Supreme Uprising Chapter 590

Chapter 590 Going Against The Current Without Retreating

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“The Blood Lotus Supremacy has actually backed down. His Highness Yunyang has actually made the Blood Lotus Supremacy back down!” Molin’s voice was stirred-up.

This was an unnamed planet. Molin and the Empty Fire Saint were currently on a spacecraft, but the footage of Luo Yunyang talking with the Blood Lotus Supremacy was shown on the display.

Molin hadn’t been very optimistic at first when Luo Yunyang had engaged in this gamble with the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

The reason was obvious. The Blood Lotus Supremacy was a Supremacy-Grade entity, as well as a powerful force among Supremacies.

In Molin’s opinion, even the Celestial World Supremacy would make some slight concessions if he encountered the Blood Lotus Supremacy.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually made the Blood Lotus Supremacy back down.

The Empty Fire Saint was as tranquil as the summer sea. It seemed as though he wasn’t astonished or shocked at all.

“Third Junior Brother has no path of retreat,” the Empty Fire Saint said faintly while Molin sighed once again. “He would plummet into the abyss if he just took one step back.”

Molin fell silent when he heard this. He wasn’t an idiot either, so he naturally understood Luo Yunyang’s current situation.

If Luo Yunyang had backed down immediately at the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s request, then the Blood Lotus Supremacy might have possibly killed him straight away.

However, Luo Yunyang’s proposal to discuss with the Blood Lotus Supremacy implied that he had taken the initiative.

Although this initiative carried a huge risk, it would help him gain the upper hand.

Countless people were in awe of the way Luo Yunyang was extorting the Blood Lotus Supremacy. At the same time, many people were already aware that Luo Yunyang only dared extort a Supremacy this way because he had no way out.

There was not even a tiny escape route.

Compared to the negotiations, most people were more curious as to how this matter would pan out, so they kept their eyes peeled to the screen in the virtual realm.

“Blue Lotus Daozi isn’t very important to me. In fact, if you hadn’t valued him highly, I would have already killed him,” Luo Yunyang said straightforwardly.

Blue Lotus Daozi felt the rage in his heart blaze once again. However, he couldn’t comment on what Luo Yunyang had said at all.

Yes, he had been beaten miserably by Luo Yunyang and Black Shenzi’s betrayal had played an important part.

However, he had to admit that even without Black Shenzi’s betrayal, he still wouldn’t have been a match for Luo Yunyang.

“I hope that Sir Supremacy can agree to help me with something,” Luo Yunyang said after pondering slightly.

He wanted the Blood Lotus Supremacy to do something for him? This request didn’t seem too excessive. However, many people thought that Luo Yunyang was clearly courting death by announcing this condition.

Supremacy-Grade entities had helped certain people before, yet it had taken endless pleas and begging before a Supremacy would agree in a moment of kindheartedness. However, Luo Yunyang wasn’t just asking for compensation now. He was pushing it by asking for more. He had been given an inch and was asking for a yard.

Actually, one could even say that he was asking for a mile when he had gotten a yard!

“Don’t go overboard, Luo Yunyang!” Blue Lotus Daozi shouted. This time, Luo Yunyang didn’t make any moves against Blue Lotus Daozi. Instead, he beamed at him.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy really itched to kill off Luo Yunyang right away. However, the Eight Sky Sealing Divine Seals and the other defensive treasures made it difficult for him to enter in such a short time.

This was just like a sturdy carapace helping Luo Yunyang withstand all attacks. Right now, the Blood Lotus Supremacy was livid with Blue Lotus Daozi and the others’ methods to prevent Luo Yunyang from escaping.

However, Blue Lotus Daozi couldn’t die!

“What is it?” The blood-red tinge all around the Blood Lotus Supremacy disappeared completely before he regained his calm demeanor.

“I don’t know either, but don’t worry, Supremacy. I definitely wouldn’t ask you to do something too dangerous.” Luo Yunyang chuckled at this point. “I wouldn’t ask you to have a death match against other Supremacies either.”

“Perhaps I’d just ask you to kill someone for me… For example, some of the people above me on the Supreme Wind Cloud List.”

Dahai Saint stared at Luo Yunyang furiously from his high and lofty palace. Supreme Daozi, who was considered an elder of his, had been suppressed so badly by Luo Yunyang that he couldn’t strike back.

Although he was extremely displeased deep down, he couldn’t do anything about the current situation. However, he resolved to definitely make the Milky Way’s Human Tribe pay.

He had been preparing for this matter to be over, yet when he heard this request of Luo Yunyang’s, he instructed his subordinates.

Killing someone on the Supreme Wind Cloud List? Thinking about this made his heart shudder. If the Blood Lotus Supremacy was determined to kill him, then he would be in danger.

Dahai Saint was not the only one who felt this way. Many people felt their hearts tighten when they heard Luo Yunyang’s request. This request was really hateful.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy met Luo Yunyang’s gaze and said indifferently, “Alright, I can agree to this. However, I will need a time limit. This condition can’t apply indefinitely!”

“Let’s say 500 years?” Luo Yunyang said after mulling this over for a bit.

“Alright, 500 years it is.” The Blood Lotus Supremacy gazed at Blue Lotus Daozi while saying, “Now, isn’t it time to let him go?”

“Ha ha ha… Of course I will let him go. But Blue Lotus Daozi wanted to enter the Samsara Wheel. I think we should go in together. What do you think, Sir Supremacy?” Luo Yunyang said while meeting the Blood Lotus Supremacy’s gaze.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy, who understood what Luo Yunyang was thinking, spoke up. “I definitely wouldn’t go back on my promise. Before fulfilling my promise to you, I absolutely won’t make any moves on you.”

“Thank you, Sir Supremacy.” Luo Yunyang’s gaze landed on Supreme Daozi’s body. “I will still have to ask Sir Supremacy to wait a while. I will send Blue Lotus Daozi out after I am done.”

As he said that, Luo Yunyang zipped towards Supreme Daozi. While he flew over, he shouted towards the void, “There is still one Daozi! Anyone willing to bid for him? If there’s no one, he will be slain.”

Supreme Daozi had originally been suppressed by the Five-Element World Tree. As he saw Luo Yunyang rushing over, he realized that he would have absolutely no way of withstanding this.

Blue Lotus Daozi was at his last gasp. Furthermore, he was already safe so he definitely wouldn’t help Supreme Daozi.

However, getting these few Supremacies to make an offer and guarantee his life would also be very difficult for Supreme Daozi to accept.

As Supreme Daozi readied himself to resist as best as he could, a figure appeared in the void.

The Shenluo Supremacy stared at Luo Yunyang calmly. “Young man, you have done rather well. If you hadn’t been the Celestial World Supremacy’s disciple, I would have accepted you as my disciple. How about we let this matter end here?”

As a Patriarch of the Demigod Tribe, the Shenluo Supremacy was a high and lofty existence. Basically, one word from him could make everyone comply in the Divine Union.

However, the person he was dealing with now was Luo Yunyang, who was well aware that he had nowhere to back off to.

Boom! Luo Yunyang struck immediately. Despite being somewhat prepared, Supreme Daozi was still sent flying when Luo Yunyang unleashed the Divine Martial Technique.

Although he didn’t spit out any blood, Supreme Daozi’s expression looked extremely unsightly. The Shenluo Supremacy’s gaze steeled up as well while a murderous intent clouded his eyes.

“Luo Yunyang is really abominable. He actually dared disobey the Supremacy! The Divine Union should expel the entire Milky Way’s Human Tribe!” some Demigod Tribesmen said in the virtual realm.

However, none of the big shots within the Demigod Tribe opened their mouths to speak. They wouldn’t speak up about their own interpretations of this matter, yet some of them remained quiet because they weren’t willing to offend Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang had been promised an undertaking by the Blood Lotus Supremacy. This made all these big shots feel a little apprehensive.

“Young friend, I can recompense you with two treasures and then agree to the same conditions you and Brother Blood Lotus Supremacy decided on. How does that sound?” The Shenluo Supremacy, who was no ordinary person either, spoke up after eyeing Supreme Daozi.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the calm Shenluo Supremacy and flashed a faint smile. “Since Sir Supremacy is being this generous, then I shan’t say no.”

Supreme Daozi was very sullen. He, a mighty Daozi, had actually been treated like an item to be traded away. This was really unbearable.

However, Supreme Daozi had to admit that he really had no other alternative.

The Paragon Bug Queen, who had been drifting away from the shattering void, had a helpless look on her face when Luo Yunyang’s eyes turned to her.

“Luo Yunyang, I will also accept the same conditions.” A voice rang out throughout the void as a beautiful lady appeared. Although she was just a projection, her magnificence was exceptional.

Luo Yunyang didn’t feel that much hatred for the Paragon Bug Queen. Thus, when someone agreed to his conditions, he nodded his head and accepted the deal.

Black Shenzi was smiling. He felt that relying on Luo Yunyang had been a wise choice. Otherwise, he would have been humiliated in the same way as Blue Lotus Daozi and the others.

However, as he was feeling pleased with himself, Luo Yunyang’s eyes turned to him. “Boss, there is no need, right?”

“How can there be no need?” Luo Yunyang grinned at Black Shenzi. “If there is no need, could it mean that your value and status are too low?”

Black Shenzi wanted to say something, but he ultimately discovered that he couldn’t bring himself to speak. Just as he started feeling sullen, a Supremacy from the Machine Empire appeared, basically agreeing to Luo Yunyang’s conditions.

However, Luo Yunyang did give Black Shenzi preferential treatment and only ask for one treasure from the Machine Empire.

As the dust settled, the few ultimate treasures that sealed the Deep Sky Star slowly started to withdraw their power. As the last piece of Sky Sealing Seal was collected back, Luo Yunyang’s relaxed expression tensed up instantly.

He gripped the Divine Martial Battle Avatar in his hand tightly. The most dangerous moment had arrived!