Supreme Uprising Chapter 608

Chapter 608 Wiping Off 1000 Years Of Humiliation

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Not everyone was killed by the blade-light. Cheng Xiuyun and Luo Yinglu survived. However, their eyes were filled with fear.

Although Luo Yinglu didn’t think that he was much weaker than the Third Princess or the seven swordsmen, seeing them drop like flies before him had been terrifying.

If the Blade Demon wanted to kill him, he would never have a chance to walk out alive.

Just as many thoughts went through his mind, a familiar figure appeared in front of him and shielded him. As he saw the figure, he felt tears form in his eyes.

“Aunt Chu Hong, why… why are you here?” Luo Yinglu felt like himself tear up when he spoke.

Aunt Chu Meng was a graceful lady who looked about forty. She was wearing green robes and giving off a calm, soothing aura.

Her expression was very grave as she nodded her head at Luo Yinglu. “The Patriarch was afraid that you’d get into trouble so he had me follow you when you left.”

“What a close call!”

Cheng Xiuyun also hurried over to pay her respects to Aunt Chu Hong. Chu Hong was Lu Bingyue’s direct disciple. Even though she was not one of the Earth Fiend Starlords, her cultivation was in fact at the fifth level of the Earth Celestial.

She also had an extraordinary status in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. One could only imagine the level of danger of the situation if an Earth Celestial had proclaimed it a close call.

A trail of sword-light descended from the nine heavens. A middle-aged man in yellow robes wielded a green sword in his hand.

He looked suave and haughty. When he appeared, he immediately turned his sight to the seven swordsmen who had collapsed on the ground.

All seven swordsmen had fallen to the ground and stopped moving. The middle-aged man’s voice was filled with frightening power as he said, “This is just great! Very well done!”

As he said that, he turned his attention to Luo Yunyang and added, “I asked you to stop just now.”

Luo Yunyang looked at the man indifferently. He knew that this was Ning Shenxiu’s disciple. This person had just entered the Sky Sword Sect when Luo Yunyang had been reincarnated as a core disciple of that sect.

However, Luo Yunyang had already become one of the sect’s elders by the time this person had become Ning Shenxiu’s disciple. Although he was inferior to Bai Jingtian, he still had a respectable status in the sect.

Shen Haoran!

This person had made a name for himself while Luo Yunyang had entered his next reincarnation cycle. Some people had actually given him a title. Something along the lines of Final Sword Saint.

The meaning behind the title was that he was a person who would always get the final word. When facing him, it was best to not be half-hearted.

Luo Yunyang scoffed. However, there was no conflict between the two of them, so there wasn’t any further contact.

He had never expected that the two of them would actually meet there.

Luo Yunyang’s reply to the Final Sword Saint was plain. He merely brandished his blade and slashed in Shen Haoran’s direction.

Shen Haoran’s face stiffened. The prestigious reputation of the Sky Sword Sect and the name he had earned for himself were on the line.

However, even though he was the last in rank Earth Fiend Starlord, he was still a Starlord and had the credentials to look down upon most Earth Celestials.

Unfortunately, he had never thought that Ye Tian would strike right at the beginning of their conversation.

How truly audacious! Shen Haoran thought to himself as he waved the sword in his hands, executing the Annihilation Sword Technique he had spent years cultivating against Luo Yunyang.

This time, he was determined to behead the evil Blade Demon, seize the Sky Blade Inheritance and hand it over to his sect.

Although the cultivation bases of the seven swordsmen were not too high, they were the Sky Sword Sect’s future hope and had a similar status with him within the sect.

Slaughtering all of them under his watchful eyes was akin to making him lose all his reputation. According to his estimations, the Blade Demon must have advanced to the Earth Celestial Level.

Hence, he executed his strongest move.

However, the moment the blade and the sword collided, he felt his Martial Path True Body shake. The Martial Path True Body formed by cultivating the Annihilation Sword was, in fact, a sword-shaped Martial Path True Body.

Although this type of Martial Path True Body was simple, it was stronger than some Martial Path True Bodies formed by utilizing higher-level cultivation techniques. Even when he had competed against opponents who ranked higher than him on the Earth Fiend Starlord ranking, he had never been worried about his Martial Path True Body. Actually, he had been excited most of the time.

The only time he had felt fearful was when he had challenged his master when he had met the sect’s great ancestor.

The Sky Blade Inheritance was truly formidable. It could transform a normal being into an apex-level martialist instantly.

With these thoughts in mind, Shen Haoran decided to retreat. However, it was too late. As he started feeling unsettled about this situation, that crazy, overbearing power had already descended on his body.

The Martial Path True Body shattered!

Shen Haoran couldn’t care less about anything else as he executed a life-essence burning technique in order to escape with his dear life.

However, how could Luo Yunyang allow Shen Haoran to leave? With a gentle wave of the blade in his hands, he turned Shen Haoran, who was 100 miles away, into ashes.

He had used the Sky Blade Phaseless Cleave!

Although the blade appeared to be formless, it was still able to cause harm.

There were seven or eight other Earth Celestial martialists that had come along with Chu Hong. They were also there as guardians of their respective sect disciples. Initially, they had all been furious at Ye Tian. However, they now all started to retreat without any hesitation.

Shen Haoran was dead. It was natural for them to escape right away, as they felt that they themselves were no match for Shen Haoran.

Luo Yunyang shook his head slightly as he watched them escape. To him, they were merely small fries that were insignificant regardless of whether they were dead or alive.

At the moment, there was one person who hadn’t escaped. It was Chu Hong. Although she was considered fast among the people who were escaping, she still had Luo Yinglu by her side.

She was definitely the slowest, as she brought Luo Yinglu along. They would both die if Luo Yunyang were to make a move.

Hence, after thinking through things, she decided against escaping and instead waited for everyone to flee before saying, “Congratulations, Mr. Ye. You’ll be an Earth Fiend Starlord from now on and your name will spread far and wide.”

Luo Yunyang had never been concerned about the Earth Fiend Starlord title. Thus, he waved his hand and replied, “All of you may leave.”

Chu Hong was stunned. She was there to watch over Luo Yinglu.

Being able to rescue Luo Yinglu from this Blade Devil was great news!

“We’ll make our move then!” Chu Hong cupped her hands towards Luo Yunyang before leading Luo Yinglu and Chu Hong away.

Luo Yingluo wanted to say something but was stumped. Cheng Xiuyun could only glance at Luo Yunyang once more.

Luo Yunyang was able to feel her gratitude and reluctance through that glance. He also sensed her feeling of inferiority.

He wasn’t concerned about the thoughts and emotions of a young lady. He was there to improve his cultivation base. He couldn’t care less about any emotions like love and affection.

However, Luo Yunyang suddenly recalled that a woman had remained quietly by his side when he had just arrived in this realm when he noticed that gaze.

“Her disciple has grown so much in the blink of an eye.” In addition to being emotional, Luo Yunyang also felt something else. When he turned his gaze elsewhere, he saw a star in the north of the sky that could match the sun.

Although the appearance of this star was very sudden, countless light spots fell from the sky as it appeared.

The light spots rained down gently on Luo Yunyang’s body, sending an extremely comfortable feeling into his body momentarily.

Although the power of these light spots wasn’t much for Luo Yunyang, a transformation began to occur when it landed on the flowers and little beasts in his surroundings.

The common herb on the ground transformed into a precious medicinal drug after coming into contact with the light spot. Meanwhile, some wild beasts developed spiritual intelligence.

“Heavenly Venerate Dew, it’s the Heavenly Venerate Dew!” A memory appeared in Luo Yunyang’s mind as he managed to find information about the light spots through his 10 cycles of memories in an instant.

The Heavenly Vernate Dew was a divine dew that would rain down from the sky three years prior to the appearance of the Heavenly Venerate Platform. Although its use was rather limited when it came to stronger cultivators, it was a considerable treasure for ordinary folks.

However, Luo Yunyang wasn’t concerned about this. He was concerned about the appearance of the Heavenly Venerate Dew.

According to his estimations and the calculations of a few other major sects, the Heavenly Venerate Platform was going to appear in the last 10 years of Luo Yunyang’s final reincarnation cycle.

However, although Luo Yunyang had just begun his 10th reincarnation cycle, the Heavenly Venerate Platform was already starting to appear. This would derail Luo Yunyang’s plans.

What was going on? Why was the Heavenly Venerate Platform appearing so soon?

No matter the reason behind this, the appearance of the Heavenly Venerate Platform was an opportunity Luo Yunyang couldn’t miss.

As he was watching the falling Heavenly Venerate Dew, a loud roar was heard from a mountain peak that was shaped like a long sword.

The loud roar was ear-piercing. As it echoed, a star that was hanging in the sky instantly shattered into two.

Stars had started falling, and the sword-light filled the heavens!

Beneath this surging sword-light, a white figure appeared and strode out slowly from within. The figure’s robes, hair, and brows were all white.

“I’ve mastered the Seven Swords and integrated them together, Luo Yuanchu. I’ll wipe off those 1,000 years of humiliation!” The voice thundered as it echoed throughout the void.