Supreme Uprising Chapter 610

Chapter 610 The Person At The Peak

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Hundreds of people had gathered at the top of a mountain. They had not gathered because there were matters to discuss but to see a person.

A person who was walking over slowly.

The person’s steps looked rather slow, but the strength radiating from his body increased with every step he took.

“Ning Shenxiu’s progress is tremendous!” an elder with white hair and a beard lamented.

That elder was an old Sky Celestial elite. In the past, Ning Shenxiu had only been his junior. However, after seeing what Ning Shenxiu had become, he no longer felt like he had the reputation to be a senior.

The crowd went dead-silent. Everyone clearly knew Ning Shenxiu’s situation.

At the moment, the majority of the crowd was only thinking of one thingwho would emerge victorious?

“I wonder how that person from the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace is doing?” a Sky Celestial who wasn’t well-affiliated with the Sky Sword Sect asked provocatively.

He did not have much of a relationship with the Sky Sword Sect. Hence, he didn’t restrain himself when he spoke. However, he felt an enormous force suppressing him as soon as he said that.

Although he was already at the Sky Celestial Grade, he still couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood because of that immense pressure.

Martialists spitting blood was a common sight. However, the thing that happened to that person was very rare. Hence, it attracted the attention of a lot of people instantly.

Then, the person who had spoken took a deep breath and bowed his head in respect in Ning Shenxiu’s direction.

This was a sign of acknowledgment.

It was exceptionally tough for a Sky Celestial to make another Sky Celestial lower their head, yet Ning Shenxiu was able to do so with just a glance. His level of strength was unimaginable.

After retracting his gaze, Ning Shenxiu no longer looked at the crowd. However, he was the only one walking on that barren land now.

Suddenly, everyone felt that the entire spirituality of heaven and earth was supporting his body.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, which was on the other side of the storm, naturally caught the attention of the crowd as well. Many scouts had gathered around it.

Those scouts had already been warned to avoid any form of confrontation with the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Their only role was to scout and report.

This clearly reflected how much the people who had sent the scouts valued the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace’s status.

In many people’s opinion, no changes were occurring in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace. Although the important figures of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace were talking about Ning Shenxiu, they didn’t seem concerned at all.

Even as Ning Shenxiu gathered strength from heaven and earth and walked towards them, the entire Blue Dragon Marquis Palace was still tranquil.

However, this was only happening on the surface. In fact, several of the higher-ups of the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace were already panicking.

The current Blue Dragon Marquis was Luo Tianpeng’s grandson. Luo Yunchong, who looked like a middle-aged man, had already held the Marquis position for 100 years.

Even the prideful and arrogant Sky Sword Sect had treated the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace with respect for the past 100 years.

The Tianyunshen Dynasty and all the other major powers were also very friendly to the Blue Dragon Marquis. It could be said that he’d never had anything to worry about.

However, Ning Shenxiu had now appeared.

That grand-uncle of his had always maintained a very important place in Luo Yunchong’s heart, as the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace’s current status had entirely been his grand-uncle’s doing.

The Blue Dragon Marquis Palace had been safe all these years because his grand-uncle was at the helm. There had been no major issues, so there had been no need for his grand-uncle to take action. However, when he finally confirmed that he needed his grand-uncle’s assistance, he was surprised to find out that his grand-uncle couldn’t be contacted.

The site of seclusion was shrouded by such an overwhelming concentrated energy that Lu Bingyue couldn’t even scratch it, let alone wake his grand-uncle.

Although he knew that he had to maintain his composure on the surface, how could his pounding heart remain calm?

“Aunt Lu, is there any response?” The Blue Dragon Marquis’s voice was anxious.

Lu Bingyue had ascended into the Earth Celestial level fairly early, so her appearance hadn’t changed much. Although she still looked like a pampered and spoiled youth, no one dared to treat her in the same manner as they had in the past.

After all, she was the only Sky Celestial in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace now.

Although Lu Bingyue did not come out to take action often, she remained popular due to her stunning appearance as well as her relationship with Luo Yuanchu.

She was one of the four great Sky Celestial Beauties, which alone was enough to ensure that she enjoyed an exceptional status in the entire Tianyunshen Dynasty.

At the moment, Lu Bingyue’s brows were furrowed, not because of the arrival of Ning Shenxiu, but because Luo Yuanchu was not responding.

All along, she had felt that Luo Yuanchu was training in seclusion. This was a very important barrier that he had to surpass in order to ascend to the top.

Thus, despite visiting the cultivation site every year, she had never thought that Luo Yuanchu would face any issues as long as she felt the presence of that overwhelming energy.

How could the formidable Luo Yuanchu face any problems?

However, her cousin was actually not responding to Ning Shenxiu’s looming challenge now, and she could not detect anyone with a spiritual consciousness at a similar level to hers, even when she used her mind to try and search for him.

No, she actually couldn’t find anyone with a stronger spiritual consciousness than hers.

Something had to be wrong! There must have been an accident! Could her cousin have experienced Qi Deviation during his cultivation? Or perhaps

All these thoughts surged in Lu Bingyue’s mind. Even though she was feeling stressed, she still told Luo Yunchong, “I can’t contact my cousin, but don’t worry. It will be fine.”

Luo Yunchong also hoped that it would be fine. However, Ning Shenxiu was just a day away from reaching the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace.

If his grand-uncle didn’t appear tomorrow, the energy condensed within Ning Shenxiu’s body would directly crush the entire Blue Dragon Marquis Palace to pieces.

“Matriarch, do we need to evacuate some of our people?” Luo Yunchong finally decided to ask after pondering this for a bit.

Although Lu Bingyue was a woman, she was a resolute and daring leader. Some men couldn’t even compare to her in terms of courage and decision-making abilities.

She glanced at Luo Yunchong before replying gloomily, “Evacuate? Evacuate where? Don’t you know that, even if you were to evacuate, there is nowhere to go? There may even be many people eyeing you like hungry wolves! If that happens, everyone will be ganging up on us when we fall!”

Although Luo Yunchong knew that Lu Bingyue’s words made sense, he still couldn’t get over the fact that he was doing nothing, even though he remained unsettled.

Lu Bingyue shot another glance at Luo Yunchong and added, “We can only watch when people of their level fight against each other.”

After dismissing Luo Yunchong, Lu Bingyue entered the small hill Luo Yuanchu was training in and conjured her mind power again. It remained the same as before, as she still couldn’t contact her cousin. Her heart sank

What was going on with her cousin?

How could a 1,000-year wait result in this outcome? Lu Bingyue was indignant. As many different thoughts flooded her mind, she suddenly turned to look in a certain direction.

Standing on a small mountain peak in the distance was a figure in blue robes.

Although the man looked handsome, he was very different from her cousin. If her cousin had been considered graceful and poised in the past, then this man was vastly different.

He had an otherworldly sort of indifference about him

However, the moment she saw the man, Lu Bingyue’s heart had already determined that this person was her cousin, Luo Yuanchu. Although this conclusion was not supported by any evidence, Lu Bingyue was still convinced.

She trusted her own intuition!

“Cousin!” Lu Bingyue shouted without any hesitation. Just as the man in the blue robes was about to leave, he stopped upon hearing her shout.

In the blink of an eye, the man appeared beside Lu Bingyue. He glanced at the teary Lu Bingyue and smiled while gently caressing her forehead.

This inadvertent move made tears flow down Lu Bingyue’s cheeks uncontrollably. She only stopped crying after a long time.

“You must live well!” the man said before taking a step and disappearing into the void.

Lu Bingyu was very reluctant as she watched the leaving Luo Yunyang. She didn’t know what had happened, but she had a strong feeling that the chances of the two of them meeting in the future would be numbered.

At the exact same moment, an insight into cultivation suddenly appeared in her heart. Although this insight was not systematic, Lu Bingyue could feel that most of these cultivation experiences were experiences she needed.

The tap of an immortal would grant her longevity.

Lu Bingyue, who had these words in her heart, flew into the distance without restraining her aura.

The place she wanted to visit was in the direction Ning Shenxiu was coming from. She knew clearly that, since her cousin had come, he would never allow Ning Shenxiu to act arrogantly.

Therefore, she needed to go ahead and take a look.

It was normal for Sky Celestials to be extremely fast when they put in all their effort. In just a quarter of an hour, she had already seen Ning Shenxiu walking towards her with the sun shining brightly behind him.

A boundless energy had condensed in his body. Although there were only a few hundred miles between them, Lu Bingyue felt that she could no longer advance forward.

Suddenly, she also saw someone laughing at her from a distant mountain.