Supreme Uprising Chapter 613

Chapter 613 Going Through 10 Reincarnations Astounding Heaven And Earth In One Shot

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Bai Jingtian!

If the Sky Sword Sect and Bai Jingtian were mentioned in the same breath, without a doubt, everyone would consider Bai Jingtian to be more well-known.

Some people would even say that the Sky Sword Sect wouldnt have been the same without Bai Jingtian!

The top individual among the 12 Sacred Celestials was a peak Celestial Thearch powerhouse. When news of the emerging Heavenly Venerate Platform came out, practically everybody thought that the person most able to become Heavenly Venerate was Bai Jingtian.

Compared to the Celestial Dipper Starlords and the Earth Fiend Starlords, the 12 Sacred Celestials were the real gods that overlooked from above.

Now the cries of countless swords had attracted the Sky Sword out. A battle challenge set three years from now had appeared before everyone.

Countless Sky Celestial powerhouses who were in shock now viewed Luo Yunyang in a totally different light.

How could ordinary people like them hope to compare to someone who had made Bai Jingtian issue a challenge to the Heavenly Venerate Platform? Thus, while they were in shock, they practically elevated Luo Yunyangs status.

He was a Celestial Thearch who had obtained the Sky Blade Inheritance.

Even more people no longer felt that he wasnt Ye Tian, the disciple of the Great Blade Sect. They believed that the person before them was Ye Tian, who had already become the incarnation of the Sky Blade so many eons ago.

Or perhaps this was the body possessed by the Sky Blade.

"My respects. Senior!" Some peak Sky Celestial powerhouses bowed before Luo Yunyang respectfully.

Luo Yunyang didnt speak. The people who paid their respects didnt wait for him to speak before they moved aside respectfully.

After all, they knew very well that, given their own status, they simply werent worthy of getting a reply.

This was just the beginning. In no time, many people who had thought they had some seniority also paid their respects to Luo Yunyang with polite smiles.

In a while, the people that had come to spectate were completely gone. Luo Yunyang still stood on the mountain peak, quietly looking at everything below.

His eyes were watching the Sky Sword, which had already vanished!

Sword Qi reflected for thousands of miles. Bai Jingtians power had made Luo Yunyang feel a deep fear. If Ning Shenxiu had been considered a little pond, Bai Jingtian was absolutely a vast ocean.

A vast, boundless ocean that was churning and raging!

His cultivation base, which consisted of the gathered power of seven lifetimes, was still lacking compared to Bai Jingtians. However, by using the Energy Shifter Ability and the converged power of nine lifetimes, Luo Yunyang felt that he would probably be able to battle Bai Jingtian.

As many thoughts flashed through his mind, Luo Yunyang had a feeling that this realm was real and not virtual, as he had believed.

The Samsara Wheel could send his consciousness into this world. So exactly what sort of existence was this Samsara Wheel?

Furthermore, what sort of place was this?

Many questions sprung up in Luo Yunyangs mind. Ultimately, Luo Yunyang, who couldnt come up with any answers, could only shake his head.

He wouldnt think about it, as he wasnt able to understand it.

What he needed to do now was gather the power left behind in his remaining three incarnations in order to gain his optimal strength before the battle with Bai Jingtian.

As soon as he decided this, Luo Yunyangs gaze fell on Lu Bingyue. He could sense Lu Bingyues impulse to rush over. However, he only nodded his head gently at her before leaving.

Lu Bingyue remained as unmoving as a statue. In all these years, she had always painstakingly cultivated to catch up with Luo Yunyangs pace. However, the more she chased him, the more she discovered that the distance between her and Luo Yuanchu was great.

The Sky Blade was alive, and so was Blade Demon Ye Tian. These two names reverberated in her mind. However, she had only one thoughtthis person was her own cousin.

As the blue-robed figure left, Lu Bingyue sighed, turned slowly and left herself.

When Lu Bingyue returned to the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace, she heard a chorus of cheers. Practically everyone in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace was jubilant.

From the Blue Dragon Marquis to the ordinary servants, everyone felt as though they had just escaped from a close shave. If had not been for the Blade Demons appearance, the threat of Ning Shenxiu really wouldnt have been something an ordinary person could have withstood. It also wouldnt have been something they could have endured.

Even if their old ancestor appeared, they feared that he wouldnt be Ning Shenxius match either.

Just as the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace faced its greatest crisis, the person causing this calamity to them had been slain on the way. This made them feel as though the heavens were watching over the seat of the Blue Dragon Marquis and his clan.

While everyone in the Blue Dragon Marquis Palace congregated, Luo Yunyang had already appeared on the East Sea Coast. The big expanse of water stretched beyond sight. With a swish, Luo Yunyang had already traversed across the boundless water. Now, he was situated at the deep sea, more than 10,000 miles away from shore.

The seawater there was as calm as a pristine piece of agate.

Luo Yunyang surveyed his surroundings before waving his hands. The sea split apart as he gently descended within it. Once Luo Yunyang entered, the sea returned to its calm state.

This was a cave Luo Yunyang had left behind during his fourth reincarnation cycle. The body of his fourth incarnation was sealed within this seawater.

As Luo Yunyang entered the East Sea Coast, a few figures had already congregated at an unknown place.

Although this area didnt have a sun, moon or stars, there was a faint yet gentle glow that made this place seem to be brimming with vitality.

Cranes flew high and deer roamed freely, making it seem like an image from paradise.

"Brother Lu, now that we have all arrived, arent you supposed to bring out your finest wine to get us drunk as we scheme together?" a flushed middle-aged man said in an intrepid manner.

If he were judged based on his style and voice, this middle-aged man would seem like a straightforward large man. However, the old man standing there seemed as though he simply didnt exist in this small world.

"Get you drunk? Very well. You, Burning Emperor, can drink to your hearts content here," said an old man with a kindly face. "However, in the future, you will not be permitted to speak to me about anything else."

The middle-aged man frowned and huffed. "Come on, you old thing! Didnt I drink a little too much of your wine back then? Is it worth this kind of behavior?"

"Alright, Burning Emperor. Dont disturb Brother Lu any longer. We all clearly understand what sort of people we are," a man in black robes with a malevolent-looking face said with a voice laced with a hint of fury.

The Burning Emperors eyes turned cold when he heard the black-robed mans mediation. However, he didnt get angry. Instead, he said with a laugh, "Since the Black Emperor has put it this way, then lets forget about this matter."

The old man known as Brother Lu flashed a beaming smile at the Burning Emperor and didnt say anything else.

The five of them once again lapsed into a peaceful calmness.

It seemed as though they were all having a competition in patience. After a long period, the man called the Black Emperor said, "A sword that sweeps through everything. Does anyone have the confidence to take on such a sword?"

The words of the black-robed man made all the unmoving figures become active.

"No." The first to speak was the Burning Emperor, who said with a slight lamentation, "I have always been slightly unconvinced regarding Bai Jingtian. However, I now have to admit that he is the strongest among us all."

"There is no way for the Heavenly Venerate Platform. After all, meeting that disgusting fellow would certainly result in death."

When he was done, there were mocking looks in the eyes of the Black Emperor and the others. Clearly, they didnt believe the Burning Emperors words one bit.

"In that case, we wont bother sending you off," the Black Emperor said bluntly.

The Burning Emperor roared with laughter. There wasnt any embarrassment on his face, neither did he have any intention of leaving. Thus, he remained firmly seated in his place.

"Since everyone has already arrived at Brother Lus place, I believe that there is no need for us to hide our intentions. Nobody would dislike becoming a Heavenly Venerate. However, that isnt an easy ascension."

The person speaking was a man with porcelain-smooth skin. "Bai Jingtians cultivation base is already something the few of us cannot contend with. I also dont think I am a match for Ye Tian."

At this point, he lowered his voice. "If we do not join forces, there simply wont be a spot for us on the Heavenly Venerate Platform."

"If everyone agrees, I suggest that the five of us unite and wait for the battle between the blade and the sword to cause suffering on both sides"

The man speaking didnt go on. However, everyone was well aware of what he was implying. Nobody raised any objections to the mans suggestion.

"Brother Lu, exactly what is the origin of Blade Demon Ye Tian? Why havent I been able to grasp anything, despite trying to derive a few times?" the Black Emperor asked the host, Brother Lu, after a bout of silence.

His ability to allow so many Celestial Thearch powerhouses to gather on his territory and his ability to make an unyielding, proud person like the Black Emperor inquire so nicely demonstrated Brother Lus status.

Among the 12 Sacred Celestials, Bai Jingtian naturally ranked the highest. However, the one praised the most highly, as well as the most mysterious among them, was the old man with the kindly face.

The Holy Divination Emperor!

There were innumerable legends about the Holy Divination Emperor. There were even some folklores that Heavenly Venerate existences had asked him for help.

"I am unable to pinpoint that persons origin." The Holy Divination Emperor sighed. "My Tortoise Shell broke while I was trying to deduce his origin."

The Holy Divination Emperors Tortoise Shell wasnt an ordinary tortoise shell. It was a mystical item of the highest quality that was coveted by Heavenly Venerates.

If it had not been for the Holy Divination Emperors reputation and powerful methods, he would have been robbed off that Tortoise Shell long ago.

Now, the Holy Divination Emperors Tortoise Shell had broken while trying to derive this mans origin.

"Then Brother Lu must definitely give us instructions and guide us!" the Black Emperor said.

The Holy Divination Emperor mulled this over for a moment before straightening up. "He went through ten reincarnations and astounded heaven and earth in one shot!"

"Besides those two phrases, which I cant make sense of, there are also two places that are extremely important to that person."

As he spoke, the Holy Divination Emperor waved his hand. Two lighted dots appeared on a map in the sky. "One of these dots was the Sky Sword Mountain, and the other dot was a city of gold!"