Supreme Uprising Chapter 605

Chapter 605 Seven Cleaving Sky Blades Descend On The Realm

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Cheng Rutie was dead! The groom was dead! Gui Jiujian and the other core disciples of the Great Blade Sect were all dead!

The bride, who had originally been glamorous and stunning, began to sob uncontrollably. She stared at Luo Yunyang, who was like a fiend, and dashed towards him in a berserk fashion.

Luo Yunyang had no pity for this sort of woman. Thus, he swung his blade at her.

The blade-light that followed seemed well-honed. When it struck the woman, a few people who were near the blade spat out a mouthful of blood.

In an instant, those people instinctively retreated a few steps as they sensed Luo Yunyang’s killing intent. They knew that if they retreated too slowly, they would definitely fall to the might of that blade.

These people were all Man Celestials, including some peak-level Man Celestials.

As the blade-light flashed, this razor-sharp blade-light penetrated the walls of the palace hall, severing the mountain that was behind into two.

However, the woman who had dashed towards Luo Yunyang was still standing before him.

The only thing that fell was a strand of her hair. A strand was severed by the blade-light as it landed gently on the ground.

“Why Why didn’t you kill me?” The woman was shaking, but there seemed to be a slight trace of expectation in her eyes.

Luo Yunyang’s brows creased gently. He knew what the woman was expecting, but it was a pity as he couldn’t give her what she wanted.

“This severed strand of hair represents that we have no longer any relationship,” Luo Yunyang said coldly as he withdrew his blade.

He had never intended to hold back his blade when dealing with this sort of woman, who would switch sides at any time. However, Ye Tian’s final trace of obsession for this woman had resulted in Luo Yunyang only severing a strand of her hair.

With that, the last trace of Ye Tian’s grievance had disappeared. Luo Yunyang had thoroughly completed his 10th reincarnation, but there were still plenty of things he had to do.

“Sire, you have killed a junior of our master, the Scarlet Dragon Marquis. Don’t you think you should give the Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace an explanation?” Although the deputy of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace had seemed kind in front of Cheng Xiuyun, he now spoke sternly.

He knew that he wasn’t a match for Luo Yunyang. However, if he did not comment on the situation, he would face dire consequences when he got back to the Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace.

He would suffer a death much more terrible than dying here.

Luo Yunyang glanced at the stern-looking deputy and retorted, “What kind of explanation do you need? I’ve killed them, and that’s that.”

“If the Scarlet Dragon Marquis can’t accept this, feel free to look for me and die.”

Asking the Scarlet Dragon Marquis to die was a direct provocation to the entire Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace. Or rather, it was a provocation to the entire Tianyuanshen Dynasty.

After all, the Scarlet Dragon Marquis was a guardian of the Tianyuanshen Dynasty.

The deputy seemed to mull over something as a cold glint shimmered in his eyes. Eventually, his expression grew solemn and he said, “Where will you be if our lord Marquis wishes to find you?”

“I’ll be staying in the Great Blade Sect for a year.” Luo Yunyang’s eyes flashed as he replied coldly.

The deputy left, and so did all the other guests. The disciples from the Great Blade Sect who were still alive scattered like birds and beasts as well.

Finally, only Luo Yunyang and Cheng Xiuyun were left. Although he had a favorable impression of Cheng Xiuyun, he didn’t want to be disrupted at this time.

“What else do you have for me?” Luo Yunyang asked Cheng Xiuyun nonchalantly.

Cheng Xiuyun’s expression fluctuated, but she eventually said, “There’s nothing else.”

“Then why don’t you leave?” Luo Yunyang’s voice was so cold that it would make anyone shiver. “I don’t welcome guests here.”

Cheng Xiuyun hesitated for a moment before deciding to warn Luo Yunyang. “I suggest you leave right now. The Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace has a Sky Celestial existence backing them. You will gain nothing by going against them.”

Luo Yunyang waved his hands as he said, “What Sky Celestial? I’ll kill him if he dares to come!”

Cheng Xiuyun pursed her lips. All she could think of was that she had expected better from him. Although his cultivation had improved greatly, his habit of bragging certainly remained the same. He would kill a Sky Celestial by himself?

“I’ll leave then!” Cheng Xiuyun finally became annoyed. She didn’t want to show any reluctance. She hated the unscrupulous style of this guy, yet she was also secretly hoping that Luo Yunyang would make her stay.

Unfortunately, Luo Yunyang didn’t have that intention.

Hence, in the end, Cheng Xiuyun left and Luo Yunyang headed towards the Sky Blade Statue by following Ye Tian’s memory.

Although there were no array formations guarding the Sky Blade Statue, its hiding place was at a place where the earth’s underground magnetic waves intersected. Even a peak Sky Celestial would have a difficult time locating the statue’s exact location.

Luo Yunyang had never become a Celestial existence before. Hence, he did not know if a Celestial could sense the statue’s location.

The moment Luo Yunyang’s eyes landed on the Sky Blade Statue, he immediately felt that he had belittled the martialists from the Tianyuanshen Dynasty.

Not only did the people there pay utmost attention to the cultivation of their Martial Path True Body and other smaller boundaries, but they also placed great importance on battles.

A mere small statue wielding a tiny blade was enough to let Luo Yunyang discover seven top techniques. Once he was able to integrate seven of these top techniques, he would be able to break through and ascend to the Celestial Thearch Grade.

Luo Yunyang had never reached the Celestial Thearch during his nine cycles of reincarnation, not because he didn’t want to, but because he had not had enough time.

Due to his plan to step onto the Heavenly Venerate Platform and become a Heavenly Venerate, Luo Yunyang had formulated a cultivation path.

A technique that required the combination of nine reincarnation cycles to step into the realm of the peak Celestial Thearch directly.

However, upon looking at the imparted knowledge from the Sky Blade Sect, Luo Yunyang’s eyes shone brighter than ever. He believed that the opportunity he had received in this final reincarnation cycle was too good.

Compared to the other techniques Luo Yunyang had cultivated, what made this Sky Blade Technique intriguing was that it allowed the cultivator to cultivate it along with other techniques.

In other words, the cultivation of the Sky Blade Technique would not hinder or slow down the progress of the six other different techniques, the Graceful Sky Blade Slash, the Obliteration Sky Blade Cleave, the Tornado Sky Blade Thrust, the Heavenly Sky Blade Cleave, the Phaseless Sky Blade Slash, the Thousand Sky Blade Cleave, and the Converging Sky Blade Slash!

Thus, the cultivation of the Sky Blade Technique required extreme comprehensive abilities and superior mind power. These were small issues for Luo Yunyang.

He was the equivalent of an extreme gamer who had already leveled up most of his top attributes to the maximum and was now required to level up the rest of his smaller attributes.

However, before this, Luo Yunyang felt that his priority was to raise his cultivation base.

He wasn’t afraid of the seat of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis at all. However, at the same time, he didn’t wish to suffer an unexpected mishap.

This was the most important reincarnation cycle among the 10 he had experienced. He couldn’t fail and return empty-handed after these 10 reincarnation cycles.

After executing a series of secret techniques, Luo Yunyang managed to seal up his surroundings before conjuring the Furious Flourishing Flame Art Technique and attempting to integrate it to the Sky Blade Technique while crazy absorbing the spirit influence that gathered because of the secret techniques.

Luo Yunyang’s method was something he had learned during his eighth reincarnation cycle. He had acquired the technique from the ruins of a defeated sect. Not only could this technique rapidly gather spirit influence, but it could also cover the cultivator’s tracks, so it was almost the ideal technique for cultivation.

After just 10 days of effort, seven blood-red blades appeared on Luo Yunyang’s back. The blades looked similar to one another, but there were actually massive differences between them.

Earth Celestial-Grade!

Luo Yunyang, who once again ascended to the Earth Celestial Grade, condensed the incarnation of the seven blades. Although he was only at the first level of the Earth Celestial, the condensation of the seven blades into one, along with Luo Yunyang’s base foundation, was enough to make him reach a state no weaker than a Sky Celestial-Grade.

However, Luo Yunyang faintly realized that, upon reaching the first level of the Earth Celestial, the progress of his cultivation became a lot slower compared to other techniques.

Inside the Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace, the Scarlet Dragon Marquis had smashed his favorite jade vase onto the ground. Within the palace, this Marquis was everything.

The deputy prostrated on the floor. His entire body was shaking while he muttered, “I did intend to go all-out against that lunatic and take his life for you, my lord. However, his pressure was too astounding and I I couldn’t even make a move!”

“This Ye Tian even dared to disregard the seat of the Scarlet Dragon Marquis. How audacious! Men, get the Scarlet Dragon Imperial Guards”

Just as the Scarlet Dragon Marquis was about to give his order, someone stopped him. “Marquis, please do not do that!”

The person who had spoken was a middle-aged man who hurried towards the Scarlet Dragon Marquis and said respectfully, “Marquis, I heard about what happened from the deputy. We shouldn’t make our move in this manner.”

“Ye Tian mentioned something about the Sky Blade. Unless I’m wrong, Ye Tian must either have obtained the imparted knowledge or at the very least have a clue about it. Now, we are less than 100 years from the Heavenly Venerate Platform’s appearance. Is the Marquis confident about securing the Heavenly Venerate Platform?”

The middle-aged man’s words made the Scarlet Dragon Marquis’ expression change. He knew about the Heavenly Venerate Platform, but that was all. Never in his wildest dreams had he even dared to try and obtain it.

He did not have the ability to ever defend the Heavenly Venerate Podium.

“I would not dare, sir,” the Scarlet Dragon Marquis said gravely. “If I were to obtain it, I would die tragically.”

“Hence, Marquis, you cannot touch the Sky Blade Inheritance. You should know that, back then, the Sky Blade harbored a grudge against the Heavenly Venerate Platform. However, some people felt that the Sky Blade had been the one closest to reaching the Heavenly Venerate Realm.”

The middle-aged man added, “Once the Sky Blade’s imparted knowledge appears, the world will tumble into turmoil. Countless elites will fight for it and never allow it to land in anyone’s hands.”

“It will be a bloodbath, something our Scarlet Dragon Marquis Palace cannot afford.”

The Scarlet Dragon Marquis nodded his head in agreement. Although he was a prideful person, he knew that there were things he shouldn’t engage in, not because he couldn’t, but because the thought of his b*stard son’s death made his heart fume in anger.

After all, he shouldn’t have died in vain.

“Marquis, you don’t have to feel sad for the young Marquis’ death. In fact, we just have to add fuel to the fire regarding the matter of the Sky Blade. I believe that many people will try their best to find Ye Tian. By then, Ye Tian will have no control over his own fate.”

The Scarlet Dragon Marquis clapped in approval upon hearing these words. “Good, good Let’s handle it this way.”

“Get back and don’t disappoint me again!” The Scarlet Dragon Marquis shot a glance towards the deputy and said, “You’ll die if you disappoint me again!”