Supreme Uprising Chapter 615

Chapter 615 Affinity After Stories

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Lighting the mixture of incense and camel manure created an unbearable stench and made many people hold their breath.

Only the lady in black and the maids didnt move. They all looked worriedly at the child called Xier.

However, the child didnt react. The last quarter of an hour seemed like it was about to pass. Some people had already started to stare daggers at the blue-robed youngster, who was still sitting atop his camel.

However, as everyone gripped their blades tightly, Xiers mouth, which had been tightly shut all this time, suddenly opened.

A jade-green light rushed out of his mouth!

"Die!" A crackling blade-light shot out from the Man Celestial-Grade middle-aged man. The golden blade in his hand cut at the jade green King Golden Chain Bug.

The King Golden Chain Bug was cut in two as the green-faced Xier opened his eyes. He had a puzzled look on his face while he asked the lady in black, "Mother, what are you all doing?"

The ladys eyes were filled with joy. Her voice still quivered as she said, "Nothing, everything is fine."

Then, she turned to the man in the blue robes. "Sir, the Suhe clan from the City of Gold will definitely never forget your grace and kindness. We wouldnt decline doing you any favor that is within our means."

Although the lady in black had seemed delicate and weak, she still seemed more unyielding than a man when it came to this matter.

The blue-robed man smiled and turned his gaze to the little kid. The reason he had come was entirely because of the bloodline of this kid.

Suhe? Was Tuoshans family name Suhe?

He shook his head gently. It seemed like he had gone back several centuries and met the simple and honest kid who had built the City of Gold with him.

City of Gold He had arranged for that simple, honest kid to guard this place. This was where the body of his third incarnation was.

Tuoshan should still be alive. During these reincarnation cycles, Luo Yunyang had gathered various information from different sects to verify his Energy Shifter Ability and focus on his cultivation. Luo Yunyang rarely paid much attention to anything else, unless it was servere.

"There is no need to be so polite. It was a very small effort." Then, he patted the black camel he was riding and it started walking ahead.

"Are you heading to the City of Gold, Sir? How about you come along with us? It would be nice to have company during the journey," the lady in black blurted out hurriedly as she saw that Luo Yunyang was about to leave.

Luo Yunyang wanted to go to the City of Gold. Furthermore, the time he had to reach the City of Gold was set. Reaching it earlier wouldnt do much for him either way.

"Might as well," Luo Yunyang said after surveying the surrounding sand and glancing at the child who was called Xier.

Luo Yunyang became the honored guest of the camel troupe because he had saved Xiers life. Thus, in no time, he came to understand the circumstances of this camel troupe.

The lady in the black shawl was the sister-in-law of Suhe Jinglei, the current city lord of the City of Gold. Xier, who was the young city lord, had already been earmarked to be the next generations authoritative figure.

This ladys husband had died five years ago.

Luo Yunyang wasnt willing to understand too much about the City of Gold. Although the City of Gold had been established by him, his initial aspirations for founding the City of Gold had actually been to improve his own cultivation and collect various rare treasures.

Luo Yunyang was also unable to gather any clues on the whereabouts of Tuoshan.

Luo Yunyang gazed out at the vast expanse of golden sand while sipping on iced wine. He had spent 100 years in this place before.

"Mr. Luo, am I disturbing by calling on you at this time?" This gentle voice was accompanied by the black-clothed lady and the kid named Xier, who were already outside Luo Yunyangs towed carriage.

Luo Yunyangs carriage was considerably inferior to the ladys. However, it was about the same size, and its tent was made from the skin of a fierce beast.

"Madam, if you have come to show your gratitude, there is no need," Luo Yunyang said with a faint smile. "You are taking me to the City of Gold, so you no longer owe me anything for saving your sons life."

"I admire you very much for not asking for a favor for your kind act, Sir, but Xier ought to pay his respects to his savior and let you engrave the kindness you have shown in his heart." The ladys voice was gentle as always.

Luo Yunyang smiled. "Then come in."

A middle-aged martialist entered along with the lady and Xier. It was the Man Celestial martialist, who sized up Luo Yunyang with a wary gaze.

Luo Yunyang looked over at Xier and chuckled. "This kid isnt too bad."

"Sir, you can be considered Xiers greatest benefactor. Xier, kowtow before the gentleman," the lady in black instructed her son with a gentle smile.

Xier nodded and then told Luo Yunyang respectfully, "Thank you for kindly saving my life, Sir. I will now kowtow before you."

Luo Yunyang nodded his head. "You can get up."

The middle-aged man was extremely displeased about watching his own young master kowtow before Luo Yunyang, who was just sitting over there as though he was a big shot.

If it had not been for his ladys instructions, he would definitely have taught this kid a lesson and showed him that one should be humble when outside.

As they were talking, Luo Yunyang said that he was heading to the City of Gold to view the sights. When the lady in black realized that Luo Yunyangs style of conversation wasnt ordinary, she couldnt help but say, "Xier has lacked a teacher ever since he was young, and the things we can teach him arent a lot."

"You have traveled everywhere and seen a lot, Sir. Would you accept Xier as a student and let him receive some of your guidance while you will be in the City of Gold?"

Luo Yunyang instinctively shook his head. There were very few people in this world who could become his disciple.

However, seeing that young face and sensing the familiarity in his bloodline gave Luo Yunyang some sort of sentiment.

Although he wasnt a soft-hearted person, this was the descendant of an old friend. Thus, after some thought, Luo Yunyang put his hand up and said, "Accepting a disciple is beyond me. However, Xier can come over here to learn some things during the journey to the City of Gold."

The middle-aged man really felt like he was going to turn purple with rage. This fellow was too arrogant. How dare he actually say such a thing! Did he think that there wouldnt be anybody stronger than him in the City of Gold?

Even though he was pissed, he still remained silent upon seeing his ladys grave expression.

"Thank you, kind sir." Xier bowed happily before Luo Yunyang. Luo Yunyang was about to stop him, but he ultimately didnt raise his hand.

As the carriage moved, Luo Yunyang gazed at the expanse of vast yellow sand and recalled his life back then.

While slowly thinking about these memories, Luo Yunyang felt himself become even more at peace.

10 days later, Luo Yunyang was quiet as he listened to Xiers stories about the City of Gold. From time to time, he would tell Xier a little about the rest of the world. He did not tell him a single bit of information pertaining to cultivation.

The middle-aged Man Celestial-Grade martialist always followed them. Although he was hostile to Luo Yunyang, he suppressed his opinion all this while.

However, he already felt some sort of disdain for Luo Yunyang. He believed that Luo Yunyang had read so many stories that he had suffered some brain damage. He was just a gutsy nerd that had come to the Great Desert to wander.

"Sir, I heard from mother that we could arrive in the City of Gold in 12 hours!" Xiers eyes shone as he spoke. "I will definitely treat you to a sumptuous feast when we reach the City of Gold."

Luo Yunyang was in a good mood from chatting with a kid. He watched the sun rise high in the sky as he thought to himself, The Hidden City will appear when the pure Yang Qi reaches its peak.

After accessing the third incarnation in the Hidden City and meeting Tuoshan, he would probably leave.

A cloud of dust appeared in the distance as Luo Yunyang was thinking about this. This dust didnt seem too powerful, yet it sort of looked like an unceasing stream.

The middle-aged mans expression stiffened. "Its a large group of running men and horses. All men must prepare for battle."

Xier wasnt afraid. He actually seemed to be bouncing around. He smiled at Luo Yunyang. "Master, dont worry. Teacher He Lian is really awesome."

Luo Yunyang smiled but didnt reply.

In no time, a series of whistles rang out and someone shouted loudly, "Ha ha! Dont panic. The City Lord has come!"

Then, a handsome middle-aged man riding atop a huge golden Dragon Camel approached. However, there was something in his gaze that frightened people.

In his golden armor, he gave off a majestic vibe.

By his side was a White Dragon Camel with a gloomy old fellow atop. Although this person was scrawny, he radiated with killing intent.

"Greetings, sister-in-law. It must have been tough for you to return to visit home!" The man then added, "I have come to report some good news. Thanks to my efforts, Elder Cheng of the Iron Palm Sect has agreed to accept Xier as his disciple. This is really great news. In the future, Xier will definitely soar high."

As he spoke, his gaze fell on Xier, who was by Luo Yunyangs side, and he said, "Xier, pay your respects to your master."

The ladys face turned pale as Luo Yunyang looked at Suhe Jinlei suspiciously.

Suhe Jinleis body actually didnt have the slightest bit of the Tuoshan bloodline. What exactly was going on?

"Thank you, Second Uncle, for your concern. However, Xier is still too young" The lady in black hadnt yet finished speaking when a strange flicker flashed through the old mans eyes.

He chuckled. "You are Xieshi? I have an Iron Palm decree right here for you."

"You and my ninth Junior Brother have an affinity. From this day on, you shall be my ninth Junior Brothers concubine. Meanwhile, I will help you look after your son!"