Supreme Uprising Chapter 604

Chapter 604 Slashing For Justice

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The one who said that was the Great Blade Sect’s third senior brother Gui Jiujian. In the past, their relationship had been rather tight, and he had practically been the person closest to Ye Tian before his cultivation had been crippled.

Circumstances changed with the passage of time, and everything was no longer the same. Now, he was chided every time he opened his mouth. There was also that loathing gaze and that haughty attitude, as though he was lecturing some subordinates in the Great Blade Sect.

“Gui Jiujian, you unscrupulous thing! Remember how Brother Ye treated you in the past. How dare you act arrogantly today over here!”

An angry voice rang out as someone came over. The newcomer, who was wearing long green robes, was tall and clad in men’s attire. However, anyone who looked over could tell that it was a lady.

In the Great Blade Sect, Gui Jiujian was quite an important figure. His cultivation base had reached level eight of the Sky Human Grade and given him some sort of reputation.

He had an ugly look on his face as he was being pointed at and chided. However, his unsightly expression changed when he saw who it was.

“I was wondering who it could be, but it turns out that it is Fairy Cheng. He he My master is still inside speaking with the deputy of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis Seat. I wonder if Fairy Cheng wishes to go over and take a look?”

Suddenly, information about this lady flashed across Luo Yunyang’s mind: Cheng Xiuyun, the pearl of the Cheng family, one of the three great powers of the South Sky Region alongside the Great Blade Sect.

Ye Tian had always felt that Chen Xiuyun had felt some sort of inexplicable attraction to him, even though he had loved his Junior Sister tenderly. Thus, to avoid hurting this lady, he had chosen to run away.

He had never expected that Chen Xiuyun would speak on his behalf. When Chen Xiuyun heard Gui Jiujian mention the Scarlet Dragon Marquis seat, her eyes flashed with slight apprehension.

After all, the seat of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis was one of the Nine Great Guardian Marquises. However, this slight apprehension disappeared momentarily.

“So what if I want to take a look?” Chen Xiuyun said as she tugged at Luo Yunyang’s hand. “Come on, let’s take a look at Junior Sister’s wedding ceremony. Then, we will leave this godforsaken place.”

When she called this a godforsaken place, Gui Jiujian and a few other Great Blade Sect disciples stared at her angrily.

Although many people amongst them pitied Ye Tian, these insulting words infuriated them.

After all, they were disciples of the Great Blade Sect.

“Alright then. This way, please.” Gui Jiujian shot Luo Yunyang a threatening icy stare as he spoke.

How could Luo Yunyang be bothered by a threat from an insignificant fly? What he wanted to do this time was vent all the anger of his body’s original owner so that he could have complete control over this body.

Luo Yunyang felt that the best way to do so would be by resolving matters in the simplest way. However, he had no qualms about not making any moves first.

After all, he believed that there wasn’t a need to dirty his hands over someone like Gui Jiujian.

Other people who wanted to join in the excitement, as well as more Great Blade Sect disciples, crowded around Luo Yunyang and Cheng Xiuyun as they walked towards the great hall.

There were throngs of guests in the Great Blade Sect. As Luo Yunyang and Cheng Xiuyun entered the great hall, the majority of these people heard the news and held back their laughter as they turned to watch the scene that was about to unfold.

They were rather envious of Chen Rutie. No matter what, this fellow had managed to get into the good books of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis seat.

They had all been on equal footing before he had climbed so effortlessly and left them in the dust. Thus, they felt slightly unhappy. Even so, nobody dared object.

However, things were different now. Chen Rutie’s former disciple and the pearl of the Cheng family could cause a scene that people would be very happy to watch.

“Miss Xiuyun, Tian’er, you have come. Ha ha ha Very good. Hurry on over. Especially you, Tian’er. Today is your Junior Sister and Junior Brother’s big day. You must definitely drink up!” Chen Rutie, who was all smiles, appeared jovial and kind.

However, Luo Yunyang could sense the thick murderous intent hidden behind his smile.

Seated on the highest platform was an old man who seemed to be in his fifties. Although it was difficult to judge a person’s cultivation based on their appearance in the Tianyunshen Dynasty, this person looked wise and capable.

He didn’t pay any heed to Luo Yunyang. Instead, he turned his attention to Cheng Xiuyun. “Miss Chen, if my eyes are not fooling me, I think we have met before.”

Chen Xiuyun frowned slightly, as she couldn’t remember where she had met the Scarlet Dragon Marquis’ deputy.

“Eminent people have too many affairs to deal with and can’t remember many things. Some time ago, we were both at the birthday celebration of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace’s Matriarch Lu Bingyue.”

“As old friends of that great person, your family entered the inner hall, whereas I was on the outside.”

The deputy smiled and spoke without waiting for Cheng Xiuyun to reply.

The other guests reveling in the festivities all reacted when they heard what the deputy had said. Some people even turned to look at Cheng Xiuyun seriously.

Although the Cheng family had always been one of the three great powers of the South Sky Region, the majority of the people present had never thought too much about it, because they also had the same sort of background.

However, at the Blue Dragon Marquis’ Matriarch Lu Bingyue’s birthday celebration, the Cheng family had been able to enter the inner hall, as they had been old friends with that great person.

Although that great person hadn’t appeared for close to 900 years, the Sky Celestial Hall could confirm that he hadn’t yet fallen.

He had already been at the peak of the Sky Celestial 900 years ago. Now, nobody knew exactly how powerful he was. Some people even believed that he would now at least possess the first place amongst the Celestial Dipper Starlords.

Or perhaps, he might have already become a Celestial Thearch.

“So you also attended the event, Deputy. Descendants like us are just complements to our forebears. Otherwise, how would we even qualify to enter this place?” Cheng Xiuyun, who wasn’t willing to offend this representative of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis Seat, said rather nonchalantly.

Only after hearing the conversation between Cheng Xiuyun and this deputy did Luo Yunyang recall a little Cheng kid who had ridden a chariot pulled by a flame dragon beast. It seemed like that kid had been from the South Sky Region.

However, that memory was too blurry, so Luo Yunyang hadn’t really taken much notice. If it hadn’t been for the conversation between these two, he would have forgotten it completely.

He wondered if that little Cheng kid was still alive.

Luo Yunyang shook his head subconsciously. After nine cycles of reincarnation, he was already having deep sentiments for this world.

He even had a feeling that his original theory about this world had been wrong it wasn’t a virtual world created by the Samsara Wheel. Luo Yunyang believed that this should probably be an actual, real world.

He also couldn’t help having a good opinion about some of the people in this world.

“It’s just great that Miss Cheng and the Deputy know each other. Ha ha ha Miss Cheng has to have more wine then. Oh, Tian’er, you must properly accompany Miss Cheng. Ha ha ha!”

A slightly sinister glint flickered across his eyes. However, it was immediately replaced with jovial laughter.

He glanced at Luo Yunyang with even more warmth than before.

“Master, haven’t you always hoped to see what the Sky Blade is like?” Luo Yunyang said. As he spoke, the broken blade was unsheathed and swung in Cheng Rutie’s direction.

Chen Rutie was stunned. As he stared in disbelief, his expression turned into fear. While he was swallowed by this fear, his head and Martial Path True Body, which was still forming, were completely severed.

This blade strike had been the first form of the Sky Blade that Luo Yunyang had comprehended through Ye Tian’s memory. Although this first form seemed crude, beheading a person like Chen Rutie had been easy.

The Deputy, Chen Xiuyun, all the guests in the hall, as well as the bride and groom stood rooted to the spot.

Gui Jiujian seemed particularly stunned. He stood diagonally opposite Luo Yunyang while pondering how to tell on Luo Yunyang before their master. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that their master would be killed in one strike by Ye Tian.

He was a cultivation cripple. How could he have killed their master?

Gui Jiujian’s heart was filled with doubt and fear. However, he no longer had too much time to think about the causes and effects.

Shrill and furious voices broke the simple silence while people shouted, “Guards, arrest him! Do not let this murderer escape!”

Luo Yunyang didn’t pay any heed to the martialists that had surrounded him. His gaze fell on Gui Jiujian’s body.

Gui Jiujian was backing away in fear. However, before he could escape, Luo Yunyang’s hand moved and Gui Jiujian was cut down.

A bunch of Great Blade Sect disciples charged over at Luo Yunyang simultaneously. However, in just an instant, Luo Yunyang had sliced through five of them as if they were apples.

“I hold no grudges against the two of you. You can choose to leave now. Otherwise, you will die!” Luo Yunyang held up the broken blade as he spoke indifferently.

As these few blade strikes were used, he realized that his fusion with Ye Tian’s body had improved a lot. Although he still felt a little rigid, it didn’t matter much.

However, what Luo Yunyang wanted was perfect harmony.

He then turned his gaze to the veiled bride. Although the bride was beautiful, when she lifted her veil, her eyes told a different story.

This was Ye Tian’s last grievance.

Luo Yunyang moved over with one step and raised his blade. However, the blade pointed to the furious groom standing beside her.

As Luo Yunyang’s broken blade pointed at the groom, he exclaimed loudly, “Ye Tian, all of this was arranged by Chen Rutie! You You mustn’t blame me. The Day-Night Seven Sons were also his”

Luo Yunyang’s blade shot forward while the groom shouted loudly, “My father is the Scarlet Dragon Marquis! You You can’t kill me!”

The blade passed through and split him cleanly into two!

After that strike, Luo Yunyang felt his emotions go silent. The final bit of restraint left in this body had finally disappeared completely. Suddenly, a wave of cold blade intent shot straight into the high sky!