Supreme Uprising Chapter 59

Chapter 59


“Have you found Luo Yunyang yet?” Chief Instructor Lu asked Xu Zhong. He seemed ready to explode.

Xu Zhong looked like a startled rabbit as he nearly jumped up in fear. He knew that Chief Instructor Lu was deeply worried, so he replied cautiously, “I’m in the process of finding him.”

“Time and tide wait for no man!” Chief Instructor Lu raised a hand and violently smacked the top of Xu Zhong’s head. “Get out of my sight and get back to searching!”

Xu Zhong hurried out of the command center without another word.

The entire base’s soldiers followed Chief Instructor Lu’s orders and moved out to locate Luo Yunyang’s whereabouts.

Even though they searched the C-grade and D-grade dire beast regions multiple times, they still didn’t find a trace of Luo Yunyang.

Some elites from the upper class also joined the search, but they still weren’t able to find him.

“Chief Instructor Lu, we discovered some roasted dire beast bones. They seem to be a few days old. They must be Luo Yunyang’s doing!” Xu Zhong shivered with trepidation as he reported the news softly to Chief Instructor Lu.

Chief Instructor Lu didn’t say anything. He just handed Xu Zhong a file.

Although Xu Zhong looked uncivilized, he was actually a rather meticulous person. As he went through the file quickly, his expression slowly changed.

“The Royal Forest Military, the Grand Sky Corps and the others wish to participate in this fight. It will become a mass brawl between the younger generation of the Eight Armies of the East.”

As he muttered to himself, Xu Zhong’s heart filled with shock, which was quickly replaced by a sense of unease. He was the person in charge of the elite class, which included Luo Yunyang and the others, so he knew the level of those martialists really well.

Although Sun Miaomiao and Guan Wanli could be considered decent, he wasn’t too confident that they could match up to the top elites of the Grand Sky Corps and the Royal Forest Military.

Where had this damned Luo Yunyang run off to?

“I didn’t expect the situation to turn out like this. The Rising Dragon Army’s elite class has been beaten for years. Even if we equip the students with everything we’ve got, they will still not be able to reach the standards of the Sky High Military and the other top three armies.”

“This is just a trivial matter. Our chief commander never wished to blow it out of proportion, so we have always put up with it!”

“However, you should also know that people outside have started to rank the eight armies. Do you know what our rank is?”

Xu Zhong didn’t really know, but given Chief Instructor Lu’s mood, even if he had known, he wouldn’t have dared say it out loud.

“We rank seventh! Does this seem acceptable to you? We are tied with the Dancing Phoenix Corps at seventh place!”

When he mentioned the tie and the Dancing Phoenix Corps, Chief Instructor Lu’s entire body started shaking with rage.

“How’s training that bunch of kids going?” Chief Instructor Lu asked, turning his gaze to Xu Zhong.

“They are all training hard. I even got several veteran soldiers to act as sparring partners for them. Every single one of them has improved exceptionally. I have selected 20 of them. You can take a look at them.”

Xu Zhong hastily took out a file and handed it to Chief Instructor Lu.

When Chief Instructor Lu took the name list, he saw that the first name on it was Luo Yunyang’s. Right below him were Guan Wanli, Sun Miaomiao, Yang Yirui and some others.

“These 20 are all good young saplings, but Luo Yunyang hasn’t been found yet. If he isn’t able to make it in time to participate, then you’ll have to pick a substitute.”

“Their abilities and strength might have experienced significant improvement, but the most crucial point is actual combat. Do you understand that?” Chief Instructor Lu waved a hand around as he proclaimed, “Let them use whatever resources we have at the base.”

“If any treasures that can improve their abilities cost points, let them have them on credit.”

Xu Zhong had been at Base 7 for a long time, but this was the first time he had encountered such circumstances. He knew that this issue had made all the big shots show their true colors, which had subsequently resulted in the current situation.

The Rising Dragon Army’s training was now in full swing. When the members of the elite class had found out about the reason behind this, their hearts had been set ablaze.

They were all elite martialists. Why should they let their top-grade source fluids be given away? They wanted to reclaim those source fluids by using their bare hands.

Yang Yirui, Chen Yong, Qin Feifei and the others were all extremely hardworking. Qin Feifei and Cheng Yong had already broken through the standards of a class-two martialist, yet among the group, which was working its ass off, was also someone who was extremely pessimistic.

Guan Wanli!

Although he was the most serious about cultivation and the one who sweated the most when they trained, he had sort of resigned himself to fate. Once, during a conversation with Sun Miaomiao, he told her, “I actually tried to enroll at the Sky High Military in the past.”

“I could still enter it, given my abilities. Do you know why I didn’t join them, though? Because I was afraid that if I did, I wouldn’t even be a Chen Yong there.”

Guan Wanli didn’t think highly of Chen Yong.

“While I was going through the Sky High Military’s assessment, I came across Lei Qi, who managed to reach 17,000 kilos of force with a single punch. According to a number of people, that wasn’t even his actual strength.”

Lei Qi? Sun Miaomiao frowned when she heard that name. She had heard of Lei Qi before.

“Lei Qi only ranked third among the Sky High’s Seven Pillars!” Guan Wanli added.

“Is there still no news of our leader?” Qin Feifei asked Yang Yirui, her face fraught with worry. “If he doesn’t come back soon, then it will be difficult to stop the Ardent Sun Group from disbanding.”

“Bai Yuming is really vile. He says that our leader overestimated himself and ended up in the belly of some dire beast. He is still trying to encourage a bunch of fellas to form the White Cloud Group!”

Although Yang Yirui was tall and rough-looking, he also had a delicate side to him, so he was kind of an expert at appeasing others.

Of course, when it came to girls, this skill was even more useful.

“Feifei, nasty people like him are just opportunists who go wherever the wind blows. Why would you lower yourself to his level? Our leader is the person I respect the most in the entire class. He wouldn’t have trouble dealing with any kind of problem. You must remember who our leader is! He is the Newcomer King! You are experienced, knowledgeable and exceptionally intelligent. It’s not worthwhile to get mad at such a brainless fool!”

A faint smile appeared on Qin Feifei’s face. Suddenly, an ear-splitting sound was heard.

“We have to gather up! Hurry!” Qin Feifei and Yang Yirui had already spent over two months training with the elite class, so they knew the rules. If they were late, they would get punished and they would have to face Xu Zhong’s foul mouth, which was more than enough to make one crumble.

The two of them rushed frantically towards the drill ground.

Quite a lot of people had already gathered there. If one looked around the drill ground, they would think that it was filled with all sorts of stars.

Chief Instructor Lu, a few deputy chief instructors, and a few other figures of authority they were not very familiar with were there. Each of them was standing on the drill ground as straight as a pillar.

“Strength report!” Xu Zhong had an expression that Qin Feifei and the others were not familiar with. His rough, hooligan-like grin had become solemn and respectful.

“One, two, three…”

“Reporting, Chief Instructor. The Rising Dragon Army Elite Class’ total members are 146. There are 145 present. Luo Yunyang is absent!”

Xu Zhong’s report was powerful and resonating.