Supreme Uprising Chapter 603

Chapter 603 10th Reincarnation

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As he opened his eyes once again, Luo Yunyang saw the enchanting sun. A thought crept into his mind: Living in the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s realm was rather good!

10th cycle of reincarnation!

This was Luo Yunyang’s 10th reincarnation in this world. This reincarnation would be an endpoint for Luo Yunyang.

An endpoint for leaving this world and once more returning to the Divine Union.

However, Luo Yunyang currently wasn’t the young master of the Blue Dragon Palace. He also wasn’t a core disciple of the Sky Sword Sect, or the sect master of the Thundering Black Sky Dragon Sect, who wielded lots of power and whom he had reincarnated into during his third cycle

Ye Tian!

He was a disciple of the Great Blade Sect called Ye Tian! Or perhaps the former chief disciple of the Great Blade Sect. However, right now, the position of the chief disciple had already changed and the one who had replaced Ye Tian would become the son-in-law of the sect master.

The wedding was tonight.

Ye Tian had not died from anger, but because someone had mounted a sneak attack on his already cultivation-crippled body and made him fall off a cliff thousands of meters high.

Even a Sky Man-Grade cultivator might also get hurt grievously or die, let alone a person whose cultivation base had been crippled.

Before dying, Ye Tian had seen the eyes of his attacker clearly. Although it had been just a pair of eyes, Ye Tian had found these eyes rather familiar.

A sort of crazy rage had filled Ye Tian’s mind.

This attacker had been the person he had always been willing to lay down his life for and protect, the Great Blade Sect’s sect master, Chen Rutie!

At the age of 10, Ye Tian had become Chen Rutie’s disciple. All these years, he had always viewed Chen Rutie as a master and father. The reason his cultivation base had been crippled was because he had defended Chen Rutie’s reputation and fought with the Day-Night Seven Sons. Although he had ultimately been defeated, he had upheld Chen Rutie’s reputation.

After his cultivation had been damaged and crippled by the Day-Night Seven Sons, Ye Tian’s status in the Great Blade Sect had declined drastically.

The junior brothers that had always treated him with respect now viewed him with loathing gazes. There were also others who were even worse.

Ye Tian had been able to continue living in the Great Blade Sect due to Chen Rutie’s care, as well as thanks to his Junior Sister and childhood sweetheart.

Although the fact that his Junior Sister had chosen someone else was very painful for Ye Tian, he had already accepted the truth. Although he didn’t go to the wedding venue, he had already let go of this matter deep down.

However, he had never imagined that his own master would actually attack him at such a time.

When Luo Yunyang regained his consciousness after the reincarnation, he felt some sort of great grievance.

This grievance overflowed and made Luo Yunyang feel that if he didn’t help resolve it, his control of this body would be affected greatly.

This reincarnation cycle was probably the most important cycle in this realm for Luo Yunyang.

His past nine reincarnated lives had made him understand the world of the Tianyunshen Dynasty considerably. The more he understood, the more Luo Yunyang felt that this realm was frightening.

Becoming a Heavenly Venerate through cultivation was difficult. Only by massacring all the competition on the Heavenly Venerate Platform and rising to the top could one become a Supreme Heavenly Venerate.

Although Luo Yunyang still hadn’t discovered why the constraint of the Heavenly Venerate Platform existed, what he was certain of was that once a person ascended to the Heavenly Venerate, their mind power would experience a baptism.

Only his mind and consciousness would return after this reincarnation cycle.

If his mind power could reach the level of a Supremacy, then Luo Yunyang wouldn’t be a person to be trifled with when he returned to the Divine Union.

Therefore, he had to reach the Heavenly Venerate Platform, no matter what. There couldn’t be any problems in this life.

Furious Flourishing Flame Art!

Luo Yunyang quickly probed Ye Tian’s cultivation state and discovered the problem in Ye Tian’s body, as well as the cultivation techniques he had practiced.

The Furious Flourishing Flame was actually a technique that was pure yang. The technique that Luo Yunyang had cultivated in his first life had been related to a similar attribute.

However, there was a drastic difference between this technique and the one he had cultivated in his first life.

If the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art that Luo Yunyang had cultivated in his first life had encountered the Day-Night Seven Sons’ cultivation-damaging techniques, all he would have had to do was activate it and there wouldn’t have been any residual effects.

However, the Furious Flourishing Flame Art was just too lacking.

Although the power of the Furious Flourishing Flame Art still existed in his body, as Luo Yunyang tried to activate it, he used the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art as a blueprint and modified the Furious Flourishing Flame Art.

In just a moment, what had originally been at level nine reached the maximum. Meanwhile, the Furious Flourishing Flame Art, which had only been at the Man Celestial level one, was immediately raised to Earth Celestial level three.

Furthermore, because Luo Yunyang was modifying the Furious Flourishing Flame Art, he made use of the various cultivation methods he had gained over his past reincarnation cycles. Thus, in half a day, Ye Tian’s level-one Man-Celestial body ascended to a level-six Man-Celestial body.

Although this sort of progress was already very fast, Luo Yunyang shook his head. Even though he could keep advancing, the body that Ye Tian had left behind was really insufficient.

There wasn’t even a need to compare it to the body of his first reincarnation cycle. There was already a considerable gulf compared to the other bodies of his past reincarnation cycles. Every one of the bodies that Luo Yunyang had reincarnated into had gone through lots of training and drilling and had possessed great potential.

Luo Yunyang shook his head as he moved his arms. His powers had advanced from the peak Sky Celestial to the level-six Man Celestial. This was something that Luo Yunyang wasn’t used to.

It seemed like he needed to advance to the peak Sky Celestial as quickly as possible.

Just as Luo Yunyang was about to accomplish Ye Tian’s cherished desire, a blocked memory of Ye Tian’s appeared in his mind.

The reason it appeared now was because Luo Yunyang had raised Ye Tian’s cultivation base to surpass the person that had placed the block.

It was a very short memory. In this memory, Ye Tian, who was only about 14 or 16, was mischievously chasing after a fox the color of snow.

The fox was very fast. Although Ye Tian chased after it quickly, the fox still escaped in the end.

Ye Tian had searched all over the place haphazardly before entering a cave. This cave wasn’t sealed at all.

Inside the cave, Ye Tian saw a statue that was wielding a long blade and slashing across horizontally.

As a disciple of the Great Blade Sect, Ye Tian was very familiar with blade techniques. It could even be said that Ye Tian had a deep understanding of blade techniques. Thus, the first thing he noticed was the blade across the statue’s chest.

Instantly, Ye Tian discovered that this seemingly unmoving blade actually contained a vast range of variations.

These sort of variations were something he could never have thought of. When he tried to comprehend them, fresh blood trickled out of Ye Tian’s mouth.

At the time, the person Ye Tian had trusted had naturally been his master. Thus, he immediately went to look for Chen Rutie and recounted what he had seen.

When Chen Rutie saw this statue, he totally lost his cool and natural grace. He actually had a slightly crazed look in his eyes.

“Sky Blade Statue It’s the Sky Blade Statue! Ha ha ha! Our Great Blade Sect wasn’t called the Great Blade Sect originally. We should have been called the Sky Blade Sect.”

“Ha ha ha! I knew it. The Great Blade Sect will thrive under my leadership. The grand ancestor in heaven definitely wanted this precious treasure to fall into my hands.”

Maniacal laughter echoed around for nearly five minutes. Ye Tian still remembered the sinister expression on Chen Rutie’s face when his master had turned around to look at him.

However, in the end, Chen Rutie didn’t attack him. He didn’t because he had other plans.

Finally, he decided to block off the memory of that day and transform it into a memory of Ye Tian chasing that fox to no avail.

Luo Yunyang kind of understood why Chen Rutie would still want to kill his disciple, even though he had already ended up in this crippled state.

Just in case!

Although this was Ye Tian’s memory, Luo Yunyang was still able to comprehend three blade moves from the Heaven Blade Statue.

Even though these three blade moves couldn’t be compared to the horizontal blade slash, Luo Yunyang understood that they were the most fundamental parts of the Sky Blade Statue.

He couldn’t let Chen Rutie off, be it because he had to avenge Ye Tian, or because he wanted that Sky Blade Statue.

After fixing his clothes, Luo Yunyang took to the air and flew upwards toward the cliff. With just a few moves, Luo Yunyang landed gently on that cliff.

This was the South Dark Shore, a place a little far from the spot where he had reincarnated. Even though he had experience in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, the distance still felt considerable.

After scanning the place, Luo Yunyang felt a familiar sensation. With a wave of his hand, a broken blade appeared in his palm.

This was Ye Tian’s blade. Although the blade was already broken, it still lightly resonated as it landed in his hand.

It felt shocked that its owner had returned safely.

Luo Yunyang looked at the sword and smiled gently before returning it to his sheath. Then, he strode unhurriedly towards where the Great Blade Sect was.

The Great Blade Sect was in a jubilant mood. Many sects with friendly relations with the Great Blade Sect had sent congratulatory gifts. The disciples of the Great Blade Sect were all clad in new robes as they beamed and welcomed the guests.

“Ha ha ha! Take a look, that is Chen Rutie’s eldest disciple. I heard that his cultivation has already been crippled!” said a martialist that was already present in a mocking manner.

Luo Yunyang didn’t really take any notice of this sort of people. He just kept walking onward.

“I heard that Chen Rutie had originally wanted him as a son-in-law. But who asked him to get himself crippled?”

“What? Even if he hadn’t gotten crippled, Chen Rutie wouldn’t have accepted him as a son-in-law. Perhaps you do not know, but Chen Rutie’s son-in-law is the illegitimate child of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis. This is quite a powerful connection”

“You are talking about the Scarlet Dragon Marquis? One of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises? I never imagined that the Scarlet Dragon Marquis would actually have such an illegitimate child.”

As they were talking, an impatient voice addressed Ye Tian. “Didn’t I tell you to just stay where you were and food would be delivered to you? Why don’t you take a look around? Does this look like a place you can enter?”