Supreme Uprising Chapter 599

Chapter 599 The Ocean Splitting Sword

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Inside the Tianyunshen Dynastys imperial palace, the imposing Divine Emperor smiled as he heard the report.

"Luo Yuanchu actually went to guard the Swirling Ridge. That is where he will definitely die this time," a eunuch at the Divine Emperors side said in a bone-chilling voice. "Your Highness, how about letting your subordinate head to the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and take it?"

Although the young emperor was slightly tempted by this suggestion, he ultimately still kept his cool. "Lets wait a bit longer. After all, he is trapped in this situation, so he cant escape."

The court eunuch looked a little disappointed upon being told to wait. The seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis was one of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises after all, and the benefits of destroying it were evident.

"A total of 13 Sky Celestial-Grades have gone to destroy the Scarlet Sun Sect. Seems like the Scarlet Sun Sect has offended quite a lot of people!" The young emperor drummed his fingers as he spoke.

However, based on his expression, it was clear that the emperor was afraid of these 13 Sky Celestials.

Although the cultivation bases of these Sky Celestial-Grades werent as high as that of the Patriarch who backed him, they were still Sky Celestial-Grades after all. If the 13 Sky Celestial-Grades joined forces to take on the Tianyunshen Dynasty, the Tianyunshen Dynasty would suffer huge losses, even if it was able to come out on top.

Some people who could tell what the young emperor was thinking also kept their mouths shut, afraid that saying the wrong thing might incur his wrath.

The other eight families of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises gathered their representatives.

"He just doesnt know how to strategize!" An aged man with a head full of white hair slammed his palms on the table.

"Why didnt any of you stop him? Why did he blindly charge into something meant for Sky Celestials, like what is going on with the Scarlet Sun Sect?"

"What had originally been a good situation has changed once again. I heard that the new emperor has plans for the Nine Great Guardian Marquis seats again."

The experts from the other seven families didnt say anything to oppose the old mans outburst. Firstly, they couldnt speak without any thought, and secondly, they really didnt know how to evaluate Luo Yuanchus actions.

Being first among the Earth Fiend Starlords was sufficient enough to support the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis. However, this person had actually gone to participate in the Scarlet Sun Sects battle.

"I heard that more than 13 Sky Celestials have gathered to attack the Scarlet Sun Sect this time," said a gloomy-looking man. Although he didnt say much, nobody present doubted his words.

The 13 Sky Celestial-Grades were like a thick dark cloud that could stifle everyone present and make it hard to breathe.

There was a drastic change in the expression of the people within the large hall when they heard the sounds coming from outside. Although only the sound of raindrops was heard, their acute senses let them perceive the frightening circumstances.

When they all rushed outside the hall, what they saw was a blood-red scene.

Blood-red sky, blood-red clouds, and blood-red rain!

"A Sky Celestial has fallen!" said the aged man with a shaky voice. The Sky Celestials were far out of these peoples reach. However, right now, that boundless blood-red color told them that a high and mighty Sky Celestial had died!

In this realm, Sky Celestial-Grades could be considered apex individuals. Each of these people held honorific titles within their own domains, so even the Tianyunshen Dynasty would pander to them.

However, such an individual had actually fallen.

"Who died?" someone asked in fear. After all, the Sky Celestial-Grades that backed them might have also fallen.

"No idea. We can only wait for news now."

At the Scarlet Mountain Purelands Swirling Ridge, the Great Desolation Demon Celestials eyes were bloodshot. He pointed a finger, looking flustered.

"You You actually killed my Little Tiger! You should die! You deserve to die!" As he snarled, the Great Desolation Demon Celestials body swelled up a hundredfold and a massive ax chopped down at Luo Yunyang.

Sky Celestial-Grades could create their own boundaries, but the Great Desolation Demon Celestial didnt manifest his own. After all, Luo Yunyang, whom he was facing, had just demonstrated the power of a Sky Celestial-Grade.

Although boundaries were still very important in a fight between Sky Celestial-Grades, relying on a boundary for suppression wasnt too pragmatic. Therefore, the Great Desolation Demon Celestial used his strongest technique and most powerful weapon right off the bat.

He used the Heaven Cleaving Ax!

Luo Yunyang remained unperturbed in the face of the Great Desolation Demon Celestials massive ax. The attack of the Great Desolation Demon Celestial might have been imposing, but compared to Luo Yunyang, who had experienced many battles, it was still lacking.

Thus, the instant the massive ax started chopping at Luo Yunyang, a violet light gathered and formed a long blade in his hand.

Seizing the World with a Sweeping Blade!

This blade strike was extremely unyielding and way more overwhelming than the Great Desolation Demon Celestials attack. The Great Desolation Demon Celestial, who had watched Luo Yunyang take out his five-colored wyrm with one punch, was being way more cautious than before.

Even so, as blade-light and ax head collided, the Great Desolation Demon Celestial felt a power that was difficult to withstand send his massive ax flying before severing his head.

His life was threatened!

As a Sky Celestial, the Great Desolation Demon Celestial had experienced many threats. However, this threat made him extremely fearful.

He no longer had any way of attacking, nor was he even able to activate his Martial Path True Body. It was actually difficult to use it to escape at this point in time.

Even if he survived, if his Martial Path True Body was shattered, getting it to recuperate would be extremely difficult.

"Save me" The Great Desolation Demon Celestial no longer cared about his own dignity as he shouted out. However, his shout was a little late. As the blade-light passed through, the Great Desolation Demon Celestials head left his neck.

The unyielding purple lights and flames engulfed the Great Desolation Demon Celestial as the surging flames continuously corroded his body. His Martial Path True Body wanted to regenerate, but it was suppressed by the violet flames of the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art.

"I will offer you a generous reward if you spare me." The Great Desolation Demon Celestials voice was slowly becoming weaker and weaker amidst the violet blazes.

The faces of Emperor He and the others who had come with the Great Desolation Demon Celestial had now stiffened.

They werent on friendly terms with the Great Desolation Demon Celestial, but this gathering had been arranged for their mutual benefit.

Unfortunately, the Great Desolation Demon Celestial had been slain with just one slash from Luo Yuanchu. This was enough to make them feel apprehensive. No one was willing to take the risk of being killed by Luo Yuanchu just to aid the Great Desolation Demon Celestial.

They could ignore the Great Desolation Demon Celestial, but they couldnt ignore the Swirling Ridge. After all, they had to pass the Swirling Ridge in order to achieve their goal.

"Brother Luos ascension to a Sky Celestial is a cause for celebration." Emperor He glanced at the others before clearing his throat. "However, Brother Luo is just one person. It isnt practical for him to hold all of us off at the Swirling Ridge."

"Brother Luo, please let us through. I can guarantee that one-tenth of the things belonging to the Scarlet Sun Sect will be yours."

The Scarlet Sun Sect was like a fat, juicy piece of meat. The one-tenth Emperor He promised was over ten times the Luo familys worth in terms of monetary value alone.

However, riches were of no use to Luo Yunyang. What he required were cultivation techniques, as well as a path to become a Sky Celestial-Grade, not valuable resources that he couldnt use.

If he could save the Scarlet Sun Sect, the records within the sect would be preserved. However, if the Scarlet Sun Sect were to be sacked, Luo Yunyang wasnt too confident about how many of those records would be preserved.

If the Scarlet Sun Sect was destroyed, trying to join other sects wouldnt be easy either. Even if there were other strong sects willing to accommodate him, Luo Yunyang believed that hed have a low chance of being given permission to view those important records.

Now that Luo Yunyang could save the Scarlet Sun Sect, he naturally wouldnt back off.

"If you dont leave, you will end up like him." Luo Yunyangs voice was calm, even though he was pointing at that massive ax, which was riddled with cracks.

This massive ax had belonged to the Great Desolation Demon Celestial!

Emperor He looked at his other comrades. The Great Desolation Demon Celestials death had given him the chills. However, he and his comrades werent willing to give up on the benefits that could be obtained from the Scarlet Sun Sect either.

"Luo Yuanchu, if you are so insistent, then you mustnt blame us for ganging up and bullying you!" In the end, a Sky Celestial with three eyes spoke up.

Luo Yunyang thought of his own Space-Time Eye when he saw the three-eyed Sky Celestial-Grade. However, the three eyes of this Sky Celestial-Grade werent used to control space and time. What they emitted was a seemingly hallowed golden glow.

A hallowed glow that could obliterate all life!

Luo Yunyang had been attacked from all sides many times back when he had been in the Bloody Space River. Thus, he wasnt really bothered this time. At this thought, the violet long blade in his hand turned into a long spear that radiated with violet blazes.

Luo Yunyangs aura turned into an unyielding aura filled with incisive intent.

"He he It will make no difference, even if you have a few more people. Bring it on!"

This reply made Emperor He shudder. In his heart, he thought that either Luo Yuanchu was a lunatic, or he had complete confidence and absolute certainty in his victory.

"Ha ha ha Bring it on? Although I like your words, I definitely have to pass through the Swirling Ridge today," a clear, melodious voice replied as a white figure appeared in the sky. His pure white robes and sword made him seem a little holy.

Emperor He and the others froze slightly while some people walked over to greet him.

It was Ning Shenxiu, who ranked sixth among the Celestial Dipper Starlords. He was called the Ocean-Splitting Sword and was the second most outstanding person after Bai Jingtian in the Sky Sword Sect.

Ning Shenxiu was highly-rated, as he ranked sixth among the Celestial Dipper Starlords made up of only Sky Celestial-Grades. Many people even said that he would surely be able to become one of the 12 Sacred Celestials.

"Lets have a match!" Ning Shenxiu held up his sword with a haughty expression.