Supreme Uprising Chapter 614

Chapter 614 The Great Desert And The City Of Gold

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The bright sun hung overhead, and golden sand was everywhere.

The Great Desert, which lacked any wind, was filled with a deadly stillness and seemed to be uninhabited for thousands of miles. It would also make anyone feel a shred of indecisiveness.

Great Desert was the name of what lay beyond the Western pass of the Tianyunshen Dynasty’s domain. Nobody knew how large this expanse of desert was. Of course, even fewer people knew what was at the end of this place.

However, practically everyone who used the Western pass would know that, besides the sacred grounds of the Iron Palm Sect that lay in the Great Desert, there was also a city filled with riches. The name of this city was the City of Gold.

City of Gold… This name alone filled many businessmen with a deep sense of longing.

A bunch of camel bells jingled in the desolate desert. These camel bells were accompanied by a seemingly enormous group.

The reason this group was considered enormous was because it really was. As they stood high on the sand, it seemed as though the end of this group wasn’t visible.

Just the camels of this group were over 10,000. There was also no need to mention the merchants and martialists following behind. These people formed a troop that was well-manned.

A pure white camel stood loftily apart from the camel troupe. It didn’t walk very fast, yet practically all the other camels involuntarily gave way whenever they saw it.

If a camel refused to give way, the pure white camel would let out a roar that sounded more like a dragon or a tiger!

It was the Dragon Camel! Actually, it was the White Dragon Camel, the rarest of Dragon Camels!

According to the camel’s value at the City of Gold’s marketplace, it was worth 100,000 amethyst dollars. With this amount, one could employ a peak Man Celestial-Grade powerhouse for 15 years.

“Quick, quick! Breeze, let’s run fast!” A little boy with a flushed, chubby face like an apple was seated on the White Dragon Camel.

The White Dragon Camel picked up its speed and instantly overtook the camel troupe and ran over to a sand dune.

The martialists amongst the troupe didn’t follow it, as they had absolute trust in the White Dragon Camel. Although the little boy sitting on the White Dragon Camel was still young, his combat ability already surpassed a Sky Man-Grade martialist’s.

There was also the devotion of the White Dragon Camel to consider. Therefore, as long as the little kid didn’t wander too far, there wouldn’t be any problems.

A large tow cart with a parasol more than 30 meters wide was being dragged by over 30 black Dragon Camels.

On the platform of this cart was a lady wearing a black armband and a black head scarf around her head.

The lady’s age couldn’t be discerned, but her fair and graceful figure emanated the charm of a mature woman.

“My lady, Chen Long and the others are watching over the young master. There won’t be any problems. Don’t worry!” said a tall maid with a sweet voice gently.

“Xi’er isn’t afraid of getting sunburned.” The gentle voice was like flowing water that mesmerized those who heard it.

“Xiao Qiong, get people to prepare some iced cucumbers for Xi’er to cool down.”

The maid known as Xiao Qiong acknowledged this request respectfully. “Yes, my lady.”

The White Dragon Camel was very fast. In the blink of an eye, it had rushed up the sand dune. However, suddenly, over 100 gold threads rushed out of the originally peaceful sand dune.

The lady in black, as well as the bodyguards of the camel troupe, practically shouted at the same time, “Golden Chain Bugs!”

Some people let out exclamations of shock, while other people’s voices were filled with worry. However, as these voices rang out, a path of blade-light streaked through the air like lightning and shrouded all the Golden Chain Bugs even before it could come into contact with that youth.

The lady in black exhaled and relaxed slightly. She had confidence in the person who had made this move.

However, as the many Golden Chain Bugs were being sealed, a jade light that looked like a thread shot out from the surging sand. Its target was still the kid called Xi’er.

The blade-light that enveloped the Golden Chain Bugs couldn’t help at all. In an instant, that thread-like jade glow had rushed into Xi’er’s body.

“Hurry… Hurry up and save the young master!” someone shouted while others rushed frantically towards the kid.

The blade-light that shrouded the Golden Chain Bugs became a blade-screen that shredded them all.

The kid called Xi’er was already lying on the ground as a jade Qi started to take hold of that rosy apple-like face.

“My lady, I couldn’t protect young master properly. Please punish me,” said a valiant middle-aged man who was holding onto a golden crescent blade.

That dazzling golden light had previously been released from his golden blade. The person who had slain those countless Golden Chain Bugs had been this peak Man Celestial.

Although the lady’s attention was currently on Xi’er, she still said softly, “This cannot be blamed on everyone. I was too careless. I never imagined that there would actually be a Golden Chain Bug nest here.”

“My lady, what just entered the young master’s body was a King Golden Chain Bug. I have already used the 13 Queer Needle Techniques to suppress it, but this technique can only delay it for six hours,” an old man said somewhat bitterly. “If the young master doesn’t get treated with a Millennial Golden Sun Fruit within six hours…”

The old man couldn’t bring himself to say anything else. However, everyone present was well aware of what he meant. A few maids responsible for waiting on Xi’er started sobbing.

Although the lady’s body was trembling rather severely, she still made a lot of effort to maintain a cool expression. “Elder Su, is there really no other way?”

“My lady, besides supreme powerhouses…” Elder Su sighed after saying those few words.

Supreme powerhouses… In Elder Su’s eyes, supreme powerhouses weren’t Earth Celestials, neither were they Sky Celestials. Actually, they were at least Celestial Thearch.

Celestial Thearch Level existences were so high up that they overlooked the common people. Although these people possessed considerable strength themselves, their power was nothing in the face of Celestial Thearch-Grades.

Therefore, after thinking about it, the black-clothed lady asked again, “Where can we find the Millennial Golden Sun Fruit?”

“My lady, this thing…” The old man knew that it would be better not to say anything. Once he spoke, he would definitely make his lady despair. However, he was helpless. He still had to say it.

“Golden Sun Fruits only appear in the depths of the Millennial Demon Pool. The Millennial Golden Sun Fruit can only be found by relying on luck.”

Normal people did not go near the Millennial Demon Pool. It was said that even peak Man Celestial-Grade powerhouse could only reach the third level of the Millennial Demon Pool at best. Entering the depths of the Millennial Demon Pool required at least a Sky Celestial-Grade to take on the risk.

Instantly, the camel troupe of over 10,000 fell silent.

“My lady, we are useless!” Amid this stifling silence, someone took the initiative to speak. Very quickly, a chorus that pleaded for forgiveness rang out all around.

“I don’t blame everyone. This… This was fate!” The lady’s voice trembled slightly. There was both helplessness and grief in her tone.

The camel troupe stopped. Time ticked by until they were down to their last quarter of an hour of those six hours.

Nobody said anything. The black-clothed lady hugged the child tightly and sang a children’s song that had been passed down through the Great Desert for ages.

There wasn’t any wind. All the camels of the troupe had already been stifled and prevented from making any noise. No one was willing to disturb their lady.

“Well sung. Now, you should save him.” A faint voice broke through this peaceful silence. This voice belonged to a young man in blue robes who kept a blade at his waist.

The young man was seated on an ordinary black camel.

Everyone, from the Man Celestial powerhouse who wielded the Golden Crescent Blade to the ordinary bodyguards, glared angrily at the youngster who had spoken.

If they could save him, would they be over here listening to this person’s cynicism?

Just as some of them prepared to take action and vent some of their dissatisfaction, the lady spoke gently. “Kind sir, my child has been afflicted by the venom of a King Golden Chain Bug. We…”

“King Golden Chain Bug? That isn’t incurable.” The youngster glanced at the kid and said coldly, “Are you descendants of Luoshan?”

When the words ‘Camel Mountain’ were said, everyone present didn’t say a single word. This wasn’t because they were shocked by Tuoshan’s reputation, but rather because they didn’t know what sort of person Tuoshan was.

Even their lady didn’t know who Tuoshan was.

“Sir, we are from the Suhe Family of the City of Gold. If you are able to save Xi’er, I will definitely provide a generous reward,” the lady, who couldn’t care less about the Tuoshan this youngster was talking about, said hurriedly.

The youngster with the blade smiled and no longer mentioned Tuoshan. He just replied nonchalantly, “Saving him would not be a big deal. Forget about repaying me.”

As he said that, he looked at Elder Su. “Go fetch a stick of incense and light it up along with camel manure. Use the smoke produced to envelop the kid’s face. This will draw the King Golden Chain Bug out.”

Elder Su was embarrassed and a little angry deep down. He was the number one miracle doctor of the entire Great Desert. He had also done many years of research on the treatment for the King Golden Chain Bug’s venom.

The two methods he had suggested had been the limit of his knowledge. Was this youngster entirely unable to read the room?

Before he could question him, the lady in black had already instructed everyone, “Quick, quick, quick! Just do what this gentleman says!”

Nobody raised any objections. They could all understand the emotions of their lady. However, many people had already started to surround this blade-wielding youngster in secret.

Once the young master passed, they would teach this youngster a proper lesson.

Even if they didn’t kill him, they’d still have to show him the consequences of uttering b*llshit.

That youngster, however, stared straight ahead dully with a strange sort of melancholy in his eyes.