Supreme Uprising Chapter 6

Chapter 6


Lian Yubi folded his arms and watched in delight, even though Luo Yunyang would not get eliminated during this round of the examination.

He could still destroy whatever dreams Luo Yunyang had.

Compared to a trivial scuffle among kids, what could be more vicious than destroying one’s hopes?

Lian Yubi would get into the Qitian Martial Academy and become a respectable martialist, while Luo Yunyang would struggle to make a living.

Who knew, maybe he would even die soon…

A little over 100 kilos! How weak! When Lian Yubi saw that the first digit was 1, he couldn’t help but roar with laughter.

“Didn’t you have breakfast, Luo Yunyang? That strength is just embarrassing!”

The machine’s voice had not been heard yet, but the practise target looked crooked.

That particular practise target was supposed to be able to bear a force of 1,000 kilos.

The representative from the Rising Dragon Army had originally wanted to leave after this display, but his expression changed when he saw Luo Yunyang throw out that punch.

When the result appeared, a grave expression formed on his face.

“A fat person would do better than that!” Lian Yubi sneered, disdain written all over his face.

Xiong Zhenshan shook his head. Although he had victimized Luo Yunyang, deep down he didn’t want him to lose too much face.

If Luo Yunyang’s performance before all those bigwigs was too embarrassing, then Xiong Zhenshan would lose face as well. He was the teacher after all.

Plus, the stronger Luo Yunyang was, the more satisfied Lian Changfeng would feel about himself.

A little over 100 kilos was too low. Why didn’t Luo Yunyang just kill himself?

“He he… Only about 100 kilos. How disgraceful!” the chubby superintendent said bluntly.

He didn’t need to be careful not to hurt Xiong Zhenshan’s feelings. He could say whatever he wanted.

“What happened to old Luo? Why did he only get 100 kilos? This is just.” Little fat Nong Yulang suddenly jumped up and exclaimed, “It’s 1,010! It’s 1,010 kilos!”

The training ground had been quiet, so his excited shrieks, which sounded like a pig being slaughtered, naturally drew everyone’s attention.

In an instant, numerous gazes turned to the practise target.

There was no doubt about it. It was indeed 1,010 kilos!

The onlookers who had only seen the first digit had thought that Luo Yunyang’s result had only been 100 kilos. They hadn’t noticed the last 0!

Only third-class martialists and above had this sort of strength.

“1,010 kilos It really is 1,010 kilos!” some students cried out in shock.

“Luo Yunyang is a martialist! A martialist!”

“How awesome! Over 1,000 kilos! Damn!”

“Ha ha ha To think that there is actually a martialist among my classmates! I’m just so excited!”

High-pitched shrieks and shouts rose in a momentary wave. However, although most people found Luo Yunyang’s result outstanding, there were also opposing views concerning the fairness of the examination.

Justice was blind!

It was impartial and objective. How could Lian Yubi and the others be able to hide their intentions?

Lian Yubi’s face was ashen. He simply could not believe the figure displayed on the target. His mind had gone completely blank.

How could this be? Luo Yunyang was a poor fellow. How could he

Lian Yubi looked at Lian Changfeng. Lian Changfeng’s brows were tightly knitted. He had prepared to thoroughly crush that young man’s hopes and dreams. He had never expected the situation to turn out this way.

A strength of 1,010 kilos The young man was a third-class martialist!

As Lian Changfeng met his son’s gaze, he clenched his teeth and made a decision. Although young third-class martialists were pretty good, the Lian family could still afford to offend one.

“Do you believe in miracles, Teacher Xiong?”

These might have seemed like simple words, but Xiong Zhenshan could read between the lines. He was a veteran second-class martialist, so he naturally wasn’t afraid of a third-class martialist.

“Luo Yunyang’s result is 101 kilos. That’s below the standard!” Xiong Zhenshan’s calm voice was meant to crush Luo Yunyang.

All the students who had been making a ruckus suddenly fell silent. Almost everyone turned and stared in astonishment at Xiong Zhenshan and the others.

How dare they?

How dare they actually do this?

Where was justice? What about the heaven’s laws?

“It’s 1,010 kilos! Are you blind?” little fat Shen Yulang argued.

“Yes, it is 1,010 kilos, Xiong Zhenshan. You must be blind!”

Many students questioned the result loudly. They were all hot-blooded and they were unwilling to watch this injustice take place.

That was why they wanted to protest. That was why they wanted to

“Shut up! Anyone who objects will not graduate!” Xiong Zhenshan’s face was ashen. As the head teacher, what he hated the most was people questioning his authority.

After shouting, Xiong Zhenshan added sternly, “Didn’t you all see Luo Yunyang’s result yesterday? How could he suddenly reach 1,010 kilos? An increase of over 750 kilos in a day is impossible!”

Shen Yulang did not agree with Xiong Zhenshan, but he didn’t have any logical explanation either. After all, a strength increase of 750 kilos in a day was absurd.

“Luo Yunyang, 1,010 kilos. Excellent!”

The machine’s voice rang out suddenly, sounding all the more conspicuous on the silent training ground.

Xiong Zhenshan’s face darkened. He had just explained that it was impossible for Luo Yunyang to reach 1,010 kilos, when that result was announced. The machine’s voice was like a resounding slap in his face!

A chorus of exhaling sounds came from the onlookers as everyone looked at Xiong Zhenshan in disdain.

Xiong Zhenshan’s face tensed up. Although he didn’t feel that great, under these circumstances, the only thing he could do was persist.

“Luo Yunyang’s result is set. Next!”

Luo Yunyang appeared calm, but deep inside he was boiling with anger.

His 1,010-kilo strength had been reduced to 101 kilos. These were blabbering lies! He was very clear on the shenanigans taking place. Thus, while Xiong Zhenshan was still talking, Luo Yunyang shouted, “Teacher Xiong! Watch this!”

Luo Yunyang’s words attracted a lot of people’s attention. Everyone watched as he suddenly leapt up, jumped over the practise target and brought his fists together as he descended.


The practise target, which had been firmly rooted to the ground for who knew how long, suddenly bent downward. Then, the figure 1,257 appeared on the display.

“Luo Yunyang, I already said that your examination result is set. Stop trying to cause trouble…” Although Xiong Zhenshan was shocked by Luo Yunyang’s result, all he could do was insist on his view.

“That was the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape!” the young man, who had been watching coldly so far, suddenly exclaimed.

The moment he said this, everyone around him immediately fell silent.

Although no one among them had mastered the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move, they were all familiar with the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

Many of the people present, including Xiong Zhenshan in his younger days, had spent lots of time and effort racking their brains while studying the Ape-Dragon Blueprint. They had all wanted to soar up to the heavens in a single leap!

Although they had failed, they were still familiar with the names and techniques displayed on the Ape-Dragon Blueprint.

Luo Yunyang had managed to pull off the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move!

He was already able to cultivate the Ape-Dragon Blueprint!

He had already stepped into the ranks of the human race’s elite martialists. He was an F-rank elite!

“When did you master the Earth-Splitting Devil Ape Move?” the young man, who had walked over to Luo Yunyang, asked solemnly.

“Last night!” Luo Yunyang’s plan had been to attract the young man’s attention all along. Thus, when he asked him that question, he answered immediately.

“Good! Your strength wasn’t even 500 kilos yesterday, but when you mastered the first diagram of the Ape-Dragon Blueprint, you were able to raise your strength to 1,250 kilos. Very good! Given your natural aptitude, you could become a D-rank elite!”

A D-rank elite! When Lian Changfeng and the others heard this, they were dumbstruck.

Lian Changfeng was one of the most important people in town, yet he was only a basic G-rank elite.

Plus, there weren’t any F-rank elites in town. There had never been any.

The Rising Dragon Army representative stationed in Donglu Town was the only exception. No one knew exactly what rank he was, but he had to be at least an F-rank elite.

Luo Yunyang was actually a D-rank elite. He had exceeded everyone’s expectations.

A D-rank elite. How was that even possible?

“You don’t have to attend the Qitian Martial Academy anymore. In three days, you will take part in the Dragon Army Entrance Appraisal!” As the young man spoke, he dug his hands in his pocket and fished out a red card. “This is a G-rank elite ID card. You can use this for the time being. I will report about your D-rank elite credentials when I return. I’m Zhu Yan, but you can call me Brother Zhu!”

“Thank you, Brother Zhu!” Luo Yunyang took the card.

“If you become a member of the Rising Dragon Army, we will be brothers, so there’s no need to be polite.” As he spoke, Zhu Yan’s gaze swept across Lian Changfeng, Xiong Zhenshan and the others. Then, he raised his head and walked away.

“I will come look for you before the appraisal! Oh, I forgot. Get the card authenticated at the bank. There is a surprise inside it!”

A grave silence still enveloped the training ground. Shen Yulang and the other students were looking at Luo Yunyang in reverence.

They weren’t jealous, as they knew that they would never be able to reach Luo Yunyang’s level.

They could only look up to someone like him, so they naturally did not feel jealousy. They only felt admiration.

Fine beads of sweat had appeared on Lian Changfeng’s face. Although Luo Yunyang was only a third-class martialist, he was a D-rank elite.

Could the Lian family afford to have a feud with a D-rank elite?

“Ha ha ha Little Luo has a majestic gait. One look and I could tell that you weren’t ordinary. You’ll have to look after us in the future!” The chubby superintendent, who was a flexible, opportunistic person, wiped off his sweat, ran over to Luo Yunyang and started sucking up to him.

Luo Yunyang, who never really paid heed to these sort of opportunistic fellows, turned away and walked over to Lian Yubi.

“Luo Yunyang… This matter”

“If you kneel here for a day, I will pretend that nothing happened!” Luo Yunyang remarked coldly as he flashed past Lian Yubi.

Lian Yubi’s expression changed dramatically. Fury and indignation flashed across his face in succession.

Xiong Zhenshan’s expression was even more ghastly. If Luo Yunyang detested Lian Yubi this much, what sort of treatment would he receive? He had been an accomplice in suppressing him after all.

“Your teacher is old and his vision is blurry. I wronged you because I couldn’t see clearly. This is all a misunderstanding” Xiong Zhenshan laughed sheepishly and rubbed his palms together, trying to excuse himself.

However, Luo Yunyang didn’t pay any attention to him. He turned around and headed in the direction of the canteen without looking back.