Supreme Uprising Chapter 601

Chapter 601 How Can The Son Of A Dog Match The Daughter Of A Tiger

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The severed sky was mended once again as the sun hung brightly as ever over it. For ordinary people, this was merely a phenomenon. However, for the many powers that were closely watching the situation at the Scarlet Mountain Pureland, it involved the existence of a sect.

At the Swirling Ridge, a single guardian had destroyed Ning Shenxiu with his giant hammers, and thousands had fled in fear.

Once spread, this news shocked the entire realm. Momentarily, the reputation of Luo Yuanchu from the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace skyrocketed, rising straight into the sights of the most powerful existences in this realm.

Another Bai Jingtian after 1,000 years?

Nobody knew where this evaluation originated from, but it didnt matter, as many people agreed.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had become a place many powers were trying to be affiliated with.

In the Scarlet Mountain Pureland, the sect master, who looked slightly miserable, was constantly smiling. However, the most important thing he had to do now was treat his valued guest, Luo Yunyang, very well.

All this while, the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and the Scarlet Sun Sect had been related as subsidiaries. However, the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace was the subsidiary of the Scarlet Sun Sect.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace would try to accomplish anything that the Scarlet Sun Sect instructed and, if Scarlet Sun Sect were to fall, the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace would definitely suffer as a result.

When Luo Yuanchu had ascended to the number one spot among the Earth Fiend Starlords, the sect master had begun to consider the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace an equal.

However, things had changed with the passage of time and nothing was the same anymore. Even their old Patriarch would have to be respectful to Luo Yuanchu, who had defeated Ning Shenxiu.

"Ha ha ha Young friend, you saved my Scarlet Sun Pureland from a disaster. You have indeed turned the tide! This old man is very grateful!" said a young-looking man with bright red cheeks who was wearing scarlet robes as he came out briskly.

A blazing aura was coming from the man. Although it wasnt frantically uncontrolled, it was still an overwhelmingly majestic sensation.

Luo Yunyang immediately understood that he was the Scarlet Sun Sects Partiach, who had undergone the use of secret arts to prolong his life.

He was also the last of the 10 Scarlet Sun Sons that had been unmatched throughout the realm in the past.

Based on seniority, Luo Yunyang should have addressed this person as Great Ancestor or with an even higher title. However, even though Chi Muzis cultivation had undergone a huge change, there was still a considerable difference between him and Ning Shenxiu.

"Dont worry about it, Mr. Munzi. I was compensated for helping your sect avert this calamity." Luo Yunyang smiled gently.

Mr. Muzi was a name that was already very rarely heard in the Scarlet Sun Sect. If Luo Yunyang had been one of the younger disciples who had come with Luo Yingtian to pay their respects, he would definitely have committed a great sin.

However, at the moment, everyone, including Chi Muzi and the sect master, felt that there was nothing wrong with what Luo Yunyang had said.

"Mr. Luo, theres no need to stand on ceremony. Youre part of the Scarlet Sun Sect. Our sect doesnt care whether you are old or new. Anyone that achieves the most will become the master."

Chi Muzi smiled as he added, "I am an old man who has merely lived a little longer. If you dont mind, could you just address me as Senior Brother, young friend?"

Although addressing others as Senior Brother was sort of belittling towards oneself, Luo Yunyang didnt object.

Firstly, this was only a reincarnation cycle in a Samsara Realm, so nothing was real. Secondly, Luo Yunyang had been hoping to read through all the Scarlet Sun Sects ancient texts and records. Thirdly, Chi Muzi was, after all, a really old man. It was reasonable to address him as Senior Brother.

"Well, since Senior Brother has asked me, it would be impolite of me to say no!"

"Ha ha! Theres nothing impolite about it. The person with the most achievements is the master. Although we are both at a similar level, Im still lacking in terms of strength. I should be addressing you as Senior Brother instead of Junior Brother."

"Its just that Im so darn old that youre treating me with respect, Junior Brother."

Sect Master Xuan Ying was cursing silently. The person with the most achievements was the master? He had never heard of this rule in their sect. However, after Luo Yunyang spoke to Chi Muzi, he still respectfully greeted Luo Yunyang and said, "Disciple Xuan Ying pays his respects to the Great Ancestor."

"No need for formalities." Luo Yunyang waved his hands dismissively.

Luo Yunyang disregarded all sorts of celebratory festivities that were held by the Scarlet Sun Sect. He had managed to grasp the concept of cultivation in the Tianyunshen Dynasty by slowly reading through books. He had to make good use of being around an antique like Chi Muzi, who had lived such a long life.

Chi Muzi was similarly fascinated by Luo Yunyang, who had gained enlightenment all of a sudden and improved his cultivation by leaps and bounds. He also wanted to examine and understand what was going on with Luo Yunyang.

The two of them hit it off in an instant and immediately proceeded to a paradise within the Scarlet Mountain Pureland where they could exchange their views on cultivation.

Xuan Ying wanted very much to join their discussion. However, he was after all the sect master and the Scarlet Sun Sect had just gone through a calamity. Hence, there were many important matters that he, as a sect master, had to handle. Because of this, he selected six prominent disciples from the sect to serve the two ancestors during their discussion.

Serving was a small matter, as their biggest mission was to listen to their ancestors discussion on cultivation.

A month flew by in an instant. Although Chi Muzis cultivation was weaker than Luo Yunyangs, his understanding of cultivation within the Tianyunshen Dynasty was miles ahead of Luo Yunyang.

However, Luo Yunyangs combination of Divine Union cultivation techniques, which corrected and altered some Martial Path True Body techniques, similarly awed Chi Muzi.

Thanks to Chi Muzis explanations, which were combined with Luo Yunyangs thoughts and reflections, Luo Yunyang realized that all the techniques in the Tianyunshen Dynasty were interlinked. Mastering a technique would make one reach the Earth Celestial-Grade.

In order to progress to a Sky Celestial, one had to master two or more techniques, thoroughly understand the interrelationship between the different techniques, and thus establish a new boundary.

Take Luo Yunyangs Great Sun Massacre Divine Art, for example. The only way to become a Sky Celestial was to integrate the Sun Massacre Divine Art and the Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art.

According to Chi Muzi, the integration of different techniques was not compulsory, as it was based on each individual cultivator.

Some cultivators were more suited to integrating two contrasting techniques, while others might be more suited to integrating techniques of similar elements. The main point of emphasis was different for everyone.

Advancing from a Sky Celestial to a Celestial Thearch wouldnt be possible just by relying on one technique. Luo Yunyang felt that techniques in this realm were like building blocks. The more blocks gathered, the stronger and greater the achievements!

Whether a cultivator would be able to integrate more techniques was entirely dependent on their aptitude and foundation.

After his discussion with Chi Muzi, Luo Yunyang arrived at the Scarlet Sun Sects sacred book depository. According to their previous agreement, his rewards were the Sun Massacre Divine Art and the Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art. However, no one had mentioned this again.

Integrating techniques of the same element to ascend to a Sky Celestial was tougher, while integrating techniques of different elements was easier.

However, if the integration of techniques of different elements occurred too early, one would easily destroy ones cultivation path. Hence, after browsing through the sacred book depository for three days, Luo Yunyang finally made a decision and chose the Sun Massacre Divine Art and the Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art.

During the process, Sect Master Xuan Ying brought Luo Yunyang two pieces of news. The first was that he had ascended to the third position of the Celestial Dipper Starlord ranking.

This was a considerable feat in the entire Tianyuanshen Dynasty. The second news was that he had become one of the Scarlet Sun Sects elders.

Luo Yunyang didnt care much for this news. His Celestial Dipper Starlord advancement was merely an external achievement that he disregarded; Becoming an elder of the Scarlet Sun Sect was also a meaningless achievement.

What he had to do now was integrate three different Massacre Divine Arts and see if this would help push his cultivation up a notch.

Training in seclusion in the Scarlet Mountain Pureland was a pretty good idea. However, Luo Yunyang still felt that this place was rather detached from him.

Hence, he eventually decided to head back to the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

Luo Tianpeng was very excited about Luo Yunyangs return. After Luo Yunyang had single-handedly guarded the Swirling Ridge, many forces within the Tianyuanshen Dynasty had come forward to express their goodwill.

Eight of the other Nine Great Marquis Palaces were led by their family heads. Among their hordes of people were plenty of young alluring women that were eager to get married.

Luo Tianpeng understood their intentions clearly. However, this wasnt something that he could decide on.

Fortunately, the other Guardian Marquises understood his position and did not ask him to make any decisions. However, the women that came along were like fluttering butterflies that danced around Luo Tianpeng and his wife.

"Yuanchu, the marquises from the various great palaces hope to see you." Luo Tianpeng reported the matter to Luo Yuanchu as though he was a butler.

Luo Yunyang glanced at Luo Tianpeng and said with a snort, "Second Uncle, you should be able to handle this sort of matter by yourself. Youre the Blue Dragon Marquis."

Luo Tianpeng mumbled to himself indistinctly. Although he was the Blue Dragon Marquis, everyone knew that he was only the second in command of the palace.

Even his current status had been acquired because of Luo Yuanchus assistance.

Just as Luo Tianpeng was about to report on the next matter, the door swung open and a young girl who was about 15 or 16 years old came crying into the hall. "Brother, I dont want to get married!"

Luo Yunyang had a good understanding of the entire situation in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. This young little girl was Luo Yuanchus younger sister. Although she was a little pampered, she was still kind and happy in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

Married? Luo Yunyangs gaze landed on Luo Tianpeng.

Luo Tianpeng said softly, "Yuanchu, some time ago, His Majesty sent his people to propose to Huiru. He wants to make her the queen. Our family thought that it was something that could mend the relationship with the Divine Royal Family. Hence, we readily agreed."

"I dont want to get married. They say that the Divine Emperor is not a good person! Isnt this like pushing me into the fire pit?" Luo Huiru implored profusely.

"My Queen, you cant run away from this. Your lowly servant still has to teach you about the rules of the palace after you enter." A low, hoarse voice wafted in from the outside before a court eunuch in red robes came dashing in.

While he hurried over, he said, "My Queen, nobody can change what His Majesty has decided. I hope my Queen can follow along and learn the rules. If not, you will suffer in the palace."

Upon seeing the situation, Luo Huiru immediately hid behind Luo Yunyang, who raised his hand before pointing at the eunuch and saying, "This marriage is called off. You can leave now."

The eunuch in red was stunned. He couldnt believe what he had heard as he said in disbelief, "Blue Dragon Marquis, you youre rejecting His Majestys proposal? You. Do you know that this is a crime?"

"How could the son of a dog match the daughter of a tiger?" Luo Yunyang snorted nonchalantly without even looking at the eunuch.