Supreme Uprising Chapter 591

Chapter 591 The Jueluo Supremacy

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The sealing blockade of the Deep Sky Star was supposed to prevent Luo Yunyang from escaping. However, in the end, it became a suit of armor for Luo Yunyang.

If was not for those sealing techniques, Luo Yunyang simply wouldnt have any right to discuss conditions with the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the other Supremacies.

Now, that sealing blockade had dispelled.

The Brilliant Sun Sage and the Soliciting Moon Maiden had fixed their fullest attention on Luo Yunyang. They felt that this was when misfortune would befall Luo Yunyang.

His all-imposing demeanor had made so many unparalleled existences concede against his threats.

However, although these treaties might have been agreed on, in reality, they still contained a massive danger.

Once the sealing blockade vanished, Luo Yunyang wouldnt be able to guard himself!

All it would take was a thought from any of these Supremacies and this repulsive fellow would die right there! How satisfying would that be for everyone?

Based on what the Brilliant Sun Sage knew, these various Supremacies werent the broad-minded, magnanimous sort.

As the Brilliant Sun Sage was about to take pleasure in Luo Yunyangs pending misfortune, a figure in the void emanated a vast, magnificent aura.

The sky and earth of the Deep Sky Star were instantly shrouded by this imposing aura.

This silhouette radiated entirely with the will of the sky and earth. As he floated in the void, the Brilliant Sun Sage and the others couldnt help but feel that this was a person that couldnt be defeated easily.

The Brilliant Sun Sage knelt to the ground uncontrollably. Then, the Soliciting Moon Maiden and the other exponents on the Deep Sky Star threw themselves to the ground as well.

"Its the Jueluo Supremacy!" a Demigod Tribe powerhouse exclaimed in a trembling voice.

The Jueluo Supremacy was the Supremacy with the greatest bloodlust among the three great Supremacies of the Demigod Tribe. It could be said that the Jueluo Supremacys bloodlust was even greater than the Shenluo Supremacy and the last Demigod Supremacy put together.

His appearance right now already indicated a problem.

The overwhelming killing intent ultimately enveloped the whole area around Luo Yunyang. Although this sort of killing intent was incorporeal, that terrifying sensation was something that couldnt be covered up.

Luo Yunyangs mind power was already sufficiently strong, yet even so, his mind power was trembling under this massive pressure.

It felt like a massive, majestic wave of power was roaring at him. What this energy wanted to do was crush him to dust with that vast pressure.

Endure! I definitely have to endure!

By making some quick adjustments with his attribute regulator, Luo Yunyang raised his Constitution to the max and relaxed a little.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Mountains collapsed while deep cracks started to appear on the Deep Sky Star, which had already suffered massive damage.

The Deep Sky Star was just like a leather ball that was about to shatter.

This situation made many people feel terrified.

"All the martialists at or below the Nebula Grade must please leave the virtual realm. In a minute, the virtual realm will be forcefully shut."

In the virtual void, a warning voice rang out. "The mind power of a Supremacy-Grade is so powerful that it can easily cause grievous damage to martialists at or below the Nebula Grade. Therefore, please leave immediately."

Although many martialists were a little unwilling, they still chose to leave.

However, some people believed their own mind would be sufficiently strong and didnt log out of the virtual void.

These people were quickly taught a lesson. Not only did the virtual realm shut, but their minds suffered massive damage too.

"This is the might of a Supremacy! We cant even withstand it through the virtual realm. How can Luo Yunyang be able to resist such power?"

In the Human Tribe, some martialists were sighing.

There werent many people within the Milky Ways Human Tribe that could view such a battle. The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the other various path masters felt their hearts fill with apprehension.

They had just escaped from the threat of the Blood Lotus Supremacy, yet now they had to worry about Luo Yunyang. Because Luo Yunyangs fate and the Milky Ways Human Tribe were closely connected, if Luo Yunyang were to die, the entire Milky Ways Human Tribe would lose its protection.

"Yunyang actually endured it!" the Deep Earth Path Master lamented while watching the scene. Many people found it difficult to breathe.

Although he couldnt estimate exactly what sort of pressure Luo Yunyang was going through right now, he could imagine how great it was.

Nobody uttered a word. The Bloody Massacre Path Master and the others kept their eyes firmly fixed on the tense Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yunyang didnt feel good at all. Although his Mind and Power had already been adjusted to the maximum, that majestic power made his entire body feel like it was tearing up.


This was the might of a Supremacy. The Jueluo Supremacy was exerting so much pressure on Luo Yunyang to make him kneel to the ground. A massive roar was heard as he was trying to make him kneel and show his loyalty to the Jueluo Supremacy.

Only if he did so would this majestic pressure disappear.

However, Luo Yunyang wasnt willing to kneel. He knew that he would not just lose his dignity if he were to kneel. If he did so, the Jueluo Supremacy would also be able to leave a seal in his mind, thus making it difficult for Luo Yunyang to make a comeback for all eternity.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes

The pressure kept increasing. Luo Yunyang felt like his body was a rubber ball that was compacted to its limit. Any more power and he would fall apart at any second.

The Blood Lotus Supremacy, the Shenluo Supremacy and the others glared icily at Luo Yunyang as though they were silently looking at an ant being crushed.

Letting the Jueluo Supremacy kill Luo Yunyang seemed like a decent option too. After all, Luo Yunyang had already made them lose quite a great deal of face.

After enduring this for another 10 minutes, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that he wouldnt be able to withstand it for much longer. He considered this for a bit and prepared to utilize the Divine Martial Battle Avatar in his hand.

Although this Battle Avatar had a cultivation base of a half-step Supremacy, Luo Yunyang believed that it would surely give the Jueluo Supremacy a huge surprise if it unleashed its Divine Martial Technique.

The moment he made this decision, a path of light shot down from the nine heavens and Luo Yunyang was instantly enveloped by that glow.

The instant this light shielded his body, Luo Yunyang felt the pressure wrapped around his body vanish completely.

"Jueluo Supremacy, if you have any discontent, you can come look for me. What is the point of doing this to a junior?" A calm, insipid voice reverberated through the void. The Jueluo Supremacy quickly retracted his aura.

He swept his gaze all around and then chuckled faintly. "Celestial World Supremacy, this disciple of yours is quite impressive. I was so excited by the thrill of giving him some pointers."

His sharp penetrating gaze was turned to Luo Yunyang. "Young fellow, no matter what your cultivation base is, you must always honor the teachers and not do as you wish without restraint."

As he said this, the aura around the Jueluo Supremacys body vanished completely. Then, the figures of the Blood Lotus Supremacy and the others also vanished into the void rapidly.

As the last silhouette of a Supremacy vanished into the void, Luo Yunyang heaved a huge sigh of relief. He knew that the greatest danger had already passed.

Luo Yunyang reckoned that even if his cheap master was in seclusion, he would have at least left behind some trace of his consciousness outside.

When Luo Yunyangs status as the City Lord of Samsara Star City had been stripped, his master should have known. However, he hadnt been willing to waste much effort to help him.

Furthermore, the Cloud Sea Saint had been involved in the group that had stripped Luo Yunyangs position, so his master had chosen to remain silent.

However, no matter what, Luo Yunyang was still his disciple. If he were to be killed by the other Supremacies, even if the Celestial World Supremacy was a master who didnt care, his reputation would still take a hit.

Therefore, his master had chosen to speak up just when Luo Yunyang was in the most danger.

"My respects, Master." Luo Yunyang inhaled deeply before speaking towards the void.

As he spoke, he sensed a gaze on his body. He knew that the Celestial World Supremacy was observing him.

However, as this gaze disappeared, the Celestial World Supremacys voice didnt speak again.

There were two possible reasons for this. One, the Celestial World Supremacy was in a crucial period of his cultivation so he couldnt say anything. Two, this was a declaration of his position and stance on Luo Yunyang.

The master-and-disciple relationship they shared had already reached its end.

From his own point of view, Luo Yunyang knew that it was definitely the latter. However, he didnt regret killing his Eldest Senior Brother Cloud Sea Saint.

As Luo Yunyang was pondering this in silence, a loud rumbling sound was heard. Along with this heavy booming sound, a formless ripple spread through the void from a distance.

"The Samsara Wheel has already completed its formation. Hurry up and enter it!" someone shouted loudly. Other wielders of Samsara Tokens also rushed in the direction of Samsara Star City.

Luo Yunyang took to the air and saw a massive round wheel revolving slowly within the void. As that wheel revolved, countless figures appeared in the void. There were figures several thousand meters big, and others that were only the size of a grain of sand. As these figures moved, each of them formed a realm.

These were individual Samsara Realms. As long as one possessed a Samsara Token, they would be able to enter 10 reincarnation cycles within the Samsara Wheel in 10 days.

10 reincarnation cycles, 10 memories. Although there was a limit to how much a body could improve, this would still benefit ones cultivation base massively.

Luo Yunyang thought for a bit as he watched the massive Samsara Wheel. Then, he shouted to the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others through his communication device, "You guys need to hurry up and come find me!"

Half an hour later, after handing some Samsara Tokens he had seized to the Bloody Blade Monarch and the others, Luo Yunyang strode towards the Samsara Wheel slowly.