Supreme Uprising Chapter 595

Chapter 595 A Million Soldiers Riding The Wind

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The Million Sky Wind Legions might was known by everyone!

Warriors wielding green flags were seated on large, robust steeds with green horns sprouting from their heads.

Every single one of these warriors had a robust body that was built like a tiger and a fierce savageness about them.

However, instead of blades or swords, the weapons they wielded were green battle flags!

These battle flags looked really ordinary, yet as they fluttered, they gave off the sense of a storm about to pick up.

As the millions of soldiers marched, a raging gale and dark clouds fragmented everything wherever they went. A boundary that seemed like a frenzied gale enveloped the whole legion.

"Reporting!" A martialist with wings on his back flew down from the sky and knelt down before a green qilin.

On this green qilin rode a slim man with cold features. Anywhere else, this mans features might have been repulsive, but within the Sky Wind Legion, he was like a god.

This was the Raging Wind of the Nine Heavens, Li Tianfeng!

The Tianyunshen Dynastys awe and might was known by everyone because of the four great legions of Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning. The four legion commanders of the four great legions each ranked in the top 10 of the 72 Earth Fiend Starlords.

Li Tianfeng ranked sixth amongst the 72 Earth Fiend Starlords. It could be said that he was at a stage where few people could ever hope to be.

"What is it?" Li Tianfeng asked coldly.

"Reporting, commander. The territory the Blue Dragon Marquis seat holds lies 3,000 miles ahead," the winged man reported respectfully.

A hint of killing intent flashed across Li Tianfengs eyes. He unfolded the scroll in his hands and said, "What is that 13th in rank Starlord of ours doing?"

His words made the kneeling man freeze.

He couldnt say that he knew the 72 Earth Fiend Starlords by heart, but he knew who the 13th in rank was.

It was an expert of the royal family. It was said that this individual had a special relationship with the Divine Emperor.

Even though his own commander didnt mind offending others, offending someone who was an Earth Fiend Starlord like himself wasnt a wise thing to do.

"The commander is talking about Luo Yuanchu!" An officer chuckled as he saw the kneeling mans hesitation.

The kneeling man immediately realized what these words meant. It seemed like a new list of the Earth Fiend Starlords had already come out and Luo Yuanchu now ranked 13th.

This rank was even higher than his fathers, Luo Yingtians.

Generally speaking, within the Tianyunshen Dynasty, such a dazzling person would be actively roped in. However, unfortunately, Luo Yuanchu was really brazen and had actually killed the envoy the newly-ascended emperor had sent.

There was an unspoken rule within the Tianyunshen Dynasty that everyone had to comply with a newly-ascended emperor before his first troop mobilization, regardless of how the royal family got along with the various powers thereafter.

Although no one knew how this rule had come about, everyone had complied with it for years.

Luo Yuanchu could kill Luo Beishen, but killing the court eunuch dispatched by the emperor was a slap to the face of the newly-ascended emperor.

"He is still in seclusion. Last night, the Luo family head finally entered the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and the Secret Scripture Trove. He said everything is fine."

When this message was relayed, that man couldnt help but shudder. He knew very well that what he had just said was like a decent-sized jab to his own commander.

"What a trivial matter!" Li Tianfeng sneered. "Issue the order. Hurry to the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace before sunset today. I wish to spend the night in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace."

"Ha ha ha! Commander, I heard that the Blue Dragon seat has four beautiful twins. You will be blessed with great fortune today" the officer standing behind Li Tianfeng said with a hint of longing.

"That wouldnt be too bad," said Li Tianfeng with a faint grin.

Countless huge banners and furious squalls formed a green cloud layer that blocked out the sun and rushed towards the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

In this realm, countless people were paying attention to the upcoming battle. After all, this concerned the fate of a Marquis family.

On board a multi-tiered ship in the sky, eight men representing different clans were quietly watching the tall mountain that lay beneath them.

The Fallen Dragon Mountain was a huge mountain range outside the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Its purpose was to protect and ensure the Blue Dragon Marquis Palaces safety. In the past, 100,000 Blue Dragon soldiers had been garrisoned there, but they had unfortunately all run away.

Indeed, after the acting family head Luo Tianpeng issued a command to hold the fort to their deaths, 100,000 Blue Dragon soldiers disappeared until there was practically nothing left.

"This time, I should warn that the calamity that will befall the Luo family will practically wipe it out!" someone lamented with some emotion.

The other seven individuals didnt say anything. There was a slightly downcast atmosphere on the entire ship. Although they werent the ones being attacked, the name of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises wasnt just for show.

Every single one of them understood the intimately interdependent meaning behind it.

"His Majesty the Divine Emperor is not attacking the Luo family because they disobeyed him. The real reason is that the sect behind the Luo family is already on the verge of being exterminated. It is nearly impossible to establish an independent regime without a Sky Celestial-Grade person to oversee it. Dont you think so?" said a young man with a scrawny face. His words were scathing.

"Why did Luo Yingtian have to go to such a dangerous place? He said that it was for his son, but he was actually repaying a favor to that sects Grand Elder."

"What a pity. This wont do!"

Although the harsh words of that young man werent totally clear, as authoritative figures of the Nine Great Guardian Marquis clans, all the others could understand what his words touched upon.

The more they understood, the more silent they became. Although they were all high and mighty, they couldnt control their own fate.

This was a matter that made them feel sorrowful.

Amidst the furious squall and devastating clouds, the large mountains shook. Even though the ship they were on was extra sturdy, it still shuddered amid this raging wind.

"How vehement!" the harsh young man said with a tinge of fury. The object of this fury was Li Tianfeng.

However, Li Tianfeng clearly wouldnt listen to what he said. Although that young man was furious, he could only keep his mouth shut.

He wasnt at the same level as a person like Li Tianfeng. It wasnt just him. Even his own father was nothing in Li Tianfengs eyes.

"From here on, there is just an expanse of flat land!" a middle-aged man said bitterly with a solemn expression on his face.

Concurrently, Li Tianfengs Sky Wind Legion had already passed the tall mountain range and arrived on an expanse of flat land.

Lots of wheat was carried over by a light breeze, forming a dark green wave. Although this should represent a sort of joyous abundance, right now, that vast wheat wave seemed devoid of vitality.

The people had already fled.

Li Tianfeng and his Sky Wind legion didnt find anything wrong with this scene. After all, the news of their arrival had already spread far and wide during the past few days.

However, as Li Tianfengs hand was raised and he was about to signal at his forces to gallop own, he saw a figure in a long white robe. It was a young-looking figure.

That figure walked over slowly with the overhead sun behind him. Although he wasnt moving too quickly, the vibe he gave off seemed to be packed with a strange power. A power that could make the earth and sky tremble.

Li Tianfeng frowned slightly when he saw this person.

He sensed a dangerous aura before he suddenly saw the face of that youngster, who appeared to be moving slowly but was actually astonishingly quick.

Li Tianfeng recognized this face. Actually, almost everyone in the Sky Wind Legion recognized this face.

The bounty on the owner of this face was mass amounts of riches, a great fortune, and an illustrious status.

Why had he appeared there?

This was the thought that many people had. Although some people believed that he had gone there to throw away his life, some wiser martialists thought that it wasnt as simple as that.

"Dying here wouldnt be too bad." Luo Yunyang grinned at Li Tianfeng as he appeared before him. A scarlet sun appeared behind Luo Yunyang and bathed him in a golden glow.

Luo Yunyang seemed as though he was wearing a suit of golden armor as he bathed in the rays of that ardent sun. He looked like a divine entity that wielded the power of life.

However, the slight apprehension in Li Tianfengs eyes vanished completely as he saw this. With a slight guffaw, he said, "You have exhausted your limited capabilities. Now go to hell!"

As he spoke, he slowly unfurled the small flag in his hand. Although this small flag was entirely green, in its center was a green spirit entity. That spirit entity was dressed in green dragon robes and filled with an imposing air.

As the small flag was unfurled, the generals of the Million Sky Wind Legion also unfurled the flags they wielded.

Although there was a considerable gulf between them and the small flag, a boundary where all the wind power gathered took form around where the Sky Wind Legion was gathered.

In this realm, where the Tianyunshen Dynasty was situated, only Sky Celestial-Grade entities could establish their own boundaries.

Li Tianfeng wasnt a Sky Celestial-Grade, yet by using the Sky Wind flag left behind by a Sky Celestial along with the power of the Sky Wind Legion, he could unleash a power equivalent to a Sky Celestial-Grade.

This was also the reason the members of the Sky Wind Legion were confident about crushing everything before them.

However, just as Li Tianfengs flag started to sway in the wind, Luo Yunyang, who was bathed in his golden glow, had already struck out with his fist.

Although he possessed the power of an Earth Celestial-Grade, what Luo Yunyang used was the Divine Martial Technique!