Supreme Uprising Chapter 611

Chapter 611 The Divine Furnace Rises From Nature 1000 Daos Converge In A Sword

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"Its Lu Bingyue! Why is she here?" a dozen Sky Celestial elites who were hundreds of miles away exclaimed as they watched Lu Bingyue rushing over.

Those elites were only there to watch the clash between the strongest Sky Celestials. However, this situation was getting too absurd for them.

It was really absurd!

How dare Lu Bingyue challenge Ning Shenxiu? Was that woman really that ignorant? Did she really think that she could battle Ning Shenxiu?

Lu Bingyue wasnt looking at Ning Shenxiu. Similarly, the overbearing Ning Shenxiu, who strode on, didnt bother looking at Lu Bingyue either.

Ning Shenxius sights were instead fixed on a mountain peak in the distance.

On the mountain peak to Ning Shenxius left was a figure in blue robes who was standing loftily.

Given Ning Shenxius cultivation base, he could even see the hairs on the body of an animal hundreds of miles away, let alone a whole man.

Although the man stood atop the mountain, it felt as if he had no relationship with the peak and the land beneath him.

If an ordinary martialist saw this scene, he would definitely feel that the man was just an ordinary person.

However, Ning Shenxiu was no ordinary martialist. With just a glance, two silvery sword-lights shot out around him.

Still, the blue figure on top of the peak didnt move an inch.

Ning Shenxiu changed direction and strode towards Luo Yunyang. However, as he took a step forward, a shadow-like projection of a long sword appeared above his head.

It felt as if a mountain had been erected behind Ning Shenxiu when the humongous, razor-sharp projection appeared.

"I dont think Ill be able to deal that!" a level-eight Sky Celestial lamented.

That Sky Celestial felt sorry for himself. He knew clearly that Ning Shenxiu hadnt even displayed his full strength yet.

If he couldnt even take a sword strike from Ning Shenxiu, how could he ever hope to be mentioned in the same breath as Ning Shenxiu in the future?

Other Sky Celestials were quiet as well. However, they were keeping tabs on Luo Yunyang while they watched Ning Shenxiu.

They had also discovered something odd and extraordinary. In no time, all of them had solemn expressions on their faces.

Luo Yunyang remained unmoved as that razor-sharp sword-light barreled towards him. Actually, he didnt remain unmoved entirely. The corners of his mouth moved and transformed into a grin.

However, he wasnt grinning at Ning Shenxiu. Instead, his smile was directed at Lu Bingyue.

Ning Shenxiu wasnt angry. He actually showed no emotion. He was like a flawless machine as he took a second step in Luo Yunyangs direction.

After this second step, a long sword appeared again in the sky and a loud hissing sound was heard as it took shape!

Heaven and earth quaked in fear as the long sword hissed!

Lu Bingyues expression turned grave as he watched and heard the hissing sound of the sword. As a Sky Celestial elite, she knew what this meant for her.

However, when she turned to look at Luo Yunyang, she realized that Luo Yunyang didnt seem affected at all.

It seemed as if he didnt know that Ning Shenxiu was gathering power.

Third step, fourth step, fifth step!

Ning Shenxiu took seven consecutive steps. Meanwhile, seven long swords as big as the mountains appeared behind his back. The long swords were irregular in length. However, when they appeared, they formed a perfect shape together.

Luo Yunyang remained unmoved as he stood at his original position, seemingly oblivious to what Ning Shenxiu was doing. However, he did look at Ning Shenxiu.

Ning Shenxiu was silent. Although he knew based on the appearance of the blue-robed man that this wasnt Luo Yuanchu, he had a feeling that this blue-robed man was someone whom he had waited eons for!

He continued moving forward with an indomitable will.

By the time Ning Shenxiu took his 100th step, 100 long swords had gathered behind his back. As the storm of long swords took shape, a shadow-like projection that resembled a burning furnace could be seen below them.

This shadow-like projection was so faint that no one could see what was inside it.

However, the Sky Celestial elites who were adept in sword techniques exclaimed the moment they saw the projection, "Sword Furnace! Its the Sword Furnace!"

The sight of countless sword-shadows was terrifying. Anyone who looked at the Sword Furnace would certainly feel fearful.

Before his reappearance, everyone had known and felt that Ning Shenxiu was an exceptional figure. However, his current performance had exceeded their expectations.

Ning Shenxiu. This was Ning Shenxiu!

Ning Shenxiu strode forward again. With every step he took, a sword-projection would appear and the pool of swords would become more distinct.

"Why isnt the man in the blue robes attacking or doing anything? Doesnt he know that Ning Shenxiu will be at his strongest once his Heavenly Sword Furnace takes form? By then, it will be impossible to beat Ning Shenxiu!"

One of the Sky Celestials sounded worked-up. Although Ning Shenxiu wasnt his enemy, he still hoped that someone would defeat him.

Maybe the jealousy that lingered in his heart was making him think this way. He was very jealous of Ning Shenxiu.

More and more people gathered from all over. They had all been following Ning Shenxiu. The reason they were far away was because their cultivation base was too weak. It wouldnt be worthwhile to get injured by Ning Shenxius power.

The cultivation of these people was low, so they could understand what sort of situation Luo Yunyang was in. When they saw Luo Yunyang floating in the sky, they couldnt believe what they saw.

"Its Blade Demon Ye Tian!’"

"How can it be? How can Ye Tian be here to stop Ning Shenxiu? How can Ye Tian even be a match for Ning Shenxiu?"

"Oh my god, its really Ye Tian! It seems like Ye Tian isnt weak at all, judging by Ning Shenxius actions. Otherwise, Ning Shenxiu wouldnt be so careful!"

"How can the Blade Demons cultivation base be that strong? Could it be that he isnt Ye Tian, but the reincarnation of the Sky Blade?"

All sorts of speculations exploded among the crowd. The Sky Celestials who had never heard of Luo Yunyang were itching to know more information about Blade Demon Ye Tian.

He was a top-ranking Earth Fiend Starlord, an exiled disciple of the Great Blade Sect, which was considered a lesser sect, and someone who had risen to the top with merely a few days of effort.

The news came pouring in, leaving many people stunned. Anyone who wanted to obtain the Sky Blade Inheritance from Ye Tian felt relieved that he was challenging Ning Shenxiu. Otherwise, they would have committed suicide if they had approached Ye Tian.

Lu Bingyue also knew about Luo Yunyangs alias, Blade Demon Ye Tian. Lu Bingyue was sure that this person was definitely not a fake existence. However, she also concluded that this had to be her cousin.

What exactly was going on?

Ning Shenxiu seemed unaffected by the ongoing commotion. When he took his 1,000th step, it seemed like a painting of heaven and earth had appeared behind him. Meanwhile, long swords that looked like mountain peaks had been erected. The Sword Furnace that had taken shape earlier had also begun to complete its appearance.

A furnace formed by 1,000 swords The sight was unimaginable.

However, the distance between Ning Shenxiu and Luo Yunyang was still quite wide. Ning Shenxiu continued moving forward as the long swords behind his back continued to increase in number.

Some martialists had begun to feel the quaking of heaven and earth, and some elites from the Tianyunshen Dynasty had even begun to issue orders, as they were not aware of the magnitude of the outcome of this battle. However, they were certain that it would cause a tremendous impact on the surrounding area.

Hence, they had to make arrangements so that the forces within the Tianyunshen Dynasty could withdraw as soon as possible.

3,000th step Luo Yunyang remained still and took no action. His expression was still the same. However, at the moment, there was only Ning Shenxiu in his line of sight.

Although he didnt believe that Ning Shenxiu was a worthy opponent, he still felt some respect for Ning Shenxius technique.

3,600th step Hundreds of meters of mountain peaks formed by the 3,600 long swords had converged into an enormous mountain. Meanwhile, the shadow-like projection of the Sword Furnace had become so clear that it felt real.

100 meters! There were only 100 meters between Ning Shenxiu and the mountain that Luo Yunyang was on.

"Although youre formidable, you shouldnt allow me to complete my step technique!" Ning Shenxiu finally said with a high and mighty voice.

He sounded as arrogant as though victory was already in his grasp!

"Even if you complete it, youll still be defeated!" Luo Yunyang replied nonchalantly as he stared at Ning Shenxiu. Although his voice wasnt too loud, it echoed throughout the surroundings in an instant.

Lu Bingyue felt a little at ease. Although Ning Shenxiu appeared to be overwhelmingly scary at the moment, she felt that she could relax.

She knew that her beloved cousin would never disappoint her.

However, the Sky Celestials who were watching the battle all had disdainful expressions all over their faces. Meanwhile, the Sky Celestials who had a good relationship with the Sky Sword Sect said bluntly, "What a shameless chap! Unless Im wrong, Mr. Nings sword strike will definitely exceed the Celestial Thearch Level."

"Hmmm I think that even ordinary Celestial Thearch martialists may not be able to take this sword strike."

Some Sky Sword Sect disciples also rebuked angrily that they did not believe Ning Shenxiu would lose to that unknown Blade Demon.

Compared to Ning Shenxiu, the Blade Demons reputation was far too inferior.

"The Divine Furnace rises from nature, while 1,000 Daos converge in a sword!" Ning Shenxiu did not continue his verbal exchange with Luo Yunyang. He bellowed as his fingers began to move, conjuring 3,600 sword-lights into the enormous Sword Furnace.

The Sword Furnace rumbled as countless strange marks appeared around the furnace. As the patterns appeared, a few Sky Celestial elites who were hundreds of miles away began frantically conjuring their powers and transforming their surroundings into a protective cover.

The Earth Celestial martialists were retreating frantically, fearing that they might just get killed by the impact of these marks.


An earth-shaking sound rumbled as the enormous Sword Furnace shattered into pieces. Then, a sword-light rose from the remnants of the furnace and shot directly at Luo Yunyang!