Supreme Uprising Chapter 606

Chapter 606 Bloodlust Surges In The Realm

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"Great Blade Sect disciple Ye Tian received the Sky Blades imparted knowledge. He murdered his own master and massacred his sect!" The news spread like wildfire, appearing in the Imperial Court of the Tianyunshen Dynasty and various great sects.

The Sky Blades imparted knowledge?

The Sky Blade had been the existence closest to reaching the Heavenly Venerate. Back then, the only reason he had fallen while competing on the Heavenly Venerate Platform was because of his overwhelming strength, which had resulted in him being ganged up upon by other elite powerhouses.

In the end, even though he had slaughtered the majority of his opponents, he had still fallen and died on the Heavenly Venerate Platform. Many ordinary people had dreamed about the Sky Blades imparted knowledge, hoping that, one day, they could become a Sky Celestial existence themselves.

These Man Celestial and Earth Celestial powerhouses were tempted by the opportunity to cultivate the Sky Blade Technique and, from then on, overwhelm the realm with their might and awe and hopefully rise to the top of the Heavenly Venerate Platform.

Although many Sky Celestials were tempted, their cultivation paths had mostly taken shape. Hence, their interest in the appearance of the Sky Blade had lessened greatly.

Even so, they wouldnt allow the Sky Blade Inheritance Knowledge to land in the hands of their opponents. Therefore, many would send their best disciples immediately to seize it.

It was rumored that the most beloved Third Princess of the Tianyunshen Dynasty had led the Godly Dragon Guards to the South Sky Prefecture just to capture Ye Tian alive.

Some people saw the seven sword-bearing disciples of the Sky Sword Sect leaving their mountain, riding their Pegasuses and heading towards the South.

There were even rumors that the Unique Fairy from the Three Deity Island of the Eastern Sea was searching for the Sky Blade Inheritance Knowledge and the hero from the Iron Palm Sect in the Great Desert was riding a great wave of sand towards the Great Blade Sect

Countless geniuses had gathered in the South Sky Region momentarily. Originally, the South Sky Region had been only a small area in the Tianyunshen Dynasty. However, all of a sudden, the gathering of countless influential figures had sent it into a turmoil.

The Cheng Family was a considerable power in the South Sky Prefecture. Thus, it was only natural that people would gather there. It was still possible for the Cheng Family to ignore some of the smaller forces. However, the Cheng Family did not have the ability to reject certain big shots.

For example, the current junior marquis of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, who had sneaked away from his family all because of the Sky Blade Inheritance.

"Sister Cheng, do you think my Patriarch will be happy if I present him with the Sky Blade Inheritance?" The Blue Dragon Marquis current young Marquis was Luo Yinglu, Luo Tianpengs great-grandson, who was only 17 years old.

Although he was relatively young, he was adored by Lu Bingyue. Because Lu Bingyue was the only other Sky Celestial in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, he was constantly in seclusion and no one dared to offend him.

Cheng Xiuyun was distressed. She had no idea how to reply. Luo Yinglus cultivation wasnt low. After all, he had already reached the third stage of the Man Celestial and his cultivation technique was the Great Sun Massacre Divine Art.

It was rumored that he had entered the Scarlet Mountain Pureland before and even received guidance from Great Ancestor Chi Muzi. However, he was still too young.

"Young Marquis, your Patriarch will definitely like it. However" Cheng Xiuyun wanted very much to tell the Young Marquis that this was not something one could achieve by just being passionate. However, before she could finish her sentence, a jade talisman had flown over.

The jade talisman contained a message for Luo Yinglu. Luo Yinglu took a glance at the message and said gravely, "This talisman belongs to the Third Princess. She invited us to Nanshan for a short while."

Cheng Xiuyun knew about the Third Princess. Although the Third Princess was more popular in the top beauty ranking charts, Cheng Xiuyun knew that she was not only the ninth in rank beauty in the entire Tianyunshen Dynasty but also a vicious and merciless elite genius.

Cheng Xiuyun glanced at the young Marquis and said, "Young Marquis, this isnt an easy matter to take part in."

Luo Yinglu replied in a similar tone, "Ive already made up my mind, Sister Cheng. Please do not dissuade me. I must acquire the Sky Blade Inheritance on behalf of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and become a remarkable figure like my great-uncle."

Cheng Xiuyun knew that the great-uncle mentioned by Luo Yinglu was Luo Yuanchu, whom her own great ancestor had chauffeured around before.

Although Luo Yuanchu had disappeared for nearly 1,000 years, his presence had allowed the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace to maintain its number one family status in the Tianyunshen Dynasty.

This sort of influence could be considered unmatched.

"Alright then, but please allow me to join you, Young Marquis." Cheng Xiuyun hesitated for a moment before replying firmly.

Although Luo Yinglu didnt like having people following him, he knew that if he rejected her, the Cheng Family would never allow him to go ahead alone.

The Nanshan Residence was located in the number one scenic location of the South Sky Prefecture. The residence used to belong to the Prefecture Governor of the South Sky Prefecture, but now it had become the palace of the Third Princess.

There were no guards on the way to the residence. All that Cheng Xiuyun saw were beautiful and attractive women.

However, even though these women appeared gentle and soft, Cheng Xiuyun could feel that every single one of them had a cultivation base no lower than the Sky Man Grade.

Sky Man-Grade martialists were even considerable powers in the Four Great Legions- no, the Three Great Legions. Although the Sky Wind Legions name still existed, it was already more of an empty shell.

Without the Divine Gale Flag, the Sky Wind Legion was no longer the same.

The Divine Gale Flag was currently in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Although the emperors of various generations had attempted to retrieve the Divine Gale Flag, they had all failed to do so.

The Third Princess was a charming beauty who had been given the name Chi Xia within the Tianyunshen Dynasty. Thus, she was addressed as Princess ChiXia.1

A lot of talented figures had gathered around Princess Chi Xia before the arrival of Cheng Xiuyun and the others. The group that attracted the most attention was seven men in white, each with a sword on their back. They stood by the lake and appeared lofty and unmoved by the other talented figures around them.

These seven men were indeed the seven swordsmen of the Sky Sword Sect. Although each of them was only at the Man Celestial Level, it was rumored that they were able to take down a third-level Earth Celestial figure if they combined their strength.

Even though the credibility of this rumor was unknown, Cheng Xiuyun was able to sense a high level of threat coming from these seven swordsmen.

"Ha ha ha! Young Marquis Luo, your presence brings light to my humble dwelling!" Princess Chi Xias eyes lit up the moment she saw Luo Yinglu.

Although Luo Yinglu was very young, he was well-mannered. Just as he was about to return the courtesy, Cheng Xiuyun interrupted. "Young Marquis, youre 10 years younger than the Third Princess. You should address her as big sister. If not, people might say that the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace has no etiquette."

The reason Cheng Xiuyun had dared to call out the Third Princess was because the relationship between the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace and the royal family had not been great in the past.

Although the royal family wasnt exactly bending the knee to the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, their attitude had always been enduring and patient.

Actually, even if they did not exercise patience and endurance, there was nothing they could do. After all, the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had the support of a formidable figure.

"Blue Dragon Marquis Palace What a high-sounding name!" one of the swordsmen in white said in a sarcastic tone.

The Sky Sword Sect was definitely a very formidable sect. Even the Tianyunshen Dynasty would tremble beneath their might and awe.

However, the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace wasnt afraid of the Heaven Sword Sect. Luo Yinglu hated their haughtiness. Hence, he retaliated bluntly. "Ive heard that your great ancestor is Ning Shenxiu."

This line instantly made all seven swordsmen scowl. All this time, the Sky Sword Sect had claimed to be unmatched among its peers.

However, Ning Shenxiu, who was one of the veterans of the Sky Sword Sect, had lost to Luo Yuanchu in a completely fair fight.

He had single-handedly guarded the Swirling Ridge and fended off all the attacks against the Scarlet Sun Sect!

"Dont get ahead of yourself, Blue Dragon kid. My great ancestor has already mastered the Seven Swords. Hes getting ready to fight Luo Yuanchu again!" The number one swordsman of the group spoke haughtily.

All of a sudden, all sorts of discussions filled the entire Nanshan Residence. The younger generations were all looking forward to this grand ancestor-level showdown.

"He he Back then, my great ancestor was already far better than your ancestor Ning Shenxiu. He had achieved enlightenment in one step. Plus, during the same period of time, the distance between our ancestors will only get greater."

Although Luo Yinglu was young, he knew that there were certain things he shouldnt tarnish. One of them was his familys reputation.

"Youre all talk!" The swordsman snapped back and got ready to get into a fight with Luo Yinglu before Princess Chi Xia interrupted them with her gentle chuckle, "Gentlemen, please listen and respect this young lady. Lets not fight for the time being."

Princess Chi Xia quickly introduced the people that had gathered. Sure enough, everyone there was exceptional.

For example, the golden youth from the Great Desert Iron Palm Sect and the Unique Fairy from the Three Deity Island of the Eastern Sea were there

"Ladies and gentlemen, Ye Tian murdered his master and destroyed his sect. He is a savage, cruel man. Our entire Tianyunshen Dynasty will shed a lot of blood if he is allowed to gain the Sky Blade Inheritance. Please accept my humble, sincere invitation to hunt this evil-doer down."

With a cold glint in her eyes, the Third Princess said, "I hope everyone will cooperate and work together well."

Cheng Xiuyun frowned sadly. She understood what Ye Tian had gone through. Although a part of her felt that Ye Tian was very ruthless in the way he had handled this matter, in terms of morality, Ye Tian wasnt in the wrong. After all, he had also been maligned.

The Third Princess and the others only wanted to obtain the Sky Blade Inheritance. Although she felt wronged on Ye Tians behalf, she couldnt say anything in his defense.

Firstly, nobody would believe her, so it would just be a futile effort. Secondly, she was her familys representative. If she didnt mind her words in front of all the big influential families and sects, her familys status and reputation would be threatened.

Hence, at the moment, she could only remain silent.

"Enforce justice on behalf of the heavens and kill that devilish bladesman!" someone shouted at the top of his lungs.

This had obviously been planned, as the voice of one person became 100 in an instant, causing the surrounding area to fill with immense bloodlust.

The seven swordsmen of the Heaven Sword Sect and the Unique Fairy from the Three Deity Island of the Eastern Sea grinned faintly as they observed the surging atmosphere. However, they were all ambitious people with ice-cold smiles.

Such ice-cold smiles!

After half an hour, a large group arrived at the damaged outer hall of the Great Blade Sect. Suddenly, a voice was heard.