Supreme Uprising Chapter 598

Chapter 598 The Scarlet Suns 10 Passes

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Compared to its glowing surroundings, the deepest part of the Scarlet Mountain Pureland appeared way more subdued. Although it was also a red land, there didnt seem to be anything magical or mystical about it.

It was a return to the natural form!

Only when spirituality reached a certain state could it return to its natural form.

A middle-aged man in red robes and a bitter face trudged towards the mountain peak ahead of him.

This mountain peak wasnt too high. Compared to the towering mountains all around, this small black peak could only be considered a lump of dirt.

This lump of dirt had a scarlet ancient vein on it. Although this ancient vine had nothing to support itself on, it still sprouted upwards as though it had gained foothold out of thin air. Scarlet leaves containing powerful blazing divine lines grew from it.

Suspended in the middle of these branches and leaves was a scarlet fruit about the size of a fist.

"Greetings, Grandmaster!" The middle-aged man bowed respectfully in the direction of the vine.

As soon as the middle-aged man spoke, the leaves of the vine moved, even though there wasnt any wind, and split apart quickly to reveal an aged body inside.

Although his eyes indicated that he was still alive, that aged person looked as though he could die at any moment.

"What is it?" The vines all around swayed as a raspy voice was heard.

"Grandmaster, Autumn Origin Sovereign, Ice Soul Sovereign, Tri-River Sovereign" The bitter-looking middle-aged man mentioned eight names in succession. Every single one of the people mentioned was an astounding, formidable individual.

All these people had friendly relations with the Scarlet Sun Sect. The Ice Soul Sovereign even owed the Scarlet Sun Sect a huge favor.

"They have all replied that they arent able to come."

The middle-aged mans expression became even more pained and gloomy.

The old man, who looked like he could dissolve into dust at any moment, asked faintly, "What about the items we sent out?" There was clear dismay in his eyes.

"They were all returned." There was some rage in the middle-aged mans voice as he spoke. "But I heard that they have already made arrangements with certain parties and these things will ultimately land in their hands."

"People will always kick a man when he is down. Dont be too furious about this. The Scarlet Sun Sect has run strong for many years, occupied the best pureland in this continent, and controlled a vast amount of treasures and resources. Being in possession of all this would surely make others covetous!"

"While Im still around, I can suppress the other sects so that they wont dare do much. However, once I am gone, all these items will be owner-less."

"How could they be permitted to live for another 3,000 years?" said the old man icily.

"Who knows, we might even groom a Sky Celestial in 3,000 years."

The middle-aged mans expression was pained and unresigned. However, ultimately, all these emotions turned to self-blame.

"Its our fault! We are just useless disciples!" uttered the middle-aged man. "If only this disciple or someone else could advance to the Sky Celestial Grade, then you"

The old man waved his hand. "Alright, all this is useless while Im teetering between life and death. Whether it is successful or not will come down to this attempt."

As the old man was speaking, an intense glow appeared at the side of the sun that was suspended high in the sky.

Yet another sun had risen beyond the horizon. This development made the surrounding temperature jump by 10 degrees.

The people of the Tianyunshen Dynasty were born with strong bodies, so a temperature rise of 10 degrees wasnt a big deal.

"It is the double sun. Seems like we really dont have too much time left," the middle-aged man said sorrowfully.

The old man didnt say anything. However, his face also had the same sorrowful expression.

"Go!" The old man waved the other guy off as a scarlet glow enveloped him. While the scarlet light converged, the old mans appearance underwent a massive change in just a moment.

A masculine man in his late thirties stood in that spot. However, his tired eyes remained the same despite the great changes his body had experienced.

"I hope it will be just a little quicker."

As the old man muttered to himself, the two huge suns in the sky started to converge. Although they had barely started to converge, the surrounding area transformed drastically.

Boom! A blast exploded around the old man as boundless red lights shot towards that huge vine. The huge vine seemed to suddenly come alive. Its branches and leaves shook and rapidly enveloped the small mountain peak.

Everything happened smoothly. However, things had already started to become chaotic in the Scarlet Mountain Pureland.

Countless disciples started to gather at the large platform of the Scarlet Sun Sect, which was 10 miles big. They gripped the weapons in their hands tighter in preparation for what was to come.

Nobody talked or made a sound. Although the people gathered outside the large hall were ordinary disciples, at the moment, they were all ready to put their lives on the line.

A looking glass displayed the situation on the Scarlet Mountain Pureland for all the Scarlet Sun Sect disciples to see.

"Its the five-colored wyrm and the Great Desolation Demon Celestial. This person is wicked and vicious. Be extremely careful while engaging him."

"Make sure to pay attention to the five-colored wyrm. Although its body hasnt molted completely, its fighting strength is definitely at the first level of the Sky Celestial, or possibly even at the second level."

After displaying the five-colored wyrm, the looking glass then showed a man in emperor robes. Many people felt their hearts shudder when they saw this person.

"Its Emperor He. His Sky-Shaking Emperor Technique is also very powerful."

After these two appeared, a figure flitted in the horizon. It was a giant python that seemed like a moving hill

The 13 Sky Celestial-Grades!

Many Scarlet Sun Sect disciples shivered as they saw the characters displayed and recalled some information about them.

Although they had already been prepared to put their lives on the line, it was impossible for them to do so without any fear.

This time, they really didnt have any chance of victory.

Although the various powers shown in the looking glass werent united, their goals were common.

"No Nobody guarded the Devils Frown!" a Scarlet Sun Sect disciple shouted as the Great Desolation Demon Celestial rode his five-colored wyrm through the first important checkpoint.

The Devils Frown was the Scarlet Mountain Purelands first pass. The Scarlet Sun Sect had many array formations in place there that should have put up some resistance, even if the people who had entered the Scarlet Mountain Pureland wouldnt be restricted much by some minor array formations.

However, someone had just stridden straight through this strategic point, which infuriated many disciples.

The large plaza became noisy. Someone even shouted, "Who will follow me to the Devils Frown? I want to show these people that there arent any cowards in the Scarlet Sun Sect! None of us fear death!"

All sorts of furious shouts and bellows echoed continuously until a long sigh made them stop. The sigh came from an old man who seemed to be in his sixties or seventies. However, he was much older than that.

"Although we want to guard the Devils Frown, it is already difficult to dispatch anyone. If the people dispatched are weaker, we would be sending them to their deaths. Even if we sent a greater force, do you think that the Devils Frown would be a better location than this spot?"

Finally, the old man made everyone calm down with his stern voice. They all also understood that, even though the 10 passes of the Scarlet Mountain Pureland were important, they still couldnt compare to gathering all the Scarlet Sun Sects power in the main hall, which was their foundation.

Second pass, third pass, fourth pass

This fury eventually turned into a sort of numbness as what could be called an invading party swept across the Scarlet Mountain Pureland in a short time before abruptly coming to a stop at the Swirling Ridge.

The Swirling Ridge wasnt very important. Actually, it was a far cry from the importance of the Devils Frown. Compared to the previous few passes, this also wasnt a good place to mount a defense.

"Whats going on?"

"Someone is there. Someone is actually defending the Swirling Ridge!"

"Who is that person? Why do I not recognize him?"

As all these comments and questions were thrown around, the Scarlet Sun Sect disciples outside the looking glass heard a voice say, "Everyone, this place is under my protection. If nobody passes through here today, you can pretend that I dont exist."

Although this voice was calm, many people felt a little sad when they saw the person standing guard there.

"That is Luo Yuanchu, the top-ranking Earth Fiend Starlord. Unfortunately, he is guarding the wrong place this time."

"He declared that he will not let anyone pass without even taking a look at the sort of people the Scarlet Sun Sect is facing. This is really"

These whispers didnt affect many people. Deep down, a lot of them really hoped that Luo Yuanchu would be able to hold the Swirling Ridge.

After all, if he could hold the Swirling Ridge, the pressure on them would decrease tremendously.

"He he A young man who thinks he can do anything just because he has reached the top of the Earth Fiend Starlords." The Great Desolation Demon Celestial spoke. "Whatever, Little Tiger. You shall get an extra snack today. You will fist on the number one Earth Fiend Starlord."

As he said that, the Five-Colored Wyrm he was riding on opened his mouth and a boundless wave of suction wrapped around Luo Yunyang.

As this suctioning force formed, many people thought that the widened mouth of the five-colored Wyrm looked like an abyss that would suck everything in.

"Level-one Sky Celestial! That five-colored Wyrm is a level-one Sky Celestial!"

While people were crying out in alarm, Luo Yunyangs body flew towards that massive wyrm along with that suctioning force.