Supreme Uprising Chapter 602

Chapter 602 A Hundred Years Pass By In A Flash Yet Another Reincarnation

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Bang! In the massive Panlong Palace, a screen made of the most exquisite jade smashed onto the Black Gold floor forcefully.

Countless bits of shattered jade were sent flying all over. A few palace attendants were cut by the shattered bits, but they didnt move or make any sound.

Eunuch Su kowtowed. Even though he had prepared himself mentally, the emperors rage scared him witless.

When the emperor raged, blood would flow freely!

One thing was certain. If the emperor wanted to kill him, then nothing would prevent him from dropping dead right away.

"Was this really how he said it?" the emperor asked with slight residual anger after taking a deep breath.

"Your Majesty, this is exactly what he said. Your humble subject wouldnt dare hide anything from you. He is so arrogant that he shows disrespect to Your Majesty as well as our Tianyunshen Dynasty. He should be sentenced to death 10 times over!"

Eunuch Su gritted his teeth as he said that. Towards the end, he enunciated each word out one at a time.

He was gambling with his life. If the emperor didnt like what he heard, then Eunuch Su could be on his way to heaven.

"Sentence him to death 10 times. What a great imagination you have!" The imposing emperor was furious as he shouted angrily, "Drag him away and flog him to death!"

"Your Majesty, this humble subject has always been loyal and unwavering. All those insulting words werent mine. They were all uttered by Luo Yuanchu! It was all said by that lawless fellow!"

Nobody doubted what Eunuch Su said. Deep down, they also knew that what the emperor needed now was someone to vent his anger on.

It would be best to forget about the fellow who had angered the emperor. The first in rank amongst the Earth Fiend Starlords was already sufficient to make the Tianyuanshen Dynasty afraid, let alone now that he had already become the 3rd in rank amongst the Celestial Dipper Starlords.

This was a big shot that could make everyone around tremble just by taking a step.

"All of you get out right now! Scram!" The emperor paced around twice before waving his hand and shouting.

Fortunately, he regained his composure after venting.

Now that he was the only one remaining in the large palace hall, the emperors livid demeanor finally vanished completely in time.

The emperor carefully took out a box made of red-blood jade and opened it. Three sticks of incense appeared before him.

The scarlet incense sticks shone like fine jade. After pondering for a moment, the emperor that controlled the Tianyunshen Dynasty took out the three sticks of incense and lit them up by using the blood of his finger.

A faint mist started to appear around the emperors head. As the mist got thicker, a humongous figure appeared.

The figure was wearing a crown. This figure seemed to contain overwhelming might that could subjugate everything before him. Although the current Tianyunshen Dynastys emperor was imposing as well, the two were still as different as heaven and earth.

"35th generation great-great-grandson Qing Yuan pays his respects to the Patriarch."

"What is the matter?" There was a slight hint of displeasure in the figures voice. Clearly, he didnt like being disturbed.

The emperor, who had called himself Qing Yuan, immediately recounted the whole story. He didnt hide anything, neither did he dare exaggerate.

He knew that everything he said wouldnt escape the investigation of the Patriarch. Rather than exaggerate, get caught and make the Patriarch mad, he would rather just recount everything the way it had happened.

"How can the daughter of a tiger be paired with the son of a dog? What imperious, bold words!" the huge figure said coldly.

Qing Yuan looked slightly stirred-up. He felt that his complaint this time had been successful. How that vile Luo Yuanchu was going to pay was no longer something he would decide.

"Prepare yourself. You will enter the royal familys restricted grounds to cultivate tomorrow." The calm voice sounded slightly cold.

The royal familys restricted grounds? To cultivate?

If Qing Yuan had been an ordinary member of the royal family, entering these restricted grounds would have been a decent opportunity. However, he was the emperor of this area and could raise his own cultivation base even without cultivating.

Furthermore, upon entering the royal familys restricted grounds, leaving would be extremely difficult.

"Patriarch, I am the emperor. I have numerous affairs to deal with every day. Entering the royal familys restricted grounds for cultivation is" Although a bad feeling formed in Qing Yuans mind, he still had to argue over this.

"Any descendant of mine has the same status. Since you are finding it difficult to rule the realm, then you should naturally let someone else do the job."

The Patriarch then said in a slightly unquestionable tone, "Do not consider yourself too important."

At this point, his eyes flickered. "Even if I ranked second amongst the Celestial Dipper Starlords, do you think I would be able to kill Luo Yuanchu?"

"Killing Luo Yuanchu would require various Sky Celestial-Grades to act. Do you think a small insignificant being would be able to get these powerful existences to help your cause?"

"I cant kill him, so the only thing I can do is change the emperor of the Tianyunshen Dynasty!"

After he was done speaking, the figure disappeared from the fog. The sinister-looking Qing Yuan felt unresigned and furious deep down. However, these things werent of any use to him.

He had always been ambitious, yet when he had ascended to the throne, he had never imagined that he would be this weak.

When the sealed palace doors were opened once more, a high-spirited youngster in similar attire walked into the palace as countless officials paid their respects.

Most people acted like Qing Yuan didnt exist.

A new emperors ascend to the throne called for universal joy. For a moment, the various lords and ministers all received huge rewards. The one that received the most was the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis.

Luo Yunyang simply didnt know about any of this. He had chosen to go into seclusion after hearing a report from Luo Tianpeng regarding some clan matters.

For ordinary people, 100 years was a lifetime. However, for experts like Luo Yunyang, who had already become a Sky Celestial-Grade, 100 years would just pass in the blink of an eye.

70 years in seclusion and 30 years out and about had given Luo Yunyang a rather deep understanding of the world that the Tianyunshen Dynasty was in.

The structure of this world and the various Origin Source Laws made the Tianyunshen Dynasty all too real.

If it wasnt for Luo Yunyangs own wisdom and staunch resolution, perhaps even he might have felt pride for being the Blue Dragon Marquis and the third in rank Celestial Dipper Starlord.

Luo Yunyang sat in his secret seclusion chamber. He was really disinclined. During these 100 years, he had devoted himself to cultivation and also used the powers he had now to get many treasures to boost his cultivation base.

Unfortunately, he was still quite a distance from the Celestial Thearch-Grade.

Besides mastering and combining the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art, the Sun Massacre Divine Art and the Lesser Sun Massacre Divine Art into the Three Sun Massacre Divine Arts, Luo Yunyang had also looked into mastering eight other cultivation techniques of the Scarlet Sun Sect.

He hoped to be able to master these nine peak techniques, fuse them, and break through the Celestial Thearch-Grade.

Unfortunately, despite using various treasures and resources to cultivate, Luo Yunyang was only able to master six of these cultivation techniques to their pinnacle, whereas the other two were only in the initial stages.

Nevertheless, Luo Yunyangs strength had increased considerably. However, wanting to harmonize them and ascend in grade was impossible.

Returning empty-handed from a treasure mountain was something painful for most people. Naturally, Luo Yunyang wasnt an exception. He really didnt wish to leave this world, but a reincarnation cycle lasted 100 years and he would be helpless against the Samsara Wheel.

As he was sitting in a lotus position in his meditation chamber, Luo Yunyang studied a small sword that seemed metallic but didnt appear to be made of metal. This was an item he had obtained by chance. However, according to Chi Muzi, the name of this small sword was Heavenly Venerate Sword.

The Heavenly Venerate Sword wasnt a weapon but rather a token used when someone ascended to the Heavenly Venerate Platform once in every 100,000 years. According to the archives and records of the Scarlet Sun Sect, the Heavenly Venerate Platform would appear in this world every 100,000 years.

Someone who ascended to the Heavenly Venerate Platform would become a Heavenly Venerate.

Wishing to ascend to the Heavenly Venerate Platform would require the Heavenly Venerate tokens, which were nine types of weapons. The Heavenly Venerate Sword that Luo Yunyang possessed was one such weapon.

According to Chi Muzis words, every ascension of a Heavenly Venerate would be a slaughter fest. In the end, the victor would rise on the Heavenly Venerate Platform and become a supreme Heavenly Venerate that transcended life and death.

Although Luo Yunyang had his doubts regarding this Heavenly Venerate Platform, he knew very clearly that he wouldnt be able to use that Heavenly Venerate Sword.

After all, his time was almost up.

As Luo Yunyang placed that Heavenly Venerate Sword somewhere random, a voice was heard beside his ear. "Ultimate Samsara User, your first cycle of reincarnation has already been completed. Now please choose whether to remain in this world and start a new life or enter a new world!"

Luo Yunyang was stunned when he heard this voice. He had never expected that he could make such a choice.

In just a moment, he had already made his decision. Although the things in other worlds would absolutely be inferior to this world, a bird in the hand was always worth more than two in the bush.

"Can I choose to have all 10 of my cycles in this world?" Luo Yunyang asked after mulling this over for a moment.

"Honorable Ultimate Samsara User, you possess the right to choose whichever world you wish to reincarnate in. However, during the process of your reincarnation, you wont be able to stay in your original body."

"Good, good, good. Now let me ask you something else. Does the time flow of my next reincarnation continue from this moment?"

"Indeed. The time will continue flowing," said the voice. "If you choose 10 cycles of reincarnation, then it will be 1,000 years in this world."

"Alright. I choose to remain in this world." As Luo Yunyang said that, he moved his two hands and instantly formed a huge seal with all his power.

This seal was placed on his seclusion chamber. The special characteristic of this seal was that, without the right method of unsealing, even a person with a cultivation base like Luo Yunyangs could only damage this chamber.

Clang! The small sword fell to the ground. Luo Yuanchus handsome body slumped to the ground without making a sound.

Suddenly, Luo Yunyang woke up beside a small brook. This time, he was a core disciple of the Sky Sword Sect.