Supreme Uprising Chapter 592

Chapter 592 The Great Sun Massacre Divine Art

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As he held the Ultimate Samsara Token in his hand, Luo Yunyang felt an overwhelming attractive force envelop him when he was about a star system away from the Samsara Wheel.

Luo Yunyang didn’t resist this wave of power. In an instant, he was carried by this force and forced to land in the central point of the massive Samsara Wheel.

Two different glows, one black and one white, rotated around Luo Yunyang. Countless Origin Source Laws converged into one as the black and white glows revolved within the void.

The converging of all these Origin Source Laws made Luo Yunyang’s surroundings seem like a formless mass of primordial chaos. Meanwhile, Luo Yunyang’s attention was on a gray stone.

This stone only had a radius of three meters and didn’t look like anything special. However, the Ultimate Samsara Token in Luo Yunyang’s hand was buzzing lightly in the stone’s direction.

Without any hesitation, Luo Yunyang walked towards that stone. When he sat in a lotus position on it, he felt a black and white vortex suck his soul through a multicolored grotesque passage.

Countless colors twinkled crazily in this passage. The instant he entered the passage, Luo Yunyang tried to use his mind power to survey the passage. Unfortunately, his mind power was deflected away by a wave of power when it came into contact with the passage.

Once, twice, thrice

After 10 tries, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that he simply wouldn’t be able to make any breakthroughs by using this passage.


As a loud boom was heard, Luo Yunyang suddenly felt everything around him become bright. As he regained his bearings, he discovered that he had appeared in a cave that seemed somewhat desolate.

Vast amounts of information flooded Luo Yunyang’s mind. Any ordinary person would have exploded from this much information. However, it wasn’t a big deal for Luo Yunyang.

Luo Yuanchu was the firstborn son of the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s chief and the Nine Great Guardian Marquises, Blue Dragon Marquis. Currently, the cultivation base that Luo Yuanchu possessed was at the third level of the Sky ManGrade.1

The boundaries of cultivators at the place Luo Yuanchu was at were the following: Yuan Man, Sky Man, Man Celestial, Earth Celestial, Sky Celestial, Celestial Thearch and the fabled Heavenly Venerate.

Luo Yuanchu didn’t understand the grades of the Heavenly Venerate and the Celestial Thearch well, but according to Luo Yunyang’s comparison with his own world, he believed that the classification in this realm corresponded with the Divine Union.

It was only the names that were different.

Yuan Human-Grade was actually similar to Planet-Grade. Sky Man-Grade was akin to Star-Grade. Even Man Celestial-Grade corresponded to Nebula-Grade and Earth Celestial corresponded to Galaxy-Grade.

Celestial Thearach was actually Universe-Grade!

The correspondence between these levels of power made Luo Yunyang extremely satisfied. Although the Samsara Wheel’s 100-year cycle of reincarnation was meant mainly to cultivate one’s mental and spiritual state, a powerful realm would allow clear progress through cross-referencing.

Even a lower-level realm was just the equivalent of seclusion cultivation, even if one’s mental state could be improved.

Even in the Divine Union, entering the Star 3-Grade at the age of 25 would probably mean that a person was a genius.

As Luo Yunyang occupied Luo Yuanchu’s body, he learned that Luo Yuanchu had been overly eager to cultivate the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art and had ultimately suffered from Qi Deviation. Thus, his soul had been shattered.

In the Tianyunshen Dynasty, the cultivation of a martialist was very different from the way it was in the Divine Union. For example, the Divine Union’s various forms of cultivation required the comprehension of various Origin Source Laws and forging one’s own cultivation paths according to the Origin Source Laws that one controlled.

However, in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, there wasn’t such a distinction. A cultivation just had to follow the cultivation techniques in order to condense a Martial Path True Body.

The stronger a Martial Path True Body was, the stronger a cultivator was.

If a Divine Union martialist was on the way to find their own martial path based on the various Origin Source Laws, martial paths were already discovered so what martialists from the Tianyunshen Dynasty needed to do was just cultivate accordingly.

Both had their own advantages, so it was difficult to say which one was stronger. However, Luo Yunyang vaguely felt that the martial cultivation techniques of the Tianyunshen Dynasty seemed to be a little stronger than the Divine Union’s.

The seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis had been passed on for many thousands of years. According to Luo Yuanchu’s memory, the first Blue Dragon Marquis had helped the Divine Emperor found the Tianyunshen Dynasty and finally become the chief of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises of the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

When it had been passed down to Luo Yuanchu’s father’s generation, the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis had still held awe-imposing authority. Luo Yuanchu’s father’s innate talent had been outstanding, so he had advanced to a peak Earth Celestial powerhouse in just 120 years.

According to the information of the place known as the Tianyuncheng Continent, an Earth Celestial had to at least possess a lifetime of 3,000 years.

It could be said that Luo Yuanchu’s father, Luo Yingtian, would definitely be able to assist Luo Yuanchu in advancing to a Man Celestial. However, a year ago, Luo Yingtian had entered the Great Million Pond in order to gather a sort of panacea that would help Luo Yuanchu raise his cultivation base.

Luo Yingtian hadn’t returned ever since. There were rumors that Luo Yingtian had been attacked by the Three-Headed Crocodile King, the overlord of the Great Million Pond, and fallen.

There was already some instability due to Luo Yingtian’s absence from the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis. Therefore, Luo Yuanchu had been cultivating impatiently in order to advance to a Man Celestial-Grade as quickly as possible and take over the clan.

However, the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art was too overwhelming and Luo Yuanchu’s soul had been combusted to cinders.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t really interested in Luo Yuanchu’s previous life experiences. What he was interested in was the cultivation technique that Luo Yuanchu had used.

The Great Sun Massacre Divine Art passed down the Luo family had a total of 36 levels. Every nine levels formed a stage classified into Yuan Man, Sky Man, Man Celestial, and Earth Celestial. To advance to a Sky Celestial-Grade, one needed to seek out the Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art and two other Divine Arts that complemented the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art.

When these three types of Martial Path True Body were combined as one, they would create a Pure Sun True Body and allow Luo Yuanchu to advance to a Sky Celestial-Grade. Luo Yuanchu didn’t know that much about the cultivation that came after the Sky Celestial-Grade.

Luo Yuanchu’s Great Sun Massacre Divine Art had already been cultivated to the 12th level. As he thought about it, the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art’s cultivation techniques appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind.

The first 12 levels were a walk in the park for Luo Yunyang. Thanks to Luo Yuanchu’s memories, he grasped them just like that.

Luo Yunyang also felt that the contents of every level after the 13th level weren’t too difficult to grasp either. He activated the Qi of the Great Sun within his body while going through the contents and grasped them entirely after just 15 minutes.

Although the cultivation system of Luo Yunyang’s past memories was entirely different from the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s cultivation system, the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art wasn’t too much of a problem for Luo Yunyang given the deep foundation of his own past cultivation.

After 12 hours, a scarlet sun had already appeared behind Luo Yunyang’s back. With a thought, countless light swords filled with devastating power flew forth from this sun.

It was the 18th level of the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art!

In just 12 hours, Luo Yunyang had already raised his Great Sun Massacre Divine Art to level 18. According to the classification of the Tianyunshen Dynasty, Luo Yunyang had already reached the peak of the Sky Man-Grade.

In the Divine Union, Luo Yunyang had to temper the intensity and strength of his body in correspondence to raising his cultivation base. However, the mysteries of the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art were entirely in the Martial Path True Body. The congealed Martial Path True Body was in fact absorbing what was known as the power of spiritual influence from the void.

If Luo Yunyang pushed ahead vigorously, given his degree, he could more or less cultivate the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art in just a day. However, he knew that he would be relying on Luo Yuanchu if he stayed there for 100 years, so he absolutely couldn’t afford to be negligent.

Right now, the most important thing for Luo Yunyang was tempering Luo Yuanchu and working hard towards higher levels of cultivation techniques.

Three months later, Luo Yunyang left the cave he was undergoing seclusive cultivation in. Thanks to Luo Yuanchu’s memories, he knew that this had been the backyard of the entire Luo family.

“Big Bro Yuanchu, you have finally come out. Great-grandmother has already issued a decree to let Uncle Xiong assume the position of the Blue Dragon Marquis,” said a beautiful girl dressed in a magnificent blue dress.

Lu Bingyue was Luo Yuanchu’s younger cousin. The two of them were childhood sweethearts and had already been engaged to be wed for quite some time.

Luo Yuanchu was also very fond of this cousin. Even though Luo Yunyang was occupying Luo Yuanchu’s body, he couldn’t help but feel some tender affection for her.

Luo Yunyang didn’t care about the seat of the Marquis.

He had come to this realm to cultivate. He simply didn’t care what else was going on in this realm.

“The various clan elders have already consented. Furthermore, Uncle Xiong is going to blame the death of your father on you.” Lu Bingyue was a little puzzled upon seeing Luo Yuanchu, who was as calm as still water.

Her older cousin might always have maintained an air of grace around herself, but his temperament had also been somewhat irascible. Now that her older cousin was a little too calm, this change gave her a sensation of unfamiliarity.

“He he Eldest Young Master, it’s great that you are here. It saves us the trouble of inviting you out of your seclusion.” This slightly disdainful voice came from two martialists in purple who had reached the peak Sky Man-Grade. They were also imperial bodyguards of the Blue Dragon Marquis Seat.

“Double Demons of the Li Mountain!” Luo Yunyang didn’t mince his words as he recalled the information he had about these two.

The eyes of the two so-called Double Demons of the Li Mountain flashed with slight anger before they quickly calmed down in an instant.

“Eldest Young Master, the elders are waiting for you in the ancestral hall. This way, please!”

As they spoke, the two made an ‘after you’ motion with their hands.

“Cousin!” Lu Bingyue shouted with worry. Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively and said, “Don’t worry, Yue’er. There is no harm in going to take a look.”

As Luo Yunyang entered the large ancestral hall of the Blue Dragon Marquis seat, many eyes turned towards him.

Some gazes were full of mockery and pity, but even more were filled with elation.

Suddenly, a cold sneer was heard in the ancestral hall. “He he So many people have gathered here to wait for their death. Heaven is really good to me.”