getting shattered. This time, as the figure of Blue Lotus Daozi shattered again, Luo Yunyang’s mind power took the form of a millstone.

Blue Lotus Daozi was crushed between the power of the shattering void and the millstone of gathered mind power. With each rotation of the millstone, Blue Lotus Daozi’s figure became weaker.

“You vile being, do you think I won’t start killing?” The Blood Lotus Supremacy’s expression turned even more frightful as he saw how Blue Lotus Daozi was being treated.

His eyes were glowing red, and the vast sky had turned a shade of scarlet in an instant.

The starry sky was like a sea of blood, while everything was as silent as could be.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy’s fury made everything around him shudder. This really frightened the people watching through the Sky Vision.

The fury of a Supremacy could cause complete chaos. A Supremacy was already angry.

“If you kill a single person right now, then there will be nothing left for us to discuss!” Luo Yunyang said.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy was a person who had always been firm and resolute with whatever he chose to do. He had practically never known what it was like to be threatened, yet Luo Yunyang had actually dared unexpectedly threaten him publicly! His finger, which had been about to make a move, halted rigidly in mid-air.

Blue Lotus Daozi was really important to him. In his eyes, Blue Lotus Daozi’s value was even higher than the entire Human Tribe’s lives.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy finally stopped after destroying more than 300 resource planets. He only stopped because Blue Lotus Daozi’s state had already reached a critical juncture. If he was obliterated by Luo Yunyang once more, even the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s powerful abilities wouldn’t be able to save his life.

After a moment of silence, Blue Lotus Daozi finally spoke. “I can ensure that the Ultimate Samsara Token becomes yours. Let Blue Lotus Daozi go.”

This sentence indicated that the Blood Lotus Supremacy had already backed down. He had spent a great deal of effort over this Ultimate Samsara Token.

However, he had just said that the Ultimate Samsara Token would belong to Luo Yunyang. Actually, his stance was very clear. This was a huge concession by the Supremacy.

This also meant that the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s prestige would take a huge hit.

Luo Yunyang replied indifferently while still controlling the giant millstone formed by concentrated mind power, “It was mine to begin with. You’re using my items to negotiate with me. Don’t you think that’s really funny?”

The Brilliant Sun Sage, who was astonished, sneered slightly.

How reckless! To think that he would actually say this to the Blood Lotus Supremacy at such a time!

It was widely-known that Supremacies were kings. Now that Luo Yunyang had offended the Blood Lotus Supremacy, how could the Blood Lotus Supremacy possibly let him off?

However, as he was about to crack a joke, he saw the Soliciting Moon Maiden’s admiring expression.

“Luo Yunyang’s current circumstances have left him without any margin for retreat. Do you think the Blood Lotus Supremacy would let him off even if he could retreat?”

As the two of them conversed, their eyes were on Luo Yunyang. However, they both had different opinions.

In the virtual realm, many Human Tribe martialists were scared witless. Although the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s techniques hadn’t killed a single person, crushing several hundred planets had easily demonstrated his cultivation base and power.

If he wanted to, he could obliterate the entire Milky Way.

Their own fate could be sealed with a thought by a Supremacy. This seemed to be driving many people crazy.

Luo Yunyang’s words had undoubtedly provoked the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

The sky around the Blood Lotus Supremacy had already turned a shade of blood-red. A massive lotus leaf that could block out the sky had already appeared behind the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s back.

The area this lotus leaf encompassed was filled with an aura of blood. As long as the Blood Lotus Supremacy wanted, he could destroy everything in his surroundings in an instant.

“Senior Brother, do not care about me. Kill him!” Blue Lotus Daozi shouted, his eyes filled with berserk rage.

As a proud and arrogant entity, Blue Lotus Daozi was already filled with a crazed frenzy after being treated this way by Luo Yunyang and having his body shattered multiple times.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy was an unparalleled entity after all. He thought for a moment before calming down. As he watched Luo Yunyang on the Deep Sky Star, he realized that if he didn’t lower his head, then death would be the only thing that awaited Blue Lotus Daozi.

He couldn’t just stand and watch as Blue Lotus Daozi died. Although he didn’t like it, he had no other choice.

“Luo Yunyang, list whatever conditions you have. I will definitely accede to your requests if it is within my power to do so!”

After the Blood Lotus Supremacy made his decision, his voice became calm. This atmosphere made many people cry out in astonishment.

Luo Yunyang felt his entire back get drenched with sweat as he looked at the Blood Lotus Supremacy. Although he was sure that his odds of success had been considerable before he had taken this gamble, a Supremacy was just too powerful.

Even though he felt assured, his heart was also fraught with worry.

“Blood Lotus Supremacy, you deprived me of the Ultimate Samsara Token. Don’t you think you should give me some kind of compensation?” Luo Yunyang shouted after taking a deep breath.

Compensation? He actually wanted compensation from a Supremacy?

Practically everyone thought that Luo Yunyang was crazy. Supremacies weren’t ordinary people. They could make the sky and earth crumble with just a thought. Who would dare demand compensation from this sort of person?

Black Shenzi and Supreme Daozi exchanged a glance. Although the two of them had some form of hostility that was absolutely irreconcilable, both of them were looking at Luo Yunyang with a form of respect.

Despite the sort of status they had, the two of them wouldn’t dare demand compensation from a Supremacy, let alone do so while everyone was watching.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy replied icily, “Whatever it is you want, just list it out.”

Luo Yunyang chuckled. “Sir Supremacy is indeed very magnanimous. In that case, I won’t hold back. I heard that Sir Supremacy has a treasury. How about compensating me with a few ultimate treasures to soothe my hurt soul?”

This was extortion! He was totally exploiting the Blood Lotus Supremacy!

To soothe his hurt soul? The Blood Lotus Supremacy immediately shot an icy glare at him, but ultimately said coldly, “That can be arranged!”

His words left most people flabbergasted. After all, this was extortion of a Supremacy.

The blazing anger in Blue Lotus Daozi’s eyes intensified even more. He had an impulse to hurt himself. However, at the moment, Luo Yunyang had suppressed him so hard that even trying to self-implode would be difficult.

“How decisive, Sir Supremacy. I just love dealing with straightforward people! How about you pick a few ultimate treasures that I can use and give them to me first?”

At this point, Luo Yunyang turned his gaze to Blue Lotus Daozi. “As far as he is concerned, we will have to negotiate his value properly.”

As the Blood Lotus Supremacy clenched his fist, that boundless killing intent intensified and his gaze turned ice-cold.

After taking a deep breath, he reigned his temper and replied, “That can be arranged.”