Supreme Uprising Chapter 61

Chapter 61


Luo Yunyang was sitting quietly in his seat on flying craft No.9, gently caressing the sabre in his hand.

Bloody Scar…

The two unadorned words, which were carved on the back of the sabre, made it appear especially dignified. However, as the owner of the sabre, Luo Yunyang knew very well that it hadn’t been around for a long time.

It was actually only one month old.

This sabre had been made using the latest manufactured No.13 titanium-gold alloy and the most advanced manufacturing techniques.

One would have to exchange 20 million points for it, as its degree of sharpness could let a martialist easily break through the defenses of a D-grade dire beast.

Luo Yunyang hadn’t spent a single point on the Bloody Scar, though. Chief Instructor Lu had let him pick anything he wanted from the armory.

He had also said that, if Luo Yunyang was able to help the Rising Dragon Army obtain an A-grade source fluid, he would personally fork out the points for this sabre as a reward.

Although the quality of the other participants’ weapons wasn’t that different from Luo Yunyang’s Bloody Scar, the promise they had been given was the same.

Aside from the Bloody Scar, there were two more knives around the length of a palm in Luo Yunyang’s hands. Although these small knives seemed like mere toys, the cold Qi they emitted would give anyone chills.

The knives were called Chasing Sun and Accompanying Moon.

They were also weapons forged from No.13 titanium-gold alloy. The weapons forged out of this alloy were considered the sturdiest that the Da Alliance could forge.

Inside Base 7, the marked price of the Bloody Scar was 20 million points. The price of these two knives was much lower, though.

They cost only one million points!

This meant that their cost was only one tenth of the cost of the Bloody Scar. This was not because they weren’t important, but because the bodies of dire beasts kept getting bigger and bigger as their grades advanced.

Thus, the usefulness of throwing knives at them gradually declined. When Luo Yunyang had picked out these two knives, nobody had said anything.

The kid’s performance had been so amazing, that Xu Zhong wouldn’t have objected even if Luo Yunyang had picked his own knife.

The sounds of muffled explosions jolted awake Luo Yunyang, breaking his train of thought. Luo Yunyang looked up at the overhead display screen and saw three silver fighter planes firing away frantically.

Their target was a gold-colored eagle at least two meters long, with a wingspan of more than four meters. The gold-colored eagle seemed to be flying as fast as the fighter planes. When it brandished its wings, numerous sky blue knife-like objects were shot at the fighters.

Several armor-piercing missiles landed on the body of the humongous eagle, but no blood was spilled. Only the sound of metallic collisions could be heard.

“Do you see that, kids? That is a special type of B-grade flying dire beast. It’s called the Golden-Winged Eagle. If you come across this sort of thing in the future, your best option would be to flee as soon as possible. Don’t even dream of tangling with it. The difference between its speed and yours is too big. It is because of the existence of such things that the Da Alliance basically relies on land transportation.”

Xu Zhong rubbed his bald head as he lamented bitterly, “Unfortunately, being on dry land right now isn’t safe either!”

Being on dry land wasn’t safe, the skies weren’t safe, and travelling by sea was even more treacherous.

Fortunately, the commotion with the Golden-Winged Eagle was resolved quickly. As soon as it realized that they weren’t easy pickings, the eagle left hastily.

The fighter planes, which seemed to come out on top this time, got into formation again, surrounding the vehicle Luo Yunyang and the others were in.

Luo Yunyang and the others were able to see the marks and dents on the frames of the fighter planes through the LCD screen.

Although these dents didn’t amount to much of a damage, the aesthetics of the fighter planes were affected greatly.

“Damn it. That’s three billion dayuan!” Xu Zhong smacked his lips as he muttered to himself, his heart aching faintly.

Three billion dayuan wasn’t a small sum. Everyone’s eyes immediately landed on Xu Zhong.

“The expenses of this flight alone are three billion dayuan. If you guys don’t work hard, then you will be letting the Rising Dragon Army down.”

The remaining journey went smoothly. Half an hour later, their plane started to descend towards a vast airfield situated in a city.

This small city belonged to one of the 13 cities of the East, Quan’shi, but wasn’t very conspicuous in the Da Alliance.

Starlight was currently converging on it. The eyes of the entire Da Alliance were fixed on this place.

“Chief Instuctor Lu has already given you orders, kids. Rest well until tomorrow. No one is to stir any trouble. In two days’ time, if you are able to obtain a share of source fluid, you will be given five days off. Then you can all visit Quan’shi properly!”

Xu Zhong rubbed his bald head as he kept encouraging them. “This time, our goal is to get a portion of A-grade source fluid! You must all bring one back for daddy. I don’t care if you have to piss blood to achieve it!”

Although he was addressing everyone, Xu Zhong sought out Luo Yunyang with his eyes.

Luo Yunyang could see Xu Zhong’s expectations in his gaze. He smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“We are about to land. Soon, our brothers from the Rising Dragon Army Quan’shi General Headquarters will be picking us up. Later, you will be treated to a good meal.”

As Xu Zhong kept talking incessantly, Luo Yunyang realized that the fella actually had great potential for becoming a public speaker.

Luo Yunyang silently cursed Xu Zhong before he shut his eyes and waited quietly for the plane to land.

15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes…

The plane didn’t land. Xu Zhong, who had been continuously rousing everyone’s morale, suddenly frowned.

“What’s going on?” Another half hour later, an announcement was finally made. Everyone heard Chief Instructor Lu’s voice from the first-class cabin at the front of the aircraft.

“Reporting, officer! Ground control transmitted a message saying that the Sky High Military’s transportation craft is about to land. They asked us to wait for the time being!” a deep, mellow voice with a tiny hint of resentment said through the display screen.

The Sky High Military’s transportation craft was about to arrive, so they had made the Rising Dragon Army’s representatives wait in the air. Xu Zhong, Luo Yunyang and the other elites couldn’t help but burn with rage.

“When were these instructions transmitted?” Chief Instructor Lu’s voice was heard once again.

“Half an hour ago, sir. The Sky High Military’s transportation craft has yet to arrive!”

“Land!” Chief Instructor Lu said indifferently.

“But, sir, according to the Da Alliance’s regulations, we have to listen to the ground control’s orders. If we land hastily, then…” Although the hesitant man really wanted to land, after thinking things through, he tried to warn Chief Instructor Lu against it.

“Land!” Chief Instructor Lu’s tone was darker.

As he said this word, Luo Yunyang felt the plane rapidly start to descend. Suddenly, a plane shot out of the clouds and rushed down to the ground. Dazzling golden rays seemed to reflect off of it under the sunlight.