Supreme Uprising Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Energy Shifter Ability Walking Around The Entire Realm

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The Heavenly Venerate Platform would appear three years later!

Ning Shenxiu, who had lived in seclusion within the Sky Sword Mountain for the past 900 years, had reappeared. His sword-light illuminated thousands of miles, seeking revenge on the third-in-rank Earth Fiend Starlord, Luo Yuanchu.

The Sky Blade Inheritance obtained by Blade Demon Ye Tian was very peculiar. The seven swordsmen from the Sky Sword Sect, the Unique Fairy from the Eastern Sea and the Dynastys Third Princess had been slain by Ye Tian at the same time. Even Ning Shenxius disciple, the Final Sword Saint, had been

As the Heavenly Venerate Dew appeared, all sorts of news spread. However, the news that caught the most attention was the reemergence of Ning Shenxiu.

It would be another three years before the Heavenly Venerate Platform appeared. Furthermore, stuff like the Heavenly Venerate Platform was too high-end for ordinary martialists.

Even the Tianyunshen Dynasty might not be able to participate. The news regarding Ning Shenxius revenge after 900 years in hiding attracted even more attention.

Furthermore, there was animosity between Ning Shenxiu and Devil Blade Ye Tian after Ye Tian had slain his disciple.

The seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis, which had always been very stable, tumbled into turmoil when the news surfaced.

However, not even the Tianyunshen Dynasty or other major powers dared to disrespect the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, as they feared Luo Yuanchu, who had single-handedly suppressed 13 Sky Celestial-Grades.

Luo Yuanchu was like Bai Jingtian. Both of them had attained enlightenment in an instant, eventually forcing the Tianyunshen Dynastys Patriarch to change the emperor.

The world trembled when Ning Shenxiu emerged from his seclusive cultivation. However, Luo Yuanchu was also equally frightening, even when he was still training in seclusion.

After all, it had been 900 years since their last exchange.

Thus, attention to the news regarding Demon Blade Ye Tian certainly decreased greatly compared to the attention that the news about these two formidable fellows received.

However, less attention didnt equal fewer people getting involved. It could be said that almost the entire Tianyunshen Dynasty was searching for Ye Tian.

His display of power was too shocking to ignore. Thus, it had led to more people getting interested in the Sky Blade Inheritance.

However, compared to the forces who merely intended to seize and capture Ye Tian, Ning Shenxius actions were much more high-profile. He directly ordered Ye Tians head to be brought to him, which led to even more people joining in the hunt.

Luo Yunyang had already left the South Sky Prefecture as the entire realm started to look for him. He had originally planned to stay there for a period of time to train in seclusion, but the sudden appearance of the Heavenly Venerate Dew had forced him to change his plan.

He had to finish cultivating the techniques he had prepared as soon as possible. He was at his first stop right now.

Mt. Origin was situated 10,000 miles northeast of the South Sky Prefecture. It was relatively small in size but very famous.

This was because the Origin Sect, which was on top of the mountain, was the biggest sect in thousands of miles. It housed 3,000 disciples and 10,000 servants, which made the sect seem imposing and gave off a nobody-can-achieve-it-but-I attitude.

Each of the 19 Peaks of the Origin represented a branch, and each branch had a Peak Master who oversaw the peak. All of them were Man Celestial-Grade powerhouses.

The Origin Sects Patriarch was a level-six Earth Celestial elite. Although his existence wasnt enough to make the Origin Sect the greatest sect in the world, it wasnt hard for the Origin Sect to maintain a reasonable, acknowledged status.

Tianzhong Peak was the last of the 19 Peaks of the Origin Sect. Although all these years the Tianzhong Peak had remained one of the 19 Peaks, the death of the previous Peak Master had caused the number of disciples on Tianzhong Peak to drop.

"Little Seven, didnt I tell you not to fight with other people? Those guys from Shenlu Peak are like little steel nuggets. Dont fight with them unless its necessary!" said a chubby teen. Although this sounded like a reprimand, it seemed like he cared about the person he was speaking to.

Little Seven was a kid around 13 or 14 years old. Although his face was bruised and swollen, he had an unyielding gaze.

"Fatty, you know nothing. Our Tianzhong Peak is the strongest in the Origin Sect. Just wait till I achieve the Great Bell Indestructible Body. I will surely give those guys on Shenlu Peak a good smacking!"

"Forget it. Things like the Great Bell Indestructible Body are not true. You should just cultivate our Divine Origin Scripture!" The chubby teens eyes flashed with a trace of graveness as he added, "Maybe when we get stronger, we might have a chance to gain some disciples when the other peaks are recruiting."

Little Seven glanced at the chubby teen, who was smiling, and shook his head. "You are really thoughtful, but unfortunately, this is not going to happen."

"My grandfather said that we mustnt break Tianzhong Peaks chain of inheritance. Even the Peak Master cannot do so."

"My grandfather also said that I would be the deputy Peak Master after he dies. You will be Tianzhong Peaks only elder. Of course, that is after your master passes on."

Both the position of the deputy Peak Master and elder were important positions in the Origin Sect. However, when the chubby teen heard that he was going to become an elder of Tianzhong Peak, he grimaced bitterly.

He didnt want to become an elder of Tianzhong Peak. Although the title sounded cool, it was merely a powerless title.

"Isnt there any other way around this?" the chubby teen said indignantly.

"No, theres no other way. If there had been, your master wouldnt have left that early," Little Seven replied with a chuckle.

The expression on the fat guys face was getting worse as he asked, "Little Seven, why havent we heard any news about the Peak Master?"

"Ive no idea either. Some people say that we have a Peak Master who has been training in seclusion for hundreds of years."

"Hundreds of years? How is that possible? Ive heard that even an Earth Celestial has to come out of his seclusive training for a breather after 100 years."

As the two of them spoke, they suddenly noticed a figure in a blue robe walking slowly towards them.

"Who Who are you looking for, sir?" Tianzhong Peak rarely had visitors. Even orders from the sect would arrive by a flying talisman.

The young person looked at them and scanned their faces, but didnt say a word. Instead, he smiled faintly at them before disappearing into a huge stone that lacked any luster.

The fat guys expression changed again as he saw the young person disappear. Just as he was about to scream, Little Seven interrupted him. "That stone Grandfather said that if we saw anyone enter the stone, it would mean that our Tianzhong Peak would finally be able to be successful."

"This This was said by the Peak Master while he was training in seclusion."

While the two youths were still in shock, Luo Yunyang was rather at ease as he walked into a secret room that was sealed-up by a powerful force.

Inside the secret room, a middle-aged man with a smooth jade-like face was sitting in the middle with his eyes shut. There was a faint golden iridescence that was flashing constantly on his body.

This was a type of cultivation technique that resembled the unmoving golden bell and was much stronger than the Divine Origin Scripture.

Luo Yunyang smiled faintly to himself when he saw that figure. His palms quickly executed a few mysterious hand signs and a trace spirit consciousness flew towards the figure.

The figure smiled lightly as Luo Yunyangs consciousness entered its body.

It was a slightly gratified smile.

As that smile appeared, boundless energy began to pour into Luo Yunyang frantically.

It was the power of a peak Sky Celestial-Grade!

Luo Yunyang was delighted as he finished absorbing that energy into his body. "The Energy Shifter is indeed a worthy ability. Not only does it allow me to inherit all of my energy from my previous reincarnation cycles, but it also makes the energy much purer."

After drawing a breath, Luo Yunyang focused his gaze on the jade-like face of the middle-aged body.

He had used this body for 100 years, so it was impossible not to feel any sentiments.

After all the energy had entered Luo Yunyang, the body began to fade. From then on, Tian Zhongshang would cease to exist in the Origin Sect.

Tian Zhongshangs reputation was not that great. This wasnt because his cultivation wasnt good enough, but because he had never actually acted after he had joined the Origin Sect.

In the past 100 years, he had only assisted the Origin Sect once and annihilated a sect helmed by a Sky Celestial.

From then on, Tian Zhongshang had become the ultimate trump card of the entire Origin Sect. However, now, Tian Zhongshang was completely gone.

Luo Yunyang felt that he had accumulated enough strength to ascend to the Celestial Thearch. He would only need one hour of training in seclusion to do so.

Although the amount of strength cultivated from this reincarnation cycle wasnt much, the Sky Blade Inheritance was no small matter. Plus, Tian Zhongshangs strength was already close to the Celestial Thearch.

However, Luo Yunyang did not rush. He wanted to succeed only when the conditions were right. He didnt want to be an ordinary Celestial Thearch. He wanted to be the strongest one ever.

In the blink of an eye, Luo Yunyang appeared again in front of Little Seven and the chubby disciple. He smiled lightly at the two of them, yet before they could speak, he said, "You were both fated to meet me."

Then, Luo Yunyang gently touched his fingers between their brows. Immediately, both of them felt something get added into their minds.

Luo Yunyang had already gotten far by the time they were awake. However, both of them felt an involuntary urge to kneel down when they looked at the faintly indiscernible sky.

"Great Ancestor!"

The two of them spoke at the same time because they realized that the technique that had appeared in their minds was actually the Great Bell Indestructible Body!

It was rumored that this technique was a top-notch technique that nobody in the Origin Sect knew.

After leaving Mt Origin, Luo Yunyang walked towards the north, visited four different training grounds that he had used in his past reincarnation cycles, and absorbed energies from the respective incarnations.

However, just as he was about to head west towards the Great Desert and collect his fifth body, he received some news.

Ning Shenxiu was traveling quickly towards the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Although he had seemed ordinary when he had started out, after 10,000 miles, he had suddenly become god-like.

According to a report from a scout of the Tianyunshen Dynasty, at the moment, his might suppressed heaven and earth so much that, when he arrived at the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, the energy accumulated was definitely enough to crush everything in a 10,000-mile radius surrounding the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

Upon hearing this news, Luo Yunyang frowned and immediately decided to change his course of direction.