Supreme Uprising Chapter 596

Chapter 596 The Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone

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The strength of the Divine Martial Technique was raised a hundredfold. In the past, Luo Yunyang’s strength had been black and filled with the power of the chaotic hole. However, now, that power was the blazing scarlet of the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art.

As the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art’s Martial Path True Body unleashed the Divine Martial Technique, the scarlet sun hanging high above descended and struck the boundary formed from the vast surging gales.


Immense power reverberated through the skies. Even the sturdy multi-tiered ship high in the sky wasn’t spared from this insane power and cracks started to appear on it.

A 1,000-mile area was bathed in this blazing scarlet light. As the power fluctuated, the tall mountain situated behind the Sky Wind Legion disappeared completely.

“How… How… could you possibly…” Li Tianfeng said in extreme disbelief as he stared at Luo Yunyang. A great fear had already gripped his heart.

However, his body crumbled even before he had finished speaking. As he died, the over one million soldiers of the Sky Wind Legion spat out a mouthful of blood simultaneously.

Although this wasn’t a lot of blood, as they spat it out, all the Sky Wind Legion soldiers fell limply to the ground.

Luo Yunyang waved his hand and the small green flag lying on the ground flew into his palm.

Defeating Li Tianfeng wasn’t something too difficult for him. Li Tianfeng’s cultivation base wasn’t stronger than the current body that Luo Yunyang possessed. Even if his green flag and the one million members of the Sky Wind Legion were added up, he still wouldn’t even come close to Luo Yunyang’s Celestial Domain-Grade cultivation base before he’d entered this reincarnation cycle.

This sort of person would just be defeated when Luo Yunyang used the Divine Martial Technique.

The soldiers of the Sky Wind Legion had watched this happen in disbelief. They had come like a galloping thunder, yet they had been ultimately defeated by just one strike from the enemy.

Li Tianfeng, who was like a god to them, had already been killed. How could that be possible?

“Get lost!” As he said that, Luo Yunyang gazed into the distance before heading back leisurely in the direction of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

“He… He actually let us off?” a high-ranking officer of the Sky Wind Legion stammered in disbelief.

They were one of the four elite legions that helped keep the Tianyunshen Dynasty under control, yet Luo Yuanchu had let them off easily. This was really…

“Do you really think that he has let us off? That last strike has already burned the meridians in our bodies. Recovering is actually a pipe dream,” said a Man Celestial-Grade martialist who was filled with resentment.

Upon hearing this, practically all the Sky Wind Legion soldiers discovered in shock that it was already nearly impossible for them to use the power within their bodies.

In a moment, miserable wails and foul curses were heard all over the place. However, regardless of how furiously they cried or swore, nothing could change reality. They had already become useless invalids.

“Impressive!” a middle-aged martialist on board the ship floating in the sky exclaimed with slight fear. “Is… Is he a Sky Celestial?”

“He hasn’t entered the Sky Celestial-Grade, but the might of that attack has already surpassed an ordinary Sky Celestial-Grade’s power.”

“Yeah, I didn’t see that strike clearly, but after seeing the technique that Luo Yuanchu unleashed, I think the Earth Fiend Starlord rank is going to change once again.”

“He he… Let’s see if this Divine Emperor of ours will continue dispatching other legions to stir up trouble.”

While discussing, these people also quickly spread the news of what they had witnessed.

In no time, the somewhat tense Tianyunshen Dynasty was thrown into upheaval. It could be said that countless people were looking in the direction of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s highest authority, the Divine Emperor Palace.

Luo Yunyang wasn’t too concerned about what sort of reaction the Tianyunshen Dynasty would have. Right now, he was studying the flag he had obtained by slaying Li Tianfeng.

He didn’t really care what sort of material the small flag was made of, as it would most likely be very difficult to bring any material items with him when he left this realm.

What he was interested in was the strong power of laws contained inside this small flag. This power of laws converged to found a boundary within it. When activated, this boundary would appear.

Just based on this point, Luo Yunyang believed that this small green flag was even more refined than some of the ultimate treasures in the Divine Union.

Although Luo Yunyang could examine the secrets of that small flag, he was only able to utilize a power one-third the strength of that small flag due to the differences between his own cultivation techniques and this flag.

Even though the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had many treasures he could use, the quality of those treasures was considerably lower.

Luo Yunyang had already cultivated the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art to its peak. If he wanted to advance to the Sky Celestial-Grade, he would need to cultivate the Sun Massacre Divine Art and the Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art!

These three Massacre Divine Arts could form a boundary and allow advancement into the Sky Celestial-Grade.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had amassed riches for many years and had many cultivation techniques. However, there were very few records regarding the other two Massacre Divine Arts.

After asking Luo Tianpeng and the other elders in the clan, the answer Luo Yunyang had received was the same. There was only one solution to obtaining the other two Massacre Divine Arts. He would have to join the Scarlet Sun Sect.

In this entire realm, the Scarlet Sun Sect was considered a high-level sect. Not only did it have territory in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, but it also possessed its own small world.

The first Blue Dragon Marquises before Luo Yingtian had all been disciples of that sect.

It could be said that the person within the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace that wanted to become a powerful individual in this realm could not do so without the support of the Scarlet Sun Sect.

Luo Yuanchu wasn’t a disciple of the Scarlet Sun Sect. However, according to the rules of the Luo family, he would enter the Scarlet Sun Sect to practice when he reached the peak of the Sky Man-Grade.

Until recently, things hadn’t looked good for the Scarlet Sun Sect, as the Sky Celestial-Grade powerhouse that oversaw the sect had been nearing the end of his life.

A powerful sect with countless benefits that lacked a Sky Celestial-Grade powerhouse at the helm was just like a juicy piece of meat that made many people lick their lips.

The Luo family was just a surrounding power of theirs.

Knock! Knock! Knock! Suddenly, there was a series of urgent knocks. Luo Yunyang had already seen that it was Luo Tianpeng, so he instructed, “Come in.”

“Yuanchu, this is the newly-released Earth Fiend Starlord rankings. You… You… You now rank first among the Earth Fiend Starlords.” Luo Tianpeng’s voice was quivering slightly.

Ever since Luo Yunyang had defeated the Sky Wind Legion, Luo Tianpeng had known that his nephew would surely reach the top spot amongst the Earth Fiend Starlords.

However, knowing it and seeing it actually happen were two totally different matters.

Although the Luo family heads had always ranked amongst the Earth Fiend Starlords, their rank had never been that high.

When Luo Yuanchu had ranked 13th at first, it had already been an unprecedented rank for the Luo family. However, he already ranked 1st.

“Got it.” Luo Yunyang, who really wasn’t interested in any of this, looked at Luo Tianpeng and said, “If there isn’t anything else, I will be cultivating.”

Luo Tianpeng didn’t think that Luo Yunyang’s direct manner of speaking showed a lack of respect to him. On the contrary, he felt that he was being spoken to this way because Luo Yunyang didn’t consider him an outsider.

“Yuanchu, news just came from the capital. His Majesty has invited you to attend Princess Baihua’s coming of age ceremony.” Luo Tianpeng rubbed his hands together slightly. “Clearly, His Majesty is prepared to forge an alliance with our Blue Dragon Marquis Palace by marriage.”

Princess Baihua? Luo Yuanchu’s memory flickered before he remembered this lady, who was also called the flower of the royal family.

She was 10th on the National Grace and Fragrance list and was considered an unmatched beauty by many young noblemen and martial powerhouses.

“I’m not free,” said Luo Yunyang in an unquestionable tone as he waved his hand dismissively.

Luo Tianpeng, who had thought that his nephew would definitely be happy, had never expected to receive such an answer. If he were to send this answer back, the Luo family and the royal family’s relationship would be…

“Yuanchu, all the elders in the clan hope that you will…” Luo Tianpeng gathered up his courage to speak.

However, his voice trembled as he spoke.

Luo Yunyang looked at Luo Tianpeng without saying anything. Luo Tianpeng felt his heart pounding even harder under Luo Yunyang’s gaze.

“Do you think that I need to listen to that bunch of old fogeys?” Luo Yunyang’s calm tone was laced with a hint of killing intent.

Luo Tianpeng didn’t dare make a sound. He could sense the warning in his nephew’s words.

Given his current status, Luo Yuanchu naturally didn’t have to listen to those elders. It could even be said that he could decide the direction the clan should head towards with just a thought.

“Then I shall take my leave,” Luo Tianpeng responded before he quickly headed out. Just as he was halfway out, Luo Yunyang suddenly said, “Second Uncle, guests will be arriving. Help me welcome them.”

Luo Tianpeng was stunned for a second. Although he was a puppet-like family head, all matters within the clan, regardless of how big or small, had to go through him before reaching Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyang had actually known that guests would be coming even before him.

Luo Tianpeng, who was slightly confused, walked to the main door of the Secret Scripture Trove. Three middle-aged martialists were standing beneath the originally empty main doorway. The martialists standing right at the front gave off the vibe of a dead tree.

There was a dead tree indeed.

Luo Tianpeng froze for a moment when he saw these three. He had never seen them before, but the feeling he got from them was that they were from the Scarlet Sun Sect.

This was not just because of the cultivation techniques of these three, but because of the aura emanating from their bodies.

“We have come to call upon Mr. Luo,” said a fair, white middle-aged man who stood to the left of the dead, tree-like martialist.

As he uttered the words ‘Mr. Luo’, his expression was filled with respect.

Luo Tianpeng knew the Mr. Luo mentioned wasn’t him, but his nephew. After hesitating for a bit, Luo Tianpeng didn’t ask anything else. He just nodded before leading the three individuals into the Secret Scripture Trove.

“Mr. Luo, we have come to offer you a Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone.”