Supreme Uprising Chapter 597

Chapter 597 Protectors

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Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone? Luo Yunyang didnt have much of a reaction to these four words, but Luo Tianpeng appeared absolutely astonished.

He knew very well that a Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone wasnt just an extremely rare treasure. It was also a myth for the entire Luo family.

Many years ago, the Luo familys primogenitor and First Blue Dragon Marquis had managed to be accepted into the Scarlet Sun Sect by relying on a Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone.

The first-generation Blue Dragon Marquis had found this Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone by a fortuitous chance. This finger bone had been of no use to him at the time, so the first-generation Blue Dragon Marquis had given it as an offering to the Scarlet Sun Sect for the sake of raising his own cultivation base.

As the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis had become one of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises, successive generations of Blue Dragon Marquises had wanted to get back this Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone.

However, the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone meant too much, so the Scarlet Sun Sect had never agreed. Now, even though Luo Yunyang had not asked, the Scarlet Sun Sect had come voluntarily to offer up the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone.

Unfortunately, when Luo Yunyang took the finger bone, he felt his mental state shudder, as if a massive roaring dragon had appeared in front of him.

He was nothing more than an ant before this massive dragon.

The might of the massive dragon flashed past. Although it lasted just an instant, Luo Yunyang sensed a power that wasnt inferior to the Celestial World Supremacy.

Could he be able to reach the Heavenly Venerate Grade within 100 years?

Once he became a Heavenly Venerate-Grade, thanks to this successful experience, his future cultivation would be smooth when he returned to the Divine Union.

He didnt continue to perceive the power of the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone. Instead, he looked at the three people who had delivered this finger bone.

"What request does your sect master have?" Luo Yunyang asked flatly.

"Meet us in 10 days at the Scarlet Mountain Pureland. We hope that you will help us defend the Swirling Ridge, Sir," said the wooden-faced man.

Although Luo Yunyang mainly spent all his time cultivating, his eyes turned slightly cold when he heard what that man had said.

"Are you all really prepared to do this?" Luo Yunyang asked in a stern manner.

"Mr. Luo, we already have no other choice," replied the wooden-faced, middle-aged man.

No other choice. Luo Yunyang nodded his head. Although he knew that this was only a reincarnation cycle, some of the things he had experienced werent any different from his own reality.

For example, the Scarlet Sun Sect!

The Scarlet Sun Sect had been very powerful many years ago. Actually, even the Tianyunshen Dynasty would concede when dealing with the Scarlet Sun Sect. What about now, though? For the sake of renewing the life of their last Sky Celestial-Grade powerhouse, they had to give up a Scarlet Vulcan Vine that had taken root at some unknown time on the Red Mountain Pure Land and started to grow.

This Scarlet Vulcan Vine had started blooming. As long as it bore fruit, the fruit would definitely be a shockingly powerful treasure. However, the Scarlet Sun Sect no longer cared about that.

They wanted him to guard the Swirling Ridge. Luo Yunyang considered the location of the Swirling Ridge before nodding. "Besides the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone, I also want the Sun Massacre Divine Art and Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art."

"Sure." In this world, records were extremely precious. It was also fabled that, when it came to certain cultivation techniques, the number of people that could reach the pinnacle was limited.

That also meant that, as long as this limit was exceeded, even if one was an extraordinarily talented genius, no matter how strong one was, one would still not be able to make too much progress.

Therefore, the various big sects taught their disciples that these techniques couldnt be easily passed on.

Although the Sun Massacre Divine Art wasnt the most important technique within the Scarlet Sun Sect, it still ranked within the top 10.

In the past, even though the Luo Family had provided the Scarlet Sun Sect with lots of tributes, it still hadnt been easy for the Luo family head to get a chance to try to comprehend the Sun Massacre Divine Art.

Now, they hadnt even negotiated or asked for anything in return. They had agreed right away. Besides the fact that the Scarlet Sun Sect was going all out, the other reason they had made this choice was because of the changes to Luo Yunyangs status.

He now ranked 1st amongst the Earth Fiend Starlords!

This alone was enough to get the Scarlet Sun Sect to agree to such a price.

When the Scarlet Sun Sects people left, Luo Yunyang went back to studying the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone. After Luo Tianpeng saw those three out, he looked at Luo Yunyang gravely. "Yuanchu, listen to your uncle. You mustnt go!"

Luo Tianpengs voice then became shaky. "Back then, the Scarlet Sun Sect had 10 sons who could sweep aside everything before them. Nobody dared to trifle with them. They were overbearing in many matters, and who knows how much hatred and resentment they garnered against them."

"Now, the last son is trying to go against the order of nature and change his fate. The enemies of the Scarlet Sky Sect definitely wouldnt allow that to happen so easily."

"I heard that many sects are participating this time around. More importantly, some Sky Celestial-Grade individuals have started to reveal themselves."

Luo Yunyangs eyes lit up faintly when he heard what Luo Tianpeng said. "I have already made my decision."

Although Luo Tianpeng knew that the probability of him convincing Luo Yunyang was very low, he was still somewhat bewildered at how staunch Luo Yunyang was about his decision.

Just as he was about to try persuading him again, Luo Yunyang picked up the Heavenly Venerate and returned to his seclusion chamber.

Luo Yunyangs seclusion chamber was the best place in the entire Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Not only was it filled with the purest spiritual Qi, but there were many meditation treasures that would help safeguard against Qi Deviation.

Luo Yunyang took out the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone and then gathered his mind power to sweep through it. Although this Heavenly Venerate was about the size of an ordinary persons finger, Luo Yunyang was able to sense a great deal of difference.

For example, this Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone was clearly placed before him. However, he discovered that it actually seemed to be situated in a different dimension when he looked at it sometimes.

This was extremely strange and even a bit terrifying.

However, what Luo Yunyang was more interested in was the scattered power within each part of the finger bone that belonged to a Heavenly Venerate.

This power was actually some sort of will from a Heavenly Venerate-Grade. Although this will was very little, it would still benefit greatly someone like Luo Yunyang, who was at the peak of the Earth Celestial Grade.

Luo Yunyang stretched out his finger to tap the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone. Although his current power was the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art, the World-Engulfing Finger was still easily used.

Nine days went past in a flash. Luo Yunyang, who had been using his World-Engulfing Finger to refine the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone all this time, smiled slightly.

A dazzling translucent ball of light about the size of a ducks egg floated in mid-air. Although it wasnt that brilliant, Luo Yunyangs expression was one of delight as he watched it.

Will! This was the will of a Heavenly Venerate-Grade powerhouse. Although there was only a tiny bit of will, Luo Yunyang was able to sense a lot within it.

It was different from the will concealed inside the Heavenly Venerate Finger Bone. That will had been scattered throughout, but this one was gathered together.

Luo Yunyang opened his mouth and swallowed that glowing translucent ball of light. As that ball of light entered his body, he sensed his Martial Path True Body, which had already reached its extreme limit, begin a massive change once again.

A violet sun appeared behind Luo Yunyangs back. These violet lights bathed Luo Yunyang, seemingly giving him a hallowed glow that appeared to be drenched in power!

As the violet sun rose, a completely violet boundary formed all around Luo Yunyangs surroundings.

Luo Yunyang absorbed all the violet light into his body before turning his attention to a tiered ship moored at the Luo familys residence.

This ship had been left behind by the three members of the Scarlet Sun Sect. Although they hadnt mentioned what it was supposed to be used for, Luo Yunyang was rather certain of its purpose.

As he stepped on board, he told the Scarlet Sun Sect disciple that stepped forward, "We can set off."

The Scarlet Mountain Pureland was picturesque. Although the temperature there was extremely high, it was a land where countless natural treasures grew.

Crystal-like fruit grew aplenty on rows and rows of scarlet coral-like trees. This sight would make anybody covet them.

However, although the Scarlet Sun Sects reputation was continuously declining, it was still a great sect after all. In so many years, no one had dared to cause it any trouble.

The Scarlet Mountain Pureland was a true outdoor pureland in many peoples opinion.

A bell chimed continuously on this land. At first, the bell chimes were crisp, but later on, they became much heavier and way more suppressing.

"An apt time for a death knell. Chime! Chime as strongly as possible! Let me see how long it can chime for!" said a man in scarlet robes atop a five-colored wyrm with a cold glint in his eyes.

"Little Tiger, this time, I will let you eat until you are satisfied! Ha ha ha!"

Little Tiger was the name of the five-colored wyrm. He released a loud roar before a colorless mist started to rise from the wyrms feet.

"Great Desolation Demon Celestial, I never thought that you would come too. He he I still thought that you had been killed by the joint attack of the Scarlet Suns 10 sons!" said an icy, sinister voice. Its source was a man in emperor robes who had appeared in the sky.

"Emperor He, if a youngling like you didnt perish, how could I possibly die?" the person known as the Great Desolation Demon Celestial replied frostily. "Be wary of your disguise. If the Tianyunshen Dynastys old patriarch discovers it, he will kill you with a punch."

"He he The Tianyunshen Dynasty has no time to come fight with me. Perhaps they might even offer to join forces if they see me."

"After all, they do not want the Scarlet Sun Sect to continue flourishing either." Emperor He sneered. "This time, the Scarlet Sun Sect has used a lot of resources to employ a number of people."

"Unfortunately, this is just a waste of their efforts. Not many people will come to protect them." The Great Desolation Demon Celestial jested haughtily. "Coming here would basically be suicide!"