Supreme Uprising Chapter 594

Chapter 594 The Fury Of The Emperor

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Luo Tianxiong was the most nervous of the lot. He had already liaised with most of the family to assume the position of the family head in the Luo family’s ancestral hall.

Assuming the position of the family head was akin to reaching the peak of his life.

However, he had never expected that Luo Beishan would appear as everything was about to proceed smoothly and he would rank 39th among the Earth Fiend Starlords thanks to the support of the Divine Emperor.

He had thought that everything was over when Luo Beishan had attacked. However, he had never imagined that, at the most dangerous of times, Luo Yuanchu would actually unleash the Martial Path True Body of the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art.

Although he couldn’t see exactly what stage the Martial Path True Body had reached, Luo Tianxiong had a feeling that Luo Yuanchu’s Martial Path True Body had already reached the apex.

“Young Marquis, the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis cannot go a day without a head. The Blue Dragon Prefecture cannot go a day without a ruler. I would like to represent the clan and request that the Young Marquis succeeds your Marquis Father’s role,” said Luo Beigui, one of the Luo family elders. Although he didn’t hold too much authority within the clan, he was the most astute person in the entire Luo family.

He was always the first to know whenever there was any activity within the clan. Thus, he was now the first person to step forward and express his support for Luo Yuanchu.

Even when Luo Yuanchu’s father Luo Yingtian had been alive, Luo Yuanchu’s great-grandmother Lady Bai Falong’s words had held enormous weight, although she had stayed in the inner residence most of the time.

Now, she was at a loss for words.

Once Luo Beigui expressed his support, the other elders also followed by stepping forward and proclaiming that Luo Yunyang should take over the position of the family head.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t really interested in this position. He was also even more unwilling to assume the role of the Blue Dragon Marquis.

Such a position would require quite some effort, and Luo Yunyang wanted to study various cultivation techniques in these 100 years so that he would not waste this cycle of reincarnation.

By the time Luo Tianxiong stepped forward and asked Luo Yuanchu to assume the mantle of the Marquis, Luo Yunyang already had an idea.

“I currently don’t have time for the position of the Marquis. My second uncle Luo Tianpeng will play this role in my stead!”

Luo Tianpeng was Luo Yuanchu’s second uncle. However, his body was naturally smaller and weaker. After many years of cultivation, he still remained at the peak Yuan Man-Grade.

Although he was an elder of the clan, he was one of the elders that didn’t have much power and handled only foreign affairs. Despite his elder brother Luo Yingtian’s vigorous support, he just wouldn’t be bullied into assuming the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis.

He never bullied others himself.

When Luo Yunyang had entered the ancestral hall, Luo Tianpeng had been one of the small minorities that had been prepared to support him.

“The position of the Blue Dragon Marquis must absolutely be held by a powerhouse in the martial ways. Otherwise, our family will become a laughing stock!” said Lady Baifalong. Her status within the family gave her words sufficient authority.

Luo Tianpeng was a handsome middle-aged man. When his nephew had spoken and asked him to serve as the Blue Dragon Marquis, Luo Tianpeng had felt as if he was having a dream.

The old lady’s opposition made him feel a little sad. He was well aware that the main reason was because his cultivation wasn’t strong enough. If his cultivation base had been

As many thoughts flashed through his mind, he saw his nephew slowly walk over and stand by his side. Although he didn’t say a word, some sort of powerful pressure spread out from Luo Yunyang’s body.

This pressure made Luo Tianpeng tremble uncontrollably.

Luo Tianpeng noticed that Luo Tianxiong, who was standing beside him, was shaking like a leaf.

A moment later, the first to step out was Luo Beigui again. He didn’t say anything to Luo Yunyang. Instead, he knelt respectfully before Luo Tianpeng. “My respects, family head.”

Never in Luo Tianpeng’s wildest dreams had he imagined that he would actually see Luo Beigui pay his respects to him.

When Luo Beigui made the first move, practically all the elders started moving towards Luo Tianpeng to pay their respects.

Even Luo Tianxiong finally got before Luo Tianpeng and knelt down, acknowledging his loyalty to the family head.

Lady Baifalong watched as all these younger elders knelt before Luo Tainpeng. She scoffed as if she wanted to say something, but ultimately remained silent. She just turned around and left begrudgingly.

Her departure indicated that, from now on, her authority within the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis would vanish completely.

“Yuanchu, you do not know this, but you have placed your uncle on an open grill!” Luo Tianpeng told Luo Yunyang half in jest and half in worry some time later in a study in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

Luo Yunyang knew that if he were to cultivate in peace, he would have to build an environment beneficial to him in the Blue Dragon Marquis’ Palace.

He smiled gently. “Second Uncle, I want to focus on meditation and cultivation. The seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis cannot fall into the hands of someone else. Don’t worry, if anyone tries anything, just kill them!”

Luo Tianpeng watched his nephew with a sense of unfamiliarity. Although his nephew had been rather haughty in the past, he’d always had the same imposing manner that he wielded easily now.

Luo Tianpeng thought about his nephew’s cultivation base as he asked, “Yunchu, how did your cultivation base”

“Second Uncle, I was enlightened!” Luo Yunyang, who had thought of an answer to this question long ago, replied with a chuckle.

Enlightened? This word wasn’t unfamiliar in the Tianyunshen Dynasty. The most famous legend had happened 3,000 years ago.

The Flying Sword Immortal Bai Jingtian, the current sect master of the number one Sky Sword Sect and most top-ranking of the 12 Sacred Celestials, had only been a slave in charge of cleaning the Sky Sword Sect’s Hidden Sword Pavilion 3,000 years ago.

He still hadn’t broken through to the Yuan Man-Grade at 100 years of age and it had been assumed that he would remain an insignificant person within the Sky Sword Sect until he died there.

It was then that the Sky Sword Sect had encountered the greatest threat. The Six Great Demon Sects had united and attacked the Sky Sword Sect. The sect master had been slain, the grand elder had been killed, and thousands of swords had rung out.

Amid the ringing sound of that storm of swords, Bai Jingtian had gained enlightenment and boundless sword Qi had gathered entirely on his body.

With a step, he had become Sky Man. With two steps, Man Celestial. With three steps, Earth Celestial. When he had taken four steps, he had gathered the Ten Thousand Sky Swords boundary and become a Heavenly Venerate-Grade entity.

The six great demon sects had returned in defeat, while three great demon sects had fallen thanks to Bai Jingtian’s Ten Thousand Sword Boundary. Afterward, Bai Jingtian had once again regained his youthful features and become the Sky Sword Sect’s sect master.

From then on, Bai Jingtian had become an example of advancing by leaps and bounds through enlightenment.

“If Big Brother knew that you had been enlightened, his soul in heaven would definitely be elated. Ha ha ha! This is great!”

Luo Tianpeng held back tears as he lamented. Although Luo Yunyang didn’t say anything, he understood deep down. However, he didn’t like saying some things out loud.

A short while later, Luo Tianpeng said cautiously, “That powerful Divine Emperor is full of ambition. He wants to totally regain the territory of our Nine Great Prefectures. Now that you have killed his subordinate, things don’t look so good.”

Luo Yunyang waved a hand dismissively at Luo Tianpeng’s worry. “Uncle, you don’t need to worry about this. There is always me.”

After stopping to see Luo Yuanchu’s mother, Luo Yuanchu then went to the Blue Dragon Marquis’ Secret Scripture Trove. In the past, when Luo Yingtian had been the Blue Dragon Marquis, Luo Yuanchu had only been able to randomly browse on the first three floors.

However, there was no longer anyone who would oppose Luo Yunyang now. He could browse as he wished.

Earth Celestial-Grade, a condensed Martial Path True Body; Sky-Celestial-Grade, a derived Martial Path Boundary; Celestial Thearch-Grade, a supreme celestial boundary that could be established There were no records within the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace about the fabled Heavenly Venerate-Grade.

Luo Yunyang browsed through the ancient books and records with glowing eyes. He currently was comparing this realm to his own world.

Although the cultivation grades were different, the principle was still rather similar. What interested Luo Yunyang was that these cultivation techniques actually still neglected the physical body. Even though the physical body didn’t wither away, it still wouldn’t be of much use.

Because he was in a cycle of reincarnation, his physical body wasn’t of too much use to Luo Yunyang either.

Ultimately, when his soul returned to his original body, whatever his mind power cultivated would return to his original body as well.

This meant that he would have to gain the most benefits for himself during this reincarnation cycle.

Excited, Luo Yunyang devoured the contents of the records in the Secret Scripture Trove like a ravenous man. At the same time, he made comparisons with his comprehension of the martial path cultivation techniques he already had.

In a huge palace adorned with nine golden dragons, an imposing man in dragon robes glared icily at the black-clothed man prostrated at his feet.

The man’s black robes had a golden nine-tailed dragon-fish embroidered on them. This indicated that he was the chief of the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s guards. Even the heads of the large clans and sects would respect such a person.

However, he was currently prostrated like some sort of slave and his body was shaking. This demonstrated his fear for the man before him.

“Luo Yuanchu really killed Su Lun?” The imposing man’s voice was filled with a biting chill.

“Yes, Your Majesty,” the black-clothed man replied in full deference.

“Great, just great! An enlightened genius!” The fearsome, awe-inspiring man grinned coldly. “He’s actually not showing me any respect. What a maverick!”

As he said that, the man’s palms made a grabbing motion in the air and he said in an unquestionable tone, “Mobilize the Sky Wind Legion and tell them to advance on the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Tell Li Tianfeng that I don’t wish to ever see the Blue Dragon Marquis seat in this world.” [1. The exact translation of Tianfeng is Sky Wind.]

“Your Majesty, the Nine Great Guardian Marquises are branches of the same tree. Your subordinate is afraid” The voice of the prostrating man was quivering as he spoke.

“Branches of the same tree? He he That depends on the matter at hand!” the awe-inspiring man said with a cold chuckle. “This is my first mobilizing decree ever since I became the Divine Emperor. Who would dare stop me?”

As this imperial edict was issued, the Million Sky Wind Legion set out in a grandiose fashion in the direction of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

In no time, the entire Tianyunshen Dynasty had entered a state of massive upheaval.